Political Correctness is RUINING Sports | Clay Travis | Rubin Report

Political Correctness is RUINING Sports | Clay Travis | Rubin Report

I think a lot of people are like you and I just kind of coming around on the idea that so much of frankly what goes on in this country today is total hey I'm Dave Rubin and joining me on the Rubin report this week is the host of I'll kick the coverage on Fox Sports Radio and the author of Republicans wear sneakers to end one of the breasts guests they Travis welcome back to the Rubin report I appreciate it's been we were just talking before we started here I came in October of 2017 so it's been almost two years since we hung out last time and I got great feedback when I was hanging out with you last time I appreciate you're gonna come on my new podcast as well during the same kind of timeframe and the world may have just gone crazier you know you're hoping that maybe the world would go less crazy we talked back in October of seventeen and it seems like things that just continued to spin wildly that does fit well with my notes because yes world has gotten crazier citizen yeah it's been about a year and a half yeah that I've been waiting to say that stupid breast joke yeah sound on Twitter about a thousand yes but the thing that kind of put you on the map outside of the sports world yeah let's just recap that that little nonsense because it does kind of capture yeah everything related to the media and outrage and all that you dared to say that you like breasts and see and and the First Amendment and I'm still banned by seeing it like that do you think about all the people that they've had on who've done all the crazy things that they like I mean all of the Michael avenatti who's been on you know and that was you know he's on hundreds of times and now he's you know under under siege with all the different charges against him but yeah they banned me for that for saying I the only two things in the world that you know I can believed in completely the First Amendment and boobs and look it was good for me the book Republicans by sneakers too came out and it did really well bestseller and got a lot of attention back in September I think the paperbacks coming out I know you're working on your own book right now but I think it gall that government galvanized for many people what I think typically happens which is the absurdity of false outrage and what is and what cannot be said and what shouldn't be said I think a lot of people are like you and I just kind of coming around on the idea that so much of frankly what goes on in this country today is total it's just endless yes yes and I'm glad you said something there about the what's happened to you since then yeah because I think a lot of people that care about what you do that watch this show that are paying attention to the culture war and all that they still fear that the mob will destroy yes and what I've been trying to show people just through my own life every week that the New York Times calls me alright or just the next right right right right right I'm like you know if you actually take a breath and don't lose your in the middle of it yes not only will you survive you will most likely thrive it after and I think you're an example of that I think so and and I think you're right there is this rush to apologize anytime someone criticizes you even if you're sticking to things that you have long said in your career my radio show is thriving you know nationwide we went over 300 affiliates and one of the wild things I think that would surprise people is my show is dominating in a lot of different markets right like our ratings in Los Angeles are up something like 400 percent in the past couple of years right our numbers in Kansas City are up insanely on the East Coast we have done insanely well in the South where I'm from in Nashville we continue to do outstanding the podcast numbers are booming that I started a television show daily on fs1 called lock it in which is a focused on sports gambling but we have a lot of fun on there and and I've continued to be as outspoken as I ever have and what I have seen I don't know about you but is people get frustrated because they want to take you down and when you stick to what you believe in the benefit is a lot of people have your back yeah and they may not have your back in the same way publicly that you can but I am a big and have long been in law school I I kind of have come to this as I've gotten older a big believer in the marketplace of ideas and if we're artificially constraining what people feel comfortable talking about I think it leads to a lot of the inks that exist in our country today and so particularly in the world of sports there are so many guys and girl out there who regularly slide into my DMS and say I a hundred percent agree with everything that you say but because of how I'm employed or who employs me I don't feel comfortable getting out on the battlefield like you do but keep doing exactly what you're doing does that type a person though drive you crazy er than the person that doesn't contact you that just remains quiet because it's like you know you're not Jesus you're doing your thing right like I'm just a guy doing my thing and then when I get these messages from often people that are more popular than yeah yeah yeah yeah then I am have more money than I am and they're subtly like yeah keep doing it it's like well I'm doing what I think is right but like you know you get in this to like get some skin in the game it's an interesting question I I think what protected me early on was I started my own site outkick and I'll kick the coverage initially just writing now we do a lot of videos now obviously it's a lot of audio as well in fact we do more video and audio than we do writing almost now and once I started to produce a revenue and realize and I think you probably have gotten there too you can take a breath and be like okay I'm never gonna go hungry right I think anybody who tries to get into media and especially early on when I left the practice of law my first question was oh my god is my family gonna start to death right am I gonna have to abandon my media career to go back to practicing law it's and it's hard to get over that that fear is always in the back of your mind because we live in this cancel' culture that somebody wants to believe they're going to cancel you so it's I guess I wish that there were more people who wanted to speak out but if you're employed solely by a major corporation today I totally understand the fear of I got kids you know I got a mortgage payment I got my kids college funds that I'm worried about in everything else and frankly the way I think about it too is that leaves me a huge area to to own right where there are a lot of people who may agree with me which proves you know the audience response to it but others are afraid to say what I'm saying even if they agree with it which to me you know from a pure business perspective I'm like well I'll just keep rolling right I mean what do you think it is about some people that are willing to kind of walk into that thing yeah because people will say that to me all the time though they always say that I'm brave yeah I'm always like it's not something I think about him just doing what I think is right that's it that's a great line because when I was a kid growing up my favorite quote was from Davy Crockett in Davy Crockett's most famous quote I think still is although who knows be sure you're read some news yeah yeah yeah be sure you're right and then go ahead and so by the time I come out with an opinion I have worked through every permutation of that opinion you know like if I give an opinion and somebody immediately responds on Twitter well did you think about X which always happens yeah and in fact we do on the radio show sometimes we'll do a segment where I will flip and start arguing the other side and I think that's the lawyer training in me but by the time I go out with an opinion I'm not just shooting off at the lip like I have kind of in my head worked through every different angle of an argument and once I'm convinced that my opinion is right I'm comfortable putting it out there now here's the other thing if you think I'm wrong it doesn't bother me Yeah right like I almost think I remember when when there was the argument over push of Igor and the two sides of that argument I think David Boies had Al Gore and the other side I'm forgetting the guy that Ted Olson I believe was the other side and they argued as hard as they could in front of the Supreme Court and then I think they shook hands afterwards I may have gone out for a beer because they knew that it wasn't then in their hands the Supreme Court had the decision to make each of them had made the argument for their side as good as they possibly can and that's kind of the era that I wish we could go back to where we can disagree in the old-school Senate but you could have a situation where Orrin Hatch and and Ted Kennedy are really good friends and that's kind of what drove me crazy about this whole Joe Biden flare-up right the segregationist comment like just because you work with someone doesn't mean you agree with everything that they've ever said and this idea that you have to be a constant war with someone is just something that I repudiate and reject is it even worse than that in that it's really a war with the past yeah when they get up there and they say well Biden you talk to these people because he's actually got a for a record yeah doesn't mean he loved everybody and we don't even have to get into the minutiae of what yeah or the people right hands he shook or any of that but it's actually an erasure of the past yes you don't just magically you know go like that and hope okay everything's great we're in 2019 we're all evolved and perfect which is so ridiculous yeah I always I always like to say because I you know I'm a big history guy right and you know the Confederate statue debate and everything else we live in an era where we believe that we are everything that's perfect in the world and I was having this conversation that yeah yeah yeah right they're all idiots how do they ever make mistakes but the reality is that 200 years from now we are going to be advocating and embracing even the most alok members of our society for things that others will find later to be abhorrent that's just how history works right and so I you know the idea that we've reached the end of history is it's kind of fascinating to me because I think 200 years from now it might well be and I'm just tossing one out then anybody who eats meat is an infidel right like the idea that you could have ever eaten yeah that will be crazy might well happen right and and so our people 200 years from now gonna be like oh we got to tear down this mornin luther king statue because he ate meat we got to tear down this statue of John F Kennedy because can you believe he liked the steak you know wasn't for gaming the first time you ran for president