Political Correctness is Redpilling America

Political Correctness is Redpilling America

The other way in which I do agree with my
fellow panelists that political correctness has done an enormous amount of harm in the
sliver of the population that might be… I wouldn’t want to say persuadable, but certainly
whose affiliation might be up for grabs, comes from the often highly literate, highly intelligent
people who gravitate to the alt-right, internet savvy, media savvy, who often are radicalized
in that way, who swallow the red pill, as the saying goes, the allusion from The Matrix. When they are exposed the first time to true
statements that have never been voiced in college campuses or in The New York Times
or in respectable media, that are almost like a bacillus to which they have no immunity,
and they’re immediately infected with both the feeling of outrage that these truths are
unsayable, and no defense against taking them to what we might consider to be rather repellent
conclusions. Let me give you some examples. Here is a fact that’s gonna sound ragingly
controversial but is not, and that is that capitalist societies are better than communist
ones. If you doubt it, then just ask yourself the
question: Would I rather live in South Korea or North Korea? Would I rather live in West Germany in the
1970s or East Germany or in the 1960s? I submit that this is actually not a controversial
statement, but in university campuses, it would be considered flamingly radical. Here’s another one. Men and women are not identical in their life
priorities, in their sexuality, in their tastes and interests. This is not controversial to anyone who has
even glanced at the data. The kind of vocational interest tests of the
kind that your high school guidance counselor gave you were given to millions of people,
and men and women give different answers as to what they wanna do for a living and how
much time they want to allocate to family versus career and so on. But you can’t say it. A very famous person on this campus did say
it, and we all know what happened to him. He’s no longer, well, he is on this campus,
but no longer in the same office. Here’s a third fact that is just not controversial,
although it sounds controversial, and that is that different ethnic groups commit violent
crimes at different rates. You can go to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Look it up on their website. The homicide rate among African Americans
is about seven or eight times higher than it is among European Americans. And terrorism, go to the Global Terrorist
Database, and you find that worldwide the overwhelming majority of suicide terrorist
acts are committed by Islamist extremist groups. If you’ve never heard these facts before and
you stumble across them or someone mentions them, it is possible to come to some extreme
conclusions, such as that women are inferior, that African Americans are naturally violent,
that we all ought to be Anarcho-capitalists and do away with all regulation and social
safety nets, that most terrorism in this country is the fault of Muslims. These are unwarranted conclusions because
for each one of these facts there are very powerful counterarguments for why they don’t
license racism and sexism and Anarcho-capitalism and so on. The fact that men and women aren’t identical
has no implications for whether we should discriminate against women for a number of
reasons. One of them is for any traits in which the
sex is different, and two distributions have enormous amounts of overlap, so that you can’t
draw a reliable conclusion about any individual from group averages. Number two, the principle of opposition to
racism and sexism is not a factual claim that the sexes and races are indistinguishable
in every aspect. It’s a political and moral commitment to treat
people as individuals, as opposed to pre-judging them by the statistics of their group. Third, we know that some of the statistical
generalizations about races and sexes change over time. So, what is true now may not necessarily be
true in 10 or 20 years. These are all reasons why you can believe
that the sexes are different and be a very strong feminist, why you can believe that
differences between the races exist and be very strongly opposed to any form of racism. In the case of, say, rates of violent crime,
it used to be, go back 100 years, the rate of violent crime among Irish Americans was
far higher than among other ethnic groups. That obviously changed. There’s no reason that that can’t change in
the case of current racial differences. In the case of terrorism, the majority of
domestic terrorism is committed by Right-Wing extremist groups, not by Islamic groups within
this country. Of course, through much of its history Islam
was far more enlightened than Christendom. There was no equivalent of the Inquisition. There was no equivalent of the wars of religion
in the classical history of Islam. Finally, in the case of the fact that capitalism
is really a better system than Marxism, every successful capitalist society has regulation,
has a social safety net, and, in fact, some of the countries with the strongest social
safety nets are also the countries that are most market-friendly, that have the greatest
degree of economic freedom. These are all reasons why you can believe
all of these and not necessarily drift toward extremist positions. In fact, why you can be a Progressive, a Centrist,
a Liberal, even a Leftist, and believe all of these because you’re exposed not only to
the facts but how to put them in context. Now let’s say that you have never even heard
anyone mention these facts. The first time you hear them, you’re apt to
say, number one, the truth has been withheld from me by universities, by mainstream media,
and, moreover, you will be vindicated when people who voice these truths are suppressed,
shouted down, assaulted, all the more reason to believe that the Left, that the mainstream
media, that universities can’t handle the truth. So, you get vindicated over and over again,
but, worst of all, you’re never exposed to the ways of putting these facts into context
so that they don’t lead to racism and sexism and extreme forms of Anarcho-Libertarianism. So, the politically correct Left is doing
itself an enormous disservice when it renders certain topics undiscussable, especially when
the facts are clearly behind them because they leave people defenseless the first time
they hear them against the most extreme and indefensible conclusions possible. If they were exposed, then the rationale for
putting them into proper political and moral context could also be articulated, and I don’t
think you would have quite the extreme backlash.

