Poland Did Nothing Wrong #PolskaSamorzadna

Poland Did Nothing Wrong #PolskaSamorzadna

hey guys do you hear about that insane neo-nazi demonstration in Poland that gathers 60,000 people why it turns out that the entire country is racist and I know this because I read it on Twitter and the mainstream media they’re all complaining about this normalized fascism and you can’t doubt the media right everybody knows that only paranoid racists are suspicious of the mainstream media where its major english-speaking outlets such as the Washington Post The Wall Street Journal The Independent The Guardian al-jazeera or major swedish outlets like yet the bush pasta no against negative expression after lurid metal they’re all saying the same thing large right-wing extremists demo in war so it’s kind of Donald Trump’s faults under banners demanding a white Europe and a Muslim Holocaust 60,000 extremists marched together in Poland why I even got some pictures look at this look at these terrible Nazis they look so white and dangerous yeah okay can you can you can you see you can you see how how oppressive they are huh look at that little girl that’s fury all right there ah ha ha man this is precisely why we hate the mainstream media because we can’t trust them on anything the media coverage on poland’s independence March has been utterly insane disgusting and deeply offensive the media narrative is that Poland is the nation holding the biggest Nazi rally in the world a country where 60000 fascists can gather together with no resistance and complete support by the government the Polish media and the Polish people but the actual reality is that 60,000 of those demonstrators are just peaceful ordinary people only 500 of them are estimated to be Nazis 500 that’s it after this the fact that the average poll probably hates these dumb Nazis because they are traitors to their own people what are they even doing at this parade if you were a Polish nationalists that you would never raise a swastika because if you have any clue about Poland’s history you know that fighting Nazis is part of how they gained that independence to begin with a Polish Nazi is an oxymoron / logic such a thing shouldn’t even exist Hitler viewed slaves as subhuman and if there’s any country that has suffered at the hands of Nazis in his poll and if there’s any country with a reason to celebrate independence it is Poland so how dare you pull this bullshit media narrative do you have any idea how offensive this is to the victims of the Holocaust of which poles were many Sweden’s minister of justice and interior and a former minister of migration and public health who’s been in Parliament for almost 10 years now took the Twitter to call Poland Nazis for celebrating their independence when this guy’s own party actually helped the Nazis the Social Democrats backed by all other Swedish parties at the time established an Institute for race studies in Uppsala in 1922 12 years before Hitler came to power the Social Democrats banned magazines that were critical of Nazi Germany they allowed German soldiers to travel the Swedish railroads Sweden sold the Nazis large quantities of iron so that they can make weapons in fact the Swedish iron trade is said to have extended a war by several months because it was so crucial to the Nazis fighting power and let’s not forget the Swedish concentration camps which were used to host dissidents such as left-wingers and Nazi critics but simply this leftist ministers party alone have done way worse things than all the polish people put together so shut the fuck up one of the speakers at this nationalist march is a war veteran and a former prisoner at a concentration camp how dare you insinuate that he is a Nazi I mean even when the pretty boys feminist hunk Justin Trudeau has bigger balls and respect than Sweden you’re really gonna wonder where you went wrong 68% of the Polish people are happy with their government in Sweden only 22% of people are happy with their gun whatever Poland is doing it’s clearly working out for them so why don’t you get off your high horse and just take it easy with the criticism okay don’t try to lecture anyone because your government not only has a worse history with Nazism it also has a record in low public trust rating and of course worth mentioning in this context is that Poland hasn’t had a single Muslim terrorist attack I wonder why funny how the racist countries seem a lot more safer than the multicultural ones or tolerant and anti-racist Western politicians are telling us that we have to accept a future where terrorist attacks is part of our everyday lives whereas Poland’s politicians have a bit more respect for their people than death when 70 percent of the Polish population say that they don’t want to accept refugees because of the problems it has brought other countries their government listens and that is why Western politicians and journalists are smearing Poland because they don’t want to see this power relation in their countries as well since they hate people they don’t want to listen to us they just want to lecture us on how filthy and racist we are all the Polish March really is is just the European equivalent to Americans 4th of July a simple get together to celebrate national independence but the Western globalist media wants to take a healthy patriotic expression and turn it into far cry it is so blatantly obvious that they have an agenda because you just don’t reach this level of intellectual dishonesty by mistake 500 Nazis and you think that represents a whole country just look at this guy he says Poland’s Independence Day March was hijacked by fascists their organizers don’t seem to bother by that nor do the police and most of those attending were not fascist but the biggest problem is that these people did not react against the fascist yeah you can attract your own mystery there Bob most in attendance weren’t fascists so how was it hi jack bye fascist if five hundred shouting morons isn’t a take or it’s a minor nuisance the only few people that care about these Nazis is the media everyone else will just see a