in fact you gonna tear that library down I know that it right now in 2008 Obama's entire platform would be the most moderate platform of any Democrat running for president right now and people would say is this guy electable so what does that tell you about internet culture cuz yeah it is exactly where we started here which is you were on the show a year and a half ago we were talking about this you were right in the midst of your own little mob yeah and it's like we've thrived since then and many other people have the institutions have continued to crumble I mean we've watched the way the trust in mainstream media humbled watch the way trust in in sports media has Yambol while the little guy now doing their own thing is doing great what what does that tell you about just the the speed that we're getting the information at and and where people are going to trust things we're we're in a disruptive cycle I don't think there's any doubt at all and what I say all the time is the only thing I can do and I love what you do about this as well is try to be as honest as possible with my audience right and so the things that I thing get attacked for by people who don't like me and I'm sure you see this all the time to your like I address that all the time right and so I think trying to be as authentic as possible is ultimately the connection and I think large institutions do not seem authentic because they got their fingers up in the air and they're paying attention to the vagaries of day-to-day responses on social media I also think listening to social media is insane right I mean it's a tiny segment of the population that's often very very active and so we live in an age of abundant criticism but I don't think we live in an age of abundant reflection and I think reflection is more important oftentimes and criticism is the problem though that social media is becoming our only way of reflecting so yeah cuz the institutions are crumbling and we don't have these the nightly news show or whatever that we can all basically trust that social media has become the mirror but now we're all cordoning off into our own mirrors it's like it would be a good example like Nancy Pelosi said this thing recently about AOC and a lotto Mart's like yeah she's like yeah they're big on Twitter but they only have four votes but then they all go after her on Twitter and destroy her and then the media loves that yeah the whole thing is so out of whack with reality yeah or it's the new reality which is just out of whack works I think in general there are a lot of people who aren't very confident and this is what I always talk about from a perspective of you know let's say my world of sports media if you are an executive and you have gotten to the point where you are high up in making decisions at a sports network let's say I think the idea that you would make a choice on who you think is good based on your 30 40 50 years of expertise rising up to that level and then because when it goes out publicly a bunch of people on Twitter say I don't like that guy or whatever that you would allow that to be a reflection of the real world mean there's a great stat that's out right now that I saw where it's something like 20 percent of people are on Twitter let's use as an example and of that 20 percent 80 percent of all tweets are sent by like 10 percent of the overall population right and we know that Twitter leans far left we know that you've been in your own battles over this the social media company as if those competent lead far-left enough already they're also magnifying those voices right that reflect the culture by which they wish were more popular and so you're allowing ultimately you know something like 2 or 3 percent of the population that isn't it all reflective of the universe to dictate decisions that you make and I'll give you an example and this is in the book I remember talking with the ESPN execs and they said Twitter hates Lou Holtz and Chris Berman right old school guys at MBA at ESPN Lou Holtz former Notre Dame football coach college football guy Chris Berman maybe the most iconic voice in ESPN history right put ESPN on the map and they said if you read the mentions reflecting what they say on social media everybody hates them but if we are out in public those guys get swarmed with positivity such that we have to have security to protect them and the question was do we listen to social media or do we listen to the real world and to me you got to listen to the real world right because social media is is not reflective of real life it's funny because after this past year where I was on a tour with Peter said oh yeah 100 plus stops around 15 countries and I'd be looking at mentions all day and you know actually 95% of them are positive yeah but you know it's always that 5% and you know if 5% is several hundred it can feel like a lot of things but then I'd meet people on the street and meet people all over the world at airports and you know restaurants and everyone's great yeah everyone's actually I was at IKEA this weekend and a guy kind of gave me side eye like yeah clearly didn't like me but I was like that's as bad as it gets right but if you're on social media all day you feel like holy the world's coming to what I say is I've never had a person say a bad word to me face-to-face yeah I mean it's wild and in fact the opposite of that people will come up and you know ask for a picture you know people say if I ever see you I'm gonna punch you right like that's really comments on social media oh they got a place yeah yeah yeah exactly and then what happens is they show up and they want a picture or it's even happen a couple times like I'll block people right on social media if they're sending me obsessive you know 20 in a row tweets or something because I do try to go through and check every now and then I don't spend as much time in it as I used to but when I do that I've had people come up to me be like man you blocked me here's my Twitter handle I'm a big fan I'm sorry I was drunk that night and I just got carried away can you please I mean and that's always I think interesting because you know people are just not accurate representations of themselves on social media and and as someone who tries to be as authentic and honest as I possibly can on a day to day basis because I think you know one of my buddy said somehow by being the most reasonable person in sports you've made a career and I think that just kind of speaks to the polarity of the universe that we live in now that just being a guy who's fairly middle-of-the-road seems radical I know the feeling yeah I know and I have many of similar beliefs yeah and and kind of funny though that so so the two of us that come from wildly different place yeah we're in different spheres that these worlds have kind of collide yes that that as we talked about last time that Sports has become ridiculously political yes which in many ways is why the institutions are crumbling and the fact that a guy like you who mostly cares about sports you end up talking about a whole bunch of stuff that really is just a sidebar but that is where the energy is and in saying something like hey the u.s. women are great but I kind of wish Megan Rapinoe had shut up and just go on to the White House right or or you know the u.s. women deserve whatever money they can get in a market-based economy but the men produce a lot more revenue and people are like oh my god how dare you say that and I'm like this is the most rational you know reasonable perspective or you know the NBA shouldn't ban the word owners because it's not racially insensitive like the owners of the team yeah oh and I theoretically I although this might be owned by Fox but they dress me when I'm out here for television but it's crazy like you know like we're only going to define words by thing and they replaced it with governors which doesn't even mean the same thing and by the way if you're worried about negative racial connotations there been a lot more racist governors you know in the last 30 or 40 years right then there have been racist team owners so all right let's do that yes first I want to get back to some of the gender stuff related to chapter and all that but on the owner front yeah the people that push these ideas so I remember it was a couple weeks ago we start here in this there yeah yeah they're not going to call the owners owners anymore and you see it you see it starts spreading across social media and people start saying this is a good thing and you know there's a connotation to slavery and right those things and yet every part of you as a functioning person knows this is nonsense they own a team that yes it's a business I own the production company that produces this show do not I am the people who are higher if they decide that they don't want to work for you anymore they can leave and go work somewhere else I'm renting this Yeah right like like you know it rightly you know it yes it's obvious but what I think social justice has done is its created a situation where even basic words now yes have become triggers for some other thing and it's like do these guys actually think they've done anything good that's that's what I'm always trying to figure yes I believe this okay we're calling them governors now do they walk home when they go honey you know you're not gonna believe this I did something I think it's all motivated by fear so let's take a step back Adam Silver is a white white guy who runs the NBA right ultimately he's afraid if he doesn't listen to a few Looney tune black players and make this decision that ultimately they could decide oh wait Adam Silver's a white guy who runs the NBA he's like a plantation master right like that's the analogy that they could continue to build out why is he making tens of millions of dollars a year when he's primarily making money off the labor of black men in the NBA right and so I think what happens is anybody who's watching that worldwide league must be super easy but I think what happens is it's an element of self-preservation so I don't think Adam silver I think if you gave him truth serum and he was sitting here with you right now he'd say that's an utterly ludicrous idea but I think the problem is people in positions of power are so afraid that they're gonna end up the target that they go as far left as they possibly can because that way they can be like my hand what are you talking about I'm super low like we replaced the word owners with governors I'm sensitive to your feelings and that's a big problem is there's a difference between hearing somebody's argument and at least contemplating it and being sensitive to an argument right there are lots of dumb argument calling an argument dumb is not insensitive actually honors the argument to be discussing it but I think that that there like I did a poll I think that 95% of sports fans do not think remotely that the word owner is racist but people like Adam silver in positions of power are afraid that the platform that guy like