100 thoughts on “Political Correctness is Redpilling America

  1. Look at Muslim textbooks and they proudly boast of literally hundreds of wars for Islam.
    Pinker tries to be correct, but he still doesn't have the guts to call out Islam as being a predatory ideology – perhaps he knows what would happen to him?

  2. Pinker was doing well until his statement that Islam was historically more "enlightened" than Christianity & that there were no "wars of religion". Just goes to show that even the most brilliant minds can & do have blind spots. He's obviously never taken a serious look at histories of religions.

  3. I agree with most of what was said, but, it was one sided and is a case in point wgen he doesn't have the balls to name the profressor that got victimized by the "radical Marxist sjw" administrators.

  4. Well sometimes averages are the only reasonable measure to go by…. and we do it all the time even when it would be much less harmfull to do otherwise.
    Example: even though it can be easily demonstrated that there is a certain number of 12 year oldes that are more intelligent and responsible than the average 21 year old we still don't let them have drivers permits, carry permits – or a glass of Merlot ….. all because we throw them in with the lot and argue that the average 12 year old will likely cause mayhem if granted those rights….. now what's wrong with going to the other side of the road with your black girlfriend when on your side a pack of bald headed white guys approach? (They may just be celebrating that chemotherapy is over….!) But if you suggest that it'd be a smart move to do the same when a pack of basketball players approach you and your girlfriend your suddenly a racist! (Same goes if you're tired of interviewing 50 blacks to find the one that is willing to work the "niteshift" and when asked to write it correctly asks if the "knightshift" has something to do with the clan…. and sues immediately for discrimination. I have plenty of minority friends that I trust – but when dealing with strangers I would rather go to an asian medic from Guangzhou nursery school that a black medical doctor from Harvard – because the first would have failed the class if he didn't give the right answers….. I'm not at all convinced of the same being true with the later!

  5. The "enlightened Islam without different faction warring one another" is flatout bs (Sunnis, Alevites and Schiites) also it is worth noting that Islam took all territories it now rules (or ruled in the past) with fire and sword by killing and raping (granted they took good care of many of the greeks books)…. so that is an ignorant statement – at best!

  6. Also the "right wing terrorists attacks" being the majority in the US must be from some source counting swastikas on public toilets! (I'm not saying I approve of those!) If you have any reasonable cutoff for "terrorist attack" (I would suggest: injured or killed humans!?) Islamists are by far the greatest danger (if you don't count drug gang violence)
    Of course if you count putting pork sausage on the bbq in a public park as "white nazi violence" (and the vegan retards usual reaction as well) while counting the natural reaction of a "good muslim" as "self defense"…. then yes your numbers might go the other way (and even then only if your statistic starts on Sept.12th 2001)

  7. He's wrong on one thing…The domestic terrorism. More have been killed by Islamist's and left wing individuals. School shooting are NOT terrorist actions they are mentally ill individuals not making a political statement..