few bad apples for what they are and of course the people attending didn’t react against the fascist this was a peaceful march consisting of families women children and old people why would they start a fight with hooligans people are there to have fun and focus on the positive they’re not there to fight a minority of hopeless idiots it’s literally less than 10% of the people who were in attendance and the Polish government has done plenty to object they publicly reject racist and anti-semitic views and even publicly objected to Richard Spencer’s visit to Poland which makes sense because what the hell is Richard Spencer doing there anyway his opinions are offensive to nationalists Spencer doesn’t even believe in national identity he’s Pro European Union the guy basically just wants an all-white new world water and after a Polish government statement even the wall street journal’ themselves have gone back on their article saying that it gives off the wrong image but the problem with this is that the damage is already done since not as many people are gonna read this tweet as they did the original article and since the heavy utter media already has copied off their mistake that’s journalism for you today copy pasting someone else’s bullshit and it leads to ignorant tweets like this fascists become the public face of poland’s November 11th Independence Day something is seriously wrong in Europe’s economic success story no something is seriously wrong with the media for taking a handful Nazis and turning them into the face of Poland why would you give a small group of idiots that much power influence and publicity stop making stupid people famous and it’s really weird here in Sweden the media has really pushed the fact that a puny twenty Swedish radicals traveled to join the demo why would you even make a big deal out of that why are you taking a measly 20 Swedish radicals and tying them to a harmless Polish Patriot large what’s the point well clearly you’re trying to create negative associations see what makes Poland so dangerous is that they are smart enough to learn from Sweden Germany Belgium and France after being occupied twice both by Communists and Nazis they don’t feel like being occupied for a third time by Islamists and globalists Poland has figured out that you can be humanitarian and help refugees without allowing mass immigration to replace your people and your culture you can help refugees without illegal immigration you can focus on the root of the problem which is the instability of war-torn countries is enough focusing on the symptoms allowing tens of thousands of migrants into your country does not help Syria this is why Western politicians don’t like Poland because the European Union has made it clear that mass immigration is about replacing European people Peter Sutherland who is the UN migration chief says that the purpose of the contemporary migration policy is to destroy homogeneity meaning there’s too many white people in Europe it is also about importing cheap labour to make private corporations richer as well as strengthening the economy by making sure that the population doesn’t decrease it is not about helping refugees they are simply pawns only a few percent of refugees actually make it out of their country the absolute majority are left behind in a war-torn country you do not help that country by importing a few percent of their population some what if comes to humanitarian disasters we need to think larger we need to think more like the Dali Lama who says that in the long run Europe cannot become an Arab country in the long run migrants will have to return home that’s the most stable long-term solution is this icon of peace and enlightenment really a hardcore racist evil Nazi I don’t think so Chris McGrath since those photo varnishes new provigil no Giovanna neither of pines mirage municipal shiva the clergy dona it’s aikidoka solutions technology subaru no bars or bars or via lofted aviation concepts here ya go GGO emigrant ami is running me who heard Sammy’s enemy pastrami evinced national scariest person of Ischia become a gotcha question amico Mogami jump or skip oh macha oh macha me Tommy’s so the promotes his Nikes address of a nice neighbor G effective Polish people March because their country is safe and heading towards a bright future whereas Sweden is being raped plagued by bombings and Sharia police growing in suburban ghettos Poland is a nation that has no respect for neither Nazism or communists they have a history of oppression with both these disgusting ideologies and therefore you can’t really shit on them can you calling them racist doesn’t work because they’ve seen what’s radical left-wing bullshit does and they’ve seen what actual racism does to Poland globalization is just a multicultural version of Hitler’s Germany zation countries like Poland Japan and Hungary or a threat towards globalism and a failed project of multiculturalism they are an inspiration to other countries and living proof that there is a way to turn back the negative development in Europe and that is why Western journalists and politicians will sink so low to promote this offensive media narrative they will lie about Poland just like they lied about Trump and just like they lied about brexit trying to make us believe that we are just a French no we are the people the uncomfortable truth which is hard to navigate and hard for some people to swallow is that the alternative to globalism and multiculturalism is not white nationalism it is not racism it is not genocide there is a reasonable middle ground where you can love your own people and preserve your own culture without being racist without being hateful towards others while helping refugees I’m supposed to be this evil Nazi bigot but I do my part and give to UNICEF like everyone else because helping where it hurts the most is what we all should be focusing on more we can all learn a lot from polar politics is supposed to be about representing the people that is something that the Western elite of journalists and politicians seems to have forgotten now throw Pierre