draymond Green has who wants to say by the way draymond Green said he was an owner in his Twitter bio right remember like it's like these guys are not even able to avoid hypocritical behavior for a short segment of time right like draymond Green says the word owner is offensive and yet in his own bio he's an owner and what ownership is an a spiral gold in the United States in capitalism right you want to own your home you want to own a business you want to own your educate like owning something is a powerful thing for an individual so and then you replace it like you said with a word that doesn't even mean the same thing and arguably so first of all they are now governors of teams right that doesn't make any sense because the governor is primarily an elected official these guys bought the team and the failure for somebody like Adam Silver to be like hey I heard that argument but here's the truth they own the franchise not the individuals if people don't want to play in our league they can go elsewhere and make a living somewhere doing something else that's a pretty good argument and I don't he's a reasonable guy and he's afraid to say the reasonable thing because then he ends up a target is the irony though that the destructive force that you're talking about actually transcends race because so I got you that Adam silver he's yeah and I'm a white guy so I better yes you know offers some penance here but the simple truth is that most likely one day even though he's doing a pretty damn good job in terms yeah anomic he'll be replaced and he'll be replaced most likely I would guess if I had to guess it's probably me by a black woman yeah okay actually if you were just putting odds out I think there's a good chance so but let's just say it's a black man or a black woman well yeah the second that that black man or woman does anything that those guys don't like they'll say that they're an Uncle Tom and a sell the rest of it so it's like you actually have no protection in the world of social justice no matter you know to be in the second do you want to use your minority status against you I mean everyone watching this knows that yeah like those guys leaving be treated worse they'll be looking at Adam silver going oh those were good old and that's why you need to have somebody who's willing to stand up and just respond and I think the fear is in getting engaged in that fight but ultimately we need to be having more battles ironically enough we need to have more reasonable people who are willing to step into the fray because I do think there is a huge I don't think I'm almost a 1 billion percent certain there's a cuz they respond to my show and I'm one of the only people who's making these arguments there's a huge silent majority out there that thinks that these arguments are ludicrous and I think it you know kind of translates into the Democratic presidential debates I think everybody is so afraid of being attacked my thing is being attacks a good thing right like well it means it means that you are having an influence and that they're afraid of the influence that you're having so you know III don't run away from attack I kind of enjoy you know like what it was the old argument you know like a pig in the mud likes enjoys being there I kind of like being down in the muck rolling around getting in a fight good fight every now and then and I clean though when it happens to you yeah and you're just trying to do something decent yeah that's the thing for me that I had to adjust because I actually don't mind the hate now yeah I agree it's like right well they're all talking about me PS waking up in the yes going really you're doing that but but there's a there's still a part of me that's like well I'm trying to be so frickin decent that I understand that yeah I tried I talk about all that stuff and it's like that still is what they're going for which really tell it says more about them than it says about you totally and I think the other thing I would say for everybody out there is these stories last 24 hours so initially you know early on in Twitter I understand that feeling where suddenly a hundred people decide you're the most awful human being on the planet because of something you said that really is pretty innocuous right didn't know who you were it out yeah and now you're like an awful human being and and you know used to I look at it I'd be bothered by it now you know like I just say okay like I've got three kids at home like let's go down to the park you know like you know 24 hours there's gonna be something new that they decide to get offended by and it's not going to change the way that I talk about my opinions and ultimately I also don't think it's going to have an impact on my career now maybe I'm wrong maybe at some point I am going to totally get cancelled but in the Kancil culture that we live in because somebody decides I said something that they don't like but I think working yeah yeah yeah yeah I think that we've entered the world where the art once you get and that that's where I think you and I both are now my audience is not suddenly gonna say I hate clay Travis and completely abandoned me right and so I think the the fear out there is that there's not people who are gonna have your back I feel like we've reached the point where we have a lot of people who have our back and it's just basically a perpetual war yeah there's so much there yeah we could do five hours yeah yeah it's just attacking all it's important because I do I sense it especially at colleges with the young kids that are just afraid to get in the fight oh yeah bit more oh I see that all day it's like you're seating a lot of ground yeah well that will gladly tile it to you you know yeah and that's to me the scariest thing about our culture today is and I wrote about this the other day and I certainly wrote in my book there's a difference between I disagree with you and here's why and I disagree with you and you shouldn't be allowed to make the argument that you're making right the cancel culture to me is really scary in our country because there are a lot of people out there who want to cease the debate in general and just cancel you out of the debate and that's fundamentally anti-democratic it's anti first amendment it's anti American values and the few the the fact that there's not more people standing up to fight against that and in favor of that like again I think back to Howard Stern for instance who's now evidently gone whoa to right in many of the ways that he started to go a little bit woke but I think I think it's because he fears all the things that he's done in the past that if he continues in this era they'll go back and they'll track through all these different tapes and everything that he said over the years but I think that you know what they found was in his early days people wanted to silence him right and what's wild about that is it's a big circle because it used to be conservative people who were like in that position and now I think conservatives have realized wait a minute we need to have a robust battlefield of ideas and in the fact that you know in that in my life liberals could be the people on a campus saying I'm upset because of an idea or I'm upset like they are in San Francisco right now because of this old mural of George Washington it's on the wall in that school or I'm upset because of this statue that's out there or I'm upset because of a word that somebody used or phrase or a sentence or a paragraph that somebody wrote it's like how sensitive have we become as a society it honestly is that I think the most scary thing that's going on in the country today yeah you know there's that great moment in private parts in the Howard Stevi where the the executive comes out and he says you know the people that love you watch yeah listen to you for seven minutes a day he's like the people that hate you listen to you for an hour and a half yeah and it's like yeah they listened they hadn't but they listen now that culture is on social media dominating the hate culture and I remember talking with the politician a while back when I was working in politics and we were talking about yes/no votes and you know a lot of times you and no matter who you are what political persuasion you have you'll stand in front of that yes no question and you'll be like it's a really complex you know I don't even know what this means right now the lawyer and I'm standing there like I don't know whether I should be yes no they're like he's like 30% of people vote no no matter what right like it doesn't matter what the question can be because you always look at those yes/no ballots and it's never something never wins like 95 to 5 right it's always 70% roughly yes 70 to 30 is a wipeout right in a voting booth and there is a certain segment of the population that is titillated by being offended by things right like that's their thing the problem is we have allowed those people to be voices that we give way too much legitimacy to because one is a minority of voices and two it's not actually reflective of life there's that Pew study recently that came out that said people hate political correctness right whether you're white black brown Asian whatever you are you hate it and and yet we've allowed that culture to predominate yeah we're seeding it basically yes percent a hysterical 8% yeah so then it leads to the question which is what everyone asks me and I don't know what the answer isn't and I've thought about it a lot and I can only come up with some things that I wouldn't even want to say but how horrible does this thing have to get before it implodes like what what do you think would actually we caused it to lose its energy so I think that first of all there are a lot of people I think who have been funny and smart about ridiculing you know for instance the Chicago Cubs we had the ok sign right and the Cubs are like oh my god this fan is banned from life the ohh Epstein is like I was literally shivering when I was seeing it and I don't about you but the vast majority of people like when I was growing up if you look down when somebody did that you got punched in the arm right I think that is a vast majority of the perspective here I mean purpose yeah yeah right yeah yeah yeah so the argument that is out there that common things which are used by white supremacist groups somehow render them unusable is a so utterly absurd argument right because I'm like well you know white supremacists drive cars right white supremacists fly on airplanes white supremacists shake hands right like the idea that you're gonna identify a symbol with a particular group and try to ban it to me proves the hysteria that we're currently living in like we saw with Nike saying oh Colin Kaepernick's offended by the Betsy freakin Ross flag right and so we're not going to allow that shoe to be released and so I think reasonable people look at this and start to recognize the hysteria so I had a you know somebody sent me this but I think it's a funny question what if white