Police: New Middletown man made threat toward local Jewish Community Center

Police: New Middletown man made threat toward local Jewish Community Center

Amanda Smith is live outside the Mahoning County Jail with what we know so far. Amanda? [A10]20190817 REARDON ARREST NT-INTRO Keely…James Reardon held here at the Mahoning County Jail tonight on a quarter of a million dollars bond. He’s charged with threatening to shoot people at the Youngstown Jewish Community Center. New Middletown police started investigating 20 Year Old James Reardon Friday afternoon… after a threatening post on his social media account. The video shows him shooting what police described as a semi-automatic rifle… and identifying himself as white nationalist who would shoot members of the Youngstown Jewish Community. The rest of Reardon’s social media feed is filled with racial slurs and comments against minorities. . Based on the threats… a warrant was issued. The FBI Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon’s New Middletown home late Friday night. Police seized dozens of rounds of ammo, semi-automatic weapons and bulletproof armor. They also found anti-semitic and white nationalist propaganda. Reardon took part in the deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. He was interviewed for a documentary and said: – that he was a white nationalist – that he wanted to see a homeland established only for whites. – that his parents did not agree with his opinions. Saturday afternoon, The Youngstown Area Jewish Federation spoke about the threats. They said that they immediately contacted police, and increased security at the Jewish Community Center, local Synagoges and other Jewish facilities. Reardon has an arraignment hearing at 930 am Monday in Struthers municipal court. The FBI has not said yet if they’ll pursue federal charges. Live in Youngstown, Amanda Smith, 27 First News. [A13]20190816 OLSEN COURT-VO This is the second person arrested for making online threats in the Mahoning

9 thoughts on “Police: New Middletown man made threat toward local Jewish Community Center

  1. These type of videos and foul comments been going on since Obama was elected. Trump just emboldened these folks and now if he doesn't get elected or keeps fanning conspiracy theories something bad will happen

  2. His home or mamma's home? Grandma's home? Someone didn't raise this little boy right!!! Hope you pleased with your outcome!
    This has nothing to do with President Trump- this is lack of character for the whole family of this little boy.

  3. This guy looks almost identical to Edward Snowden in the following article


  4. Why will you not show the actual words he said in his threat??? I want to see it. I don't care about what other people say. Let us see or hear the actual quote of the threat he made. Why so sketchy???

  5. The 20-year-old James Reardon has just flushed his entire life down the toilet. If he were a "Left-wing radical", like Bill Ayers, then one day he could get his record expunged, but because Reardon is a radical Right-winger, he's truly screwed.

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