  8. Laughable 5:40 the entire crusades were based on taking back lands that were brutally taken in the name of Islam. He's either deliberately misinforming, or he's confusing Islam with Zoroastrianism.

  9. the REASON that the left doesn't want to discuss facts is because the "context" can't be rationally explained in social justice terms. Take violent black crime. Leftist will try to put this in the context of hurr durr muh colonialism. But if you look at black societies in Africa that are largely ignored by white influence, they still have put people to death for witchcraft. The only rational explanation is a video youtube banned by American renaissance explaining race and iq.

  10. Where did Pinker get the statistic that the majority of domestic terrorism is committed by right wing extremist groups, not islamic groups?
    Was it from the White people hating splc? I'm trying to remember a right wing terrorist attack when this video was made, and I can't remember one.
    And white people (right wing extremists) out number muslims by a large percent in America, but muslims commit more terrorist attacks – their most successful masterminded by mossad – remember the dancing Israelis who admitted on Israeli tv 'they were there to document the attack'.

  11. Islam has no equivalent of the Inquisition? The only reason you think that is because it has ALWAYS had an equivalent, and it still does. Muslim countries still execute female rape victims, people who convert to another (or no) religion, and gays just for being gay.

  12. About 5:30, Islam was more enlightened that Christianity because "there was no equivalent of the inquisition; there were no wars of religion" perpetrated by Islam. What?! Did we already forget about the massive Islamic invasions of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Israel, Northern Africa and South West Europe? Does Pinker live in a historical box?

  13. You shouldn’t be nicer to anyone, individual or group, because they might get nicer in the future. You shouldn’t reward any bad behavior at all. You should make things fair for every individual by rewarding the same work the same way and punish the same crime the same way regardless of background. You are not discriminating against any group. Through their own choices and actions, every individual is discriminating against himself and is the only person deserving of blame, including blame for statistics you don’t like.

  14. No mention here of the millions of white Europeans enslaved in the name of Islam before the crusades. Shame on you!

  15. What terrorist acts in America were committed by right wing extremist groups ??? Thought they were long gunmen and bombers.

  16. Hi guys. I was wondering if you, virtual members of the Intellectual
    Dark Web and Red Pill Community (Jordan Peterson, Rubin Report, Press
    for Truth, WeAreChange, Rubin Report, Tim Pool/Timcast/Subverse, Coach
    Red Pill, Louder with Crowder, Rebel Media, Sydney Watson, Daisy
    Cousens, Gad Saad, Sargon of Akkad, The Heritage Foundation, Stephen
    Molyneux, World Alternative Media, Matt Christiansen, Computing Forever,
    Dr. Steve Turley, Apostate Prohphet, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Maajid Nawaz at
    LBC, Douglas Murray, Lindsay Shepard, Bret and Eric Weinstein, Erin Go
    Bragh, World Alternative Media, even you, PragerU and anyone else I may
    have forgotten who stands for Free Speech and Western Liberal Democracy,
    and who are under threat or could be under threat to be de-monetized or
    censored) could get together, virtually at least, and agree to change
    over to a video channel that does not censor or de-monetize content
    creators such as yourselves. I am not sure if there is actually a
    channel that does let you monetize your videos, but if there is one, why
    don't you all agree to, together, move over to that channel. If such a
    channel does not exist, do you think it would be possible for you all to
    create one? I know that Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin supposedly had
    such an idea in the works, but I have not heard about whether or not it
    is going forward lately. I recently saw CRP's plea for help and a bunch
    of other videos from many of you who are under threat and I was inspired
    to write to you to urge you to band together and either find and move
    to a different channel than YouTube or create one. I strongly believe
    that if all of you unite, you could turn this tide around and do
    something truly great. The TIME is NOW.

