POLAND’16 – Max Kolonko Mówi Jak Jest

POLAND’16 – Max Kolonko Mówi Jak Jest

On MaxTV today: You can veto almost any of our proposals. But you’ll never NEVER never break down the spirit o freedom and democracy in the Poles! After a winning battle for the III Power – Courts Polish conservatives reach out for IVth Power – Media. Are they right? You got no shame! You know nothing of democracy! During your reign second circulation media were born of independent information, websites Today – analysis of the strategy of the governing party and liberal opposition. Issue two: RAS CEO on participation of Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief in anti-government demonstrations at Poland’s parliament Issue three: In Russia – a new bill limiting foreign capital in Russian media goes into effect Should Poland do the same? Alert – there’s a new petition ‘We Tell It Like It is” about that TOP TEN comments to Auf Viedersehen Newsweek commentary and… during the recent cleanup at the Polish Presidential Palace they found an unpublished State of the Union Address of the former president and yes – we got the tape. I’m Max Kolonko. This is Telling Like It Is – Good evening. Polish political scene observes a tectonic shift. The shift is driven by 4 factors: 1- 2015 elections finally ended a quarter century domination of far left forces on political scene- the communists didn’t even make it to the parliament 2- a new center- right force appeared KUKIZ’15 Poland’s liberal scene was split and divided in half. and 3 – Conservatives matured enough to create a new pool of politicians which gained support in the elections and for the first time in history of the III Republic positioned them fully in power. This is a graphic representation what happened to Poland’s political scene Before 2015 elections – The political scene there looked like that: UC – means ultra-conservative force I use Western terminology here – a simple division into LEFT RIGHT and CENTER The terminology is important cause liberal media muddle all this up for you saying there’re socialists, progressives, christian-democrats etc. They only do it to confuse you – who they really are As you can see – the left dominates political scene That’s till 2015 elections. But after the elections we observe a decisive – tectonic shift to the right And that’s what I want to talk about today What happens on the right side of political spectrum in Poland what’s their strategy like And what’s happening on the left a new force appeared there Modern Party and we want to know what they’re all about. On the right – PIS (Law&Justice Party) the conservatives as a result of the elections took over 2 of 3 elements of state’s power. You went to the polls – they got II and III branch of government (president and Parliament) and till the end of the year -took over III Power – Courts and now in 2 step bill they want to take over IVth domain of power – Media (Modern Party) European Tribunal of Human Rights stressed repeatedly freedom of speech is necessary in law-abiding states and you say straight – that’s the freedom you want to curb and that this is the goal of this bill ( Media Bill ) The Media Bill pushed by PIS is a legislative carpet bombing on democracy, state of the law and freedom of speech Poland didn’t get so much press coverage in worlds’ media for long and Poland didn’t get this bad press for long Poland has now the worst press since the martial law Democratic opposition in this hall it’s just a bit over some 180 representatives from PO, PSL, Modern Party, You can veto almost any of our initiatives but you will never NEVER never break the spirit of freedom and democracy in the Poles. You have thrown out everyone – everyone who wasn’t complying who were critical of your past governing coalition One journalist was left. Those whom you didn’t fully trust you have thrown out to a subcontracting firm That’s your respect to freedom of speech journalists in a subcontracting company Under your past government – which was also your party government – Mrs Pomasko I got sacked from public television govern by your buddies form your party They came straight from the Ministry of Culture Shall I mention names? You got no shame! You know nothing about freedom of speech! During your reign second circulation media flourished of independent information, websites and films which were banned! in public television. You got no shame.There was no other such government (speaker: Please conclude) …after 1989 which would hit freedom of speech in Poland this hard. Now it’s time for the media – which you took over – to be returned back to the people. Looks like in a few months 4 elements of state’s powers will look like that: All of them … all are in the hands of conservatives. How did the 4 elements of power look like during past 8 years of liberal’s reign? They looked exactly the same. See a difference? No – cause there isn’t any. The model is exactly the same. For the past 8 years of liberal Civic Platform reign media in Poland were subjugated to the government on a scale comparable to the times of communists Poland What’s more journalists who now still work in the media in Poland had their origins back in those times of communist’s Poland which is what I described in my program The Syrian Domino where a list of all those people was created months before books were published on the subject That’s the IVth Power. And this is IIIrd Power – Courts The composition of Constitutional Tribunal in Poland and here is how it looked during the liberals reign back in May. When the liberal Civic Platform amended the bill The Civic Platform – the liberal party governing in Poland at the time wanted to swap these 3 justices back in May and those 2 in fall. If The Civic Platform would’ve won the elections this past fall The Constitutional Tribunal – this ‘bastion of democracy’ would’ve looked like this: See the difference? For the past 8 years of liberals reign all IV domains of power for subjugated