Political campaign ads by country

Political campaign ads by country

I have a theory. I reckon you can tell a lot
about the culture of a particular country by looking at its political campaign ads. See what you think. The other guy wants you to believe he is nice. But in fact, he isn’t. He says he wants to lower taxes, but in reality he wants to raise them. He says he wants to protect jobs, but in fact he wants
to put everyone out of work. He says he’s not a terrorist. But the truth is he has
a secret base in the mountains, equipped with nuclear missiles and a fluffy white cat. And he has bad breath. Don’t vote for the other guy. He’s a nutcase. I’m rewboss, and I approve this message. Are you sick of the government? Are your wages just a little bit too low? Do you think that schools could do better? Well, now is the t…
Now is the time to take action, and vote for us because we have all the answers. We will raise the standard of living and cut taxes at the same time. And we will use our magic pixie dust to solve the problems in the economy
and build lots of shiny new hospitals. And if we can’t work out how to do all that,
then we will blame Europe. So vote for rewboss, the pixie-dust party. Beautiful scenery. Music that is simultaneously relaxing and stirring. Random phrases. Coffee and cake. Attempting to be patriotic but not nationalistic. You are all lovely people. No really: you are. Finally, a phrase containing the word: “together”. Vote for the party that makes you feel good. Vote rewboss.

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  1. Woah.. that smile at the end of the British campaign ad makes me think you have a hidden agenda. Something about killing a man dressed as some sort of flying creature with pointy ears.

  2. (Hmpf jetzt kann man bei YouTube nichtmal mehr Pro/Contra stimmen, ja sogar nichtmal nur pro.)
    Gut gemacht, das Video, rewboss.

  3. @itekisan Deutschland jedenfalls ist gut getroffen, die Wahlwerbung der anderen Länder kenne ich nicht. Wobei mir die von UK von den drei hier vorgestellten noch mit Abstand die sympathischste ist.

  4. @itekisan (Haben die jetzt auch noch die Kommentare gekürzt? Kommt mir schwer so vor. YouTube stürzt in Sachen Usability immer tiefer … *argh*)

  5. While all politicians seem to wear different shades of the same color, they somehow all seem to have identical motives. Power with a capital "P"! This was a very good post!!

  6. Amerikanisch: Deinen Gegner fertig machen. In der Vorwahl selbst die aus der eigenen Partei.
    Deutsch: Schöne Bilder ohne Inhalt.
    Britisch: Verkniffene unsichere Stotterer?

  7. Are you telling me I need to move to Germany and learn German? Or are the German political parties just as bad but behind closed doors?

  8. @startreking2007 They're bad, but in a different way. All the parties are pretty much the same, and their campaign ads tell you nothing at all.

  9. We say this is brilliant and we approve of this message. Glad to think the rest of the world thinks that stupid "approves of message" thing is moronic. You really need to check out ads in Alabama. "If you ain't conservative you need to be shot and while you are at it you ain't Mexican are you boy?? "We only speak American!!" said while flags are waving. When did we become the bad guys???

  10. All the american ones are made for the few rich ass hats that fund them I think because if the ppl that take them seriously really listened to them they wouldn't vote for who they do. Great job with this too.

  11. @ThamiorSilberdrache Maschinelle Übersetzung:
    Ich wäre daran interessiert, dass ein deutscher politischer Werbung mit englischen Untertiteln.

    I would be interested in seeing a German political advertisement with English subtitles.

  12. ja da kann ich eig. nur bei allem zustimmen….aber ihr hättet mal das Wahlvideo unserer FDP Schweiz sehen soll'n^^ mein Gott war das lächerlich…

  13. Meine Anzeigen sind alle auf Deutsch wegen diesem Video! Ich bin Englisch!!! XD I thought the UK advert was very realistic btw! 😛

  14. Easy question: With the end of by President Dwight Eisenhowers term.
    That's when the military-industrial-complex became unstoppable.

  15. Very interesting comment. Also, remember that most Americans now since Vietnam have the need for something to make them feel patriotic. And as we all know patriotism to an extreme is called nationalism, which, alas, most Americans would take as a compliment and nationalism doesn't do anybody any good.

  16. Patriotism was an important tool for americans to keep their incredibly diverse country together. you don't grow that easy out of centuries of patriotic indoctrination. it took ww2 to drive nationalism out of germany.
    also i don't think that even most right-wing americans are nationalistic. they barely ever vote for their country's benefit … they only vote for nice sounding obvious lies.
    mitt romney – good grief!

  17. Absolut richtig. Vor einigen Jahren haben die Plakate noch etwas ausgesagt aber nun sind dort nur noch inhaltlose Sprüche drauf. Da jede Partei von der anderen abschreibt um so möglichst alle Wähler abgreifen zu können sind sie ja auch schon in ihren Inhalten, wenn sie denn wenigstens welche haben, vollkommen gleich
    Nun das ist aber auch damit zu erklären, dass niemandem was anderes einfällt um wichtige Probleme wie Schulenproblem zu llösen und daher alle die uralten Vörschläge wiederverwerten

  18. I was poking fun and campaign ads. But actually, when all the main political parties can happily work together in coalitions — not just red/green and black/yellow, but black/red and even black/yellow/green — you start to wonder. But don't worry: British politics has the same problem, and in America they just spend their time insulting each other.