supremacists just went all in on 90-year like flip the script right and they're like like every event that we do we're only going to wear Nike does Nike cancel itself does it change the name of Nike right imagine how funny that would be if like this next the next KKK rally you know like if everybody at the KKK yes right and everybody's like a million people stand around the year but what if the KKK I should like had a sense of humor and irony which they probably don't right because they're ideologues who are absolutist which are always the people who are craziest right but what if they showed up in all Nike gear and they're like Nike is now white supremacists endorsed company we only wear Nike head-to-toe right would Nike be like we're gonna ban like the the way that you follow the logic down it's absurd path and you I think that they're almost like you got to smuggle a little logic into their ridiculous write them and and and that's like that's like my argument Martin Luther King was opposed like said that like in in he gave an interview where I think it was in Ebony magazine back in the day and he was asked a question about gay rights basically like how do you I'm afraid my I'm gay like what should I do he's like well it's probably a medical condition you should go talk to a doctor and like if a political candidate gave that answer today they would be cancelled right like particularly if they're Democrat god forbid so I was like if you immediately respond I went to Martin Luther King high school like do we have to take Martin Luther King's name off my high school do we have to tear down the Martin Luther King memorial I think when you start to put people like well no I mean like that was in the 1950s I'm like yeah well George Washington was around in the 1790s right like Thomas Jefferson was around in the in the seventh in the in the 18th century like what do you want to do there like in terms of analyzing it so I think you need to flip it on people and make them realize oh wait the people that we believe our icons of our universe are actually flawed human beings as well and maybe we shouldn't judge every single act they did predicated on whatever the rules are now but yeah that one I love like if white supremacists are just like we're head to toe Nike now instead of burning it yeah right if you're like and then what is Nike do like he's like oh what do we change the name of the company the way you like like how do we how do we retake our brand like this idea that because somebody you disagree with likes something you have to not be touched by it like when I saw with the mayor Pete like he was gonna come on your program if I have a legitimate conversation and in the same way I treated everybody pee and and thence people are like oh my god if you sit down and talk to that guy you are somehow like that you're cancelled to us like a it's crazy right I mean like I would put the most right wing person like if whoever the Democrats nominate for president I'd love to have them on my fox sports radio show whoever the Republicans at Donald Trump I'd love to have him on when did we enter this culture where somehow if you talk to someone it means that you agree with everything that they represent like I said oh boy look this crazy way we frame things yeah so and II know who got attacked by it Island who I know him and he was on the show last week and he's a good decent guy yeah five foot five soft-spoken little gay Vietnamese guy and I only mentioned those qualifiers right use there I did you know ridiculous at anybody else against themselves but it's like he's a decent guy in the way that everyone is framing it was either that the journalist the Czech journalist we're all saying he's either not a journalist they to right he's not a journalist or he's a fascist as if either one of those would excuse violence no I would just say compare the response to the woman who got killed in Charlottesville yeah right by the by the you know crazy deranged dude who I think has got life in prison deservedly so right and people were like oh my god this is what happens in trumps America totally innocent people get attacked for their political beliefs and there was a mass uproar you know it's still is impacting things I think I saw in Charlottesville where they star no longer celebrating Thomas Jefferson's birthday as part of the file fallout from that they now have you know another day that they've replaced it with or whatever else again because people are afraid I think to have a legitimate argument ironically enough in a place like Charlottesville which is founded on the idea of intellectual freedom and the code the response to that attack on by by a group that is I mean it's wild yet or the Covington yeah I mean the way that they just you go narrative first and then you figure it out after yes where where are all the tweets guys where all the tweets about what a racist homophobic nation this this one doesn't work for you and and I think part of the problem is in a large sense you can find evidence for whatever you want in the world or in the country on a day to day basis and what we've lost the ability to do and I wrote about this a lot in my book is comprehend probability right like are they're still racist in this country certainly are they're still homophobes in this country certainly but they represent particularly for acts of violence a tiny tiny percentage of the overall population yet in the same way let's say there are forty thousand people a year who die in car accidents if the media decided to cover car accident deaths in the same way that they cover police shootings or in the same way that they cover you know a mass shooting or whatever else people will be terrified to get in their car right they'll be like oh my god we got another you know what's 40,000 divided by 365 I mean there are hundreds if not thousands of people dying on a week-to-week basis day to day basis and yet we kind of get used to that right but also what is it that they ultimately want to happen yeah I don't know that's what I was think about cuz it's like if I found out that the guy who lives across street me was a whole buffle yeah writing he had an irrational fear of gape right well as long as he didn't come to my lawn and stand across my husband lob you know yeah Bob Kocher you ought to be having a rash yes you're of gabion your own home yes they're allowed to do it like would it be would it be worthy of my time or sensible for a for a greater society for me to you know pick a size yes his front Tim try to get him fryer reserved you think at the end now I accomplished all those things now yes the move he lost his job he's destitute his wife divorce him you think he's gonna be like I kind of like it boy no I mean I think that speaks to a larger context a handshake is always more powerful than a fist right ultimately because and I think you've reached the point way long ago beyond the point of you know diminishing returns right where if you looked it I wish that nobody was racist I wish that nobody was homophobic in this country but I think in trying to drive it down to zero first of all you end up in this strange world where you have to define what is gay homophobia and what is racism and oftentimes you're coming around nowadays to owner you know the word right like there is a there is a more demand for racism in this country than there is supply which is why the Wall Street Journal had a big editorial recently you mentioned Jossie Smollett there is a huge desire to use this as an example of the larger societal issue and I think that's a failure of journalism right if you think about it journalism starts with story right and the story will oftentimes be used to illuminate a larger issue I'll give you an example a lot of people are dying from opioids in order to draw somebody into the opioid crisis it makes sense I think to go talk about the impact on a family in Ohio as a larger representative for the tens of thousands of people who might be dying or afflicted by opioid addiction but that's a massive issue in the country today which has tangible results dead people that otherwise wouldn't exist because of the opioid crisis if you take something that is not necessarily a major issue today let's say that Jesse Smollett did happen it was still a miniscule you know number of people that was going to be involved in this attack and it's not necessarily representative of the larger society yet that's the argument that they try to make oh this is a stand-in for something larger well no it's not it doesn't happen very often at all it's aberrant much like and this is the argument I'm making my book a shark attack right every shark attack gets news right because ultimately we're all terrified summer jaws season is going on I'm sure when you go in the ocean at some point when I do – oh most influential movie ever made is jaws because I think I might get killed by shark did that problem in pools for the that's right you know statistically it's totally improbable yet every shark attack gets covered so we think that it happens more frequently than it does I feel like we've lost you were talking earlier about like the nightly news the Walter Cronkite's of the world there aren't people saying you know this is this is a reasonable reaction well Bronn for instance said every day my son leaves the house I worried that he might not come back home and everybody was like oh it's so brave of LeBron James to say that more young black kids are getting killed by bees wasps and hornets leaving the house every day then by police if LeBron had come out and said I worry every day that when my kid leaves the front door of his house he's gonna get killed by a bee a wasp or Hornet people have been like man well bran needs to chill right like but it's more likely or hit by a train right like it's more likely and so some of this is just the way we're wired like certain people's brains are wired for that type of hysteria you may have seen this video when I was at University of New Hampshire and all these kids yeah even at me and yelling and then this woman this middle-aged woman gets up and she's screaming at me and she goes these kids could be killed when they walked out of here and I don't even remember what I said to her but what I was thinking was what are you what planet are ya these are kids at the University of New Hampshire right in the middle of nowhere there's no violence here no one's getting killed and yet you're an adult yes that they should be fearful there if anyone should be fearful for their life at that moment in you yes but but that sort of thing it just goes to a certain part of the brain that then just gets bad well I think politicians have become a stood at motivating base audiences by fear right and I think certainly the left-wing has become more more likely to do this but I think historically the right wing has done it as well right and the problem is you need somebody this is where I think Obama failed as a as a politician he is a very logical guy whether