Political Consultant Roger Stone on President Trump & the 2020 Candidates

Political Consultant Roger Stone on President Trump & the 2020 Candidates

joining me now from southern Florida political consultant lobbyist strategist and former trump surrogate Roger stone Roger let's talk about post molar yet because as I noted just a few seconds ago to most Americans they don't care about this stuff this is all about politics this is all about getting the president of states and if we step back and we look at the first two plus years of the 45th President of the United States it's really unprecedented you date back to Richard Nixon Richard Nixon took a lot of arrows for a lot of reasons but no president of the United States has been under this kind of assault this kind of partisan assault like the 45th President United States has well that's why it's vitally important to solve the issue of internet censorship which you just heard the president referred to Richard Nixon would have survived in 1974 had there been a vibrant alternative media based in the internet which of course didn't exist that back then the mainstream media was able to dominate the political dialogue the issue of internet censorship where the president's supporters Republicans conservatives non liberals anybody who doesn't agree with the conventional wisdom and their mainstream media view is censored or D platform is poses a great danger to the president's reelection he's got an incredible record to run on Graham but he needs a platform from which to counter-attack he's the greatest counter puncher in American politics and really he faces three foes Roger if you boil it down if you include the Internet that's one of the foes but this is a cabal when when I talk about the foes it's a cabal of the internet it's a cabal including the modern Democrat Party which is weaponizing itself on Capitol Hill but it also includes the mainstream media so when Donald Trump runs against whoever it's going to be on the Democrat side the nominee whether it's Budaj edge or a Kamala Harris or Joe Biden he's also going to be running against this cabal well the good news of course is as Napoleon said never interrupt your enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves and the internecine warfare between AOC and her squad and Nancy Pelosi shows a democratic party in shambles working people are leaving the Democratic Party in droves the Socialists are in the ascendancy I'd like to see them just keep on talking Graham but you're absolutely right there is a cabal between the corporate-owned mainstream media and the Democratic Party and the drumbeat of criticism and abuse of the president just continues unabated despite the fact that the results cannot be argued about 7 million new jobs wage growth at the fastest pace in American history investment billions of investment moving back into the country it's a modern success story and on paper the president should be a shoo-in for a landslide but it won't be that easy because of the mainstream media because the internet censorship and lastly whether or not we can have an honest election real honest ballot integrity which only people who are legally qualified to vote are allowed to vote I want to talk about the ballot integrity and the integrity of the vote especially a visa fee in Florida the state that you're in right now because obviously Florida is gonna play a key role but but before we do I'm gonna go back to what they're doing in the House of Representatives in Nancy Pelosi allowing these radicals to go right up to the line of impeachment in a so called what impeachment inquiry which I don't see existing in the United States Constitution anywhere it's either impeachment or it's not so Nancy Pelosi has them running right up to the line and then backing off but let's face it we now have 95 radicals on the Democrat side in the House of Representatives that have voted this last time for impeachment do you ever see at any point Nancy Pelosi allowing the radicals to run the asylum and actually get over that line well the attempt to impeach Bill Clinton turned out to be a huge mistake that boomerang on Republicans and I think actually hurt them in the next elections there is no grounds that I'm aware of to impeach this president and there's an exemplary record for him to run on so I don't see that happening I think the bout integrity issue the internet censorship issue in the Kabbalah the collusion if you will with the mainstream media are the greatest obstacles to the president's re-election I believe he will win but I think it's going to be a much tougher harder for campaign than many people believe it's gonna be a war it's absolutely gonna be a war and you're a veteran of ten presidential campaigns and and this it seems to escalate every election cycle but certainly this one is going to be a war an all-out war for the future of this Republic not just for Donald Trump versus a Democrat candidate or the party Republican versus the party Democrat this is a war for the heart and soul of America and one of the battle zones is going to be Florida and of course Florida has many unique dynamics going on has a large Hispanic population but it also has people who have a bi-state lifestyle if you will and then that opens up the door for mail-in ballots which opens up the door for voter fraud what is happening in Florida right now to ensure the integrity of the vote anything well the good news is we have elected a new Republican governor here on decentest he's doing a very good job and is extraordinarily popular and he is well aware of the need for ballot integrity he fired or his predecessor fired the Broward County Elections board supervisor put in a new supervisor to ensure that we had an honest count in the largest Democratic County in the state there's a good beginning right there but the governor is going to do what's necessary to ensure that the count in Florida is honest that it's real and that only people who are legitimately eligible to vote can vote here I think the election of the Santis is a key factor in the president's ability to win here and of course the President himself I think very much helped to say this over the the finish line and if we look back to the election of 2000 we know how crucial role the governor of Florida can play in a close election result like we had in Gore versus Bush the war is certainly going to unfold it's unfolding right now and as we all know Roger the first casualty of war is the truth and so Trump supporters have to remember that when they look at this cabal that we keep talking about the Democrat Party the mainstream media and the Internet the first casualty of war is the truth Roger stone good luck and thank you want to see more videos like this click on the link below and subscribe to one American news on YouTube and call your cable provider and kindly demand that what American news is added to your lineup call and subscribe today

31 thoughts on “Political Consultant Roger Stone on President Trump & the 2020 Candidates

  1. Trump is going to win by a Landslide Dummycrats have one nothing and as far as Butthead who cares about that rope sucker.

  2. It's not just the President. It's his family. Now they want yo subpoena Ivanka and Jarrod's e-mails and texts. Even though they are private citizens. Talk about invasion of privacy.

  3. Roger did nothing wrong yet got a raw and un-American deal. Someone with the power needs to fix this for him and the other Americans being held hostage by the same enemy plot.

  4. Q? Can sitting members of Congress be served sealed indictments while Congress is in session? Can they be served sealed indictments while on "vacation" – August 1-31? "Worth Remembering", "Nothing Can Stop What is Coming"

  5. Hey utube can you get a different sponsor other than liberty mutual. I've seen the same commercial every minute. And because liberty mutual is spending millions of dollars on ads i no they are over priced. So i will never call liberty mutual ever for insurance.

  6. Roger Stone is Very Lucky to even be Alive after Mueller Sent 29 Thugs to Raid His House and Hope He Flinched, so They could Kill Him.

  7. Google can swing between 2.6 million and 10.4 million votes. If Trump can’t counter this ability, a second term is in doubt.

  8. Hi Roger good to see you again. God Bless you hope to see you on hear more. And thank you OAN for putting him on.

  9. I could never bring myself to like Roger Stone BUT I think he's a true patriot and backs America 100% plus he's one tough bugger anything else he does is his business as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else of course.

  10. The squab squad doesn’t even realize how much they are helping President Trump,, WINNING WINNING WINNING!!

  11. Actually… President Adams went under similar assaults. Some of which were much worse like being labeled as being a 'Hermaphrodite' in the News Papers. Now that was shameful.

  12. Too bad the dementocrats cannot just fight fairly using their own merits. The only way they can win in 2020 as it stands now is by stealing. I would want to see we Republicans do to them what they did to us and to our president, but alas we are for the most part morally unable to behave that way.

  13. The Presidents base has grown since 2016.Landslide if we can ensure no voter fraud.Hang in there Roger you are key to bringing this Russia hoax down

  14. The Democrats plan is to hack the voting machines and change the votes so it doesn't matter what they do the clintons have What's called the keys to the internet where they can get into any system and I'm sure there's more of them that have the ability to hack into those machines and change votes that's where the war is they should put a guard on every one of those machines and wherever the databases are they should have white hats they're watching the progress of the voting

  15. Trump would be smart to run on his accomplishments and not mud slinging. Let the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot. 😁

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