92 thoughts on “Police Ready For Possible Violence At ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protest In Downtown LA

  1. Adl and the aclu are funding radical racist anti American anti white terrorist organizations like blm and antifa. They are making the gullible youths believe a 1000% fake narrative. Hypocritical idiots. And this news organization is promoting antifa to be violent and menacing saying the police will look the other way 🤐😉. Pathetic

  2. You can't have a revolution without violence. Js. Im no advocating for violence. Its just a no brainer. Protests didnt work last year. What makes people think peace will work now?

  3. Who gives a shit about LA or California in general. Of course a sanctuary State is gonna be against any administration that plans on enforcing our immigration laws we have.

  4. They want trump and pence gone because they are upset they are illegal and we are a country of laws and they are mad because Bernie lost and they didn't get any free stuff, oh poor me lmfao

  5. Michelle Xia, get the fuck out of our country. You've been abusing the system with all the freebies you can get from our government. You're the scum that clogs our system. Your laziness, you entitlement do not deserve any of our tax money. GET THE FUCK OUT. We stand against you and your stupidity. Loser Michelle your food stamps is drying up, so get a fucking job or go back to where you came from.

  6. sorry we had an election and your group didn't win.
    the minority does not rule. maybe next election you'll have better luck.

  7. Smh this people are not peaceful or anything this guys are trying to create s civil war look if you dont like our president leave the USA

  8. Are you trolling me, CBS?

    You cited the commentary of InfoWars & Alex Jones, as if they are legitimate viewpoints & not conspiracy theory feverdreams! You know better than this.

  9. You trumptards are very close to losing EVERYTHING you value in a civil war….. You DO realize that we have tech giants on our side right?

  10. death to Antifa!!! each and every. tear their masks off. reveal them. no more playing around. it's time they all bleed out

  11. look what Trump started in America we didn't have so much hate until Donald Trump started this war he's the beast one world religion. he want to decrease the population. he's only for the whites. Donald Trump is racist devil worshipers

  12. You must be very arrogant we the people of the United States voted for President Trump you cannot remove him from power when we elected him to be president get over it go back to Mexico get the hell out of the United States we don't want you here

  13. Antifa are nasty arrogant people and they should be surrounded with Black Hawk helicopters loaded with missiles and they should be all arrested and removed to the FEMA camps

  14. Oh you're ready to fight huh sweetie I'm 72 year old grandma and I'm ready to take you out in the street any old time and give you a f**** a**** a good whipping and then send you to g i t m o or the FEMA camps

  15. How ridiculous and stupid that when we now have a president who has no commitment to any special interest groups…who is genuine in his effort to eliminate corruption and restore our nation back to being for the people…they actually allow themselves to be George Sorros pawns in effort to sabotage, divide, and just be stupid…all the while somehow convinced that they are doing right. They will surely regret it if they become successful in their attempt to incite civil war. ..

  16. This is exactly why Trump was elected otherwise these functional idiots would have gotten the idea that they were somehow relevant!

  17. You trump haters are retarded he was voted in by he people we can’t just kick conservatives out and put in democrats that would be the definition of communism one government Democrats that’s true facism people far and wide voted for trump just because all the poor people in big cities voted Hilary and are manipulated by Democrats doesn’t means she or democrats are the clear choice we must follow the constitution and the way the founding fathers set government up which is how trump won the electoral college has decided elections since the beginning of the country you people are so retarded Obama deported more Hispanics than trump ever did he also had more terror attacks than bush he also has more people on welfare and put us in more debt than any president ever . Facts .he also deported more than any president look up facts and not opinions people wake up !!!

  18. I know and understand what you are saying I am not in nobody's side I am in the almighty .let's give love a chance and talk to each other. don't let a man make who hate each other .I love everyone no matter what color we are. that's the reason the most high came to earth to save us from evil . please we are not children we are adults. please stop the hate.

  19. Why can we have peace and act like humans not like the devil hating each other. you guys are letting the devil win by all this hate towards each other

  20. Trump wants new world order you are going to be slaves to the government they are freemasons they don't believe in the most high they are devil worshipers

  21. Listen antifa knows they try and pull a ridiculous "overthrow" like they were dreaming about in their fantasy.
    Police wouldn't be necessary because American Patriots would sweep them away. FOREVER

  22. White Supremacist and Nazi's are Trumps only support. Tea Party of white, and Larouchians are in lock step right behind the racists.


  24. I don't think they actually knkw what the word fascism means. No it's not far left vs far right. This video is completely disingenuous. Notice how it's become so well known that antifa if violent and they say "were not linked." But they won't condemn them? Their narrative is flimsy at best.

  25. should give him a chance. look Obama beat for the 16 trillion in debt within his first 6 months to the Chinese he told gun to the Muslim Brotherhood he gave guns as known as The Fast and Furious to the Mexicans so why don't we just give this present chance. why not, why do you want him out at office because he's against letting illegal people into our country so what so am I so is a lot of people. if you want to come here do it the right way start your Citizenship papers learn how to speak English and get a job. I'm from here I shouldn't have to push 1 for English. I've been with Africa American woman and Mexican woman. i think if you want to come here you should have to learn English and get a job. my taxes shouldn't have to go for your housing and food. I've worked hard for everything I have. you want what I got. get a job and earn it.

  26. It’s very easy for a person to pretend to be on the left if only to incite violence to make it seem like it’s the leftist agenda or vice versa

  27. The American government wants us distracted divided, and we are paying right into their hands, once the shit hits the fan Marshal law will clamp down on all

  28. 20 years ago I met a true to life psychic. He said "20 years from now America will be a third world country"
    These are the ushers of the new United States of Thirdworldica

  29. FEMA CAMPS are getting prepped for these fools The revolution impact is weak and ineffective rubbish Clearly, they are all bums that don't work hard, otherwise, they'd be home resting from a hard week

  30. I have no side Donald Trump sucks as president Obama sucks as president Hilary thank God she didn't win .we need a president who doesn't pick side

  31. look ass wiped I have family in the military ok my father was Vietnam veteran ok I have a niece in the navy ok . all I want is the hate to stop ok I don't know why you are swearing at me ok. I am tired left and right acting like little kids fighting . talk like adults. so I would appreciate you stop cursing at me.

  32. I know about Hilary I didn't vote for her ok stop acting like a thug ok I am not swearing at you ok act like an adult not like a thug in the streets

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