  17. this guy is an ignorant fool – and they laughed at Michael echtenwald (sp?)
    not going to listen to his lies

  18. His comments about islam, are complete fiction…. No inquisition?? Does he even know what the inquisition was?? Or islams 1400 years of oppression of non muslims? Of unprovoked bloody invasions and brutal occupation??

  19. I'd appreciate Mr Pinker addressing homicide rates of certain races within their homeland nations. I suspect they are quite similar to that found in the states.

  20. I liken the progressive left to a street gang, at least in hierarchy. For those unfamiliar, street gangs deal drugs by having a low level gang member stand on a street corner. This is obviously a task with a high likelihood of being caught by police, so the gang puts layers of intermediaries between the street member and the boss, so when the street member is invariably caught, there is nothing to give the police. As gang members rise within the gang hierarchy, they not only become privy to the gang’s inner workings, but also gain more protection. Naturally, we might wonder what it is that draws a low level gang member to risk so much to enrich the gang boss while they shoulder little of the burden.

    The ‘street members’ of the left are those you meet in protests, antifa, and so on. They don’t really understand their gang’s inner workings, its goals, or its methods. In this sense, I can’t really hate these leftists. They are being used for the high-level leftists’ goals.

  21. I don't understand Muslims, their prophet muhammed was a pedo rapist murderer. If Jesus was a pedo rapist murderer I would convert my Christian faith to Buddhism or become an atheist but Jesus is the truth and the light so I will be a Christian forever. Muslimes are sick in the head.

  22. His claim that Islam did not have religious wars is wrong.

    Historically Islam expanded by conquest. It's 'holy book' demands this

  23. This man is right on most of the things he said, I too believe in factual correctness and not political correctness.

  24. Well this guy is half right on what he's saying. An example of where he's blatantly wrong is "there was no equivalent to the wars of religion" regrading Islam. The fact is war is precisely how Islam spread. The Crusades were a response to it. Pinker needs to take the red pill and not just acknowledge it exists.

  25. Capitalism is better than communism, and there's only like 3 actual alt-right personalities on the entire internet, unless you keep moving the line, and include people who you just don't agree with. Nobody listens to white nationalists, nobody believes in any of that racist crap, stop creating a boogeyman to scare college kids into supporting a communist dictatorship. Last I checked, it was antifa and left wing extremists who were committing violence in the streets. I used to be in the left, we were the ones who told the religious right to get over their feelings and stop trying to censor people, now the left is regressive and I'm not on any side, but I will ALWAYS fight for free speech and against anyone who believes that anyone's rights are up for debate. On the side of truth, the left used to have that, wtf happened?

  26. Most terrorism in this country stems from the alt LEFT. Most fascism in this country stems from that same group. The alt Right has its share of the blame; but, that does not forgive the left. A not insignificant number of Muslims certainly hold extremist views on a great many things, including freedom of religion, civil liberties, sexual orientation and identity, etc. Now, I don't think Blacks are ipso facto more violent than other races; but, they certainly appear angrier. As a non-white American, I call bullshit on their rationalizations to justify it.

    The Left is afraid of facts, truth, and opinions that vary from the herd. He got that right.

  27. I would say that this points to total failure of our education system to promote critical thinking in our students and the failure of our media outlets to broadcast honest and open debate.

  28. No “wars of religion” among Muslims? What is Sunni vs Shia? What was the war between Iraq and Iran? What do the not infrequent terroristic attacks between the two factions of Islam constitute? How is this less significant than the no-longer existent wars between Catholics and Protestants? And yes, there was and is strong persecution of Christians by Muslims in Muslim-dominant countries even today.

  29. This is when Pinker jumped the shark, pushing right-wing talking points for the Koch-funded "Unsafe Space" tour.


  30. Speakng of the Middle East I wonder how Pinker would respond if I were to state that since 1948 Jews have commited more acts of terrorism that have Muslims ?

  31. Antifa, blm. Right wingers are more violent? Hmmm.
    Nazis are NOT right wingers: NA: national. ZI: socialist. Right wingers are NOT socialists. Next please!

