Political Compass Test

Political Compass Test

Oh do it so you can prove once and for all they you not a lib cut oh yeah okay yeah this is work-related right political compass test if economic globalization is inevitable it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of transnational corporate that's a loaded fuckin question dude with what does that mean I mean it could serve the interests of transnational corporations if there's a responsible government policies to make sure they don't fuck everybody over I know no dude how what the fuck you go right like an essay on this one question alone you know what let's try meme okay on one I'm gonna take a little bit more of a right-leaning approach and on the other I'll take a more of a left-leaning approach okay if economic globalization is notable she primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of transnational corporations yeah of course obviously Humanity is really fucking important right of course on the other hand I mean large corporations drive our fuckin economy they produce products for everybody we buy shit from them you know what the people are employed by them like I don't know I mean I think that their interests are pretty fuckin important as well right I don't think it should be an either/or right so we could say we disagree with that okay we'll go with the we'll go with the twofer okay I always for my country whether it was right or wrong no that's a fucking retarded as bullshit no one chooses is there a country or birth so it's foolish to be proud of it I mean personally I think it's kind of dumb to be proud of your country all right yeah I I mean I believe that but I mean on the other hand it's not necessarily like horrible to like be proud of your country like that's not like the worst thing in the world I mean I don't think it's necessarily bad alright the enemy my enemy is my friend no well that's a retarded as a little shit oh one race has many superior qualities pair with other races know what the fuck military action that defies international law is sometimes justified I mean anything can be sometimes justified right like sometimes there is no warring fusion of information and entertainment I mean probably yeah I'd say don't matter what you probably say yes to it check Twitter dams it's really important I have a feeling that it's not gonna be very important though listen after this I'm getting to work okay all right people are ultimately divided more by class than by nationality hell yeah well but class can play in your national I can play into your class yeah sure controlling inflation is more important than controlling unemployment Oh what does that mean what I mean no but also yes so on one hand if combating unemployment if you're on unemployment was usually like record high levels you needed to some form of monetary policy that led to some inflation I don't think that's the worst thing in the world whereas if inflation is getting out of fucking control and unemployment is okay like that's you should probably atro for inflation right like what the fuck because corporations cannot be trusted to voluntarily protect the environment they require regulation yeah that's probably true no that's definitely true yeah I'll just kind of I mean you can make a strong argument that they need to you could also argue that social wealth or that social pressures can pressure these companies into doing it as well which would put you at an agree instead of strongly agree from each according to his ability to each according to his need is a fundamentally good idea I mean you society is about more than just needs right we go for wants and desires as well I don't know that seems kind of weird and some people can contribute more and some people can contribute less on the other hand if you need something it's kind of a good idea I don't know dude you could argue there's like valid things on both sides here oh this is an autistic waste of time it's a sad reflection of our society that something is basically string 'king wire is now a bottle branded consumer product no what the fuck is wrong with that what land shouldn't be a commodity what it is regrettable that many personal fortunes are made by people who simply manipulate money and contribute nothing society and I mean if they if they actually contribute nothing to society then sure I agree with that but I don't know if you can argue that all of these people could keep it absolutely nothing to society like I don't know protectionism is sometimes necessary I mean this sometimes like what does sometimes mean like anything can be sometimes necessary like fuck but I don't know dude the only social responsibility of a company should be to deliver a profit to its shareholders it's the only social I mean kind of sure but I mean on the other hand if there's no social pressure to worry about things like pollution or whatever I don't know dude I don't I don't can we can we drop this do I need to finish this should I can we just move on to working the rich are too highly taxed probably not but maybe so because corporation tax is pretty high in America it's one of the highest it's up there I think those are the ability to pay should have access to higher standards of medical care I mean to some extent I disagree but if you've got money you should be able to pay for some crazy shit if you can we can't make the crazy shit available to everybody right there's a scarcity there I don't know dude like I could lean either way on this government should penalize doesn't mislead the public I mean what does that even mean on some I mean you can argue that like news organization should be able to post blatantly factually incorrect things but then on the other hand what could the government abuse this power and start like regulating media and then you got like everybody's like state media like a genuine free market requires restrictions the ability of predator multinationals to cream Anopheles yeah oh sure of course the free of the market the free are the people I mean in general like that really depends like what like freedom to discriminate against minorities is that really freedom for everybody but then again like if you tell somebody who they kinda cannot hire does that uh alright our inner demons okay we're gonna have two destinies worth coming out at the end here okay abortion where the woman's life is not threatened should always be illegal probably not no I don't think this is gonna do all authorities should be questioned hell yeah well unless you're like in the military or some shit fuck I don't know you probably should be questioning your like commander on the field of battle an eye for an eye on a tooth for tooth that's some retarded should taxpayer should not be expected to prop up any theaters and regimes