to the government just like they are now under conservatives BUT – the opposition in protest to the planned conservatives changes continue the attempt to create a velvet revolution basing it on 2 elements – first: a quasi mass movement called KOD ( Democracy Defense Committee ) and the media establishment – that rejected by conservatives now in association with foreign capital chiefly German but also Polish and all sorts of EU organizations and acolytes some of which you never heard before which is now reported by Onet.pl in majority owned by a Swiss-German media conglomerate Ringier Axel Springer where we read: European Journalists Union, European Journalists Federation, Journlalists’ Defense Committee wrote a complaint to EU Council about a bill on public media in Poland And – to tell you the truth – I didn’t even know such existed But that’s me. Here is the EU commissioner who wags his finger at Poland Mr Oettinger is a German politician from CDU This week Poland’s Minister of Justice, Ziobro, wrote an open letter to Oettinger – “Why do you remain silent when the German and Swiss publishing house Ringier Axel Springer the owner of several media in Poland, including the weekly Newsweek drastically violates the impartiality of the press and openly supports protests against Poland’s democratic parliament and government?! The corporate authorities of this international concern approved of the conduct of the editor-in-chief of Newsweek, Tomasz Lis, who exited his role of journalist and fomented antigovernment statements during a street manifestation. Would you remain silent if the head of the largest German weekly Der Spiegel, Klaus Brinkbäumer were to demonstrate in the center of Berlin, insisting on the removal of Angela Merkel’s government through mass protests?! – I am a deputy editor in chief of Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland’s left-wing daily) And I came here to tell you that our entire team supports journalists of the national media who don’t agree with politicization of the media You can count on us As you know Gazeta was founded 27 years ago F***ck off! Thanks a bunch. Gazeta was formed so that we would have free speech Free media Free-dom-of-speech! Polish-speech! (TVP Polonia – public broadcaster warning to viewers) This program is not available Free-dom-of-speech! Polish-speech! (Newsweek editor-in-chief) (on new national media ) They will be a shelter for Kaczynski’s (PIS leader) as*holes – Will you say that to camera? – No. Would be cool to record this …too late… But I got it. The force behind this velvet revolution attempt in Poland is a new neo-liberal political force called Modern Party headed by Ryszard Petru What are they? At the beginning I had no idea who are these people. Just like you I was positively surprised by emergence of a new formation But back then (last year) many new people emerged Andrew Duda popped up for the president I said – cool we’ll have a new president – his name is Duda Then we learned who he is etc but many others came up – Mrs Szydlo – never heard of her before KUKIZ’15 ? Pawel Kukiz- yes – you wrote me about him but – OK- he’s there – no problem Anyone who can serve the homeland devote his time, money and skills if he wants to do that- we all have our hearts open for them, right? so I think- Polish voters. And so Modern Party came up. Back then in May though… they popped up already at 4% support in polls Hm – I said to myself – that’s plenty Interesting – 4 percent – That’s more than far-right Korwin Mikke, more than PSL (agrarian party) But, that’s OK. Then the media shed more light in fine print which said more what they are They wrote – Balcerowicz Party – (a former liberal politician) That in polls promoted by Newsweek , German partly owned RAS) a German publisher. I said OK. What’s interesting – back then a government pollster CBOS didn’t even noted their existance Here you are- polls back from May last year. They’re a no-show I said to myself – OK something interesting’s going on Gazeta Wyborcza (a liberal daily) A poll from mid May A Surprise Then they shed a bit more light on that surprise and they printed in fine print The question in the poll was – What party WOULD you vote IF – IF in elections such and such parties would’ve ran That’s why our poll included KUKIZ’15 (never mind them) and Modern Party – that is a party formed by Petru and Balcerowicz and those parties would also make it to the parliament Mr Petru – that’s how a scam is being born – not a modern party That’s what ‘Tusk and friends’ did (former PM of Poland) The Modern Party existed only in the plans of politicians and the capital interconnected with them which already saw a chance for themselves hoping that governing liberal PO party will lose elections Modern Party in their propaganda shtick at the time used an old propagandist rule that: ‘The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly it must be confined to a few points and be repeated over and over”. Who said that? Anyone? In my opinion Mr Petru makes a serious, serious political mistake Because by organizing the Velvet Revolution he places an equal sign between the Civic Platform – the old establishment and his Modern Party – a new neo-liberal formation PO – Civic Platform (lost election) is radioactive You need to isolate yourself from them – not associate with Voters draw an equal mark between the two cause everything you do defends the old system The Constitutional Tribunal with majority of PO justices and the old media – the IVth Power which was intertwined with the former political apparatus of Poland on a scale which has no comparison in history of modern civilization. It’s untenable. The former media establishment in Poland you can’t reasonably defend them You can’t win this. And you defend them. Same as you defend the old system – Constitutional Tribunal The Tribunal – well you can try – people didn’t know what’s this all about you could try brainwash them, right? – those who