Police FC mu manyanga? Ibya Jules Ulimwengu n'abandi nkawe ngo bigiye gusubirwamo

Police FC mu manyanga? Ibya Jules Ulimwengu n'abandi nkawe ngo bigiye gusubirwamo

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18 thoughts on “Police FC mu manyanga? Ibya Jules Ulimwengu n'abandi nkawe ngo bigiye gusubirwamo

  1. ibyo nitiku niba ushaka KO football yomurwanda iterera imbere mureke zbanyamahanga bave kuri 3nibura 5 kuko nibura baraza bagatanga chalenge hanyuma bakava kugatebe ninabwo twasubira muri can

  2. hhhhhh ufite Umutima wishyari wamugabowe ubwobushakashatsi uzabukore muri rugende reka abana bishakire amaramuko.

  3. Uvuze neza ko bashaboye ariko batateguwe. None c dutegure uyu munsi? Byemere ntabakinnyi dufite bahagije kuburyo buri kipe yabona abo ikineye. Ataka bacu bahawe umwanya uhagishe kd icyo bashoboye twarakibonye pe!

  4. Politics ihubukiwe niyo yatumye itekenika rikorwa. Kuko niba Ayo makipe abashya ko akoresha abanyarwanda gusa ariyo afite benshi ndumva twamesa kamwe tukareka football ikaba business. Business ntuhitirwamo abakozi ahubwo ukoresha abashoboye.

  5. Jalousie, niyo mpamvu urwanda ruzaguma hasi kuri football na France ikinisha abirabure. Ikindi babarek bikinire wana. Ubu kuki APR igera mumarushanwa mpuzamahanga igakina match 2 gusa!!! Ubu se abakiniye national team bazakwa irangamuntu match bakinye???

  6. Kuba bakwitwa abanyarwanda ntakibazo kuko abanyamahanga ntitubanze ark ibintu byogukina nkumunyarwanda kd ukinira ikindi gihugu bihinduke kbs gusa mfite ubwobako ababibaha bazakwigizayo ark ibyuvuga nibyo

  7. Nkunda umugabo ntacyo ampaye.. Uri umugabo pe.. Icyambere si ukwanga abanyamahanga nukwanga akavuyo n'amanyanya. Ikindi à bantu birirwa bavuga ngo France ikinisha abanyamahanga mujye muvuga Ibyo muzi..ntago ari uko umwana ari umwirabura aba ari umunyamahanga… Ujye Umenya aho yavukiye namategeko agenda Ibyo uvuga

  8. Hahhh arko kweri murasekeje vraiment,ubu c uyu mupira uzatera imbere ryari ko akavuyo ari kose,ubu c nka France ko ikinisha abanyamahanga gusa ntibatwara ibikombe naho mwebwe mutagize n icyo muriho ugasanga induru yabarenze,nta mupira mu Rwanda mufite nubwo numva ushatse kunga murya De Gaulle avuga ko abagiye CAN 2004 atari abanyarwanda,none nawe ndumva rwose ntacyo waza uhindura mwamunzwe na za ruswa

  9. 1. Kwigira ku bandi aho gukora uko ibitekerezo byacu bitubwira
    2. FERWAFA igenzure niba Abanyamahanga 3 bahagije, yumve ibyo ama equipe yifuza
    3. Kudatera imbere si uko hari Abanyamahanga kuko nta we wigiyeho wahora wibwira ko uri umuhanga kandi hari abakurusha
    4. Kuki dukenera Abatoza b"Abanyamahanga niba dushaka Abakinnyi b' Abanyarwanda.

  10. Bravo cyane Louis👏👏👏 ubu baraje batangire bakurwanye kandi uri mukuri! Iyaba Football yacu yayoborwaga nabantu binyangamugayo nkawe ubu tuba tugeze kure, none reba inda nini zabo zirigutuma basigaye banatanga ubwenegihugu munsi yameeza nomuri bar!!

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