  32. Ummm. The Crusades happened. Muslims were attacking Christian communities. No terror? This guy glossed over a lot. He is blind to some facts clearly. Too much bias

  33. I'm surprised Pinker is allowed to continue being a professor. Way too sensible on these sorts of "controversial" topics.

  34. All very clever but I think he misses some important points. Life isn’t all about money and consuming. In the old East Germany there may not have been much to buy in the shops but the streets of cities were safe to walk day and night unlike the capitalist paradise of the USA. Also Unlike the UK there were no people living in the country who had a culture and values completely at odds withthose of the native population. Freedom is a term much used by right wing politicians who have the luxury of living a lifestyle which keeps them well away from the problems faced by ordinary people. You don’t have to worry about street crime if you are never on the street!

  35. I’m pretty sure left wing extremists are the biggest offenders when it comes to domestic terrorism. Antifa and the unions have always been great offenders and to call the KKK right wing is a hell of a misconception.

  36. We SHOULD become capitalists and do away with govt-provided safety nets. That's not an extremist perspective–it's a practical one.

    Keep the safety net–just make sure it is provided (in order) by self, family, fraternity, then community.

  37. Pinker is an incredibly gifted liar. Muslims didn't have the Inquisition but they most certainly had the Jizyah and Dhimmitude

  38. Political Correctness is

    a) acting as a form of censorship, especially in story telling. Movies and book lack so much authentic conflict

    b) setting a very low standard of common sense

    People like to argue that PC is just used to tell people not to use the n word on public… when I was growing up, that was considered common sense.

  39. Ive said it a thousand times but the real problem is exhibited by how every time an academic like this talks they give the impression that the only reason that you should have intellectual diversity is because it prevents the OTHER from gaining support. They completely ignore that its just a better and more humane way to behave and they completely refuse to recognise the destructive problem of their own side's radicals.

  40. Pinker said that Islam doesn't have a history with an Inquisition or wars between religion. I disagree with that and believe that their wars, within and without, have never ended.

  41. Would i rather live in old Yugoslavia…or modern Russia.
    The "right wing terrorism" claims are misnomer and disingenuous…islamic terror is global….and as for "there was no inquizition"…lol…read up on the Almoravids in Spain….or even what happened to OMAR KHAYYAM for DARING to write about the joys of the fermented grape, and STILL TODAY muslims hunt for jews living amounst them, only Iran has a small supressed colony and Morroco is the only place they are tolerated….. the claim "there are no wars of religion in islam"…L O L …THE WAR has lasted since Muhammids death…his daughter Fatima's uncle, Abu Bakr, stole the throne after Mo died, and Umar beat her, causing a miscarige, then threatened to kill Ali, and later they did, and then they killed her sons Hussayn and Hasan…hence the Sunni – Shia eternal war….one hereditary, the other semi parlimentary….ac war that is as permanent as their war on jews.

  42. For all the people complaining about Pinker's comments on Islam and "wars of religion", Pinker is clearly is referring specifically to the extremely bloody "Wars of Religion" between Catholics and Protestants during the 16th and 17th Century, and Pinker is correct is saying there's no real equivalent in Islam. Pinker is not making a claim that people have never fought wars in the name of Islam.

  43. Sounds like whiplash. Leftists are wrong but they are correct. This guy sounds more like he is trying to justify leftist evils with pseudo rationality.

  44. What a load of crap the muslims were in violent expansion and spreading tyrany since the very start they killed millions and commited horrible genocides take a look at what they did to the Indians the sihk religion was found in response to all that abuse
    So much enlightened compared to Christians who created the modern free world

  45. So Islam is so enlightened that their religion does not recognize the cause and effect principle, the Inquisition and Holy Wars are concepts imported of Islam, just look at Spanish pre- and after the Reconquista, also in Islam the Inquisition is Permanent, every War in Islam had an undertone or even casus belli about the Expansion of the Religion, and of the Dar Al Islam.