you agree or disagree with him I think he looks at data and he makes arguments we should have as some of this hysteria started actually I think he could have made it a tremendous impact if he had come out and said look are there bad police yes look I wish that there were no bad police in this country some of them can't be trusted but let's just walk through the statistics you know the number one help to entire inner-city America is police officers right look here's the data on murders as they pertain to over the last 30 or 40 years right this is a trend line that's regularly going down here's the number of police that we employ this is a trend line that's going up employing more police makes people safer it doesn't mean they're gonna be flawless they have guns on their hips sometimes they make bad decisions when they do they should be prosecuted in a court of law like anybody else who makes those decisions and I wonder on some level whether Obama feels bad about the hysteria because I think the problem we had in 2016 was Hillary if you look at the numbers of voters right Hillary didn't get the same black voters that Obama did and I think ultimately she ran an identity politics of Ladin campaign because she thought if I make it seem like it's awful for black people in this country today and what Donald Trump will do to them is going to be awful then they will turn up and vote for me which will allow me to win the election and I think in 2020 we're gonna see a reprisal of that now the people in the Midwest were smart enough who flipped from Obama and Trump to see through that on some level but this is an election that's gonna be decided in Pennsylvania Michigan in Ohio and Wisconsin I think those four states and so whoever the Democrats nominate I think they're gonna look at the black turnout and say man if we got in the same black turnout that Obama got we would have won this election how do we get it no matter who the nominee is in 2020 we're gonna try to sell fear to that audience you think the simple proof on that is that we once had dinner with Candace Owen yes with far-right racist yeah yeah or whatever the hell they call her now but remember a couple months ago when the reparations diac started bubbling up and then elizabeth warren said you know a commission and then the rest of them started saying we're gonna get into reparations yeah I texted Candace and I said I think you've done it I think you caused such a crack yeah in the foundation foundation of that black people have to be Democrats yes that they literally now are saying what do we got left here's cold hard cash yeah that's all we got left and the fact that they're making that an issue shows that one person I mean it's a through-line to what we're talking about here that one person that stakes out some brave position yes that they really believe in actually can cause immeasurable change because I really do believe it is directly related to what she has done yeah well I think you can criticize her and people get angry I defend her and she's not perfect I'm not perfect and all that stuff but I truly believe it is because of what she caused yeah look I think the foundation of identity politics collapsing is maybe the most important thing that could happen in our country right because I think the idea that you should be able to look at somebody and guess who they're gonna vote for is the foundation of our politics today right and and certainly fear if it's used to motivate a voter I think is often bad now look you can criticize the other side too right maybe nobody's perfect I think that Republicans in general have over emphasized the danger of terrorism right to make people think that they're in more danger than they are the reality isn't maybe I'm gonna get shot as soon as I walk out and that would certainly be an honor to be my hole but yeah it could be you're homophobic neighbors who thinks I'm gay but the reality is we have never been safer right and I think about this a lot as a parent because you know in my city where I live Nashville Tennessee I try to consciously let my kids take risks like let them get on their bike let them ride down the street we are so so fused I think with fear as parents I think that kind of translates through to our kids who live in this incredibly anxious world where they feel like they're in danger and I'm like I you know in the early 80s we were in much then our kids are today the famous let me climb colleagues brother house I'd be a hundred feet in the air well we come in for lunch I'm like I'm gonna get down but I always goddamn yeah I think about it now you know like I rode the school bus in fourth and fifth grade got home got off the school bus walked all the way you know down the street up to my house a totally empty house unlock the door when inside stayed there for a couple of hours by myself right I mean yeah and I was ten right I mean and my I've got an eleven year old now and if we go to the swimming pool in our neighborhood across the street my wife's like oh my god do you think we can leave him here oh I'm like he's old he's gonna be in sixth grade right like I mean but I think it's just you know we have sort of built this cocoon of protectiveness protectiveness and that can be good but not one isn't motivated by fear and I think that bar to this yeah Nashville so I perform you might say yeah in the in the green room bathroom over there is me at the Ryman which yes credible Grand Ole Opry was one of the most memorable nights but what is going on in Nashville that everybody is so freaking happy I have never seen a happier nicer maybe there's something going on first of all look at the camera whichever camera don't move yeah yeah we got enough of you you know where I'm born and raised in Nashville I think the culture of the place I've never seen a group of every single person that I walk by on the street offered to bring me to their house for dinner yeah me out to eat can I buy you a drink yeah what can I do for you you want to people you want can I buy you a new jacket yeah yeah it was unbelievable it's a super nice community that I think I don't know what exactly it is I think one you get the southern element to I think the economy has been booming so people do feel really good about you know their overall status in life 3 I think the entertainment culture we kind of have a lot of the LA vibe of creativity and just freedom and individual you know sort of choices that that I think is so important in life and but without a lot of the negativity associated with it and I don't know whether it's because musicians don't have to be beautiful like a lot of actors and actresses do but it's a you know I I really love it I mean we don't want to move I mean I born and raised I think it was a great culture for me to grow up in and I think it's an even better one for my kids money to me that you made a point of looking at the camera everybody else is out there saying like it's an awesome place to be like no we're full right like you know how I feel like as a parent kind of my kids are at perfect ages they're 11 8 4 and I would be you know they're potty-trained they'd still like to spend time with us like we we can enjoy them as a family I'd be fine hitting pause right now in my life and having them hang out here for a little while because I know you know my father-in-law was telling me this he's like you're in a good spot right now the kids still have lots of problems but they're almost all little problems as your kids get older they have fewer problems but they become a lot bigger right and and it makes sense right as you think about it from a parent perspective but the city of Nashville like you used to be able to get everywhere in 10 or 15 minutes now the traffic is so many people moved in and that can bring a lot of good things and it's been a good audience growth a lot of college-educated lots of bars restaurants awesome entertainment scene but we're full yeah you need to move to another city it's funny because every town that I visited here whenever I saw something really great happening in that sound like Salt Lake City I was like yeah people are phenomenal yeah it's clean it's nice and I did stand up there and I said something about how great it is there and literally people were coming up to me after don't tell anybody oh yeah yes don't you guys are leaving and ruining everything it's funny when I said are they were bigger than when I started my career because I did local sports talk radio in Nashville as my profile kind of grew I would talk a lot about how awesome Nashville was and this is you know over the last 15 years and about two or three years ago I just stopped talking about how awesome the city is right because I'm like I think I've had too much of an influence on some way like you know and the people are just scrolling through and they're thinking about where to move I think it also helps by the way we got no state income tax so if you're out in California thirteen percent state income tax let's say you make a million dollars a year and you're an entertainer that's a hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year boom that you have in your pocket in Nashville that you didn't necessarily have if you lived in California or it's it's sometimes wonder why we don't have more of our Fox Sports studios out there because I'm you know doing the show to finish the season here and and you know it's great to be able to do it on Nashville yeah alright let's back up yes to 20 minutes ago I want to talk about some of the gender stuff yeah elated sports because you mentioned the women's soccer team that's great they want ok fantastic everybody's happy but yes there are economic elements to this that less people happen to watch the things it's just reality it just is nobody's saying they're not worthy nobody's saying it shouldn't be on TV nobody's saying they shouldn't be able to play but this constant then need where it became about their victimhood yes they were winning yes as you're winning but the whole idea is a were you know we're not gonna respect the flag and whatever they can they can do whatever they want but then also just we don't get the TV time that and it's like all these things like this is such a such a misguided based let's take let's take a step back I said on my show and again this is something that's reasonable that some people consider to be controversial so you'll enjoy this I said if you look at the Women's World Cup you can almost pick every winner solely by determining which country has better women's rights hmm it's a fascinating way just look at the bracket you look at every Women's World Cup game that was played almost every game without fail the winner was the country that provides more rights to women so it's fascinating to think about we are as a country so wealthy and so successful that we not only embrace men's sports which many countries do we also have so many parents out there who will spend thousands of dollars a year for their women to be able to put