Political Campaigns: Crash Course Government and Politics #39

Political Campaigns: Crash Course Government and Politics #39

36 thoughts on “Political Campaigns: Crash Course Government and Politics #39

  1. Its Left Wing policy of government meddling in the economy that encourages corruption. Take politicians out of the economy and there won't be any more money in politics

  2. This video doesn't mention that US elections are the world's most expensive. I think its an important comparison. It should also be updated to include the growing number of candidate that are refusing PAC money.

  3. They should be based off actual ISSUES and policies, not the candidates’ personalities and ID politics.

  4. So by what he just said and I watched a video on impeachment every candidate in the United States can be impeached they all are breaking the law oh I forgot they make the laws so they get a getaway free card that's what you get when you got Crooks making the laws

  5. Always skeptical of billionaires as politicians, yet non politician President Trump US elected. Indeed, retaining former business associates as current political associates is never in the public's interest. However, influencing elections outright is even worse. Campaign finance reform is what the US should also be investigating as recent midterm elections had Tom Steyer contributing $120 million.

  6. Money = speech came to us from all the republican appointed SCOTUS Justices. Thanks republicans. Of course rebubs would say in campaigns there should b no limit on PACs that “money is free speech”!!

  7. Campaign contributions are bribes, plain and simple. You can call it something else, but it's legal bribery.

  8. I've been a huge fan of crash course for my entire high school career. I'm honestly beginning to wonder if Stan is a real person, or just a figment of imagination both John Green and K-dawg like to talk to.

  9. We need publicly funded elections to buy back democracy, and we should treat members of congress as harshly as college scholarship athletes. Where they can't take money from anyone, for any reason, at any time.

  10. Crash course alright… heavily glossed over about which elements in campaigning should run in hundreds of millions of dollars. Campaign buttons and signs… Seriously? One would think that the digital information age would make it cheaper and easier to spread. Is it necessary to shell out 10's of millions of dollars to GoDaddy for website production and Youtube channels? Network television time slots shouldn't mean as much as they once had, in fact they're becoming more archaic after each cycle, and that should be considered a good thing!

  11. Hmmmm…… Iowa doesn't matter? Its caucus only decides who will be the candidates in the nationwide primary.

  12. Yeah, but "freedom of speech" for corporations does not translate into "freedom of speech"for the people.

  13. why is there no comparison to other governments and campaigns finance reform? is there a link to a less biased video?

  14. It´s their people who they want to freed and not necesarilly their politicians (political science works diffently and even in a contradictorian way in comparison to social science), so their bets goes to the effects of their contradictorian actions rather than the immediate socially spected by rules O.O

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