  46. Much of leftist/progressive political ideology falls apart when these facts, Pinker himself admits are true, get incorporated into political and ethical reasoning. That is the primary reason for the political correctness movement. Addressing this is what's sorely missing from this analysis

  47. Men and Women are different, Trans people will always be the gender their chromosomes say they are, and the leftards should be extinguished from the face of the earth.

  48. An even larger danger is that, when Leftists shout down, label as bigoted, and/or physically threaten / attack people who point out these truths, despite the latter not being racist, sexist, etc., the Leftists force the truth tellers to ally with others further to the Right than they otherwise might, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Given that the Left already comes after me, I’ll make deals with the Right as necessary to defend myself. I disagree with some of what moderate Righties say, but the Leftists have declared war on the moderate Left, and I also disagree more with (& am much more frightened by) what current Leftists say & do.

  49. 29 references to religious wars in the first 10 seras of the Quran. Only assurance of salvation in Islam is through martyrdom during a jihad against the infidel, any non-Muslim! Pinker is an odd duck. A pop icon whose early work has now turned out to be false but his legend lives. His truths that will surprise leftist is hilarious as 100 years of socialists icons at Harvard turn over in their graves as he gives a rare evidenced-based discussion. Then he talks about alt-right, a segment smaller than then the number of Islamic jihadists in Napa Valley.

    His audience and panel are the KoolAid drinkers of our day and Pinker is Reverend Jones.

  50. If this man doesn't think Islam was spread by war then he obviously never actually read the Koran. The whole story of Muhammad is about continued war.

  51. Pinker has it arse backwards blaming crap on conservatives it is the Liberals foisting this crap on us . He says one or two truths but also bullshit .

  52. But what the left does is immoral and discriminatory. They argue that any differences in outcomes are the result of racism, sexism etc, and the remedy is affirmative action – in other words institutionalised racism against white men.

  53. If you still believe the right wing is responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks (domestically or world wide) look at the groups that are considered as "right wing". You'll find things like sects of ISIS & gangs in Africa are lumped in with Klan members from the 1970's. Plus the figures comes from places like The Southern Poverty Law Center-enough said on that source-

  54. People have a choice to pick right wing politics, it's nuts to talk about "redpilling" like it's a bad thing. The liberals trying to give away western civilization are the real dangerous ones.

  55. If liberal colleges were totalitarian as the right wingers complain then a person like Pinker wouldn't be a professor, especially in an ivy league school. There's more to claim on behalf of liberal colleges, but equally important is the fact that the right wingers have their own version of political rightousnes, like when they got upset at Obama for claiming (or complaining if you prefer) that they (mostly rural conservatives) are bitter and clinging to guns and their religion, which is the truth.

    Then as the consequence of denying facts (the very problem of PC) conservatives pass the blame on minorities, especially Mexican immigrants, to the point of strongly believing that we have taken over the nation. A nation they say they have to take back, yes indeed. But from both big corporations and government, vastly ruled by white people, which they won't dare to defy. Far easier to persecute the poor, just like they did to virtually all European immigrants in the past, even the Germans and Scandinavians in the 1700 & 1800's.

    I hope Mr. Pinker do address the issue that PC focuses people's attention on resentments and distract us from more pressing issues, like lack of affordable health care. The fact that you may have a job and be insured doesn't protect you from massive bills in case you got hospitalized.

  56. If I can't trust these people to deliver me basic facts that they consider to be uncomfortable, why would I then trust their interpretation of those facts?

  57. why does he say racism, sexism and anarcho-capitalism in the same breath. Does he know what anarcho-capitalism is? Or does he have a poorly conceived caricature of it?

  58. I was redpilled when a friend sent me a link that took me to the definitions of "nuance" and "socio-political rhetoric motivated by the economic agenda of rapacious billionaires who want to make even more money by convincing stupid people to vote Republican". That was a real eye-opener.