don’t watch MaxTV where I explained what’s this all about Television – what’s it like – everyone can see. People in Poland hate those media guys Simple as that. Those are facts. I just read comments on the net There’s so much hatred towards them – even under the communists you didn’t have that on such scale And you side and defend them Some may say – “don’t advise them what to do” But I just look at this as a doctor looks at a patient – take it easy Civic Platform (lost elections) is radioactive you can’t identify with them unless you want to drag their voters away to yourself Indeed there ARE two ways to broaden voting base Either you enlarge your base by bringing in liberal voters to yourself or – we broaden your base by reaching OUT to those beyond your voting base I believe the second way is better as there are a lot of people truly disappointed to the Civic Platform on the liberal side a lot of people in cities etc who would switch to a new formation disassociate from all that’s past – But when you align yourself with the old formation – they find no place for themselves there It’s same- PO bis. In a new costume. And I think Mr Petru realized what I’m talking about here That it’s a mistake – a dead end street And that’s how KOD – Democracy Defense Committee was born They said to themselves – hm we gotto do sth like… oh – I know! – We need a social movement Cause it’s no good we organize those protests We need people to do it bottom up. Just watch this guy there – from America – this Max guy, right? One million views each program Two million at times He tweets in English – some things He’s got 800 000 combined subs on YouTube – MaxTV and MaxTVnews 650 000 on Facebook 20 000 – 40 000 comments from people on each program This is a social movement But his movement was born bottom up not top down Let’s do sth like that- and call it … a Committee of the defense of …Freedom Democracy! sounds better you can include anything you want there Constitutional Tribunal, a free media let’em yell and scream and protest so they stand out there – each with a sign strategically covering up their faces I look closer and they laugh behind those sings Who set them up there? Those are the protests – people come out and hide laughter What am I doing here? – like in that song How did I get here? (Mr Krasko- a TVP anchor – public television) Mr Lis – Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief) Mrs Lis – his wife – anchor at TVP public television Mr Giertych – ex liberal party leader Mrs Warakomska ex- TVP anchor protesters KOD Mr Petru – Modern Party leader at protests) That’s what KOD demonstrations look like People see that this is bunch of crap When Max Kolonko says – The force is with you! when Telling Like It Is movement reached 400 000 people – they say – Force is in you! I’m reading in Onet.pl – financed by RAS a German co-owned publisher They have information – KOD meetings – Come here and here And – Force is in you! – So I read this and see 867 likes of the post 8 million – that’d be something 867 – doesn’t cut it..no But they got 867 and say they got a social movement in all of Poland And they say – where to meet Onet- reports – Onet.pl financed by Swiss-German publisher – 75% ownership a report – we will protest in front of a private house of Mr Kaczynski -( the opposition leader ) – I’m quoting from memory – organizers remind you – we gather there from 8 -10 pm a German publisher reminds where they should meet at the house of a conservative party leader and protest One broken window – harm a hair on his head and you hot multimillion dollars lawsuit I don’t get them – but they do it take chances Then I read – Wirtualnemedia.pl I think – Here they go again – protests organizers remind you a complete schedule – where to meet published They published schedules of protest in the media When to take it to the streets They do it so they do it A bottom up movement No Mr Petru A social movement is always born from the bottom up not from the top down And you can’t win this It takes years to create such movement And this movement can’t be organized remotely cause people see that They go on the net and laugh at you But they don’t respect Vth estate of power Cause they think they can manipulate it too just like they manipulated IIIrd and IVth of the powers – but here they can’t – cause in here it is US who hold power the Vth estate And no forces can manipulate us. And that’s where I think Mr Petru makes a mistake cause he thinks you can steer all these forces at will and even create a quasi mass movement – KOD send people to the streets set them up a press coverage at times Dizennik.pl – a Polish capital this time 100% at times negative info on their covers in negative tone what the government is doing at times 100% of information is negative there Onet.pl (RAS) – 90% of covers is negative in tone Newsweek – (RAS) – their editor-in-chief chanting antigovernment slogans at a protest at the parliament building in Warsaw I will talk about it later today These are things without precedence in the media People see this and react negatively All this is done by the former rulers in new costumes that’s why Mr Petru is wrong here because in the eye of the public Modern Party is Civic Platform 2.0 PIS – Law &Justice Party – on the other hand – the governing party in Poland now – all that was about the left side – now the right – all what PIS does now all of their actions are confined to this one graph This is my graphic – my theory of politics don’t look it up on the net X – is TIME and Y- is expectations – the confidence in the government The public confidence drops as time goes by In my opinion it takes 2 years for the society to be dissatisfied with the government if they don’t see betterment of their lives That’s why PIS needs to act fast and without error They’re like hour glass which is trickling out sand Mr Kaczynski (PIS leader) as he’s doing all this in my opinion plays this chess game so far faultlessly There