  19. Well, the CDU, SPD and greens have rather interchangeable political ideas. The CDU is now against nuclear power and in favor of minimum wages (formerly SPD and green ideas) and the SPD is responsible for the rather CDU like agenda 2010, and for invading other countries again (very CDU). The only alternatives to this undefined mainstream mumbo jumbo are the psychopathic rich-people party FDP, the former GDR communists, the nazis, and the nerds from the pirate party. Modern democracy at its best.

  20. Schöner Beitrag. Es ist tatsächlich so, dass man eine Partei einfach durch eine andere Ersetzen kann, ohne einen Unterschied zu merken.

  21. :50 secret base in the mountains, fluffy white cat? the "other guy" is the claw from Inspector Gadget. Does anyone else realize that?

  22. Well, they suck all. But the Message was another: How does usual a German Politcal Commercial look like. And yes, he is right. Something about your country, lets together solve the Problems aso.

  23. i'Ve stopped believing in politics when i was a child and 5 parties send EXACTLY the same letter to all houses (the only difference were the color that was adapted to the color of the partie xD)

  24. Interressant daß Du das lange vor der Bundestagswahl hochgeladen hast.
    Gewonnen hatt Merkel, die Mutti der Nation. Mit dem Wahlprogramm: Eigentlich ist doch alles gut. Keine Aufregung. Euch passiert schon nix. Alles wird schön.

  25. I think the German "feel-good" campaigns have a lot to do with the political system. The proportional representation system means that many political parties will end up in the parliament, and the only way to get a clear majority is to form a grand coalition. Of course when you are part of a grand coalition you want to say "it's all nice and it's thanks to us"; you don't demonize your coalition partner. You will find more aggressive tones usually from the opposition parties.

    (There would be another way: No coalition but a minority government, using changing majorities to make laws.. But Germans love stability and such a dynamic system would be too unstable. Better have a coalition with 80% majority in the parliament and make sure that nothing ever changes …)

    Living in Austria I noticed that fringe parties, no matter of their orientation, like to use the word "Denkzettel" in their campaigns. Not sure how to translate that (dict.leo.org suggests "object lesson" but that doesn't quite strike it), but it's used both by the left-wing KPÖ and the right-wing FPÖ.

  26. US ad is pretty darn close to reality. The only thing you left out is, that the lower the magnitude of office the more dire the campaign ad. For example, nuclear weapons denote this ad is for township trustee or deputy county dog catcher. How often are elections in Germany, and are there separate elections for local political offices or are they all held at the same time?

  27. This may be an encouraging note. In the last election for Governor in Texas the candidate who ran ads mocking her opponent for being a paraplegic lost by 20 percentage points.

  28. Ok, you are elected for "Gouvenour of Freedom of the United Earth". The positions "Emperor of United Earth" and "Minister of Brutal Attack of European Forces" are allready occupied.

  29. If any of you viewers thinks the German representation might be exaggerated – this was an actual campaign ad for a German town parlament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAA4NnJCkCk

  30. Wenn ich die Feenstaub-Partei nicht auf dem nächsten Wahlzettel finde, bin ich echt enttäuscht… und verwirrt….

  31. That American ad was shockingly accurate. It might be missing a bit of the family values and rural message though. 
    We embarrassingly had a politician win with this ad (which was quite popular on the internet, so I'm sure everyone has seen it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9Y24MFOfFU

  32. Now everything is simplified to make voting easier.
    CDU/CSU: Vote for Merkel!
    SPD: Vote for Merkel!
    B90/Grüne: Vote maybe?
    Linke: Don't do what the others say!
    AfD: I hate half of my own party!
    FDP: Please stop laughing at us!

  33. man, i gonna vote the Pixiedust-Party. they seem serious and reliable. 🙂
    also, the first 3 letters of their name spell "Pie" and im hungry.

  34. blame the EU … huh ? Seems like those spots worked in the ends. Shame, but they will realize their mistake soon enough.

  35. It is election time in the US! The trauma is significant. The lesser of evils has morphed beyond comprehension. Alas—doom

  36. Your theory about being able to know a lot about a country's culture by watching its political ads is correct.
    Just look out brazillian political ads, they are magnificently (does that word exist?) stupid.

  37. just saw this, beer-filled as I was (now it's a few minutes later – something around 3:19, so I'm not so filled anymore), a few years after you got this on here… and I'm laughing at the same shit that was relevant in 2012.
    I think… well… thank you, for bringing this up. I don't think I'll turn on my TV for the next partiotic-non-nationalistic CDU/SPD spots for the upcoming election.

  38. “And if we can’t work out how to do all of that then we will blame Europe.” Little did you know that Britain would vote for Brexit just 3 years later. lol

  39. When I was in NY last autumn, I was really a little shocked how all the ads for whatever election it was were only talking bad about your opponent. No own positions

  40. Yep.

    Literally every single American Politician does this.

    Even worse, Congress politicians usually do this whole slice of life thing. "Here's some shots of me with my family, here's a shot of me speaking at a podium, while I talk over the shot about our state/district existing. Vote me"

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