  59. Wait… did he say at 5:40 that there is no history of wars of religion within the classical history of Islam? Which part is the classical part?

  60. I got expelled from an online college for challenging the "professors" who said some of my discussion board comments were inappropriate (e.g., "You should use human-made, not man-made" – even though human-made has the word "MAN" in it, too; "You should say African-American, not black" – even though the U.S. Census Bureau uses "black" on census forms).

  61. 2:26 – you can't say it. Somebody very famous on this campus did say it and you know what happened to him!
    You hear laughter and applause for one of the many dark events that is destroying Harvard's reputation for a classic liberal education. The fact that the President of Harvard couldn't say that men and women are different, and LOST HIS JOB OVER IT, is a huge condemnation about the lack of freedom of speech and inquiry on the Harvard campus, and extreme brainwashing of its students. So what do the students do? They laugh and clap! So now I know for sure that Harvard graduates still suck, and it's a good reason that I would not consider any resume from Harvard.

  62. Why did he put racism and sexism together with anarcho-capitalism.
    He should learn more about it before placing it in a "bigot" basket.

  63. Highly intelligent people do not gravitate toward anything. Highly intelligent people think for themselves. If they have not the ability to do so, they are not highly intelligent.

  64. i like how I (anarcho-capitalist) am put in the same box with rasists and sexists :)))
    just hope that they would not put me into the jail, when i think that government is not able to help because of complexity of modern society
    overton window in praxis

  65. Professor Pinker's use of the term "alt right" is misplaced. That does not describe most Republicans, most conservatives, or most Trump supporters.
    Merriam Webster Definition of alt-right: a right-wing, primarily online political movement or grouping based in the U.S. whose members reject mainstream conservative politics and espouse extremist beliefs and policies typically centered on ideas of white nationalism.
    The GOP's Platform has always been for limited government, lower taxes, more economic freedom, and a strong national defense. We're just trying to get them to walk the walk. This isn't about white nationalism or race.

  66. Once again, Mr. Pinker's rational, progressive as well as scientifically based commentary "hits the nail on the head", within the "hypersensitivity"directed towards stopping free-speech, what's the real issue underlying this overly promoted task for censorship of the very freedom that makes America the greatest place on the planet to live. One cannot have it both ways. Eradication of racist inequality has never been found in placing limits on what a person can say or what's printed in any paper or magazine, social media…..etc. What puts an end to these type of racist values is having an all-inclusive dialogue that's not limited in anyway or by any means whatsoever!!!!!!!!

  67. Let's see, Islam never had anything like the Spanish Inquisition? And, how many have been beheaded for blasphemy, etc? No equivalent to the "wars of religion" in Islam? Has he ever heard of any tensions at all between Shia and Sunni? And oh yeah, most terrorist attacks are right-wing. If you listen only to the liberal media, that is.

  68. i think whats important is how you frame these facts as well as who's saying them and what their intention is. what I noticed is that every time the right speaks out about pc they do so with the intention to " own the libs" and "trigger lefties" which is also how they try to frame their arguments and phrases while also leaving out important facts and other details as well as mentioning other facts out of context. When they do this, of course it will upset the left who in response will lash out in the name of pc which in turn creates a cycle with the right "triggering" them, the left lashing at them, and the right getting upset before it repeats itself.

    to an extent, I do believe in some form of pc but one that is encouraged in society and has naturally become a social norm; not one that has been enforced by the government. I think it should be discouraged that using racial slurs, homophobic slurs, etc be used in daily life but that is in my opinion that pc is defined as avoiding offensive slurs and phrases that are meant to dehumanize or target certain groups of people or individuals. however I believe that it is crucial that we keep certain facts that can be deemed "offensive" in context as well as using ALL of the facts and the way we frame them and our intentions behind saying them so that it will not seem "anti-pc" so that we may keep the public informed about these facts while not seemingly trying to upset everyone.

  69. I also feel like the left takes pc way too far to the point where it may do harm while the right just misinterprets and twists it completely to upset the other side

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