is a few minor tactical errors but they don’t matter at this time If they want to govern effectively they need to clean up this mess as those are problems which were set up for them by previous government Just like a grenade with a delayed fuse Terms of justices neared and they had to act on Constitutional Tribunal If you don’t see real improvement in your wallets that you are better off – then under previous government – they got problem Again – I say that not to wish them well or bad but I tell it like it is like a doctor examines a patient What needs to be done to improve his health So this coup regarding II and IV Power it was necessary – it was forced without it – they can’t govern effectively There is also the Vth estate – (my term) the internet But it is US who rule there and no powers can mess with us. I’m Max Kolonko And I tell It Like It Is -New York Will we let them take it away from us just because of some folly of just one guy? (Ringier Axel Springer responds to MaxTV letter) ( noo! ..) Never! RIngier Axel Springer CEO Mark Dekan responded to my inquiry regarding participation in anti-government demonstrations of their Warsaw editor-in-chief – at the parliament building in Poland (Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief) All-of-Poland-is -laughing-at-you- you-thieves-of -democracy!” (Crowd repeats) In my letter I asked whether opinion expressed by Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief during his speech at the parliament in Warsaw that current government is “a thief of democracy” is in line with opinions of RAS? 2 – is active participation in anti-governement demonstrations of Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief is in line with journalistic ethics and professional standards of journalism which RAS promotes? RAS CEO, Dekan, replied that: (…) Mr Lis has the right to express publicly his political opinions as a free individual living in a democratic country, regardless of whether they are the same as those of Ringier Axel Springer or not. He stands up for the fundamental values of the freedom of speech and the freedom of the media. As an independent publisher we are not committed to any political party or ideology but to quality journalism and to the freedom of the media. Poland by Kaczynski: time for nobodies, nitwits, conformists and faithful dopes. A dictatorship of morons. When Szydlo (current PM of Poland will hear criminal charges? Lichocka (PIS) the intellectual is a regular cretin A Day of a Moron (Kaczynski – PIS leader) (Maciarewicz – current Minister of Defense of Poland) On 1st of January in Russia a new media law took effect which limits foreign capital in Russian media to 20% Till the end of this year foreign media companies in Russia got time to sell their assets Ringier Axel Springer which controls Russian magazines Forbes, OK and GEO is selling its assets The bill was signed by V. Putin this past fall So far foreign capital could have 50% stake in Russian television companies and unlimited assets in press In Poland the largest concentration of assets in the media market is in German hands – Ringier Axel Springer – a Swiss-German company dominates Poland’s media market and rakes up huge profits also in governement advertising contracts During former Civic Platform reign Newsweek Polska got from the government 500 000 PLN in advertising contracts At the end of December in a anti- government protest at the Poland’s parliament in Warsaw Newsweek Polska editor-in-chief encouraged people to chant anti-government slogans As a Polish-American citizen I would like to petition the parliament in Poland: We who Tell It Like It is are concerned by the evident intrusion of German media organizations in political folklore of Poland It’s an activity detrimental to Polish State and to the citizens longing to live in a free country free from media manipulation. Therefore we petition the Parliament of Poland to limit share of German capital on the territory of Poland Link to the petition is in the program description If you think same- sign the petition And TOP TEN of your comments to my program Auf Viedersehen Newsweek 2 days ago I was in a hospital with my wife in delivery room and one nurse says to another turn on Max Kolonko he explains clearly what’s what I got it – there is hope! BTW I have a daughter! Either Polish media will cut of German umbilical cord now or our children will not forgive us in the future Is this guy a Polish Bill O’Reilly? Q -Can any one explain why the new government passes bills at night? A – And why former government tried to sell State Forests at night? – Ok – let’em work then. But…since they work night and day – when do they sleep? I love you so much – I’ve even dreamed about you Yo’re plain stupid! I vote Civic Platform and yo is stupid!!!!! Civic Platform – oink-oink – give back our trough! Chute Newsweek to the chute! News- oink! Auf Wiedersehen Newsweek!!!! And finally – During recent cleanup at the Presidential Palace in Poland they discovered an unpublished draft of the State of the State address I got the recording It’s about – hm… Poland’s road to democracy Poland on the Road to Democracy – State of the State Address by President Komorowski My fellow Poles This coming Monday – as everyday our children will follow the same road to school This next Monday – most of us as everyday – will drive down the same road to work That’ll be everyday But only this Sunday we can elect those who decide how this road should look like How our schools and kindergartens should function – whether we get there by bus or tram whether we will enjoy this road or irritate – that the road is plain and simple – bad. State of the State Address – Poland’s Road to Democracy That’s all in todays program Thank you for watching MaxTV the only television worth watching thank you for your donations thank you ladies – and gentlemen you’re really generous It’s thanks to your donations We can tell it like it is Max Kolonko – New York

