32 thoughts on “Political correctness gone mad

  1. She clearly doesn't understand personal space. Woman on the end next to the blond guy. Categorical denial and dismissal of all differing thoughts.

    "You don't need to respect me." Clearly, respect is low on her torem pole of valuable discourse.

  2. Rape gangs were 100% Pakistani. What part of " Pakistani rape gangs " do these fucking PC do gooders not get. This women and her like make me sick. They are fucking dangerous. In the words of the judge overlooking the Rotherham case " said and I quote. " Political correctness by both the police and social services allowed the sexual abuse of white girls to continue" . Frightened to call them Pakistani. For fear of upsetting the very community who were letting or turning a blind eye to the vile abuse THEIR MEN were perpetrating. Disgusting do gooder cunts. Fuck them. Better go let the girls get raped right. I feel sick even discussing these politically correct cowardly scumbags. Fuck them.

  3. We'll this explains why the Guardian website is always begging for money – because they employ idiots like this woman to defend the indefensible. No right thinking person would pay a quid to read nonsense like this. The Guardian will gradually fade away, quietly muttering to itself. And bloody good riddance.

  4. What vi*e disgusting sc*m the PC mob are .They are an absolute abomination and all decent people need to start fighting back

  5. What bugs me is that people get offended by a term and demand that we use another term instead. Then 10 years down the road they decide they are offended by that term and demand we use another and so it goes on and on… then some poor hapless person uses the term they were taught was acceptable and end up being labeled as a bigot or worse. We live in a culture of perpetually being offended or offending someone.

  6. Up untill about 1980 the word handicapped was used by everyone. Poor old Heseltine was simply using the word because of his age. It's so obvious. I've abandoned the left partly due to this bollox being talked by this woman.

  7. This overly talkative woman seems to sincerely believe political correctness is not a thing, that is has no effect on people;s behavior;

  8. Anyone who insists the west still has massive systemic issues with racism can only be referring to the race industry.

  9. Not that complicated, political correctness is a form of suppression of freedom of expression. It is a way to suppress expression of ideas simply because you disagree with them and find them "hurtful, disrespectful, offensive" none of which are banned.

  10. People who use the term habitually denigrating pretending thrn talk about systemic racism. Another upper class fantasist telling the world how they should behave

  11. Its just a way to say, shut up.
    We will not put up with your opinion if your not going to repeat
    Our values.

  12. If someone is handicapped or if someone is disabled —–they are fucked—-WHY get upset about the way that we describe it —we all know what we mean and the person we are referring to will still be fucked

  13. Feminazis are in effect like lemmings, they would rather jump! Then voice opposition to an assault upon a white person, but dig their heels in firmly when applied to persons of colour…in these people's eyes it matters not if a white child is abused, as long as that child is not of a different hue, otherwise that really would be offensive!

  14. I can't believe the "Head of Equality and Employment" would actually stand up for political corr… wait head of what? Oh, never mind.

  15. I Say what I think and if you or anyone else dont like it the you can fuck right off… o and this woman is a moron….

  16. I couldn't give a flying f*ck if anyone is offended by me correct usage of the English language. To me, a person who has lost a leg is 'handicapped', someone who is a drooloing idiot is, to me, totally barmy, just like all of the equally barmy Leftists (and I capitalise that word with ill grace) .

  17. Telling others that you know what they THINK instead of actually listening to them as humans, is garbage-think and childish. It creates 'boogie man' and blind-eyes that only look at what they think proves them right.

  18. Woman on the right absolutely disgusting demonic anti British anti American anti white male scummy INGSOC feminist gobshite scumbag. When Rod Liddle was talking she was hovering over him like a vulture. Horrific.

  19. We were laughed at for saying political correctness had gone mad.
    2019 – 6 year olds have sex changes and Shamima Begum is a ‘victim’.

  20. This vile hag is a disgusting putrid and intolerant clown….she is full of bile, hatred, poison and malice…..she is utterly useless.

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