their little girls to be able to play soccer and grow up potentially to be u.s. women's soccer team member look at our girls that were on the team the women that won the title this year they used to be little girls who grew up in pre Advantage backgrounds right because by and large soccer in America unlike soccer in the rest of the world is a sport that elites play right it's suburban sport especially for women and so the argument that I made is if anything Megan Rapinoe instead of saying I'm not going to the effing White House and she said Russian I'm not going to the White House which I think sounds different she should have in my opinion said you know I have this opportunity as a captain of the women's team to make that argument that I just made if we can be a shining light to the rest of the world this is what happens when you give little girls the freedom to pursue things that interest them they grow up into women who can dominate and so there's a lot of talk about the women versus the men right but the reason why our men struggle in soccer is because the rest of the world identifies great male athletes and they develop them in Iran last year was the first time they let women watch soccer in their country they require women to play in pants they require women to wear the hijab where you can just see their eyes on the football on the soccer field another thing about that is it a surprise that US women would dominate a country that doesn't let women wear shorts or attend soccer matches is it a surprise that we would dominate Saudi Arabia where they just started letting women drive cars you know so our women's success to me is actually a reflection of the ideals that they should be trying to shed and shine a bright light on for the rest of the world having said that the rest of the world doesn't care about women's soccer like the United States does so pure economics when you look at this and again this is pure rational economics the men's world cup produced most recently the most recent numbers I saw four billion dollars of revenue right be the Women's World Cup and I think it was the most recent by 2015 produced 73 million in revenue associated with it now that's continuing to grow but the men in America actually made a smaller percentage of the FIFA revenue I think it was 9% then the women did they got 13% so take a step back from everybody I think in general is in favor of equality right I mean there are very few people who are like oh I think because of your sex you should have less rights than someone else again tiny tiny percentage so to me when you look at this it's just a function of economics I wish I made the money that Howard Stern makes right we do the same thing we talk on the radio every morning why do I make less money than he does because my audience is smaller and the reason why the US women and the revenue that my audience produces is lower right it's basic economics so I understand the argument of oh the u.s. women deserve more certainly I hope they get as much as they possibly can on a capitalist I want every individual to make as much money as they can but the money's not there right and so the reason why the money is not there is because the world the United States the world doesn't value women's soccer as much as they do men's soccer you think Trump every time Rapinoe or one of these athletes says they're not going to go to the White House or the White House or whatever yeah you think he's just like hallelujah hallelujah this is just gonna make me more popular because to me it's the ultimate virtue signal yeah I not instead of saying that why not you honored your country you you want yeah for your country why not show up the white US and then do what an adult might do which when he walks by and shakes all your hands say mr. president I'd love to have five minutes with you Edward to discuss the meeting which he's shown that he's willing to do like this is what's so crazy this about me and and IIIi don't know about you but this is what really bothers me in general about the discussion about the White House visit I would go to the White House if I were invited by Bill Clinton Barack Obama George W Bush George Bush Donald Trump the idea that that is somehow an endorsement of whoever is president is crazy to me to me it's just a respect for the office itself and the location and that's why when Megan Rapinoe said the White House it's like the White House is a symbol that represents everything that's good and great about America including the rights that allowed you to become such a dominant women's soccer player to begin with and by the way and you know this better than me I believe on election to enter the White House for the first term Trump is the most gay LGBT friendly president ever literally well first off he was basically Pro gay marriage yes remember Barack Obama again was not ready 2008 he was on stage with a freaking gay pride flag yes before the election Peter Thiel at the at the spoke of the are proud gay man gets a standing ovation you don't even knew what to do so yeah it's all it's all just bananas and so that is what is so problematic and disappointing to me in many respects is what does she actually disagree with and that's the question where I think the sports media often does not go the next level they cover the surface level virtue signaling right okay the next question for Megan Rapinoe is okay what do you specifically disagree with Donald Trump that he has done not just that like a mean tweet that he sent or something like like a tangible decision and why would you not take the opportunity to sit with the most powerful man in the world and talk to you about it because if anything Trump has proven to actually listen to some of these art yeah that's right like is the catch-22 though for not for you yeah you can do what you want and you can control the content you're creating but for ESPN I get it they can do it at sort of the basic level but then the more they were to do of that it's the more that a guy like me who I'm not I don't really care about soccer yeah that I was telling you right before we started I think that I just now flick through like I see yeah and it's so I used to you know even five years ago I would always stop on yeah and what's going on and now it's just like I know that whatever is on right now I could not care less about I think what would happen is the athletes would get exposed by and large cuz you would find out right that what you would find out is there's no depth to their actual political opinions because they're doing other things full-time right like I think if LeBron James who is obviously super woke right now because I think he gets positive feedback on social media and everything else if you set him down and said okay LeBron like you called the president a bum explain why specifically you think the president is a bum and what you would change differently if you were in the White House you would realize wait a minute like he would just him in haw and he wouldn't have any answers like you or I or any number of people and maybe that athlete does have some depth to them and that's why I've always offered you know like I offered Colin Kaepernick I offered LeBron James I offer a Megan Rapinoe like come on my show and actually make your arguments that you believe you have this platform to make we never see that happen right we hear people say oh I've got to use my platform well how are you using your platform to advocate for like an actual change or some sort of detail I never see that actually happen it's interesting your point about how Trump would be happy to take these meetings yeah because you're right he does take these meeting all the time especially with famous people when it's good television ops right like Trump's sitting with Megan Rapinoe on the other side of the desk in the Oval Office he bled all the be with Kanye and Kim Kardashian right like Trump is a very cognizant of the amount of attention that he can get and the more famous a person he meets with the more attention he's gonna get particularly the world sports whether it's Jim Brown whether it's he just a noun that the logo Jerry West he's bringing in Tiger Woods Trump's a sports fan right and I think he enjoys Tom Brady obviously that all of the talk about the Brady and Belichick relationship and everything else and so I think he enjoys being able to interact with them as president and yeah I think he would always have that meeting if you wanted to have that meeting do you get any feedback from women in the sports broadcasting yeah that are sick of the woke nests when it comes to others yeah yeah that's got that to me is the most obvious one like we can argue about some of the the racial stuff yeah and numbers and things like that but this one now where we're seeing you know trans wrestlers beating the crap out of you know genetically female women and like now the feminists are well or that yeah I think that are we doing yeah I think that so you talked about how do you blow it up I think you have to follow the logical collapse of the argument right and to me choosing your gender is it's wild to me that we're okay with choosing your gender but choosing your race is wildly offensive right like so Rachel Dolezal is a like is like a social pariah yeah but if Rachel Dolezal was a woman who decided to be a man we would all have to respect that decision and my thing is it seems easier to choose to align yourself with a racial group than it does to change your gender right right but the next step for the world sole man yeah yeah can you imagine that coming out today that would be amazing but to me the next step that you take that is that is that it's fascinating here is Caitlyn Jenner is a great example ESPN gives Caitlyn Jenner and espy what would have happened if in the 1970s when Caitlyn Jenner is dominating Bruce Jenner is dominating in the Olympics he had then decided I'm going to become a woman and I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna you know compete against all the women he would have dominated even more right like this is the greatest athlete in the world as a man if he flips over and becomes a woman he's gonna dominate even more so this idea that you can choose your gender and that you should then be allowed to compete as that gender it's like they made a joke movie about this you prefer like Juwanna Mann yeah back in the day but that is going to that's the logical fallacy of the I cannot wait till some forty two-year-old wash up washed up MBA guy who played like seven season Yap scored three points a game becomes the best player in the WNBA WNBA and you guys are gonna have to take it yeah what I mean and I think that's honestly what you need to have happened in order for the logical fallacy of the argument to fall apart right like and I think that's ultimately what spells the end of Lok dumb in the world of sports is what you're just talking about they're gonna be a lot of dads and moms who have watched their daughters train their entire life