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  21. Max powinienes cos zrobic zeby twoje programy byly w polskiej telewizji platnej w polsce I za granico jak Tv polonia zrob to masz pelne poparcie I kupimy ten program Australia Polacy bo dotyhczas to tylko zbronie gwalty I polcja wszystkih lapie majo duzo roboty I dobre pieniodze policja

  22. Panie Kolonko Miami-Boston ! Dobrze Pan Mówisz , Lubie Pana Oglądać ! Krótko Czysto I Na Temat ! Bez POierdolenia

  23. Panie Maxie jakby Pan zamieszczal materialy co miesiac w MaxTV ( nie MaxtvNews) ogladalnosc mialby Pan rzedu 1,5 -2 mln z czasem moze nawet wiecej. Polska to wyschnieta ziemia jesli chodzi o prawde dlatego takie materialy zamieszczane stosunkowo czesto sa na wage zlota.

  24. No i jeszcze raz sobie w tym roku obejrzałem ten materiał. Polacy nie zapomną którzy się okazali SZMALCOWNIKAMI, ZDRAJCAMI, ŁACHUDRAMI w Polsce. 😀

  25. Panie Mariuszu, a czy to nie jest tak, że właśnie ciągłe nowe negatywne informacje ze stron typu Onet są taką propagandą, która ciągle w kółko powtarza to samo? Myślę, że to w końcu zadziała na większą, niż dotychczas skalę, ponieważ każda pomyłka PIS'u będzie krytykowana nie tylko przez pocztę pantoflową, ale będą do końca 4-letniej kadencji PIS'u wypominać każde małe potknięcie. Na pewno kilkanaście % elektoratu to po prostu przysłowiowo "łyknie". Ludziom można wszystko wcisnąć. Pozdrawiam.

  26. A to Ja który jest z Panem, i Pana nie ma u nas .
    Też tak chce być gdzieś indziej. . Tam gdzie jest wolność.
    a i jeszcze jedno dzięki 😀😀😀

  27. Materiał w dalszym ciągu na czasie, z tymi sądami musieli się jednak pomęczyć aż 1,5 roku 🙂 5:30–6:05

  28. Panie Mariuszu, głównym założeniem lewicy jest dążenie do wolności, równości i sprawiedliwości społecznej.
    Jak odnieś się do 500+ i mieszkanie+ ?