that cannot survive on a commercial basis I mean the arts are important but then again like some shit does get propped up that probably shouldn't be I don't know dude do we really need like do we really need like concerts of like old classical music still being played is this like a relevant thing you can just have a recording of it I don't know school should not make classroom attendance compulsory I disagree with that all people of their rights but it was better for us that all different types of people should keep to their own kind know what the fuck good parents sometimes I just make their children I don't I don't really agree with that I don't like spanking kids but sometimes I mean I guess if your kid is like about to murder somebody you should like maybe it's natural for children to keep some stickers another parent yeah of course possession of marijuana per person should not be a criminal offense you know probably not my prime function is calling it should be equipment no people a serious inheritable should not be led reproduce probably not the most important thing with children alone is to accept discipline what this is way more important shit to learn there is no savage on civilize people they're only different cultures yeah I think so I don't know then again I'm not that not that big in that race realism boy those who are able to work and refuse the opportunity should not expect society support I mean what does this include are you saying like a history major shouldn't be allowed to be a history major because he's not like working and he just does academia and he's like supported by taxpayer money is that like does that count there but maybe it doesn't when you were troubled it's better not to think about it but to keep busy was more chilling what no what figuring out your problems let's return to this fuck price generation can never be fully immigrated with in a new country or integrated know what's good for the most successful corporation is ultimately always good for all of us know what NOAA broadcasting institution however independent its content should receive public funding mmm thanks what about like NPR dude our several liberties are being excessively curbed in the name of counterterrorism fuck yes a significant advantage if a one-part fuck anybody that's been through an airport is he made an advantage of a one-party state is that it avoids all the arguments still progress and a democratic political system I mean that is an advantage I mean you can argue whether that or I guess your argue that's an advantage or deciding so although the electronic age makes official surveillance easier only wrongdoers may be worried would the death penalty should be an option for the most serious crimes probably not what maybe I mean if you're I mean if you're talking like a dude 'like bombs like a school building full of children then they probably probably passed the point of redemption right but i also i'll leave with some disagree and in civilized study what's always have people above to be obeyed and people below to be commanded we have some like anti anti communist shit what's going on here i mean you always need like employers and employees is that like what that's getting it abstract art that doesn't represent anything you should mean sir art at all what no in criminal justice punisher should be more important than rehabilitation no it's a wage center trying to rehabilitate some criminals well some criminals may be the business person of the manufacturer are more important than the right on the artist no come on others may have careers for their first duties free homemakers multinational companies are unethically exploiting the plant genetic resources of developing I don't I don't know enough about this I'll kind of agree I guess making peace of the establishment is an important aspect of maturity yeah probably astrology accurately explains many things no you cannot be moral without being religious no charity is better than social security as a means of helping that genuinely disadvantaged mmm probably not some people are naturally unlucky no well what do you mean like born into shitty circumstances or like like roll a dice and more often than not roll lower than for like what what does this mean it is important to my child school and still is religious values no sex outside marriage is usually immoral no a same-sex couple in a stable relationship should not be excluded from the possibility of adoption of course pornography to picnics any well should be legal you sure well guys I never have the bedroom penis cutting adults it's no business of the state yeah no one can feel naturally homosexual no disagree I hate these like double negatives wait no one can feel homosexual right every discos these days I want to have sex gone too far no okay so on the Left one we have like if my answers would all fall to the left kind of and then on the right one if my answer is all kind of felt to the right but like I think they're interchangeable let's see how far apart this puts us okay we see Gandhi I guess we're shooting for Gandhi Friedman Thatcher Hitler Stalin okay so we are a libertarian and I guess depending on how our answers fall we are either pretty left or a little bit to the right so do we average these two out to figure out where we stand right here political compass certificate wait did we hit literally Gandhi no Gandia was much more authoritarian these chests are fucking retarded

25 thoughts on “Political Compass Test

  1. "From each according to his need, to each according to his ability." So, you work as much as you can, and you only get as much as you need to survive? Sounds like a socialist… utopia?

  2. dude that's not 'somewhat left', you're pretty far left. no wonder that trans girl on my discord, total toxic and problematic person btw, likes your shit and worships you. lmao

  3. Dawg I hope you wouldn't answer the same way today cause some of these were just…. What man. Corporate tax is one of the highest? Are you kidding lmao? You seen the effective rate..?

  4. Challenged to take a political compass test, he almost immediately opens a second tab so that he can defeat the entire purpose of the test.

  5. The test results had no examples of people who were quite Libertarian on the scale… odd.
    Also Destiny's answers were many times based on technicalities, to some degree. Which skews the results. But it's perfectly reasonable, since the questions were shit.

  6. Anyone else get distracted by his scroll wheel changing his answers after he made a definitive choice? Lol

  7. Those Political Compass Quizzes manipulate your thought into thinking that you are a Authoritarian if you agree with Capitalism and Freedom. They are pure propaganda.

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