to be able to win the sprint state championship and then there suddenly is a 17 year old who is a male that has decided to identify as female and wins the competition by 20 yards right because this is men are better athletes than women like I've got people right now my twitter mentions talking about the u.s. women in the u.s. men debate and they're like oh if the US women played the men they'd win and I'm like you the u.s. women lost to a 15 and under boys all-star team from Dallas right like men are better at all sports than women are that's not sexist that's biology right so therefore men who are bigger stronger and faster than women who suddenly decide to identify as women are going to be better and even if they get all the complicated hormones stuff like you're still built physically in a way that most women are not right like you're still you got all the height advantages of testosterone all the shoulder you know strength everything else it's it's it's not it's not offensive to say that yeah I mean a woman dunks in the WNBA which has only happened a handful of times yeah it's like a miracle yes I'm pretty sure John Stockton dumped once well it was like and this says again in my book Republicans buy sneakers too John McEnroe got criticized for saying Serena Williams be like the 700th best men's player in the world I talked to a bunch of men's tennis players pros and they're like she couldn't make a men's college team tennis team doesn't mean she's not an outstanding women's 10 player yeah but her talent doesn't translate into the arena with men and that doesn't mean that women are inferior to men and life right it means that athletically men are superior to women well you saw the way they were going after Martina Navratilova oh yeah when she wrote that piece and that speaks to I think the danger of actually interjecting yourself into the conversation because Martina Navratilova could have just set out of it so I think she wrote an op-ed piece Aaron a British newspaper yeah I remember there was one season right maybe the first or second season in the WNBA you remember Cynthia Cooper who got on the Houston comment and she was like running circles around everything she had great handle she had all these sick moves I remember watching her and I was like could this girl possibly make it in the a man in my mind I thought that maybe she could yeah but that's just crazy universe it's just crazy it's it's like the argument and this goes into title nine that I've always found would be fascinating from a legal perspective you talk about extending the logical the logical fallacy of the argument football is not a men's sport like if you really think about it every scholarship that you get in college to play football is open to women like softball is a women's sport baseball is a men's sport men's basketball men's sport men's you know basketball I mean women's basketball women's but they're right they're defined by their gender football is open to everyone if Tom if Bill Belichick could find a you know five foot four woman who could be the take over or six foot four woman or whatever it is for Tom Brady he would sign that person to play in the NFL and so would every college coach those women don't exist so is that the sickest twist to this whole thing that yeah that sports really because of rules yes he's the great equalizer whenever simply the ultimate meritocracy you know I think I may be told you this last time you were here but Sue Bird went to the same high school yeah she was younger than me but every now and again she would come out to the courts where I was prayed and she'd run circles around everybody yeah awesome yeah I have no problem saying that she was freaking awesome yes and it's like that doesn't mean she's gonna go to the NBA right but we can acknowledge that within the skill set playing against all of us yes yes she freaking killed us to me it's like looking at the the scatterplot or the bell curve right like most people are somewhere in there of the top right and then there's outliers if you put male and female athletic ability on that same chart it doesn't mean that some women are not substantially better even than most men when it comes to athleticism but when you look at the extremes which are the people who end up making a living the men athletically are on a totally different stratosphere than the most athletic women so when you say Superbird is a great example sue Byrd can be a lot better than most men at basketball and nowhere near the extreme of the most talented men's basketball players all right let's we look at a couple minutes left so let's just hit a couple of things so there's also been a little through line here that sort of as people like you are doing their own thing out of the institutions and as the institutions are crumbling I've come to the belief that sort of the platform's that all of this is going to crumble that none of these things are sustainable and it'll be on creators yes and innovators to figure out how to reach their communities do you kind of view the future of the internet that way because also in the middle of that game right now which is just what is all of this going to become yeah I think a lot about that because what am i Altima in the business of words right I produce and that's why the money that I've made I've tended to roll into buildings right because everything that I do is so ephemeral but I think we're in an era when and I don't know when it's gonna be I think it's gonna happen soon you will get into your car which you may not be driving at all but would be transporting you somewhere and you will hopefully say play me the most recent clay Travis right and and boom it's ready to go now podcasts kind of have that but I think that all audio is going to converge right I think radio I think podcast I think you know shows like this which can exist in both audio and video format everything converges and it becomes an opportunity to distribute your content in a way where there's almost no top down right everything sort of becomes bottom up and what can eventually happen is bottom up can become massive and I think the ability of companies to create stars is going to be diminished and almost everything is going to be rising from a bottom up and then big companies will say oh I see this person they're successful and they'll try to attach to them but I think all the time about for instance on television I think you come in and you'll sit down and you will click on the latest app uploads from you know maybe it'll be people like you and me all coming together and like we'll have our own brand and it'll be under this brand umbrella right you go kind of check because you know what people like you they might like me and you kind of get a Finity that way everything is so competitive and to me Reed Hastings has said it so brilliantly our competition is not HBO it's sleep and I think we're all competing against sleep I think there's so many you know I was talking about this with a buddy the other day Sports used to be in the summer I'd sit around and watch the Braves on TBS I watch the the Cubs on WGN whatever other game cuz everything else was a rerun on television in the summer right nowadays and I think baseball struggles because stranger things threes coming out right like my kids watching stranger things right now my oldest is my two younger be terrified I think if they you have to watch it so we're all competing everywhere simultaneously I think the amount of audience will diminish but I think the intensity of that audience will grow such that people really really love the things that they love yeah it's interesting how when you're in these things even though we're in sort of different worlds that I have a lot of overlap that you start thinking about the same oh yeah because I'd be getting offers left and right and what I keep coming back to is for the first time now just because of the craziness with YouTube and everything else I'll consider distribution offers well yes just I just want my stuff to get out there I don't care whether you opt in your automatic car and you can just say playing awkward or it's some other way but that appeals to me rather than the reverse of the top-down thing yeah I don't want to be associated with these big things that will ultimately one day come and get me so it's it's interesting how we all sort of end up hovering around the same ideas yeah and look I mean the reason why I love doing your show is I do think there's cross-pollination right I think people like we're gonna having to have you on my podcast I think some people hear you on my show and they'll be like I never knew that guy existed oh I like him right and so I think it's it's gonna be incumbent upon creators to find other creators that they like and sort of allow those two audiences to intermingle in some way to create bigger audiences for people of like minds let's just wrap with one other thing we talked about it right before we started just the way money is completely out of context who's the guy that just signed that crazy deal it's a Denny green and this guy he's won a couple championships me point shooter decent player I don't think is ever maybe made an Oscars gave him 30 million dollars 30 million 40 million II that these numbers are getting so out of control that at some point people are gonna go to these game I mean I haven't been to I didn't go to one NBA game yet season for the first time in my life right I was just more because I was busy but it's like at some point these things will just price themselves out and everyone's just gonna be like I'm not buying these $80 jerseys anymore I'm not buying $12 soda yeah I think you know what athletes are gonna have to recognize is who pays their salary and I think this is I think an important lesson for anybody employed by anyone who pays your salary where does the money come from right following that thread to knowing how you get paid I think a lot of athletes have become comfortable alienating the fan bases that define their paychecks because they don't see that direct connection right because the television contracts are signed for 10 years because their contracts are guaranteed for multiple years but ultimately it's the fan pulling money out of his or her pocket that is justifying what you are allowed to make and I think whether it's Colin Kaepernick whether it's LeBron James alienating fans Megan Rapinoe for any reason is just bad business right and that's kind of the essence of my argument is that Michael Jordan had it right when he was asked how come you don't get intensely political because Republicans buy sneakers too he's not in the business of meeting for everybody to know what he thinks about pool politics from one day to the next and I think as as athletes are trying to turn into repositories for political ideas good you know left right and different whatever they are it's bad for their brands and it's bad for the league's overall all right follow clay Travis's brand at play Travis on the Twitter