  29. panie max a czy tak mozna w polskim i europejskim prawie zmniejszac kapital mediow…? prosze o odpowiedz i dziekuje za zajebiste filmiki

  30. Max kolonko jeśli jest Pan aż tak za Polską i tą całą polityka jak jest w naszym kraju jak kto żyje ile polityków kradnie nie własny hajs czemu Pan siedzi tam w Ameryce w nowym Jorku przy garnituru i mówi nam jakie są rządy zarobki i blee każdy Polak wie kto co ile ukradł jak wiadomo Pan hajs też zgarnia za filmik z YouTube chce Pan coś zrobić dla naszego kraju to nie pan tu siedzi i prowadzi filmiki na yotuba wtedy Pan się dowie jak się żyje jaki kraj nasz jest pojebany a nie tam siedzieć i dużo gadać to jest moja opinia dziękuję nie pozdrawiam

  31. Już kapuje, a potem w EP gadają o demonstracjach i o tym że nie ma tu praw kobiet itp itd Uciekać z unii i cisnąć do Usa i Norwegów i budować wojsko. BTW ŚWIETNA ROBOTA!

  32. Nie wiem jak TVP a konkretnie PiS mógł zmarnować tak niesamowity talent dziennikarski jak Mariusz Max Kolonko. Obecne władze nie doceniły pańskiego wkładu w wygraną wyborów do parlamentu w 2015 r. No i przede wszystkim w uświadamianie społeczeństwa w bardzoo wielu sprawach. Może to skończyć się przegraną Pisu w następnych wyborach i wygraną volksdeutschy .Pozdrawiam Pana jest Pan marką samą w sobie.

  33. Me.kel is of polish origin and her mission and her mission is to destroy Germany and western Europe. The man behind Macron is polish as well. The man who was and is funding him and made him big and he refers of Macron as 'just doing what he order ms him to do'.

    Polish criminal gangs roam all over Europe, especially Germany, and break into people's houses especially houses of the eldery and steal everything – already since the borders were opened.

    Poland is receiving every year billions of Euros from the EU and Germany FOR FREE. FOR YEARS this was the case. I dont really know if it still is but it was for years. Also during the years as Germany was suffering very hard in the early 2000s. With this money the poles were able to build up their country.

    Poles live as immigrants all over Europe and the whole western World and many of them are criminal and respectless.

    The polish migrants in Germany always allied and still ally with the muslims and anti-European immigrants because both groups hate Germany and Germans! So the poles ally with the newly arriven people

    Some of the most radical anti-German pro mass immigration popular personalities and politicans are polish immigrants!!

    There's so much to tell. Poles are real hypocrites. Poles should rather focus on their own people and immigrants and want problems they were causing all over Europe for decades now already.

  34. Pewnie że trzeba ten skurwialy TVN i lisie kity usunąć ale i tak ciężko będzie doprowadzić wszystkiego do dobrego stanu na tym zjebany świecie rządzonym pieniądzem , ludzie mają za małe mózgi żeby to zrozumieć.
    Tylko kasa i nienawiść, wszystkim to pasuje ale może kiedyś być za późno na zmianę .
    Raz nam historia pokazała co się narobiło. Mam na myśli II WŚ

  35. O czym mowa? Sejm, senat, rząd i sąd, są w łapach żydowskich. W żydowskiej RP, nie może być inaczej. Wszystkie partie są żydowskie i różne organizacje, pod nazwą: "polskie".W wymienionych partiach i związkach, czy organizacjach, nie ma Polaków. Czy ktoś z Was wie, jak wygląda Polak? Czy Polak wie, jak wygląda żyd i wolak? Ja to wiem, bo muszę wiedzieć kto kim jest. Kto z Was wie, jak wyglądały granice Polski, przed 1941 rokiem? Co Polska straciła i o czym nie piszą żydowskie media? Ilu było zawsze i jest rdzennych Polaków? Nie musicie mi wierzyć. Ja Jestem 44.

  36. Pamiętam Gierka, Gomółkę (jak przez mgłę) i wszystkich, którzy byli później, ale takiego kurestwa jak za PIS-u nie było!

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