23 thoughts on “Political Correctness is RUINING Sports | Clay Travis | Rubin Report

  1. Women in sports would get paid the same as men if it were apples to apples. If the women would do two things, play the same amount of games and put asses in the seats, then they would have a leg to stand on.

  2. A wise comedian at a comedy show said the reason were in this mess is we have given too much platform to stupid people

  3. I have a template then copy and paste it says apparently youre mistaking me for somebody who gives a crap about what a complete stranger I don't know or will never meet has to say about my opinion go troll someone else loser

  4. America is too cushy if people have the time of day to waste there time spouting this crazy liberal non sense

  5. well im not even traditional but the moms left the neighborhoods amd the kids are running the streets and we push woman to have careers yet they're kids are raised by strangers the house is a mess the finance is a mess

  6. I have just about given up on all sports, I put baseball and basketball in the grave years ago, I can no longer watch any woman's sports and Football is on life support. about the only pure sport without politics left is Golf, not the most exciting but we don't see players showing disrespect towards the flag or the fans.

  7. Clay Travis keeps it real, and I listen to and watch him because of that. Just found out about this channel and appreciate those who do the same.

  8. Remember, the Tiki torch company wrote a press release to denounce white supremacists after Charlottesville.

  9. Dave Rubin breeds tier 1 reactionaries. Tier 2 reactionaries come from PJW and crowder. The biggest POS’s come from Stefan Molyneux and Sargon of Sarkeesian

  10. Yeah, I'm done with spending a dime on pro team sports. Or cable. And Nike, Gilette, all of it. Forever. The second you're implying stuff about white racism you're boycotted permanently. I guess youtube is my only exception, but it's been hijacked by right-wingers and I'm not giving youtube a dime, so I don't feel like too big a hypocrite.

  11. We have allowed everything possible to be used as excuses to avoid what it takes to (personally) achieve. The first pc attitude was society being forced to choke down faux reasons as to why there is accepted baby making. The social arena is now seeing the next generation of that generation who gave birth to those where pc attitude is the only result-for those who will say, do and believe anything/everything that will keep them from pursuing anything resembling any kind of (personal) achievement. The decency of the American people and people as a whole have only allowed this due to being always forced to always not being able to do or say anything about it. Such is the birth of political correctness.
    It's a sad truth!



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