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  1. I guess that since you don't live in Poland, you're kind of missing  point a bit. When it comes to countries like Sweden or the US, people have some right to worry about immigration issues, cause their countries have them. If Swedes are worried bout muslims, that's kind of obvious, cause there are a lot of them there. Poland is extremly xenophobic, while Poles make up about 98 % of population. Muslims are super small minority here, they are actually invisible – and most of our people are still against them and they think of them as a threat to our country. When it comes to Law and Justice, it won thanks to social programme – called 500+. My opinion isn't manipulated by some media etc. – it is clear, that Law and Justice destroyed polish international politics since our only political ally is Hungary lol. We have fucked up relations with Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, Israel and so on…Ukrainians are kind of a cheap working force, they are here, but since they are similiar to us, I guess that they don't bother people that much. You also need to know that Catholic Church has huge influence on politics and society, for ex abortion laws etc… As a gay guy I don't have equal marriage and adoption laws here, and Poles are kind of very unfavorable of them.Besides that, Law and Justice is basically controlled by one man – Jarosław Kaczyński, he isn't even prime minister or president. They broke constitution few times and have serious problems with court system here. So Poland ain't that great…Anyway I really like lot of your views, keep doing your job man. When it comes to Sweden and other western countries I really hope that someone would stop that mass migration, but it seems quite impossible in our political reality. Unfortunately…

  2. They gave us the Witcher series so of course they're gonna be smarter than libtards. I wish we were as proud of our country and celebrated. I don't know anyone who actually does.

  3. Na zdrowie! 🙂 It was a pleasure listening to You. Still its a bit too colorized opinion – we have our problems, as many countries do. Theres a lot of political tension lately, theres some corruption, hooligans, etc. Poland is far from a utopia, but contrary to what gen. Pilsudzki said, i think its the people that make it a good place to live. But man i can already see the riots on the streets if goverment allowed refugees despite the "no" o.O

  4. I don't understand why nationalism is so wrong and passé. What is wrong about taking care of your country and nation more than any other country or nation? It's like with private property – it's natural that you are taking care of your backyard more than your neighbor's backyard, but it dosn't mean that you need to hate him nor demolish his teeter-totter. You can even help your neighbor cleaning his property, but yours goes first. Only man who hates this sittuation is local communist.

  5. gypsy looking guy from poland talking some about white man supremacy,its not joke ,90% of poles are rascists ,specially from east of the country

  6. Dear Angry Foreigner – thank for you the great analysis and explanation of mainstream manipulation about the 2017 Polish Independence Day. I also have great news here: this year ( 2018 ) Poland is going to celebrate its 100 years of Independence and you can easily expect more than 100,000+ of Poles and guests from other countries who will be marching in their support and commemoration of this great anniversary where Poland reappeared on the map after 123 years of non-existence. Mainstream media can label Poles as "fascists" , "racists" whatever but Poles have a deeply ingrained sense and desire to be free, safe, christian, and first of all INDEPENDENT. Ave Maria Polonia.

  7. Tiene sentido que un Polaco que ame a su país sea Nazi, sabiendo que fueron los Nazis quienes invadieron su territorio y quisieron imponer su cultura (después vinieron los soviéticos que hicieron prácticamente lo mismo)

  8. Well sweden & its culture are so attractive & beautiful. But since i watched this i dont know if id like the gov or no 😁
    But anyway , no country is better than other, its just the matter of time

  9. Poland is hated by the leftist media in Western Europe, the US and Canada because:
    1. Poland is overwhelmingly Catholic. While Mass participation varies, the Catholic faith of the Polish people means that abortion on demand, gay marriage and "transgenderism" have no traction in Poland.
    2. Islam is an ancient enemy of Poland. In the days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, much of Ukraine was in the Commonwealth and bordered the Ottoman Empire. Poland fought constantly against the Ottomans and crushed the Ottomans twice – at Chochim and at Vienna in 1683. Poland does not forget its history.
    3. Poland's recent law making it a crime to blame Poland for the German-made and operated death camps has infuriated countless whining bloodsuckers who, now that they are not getting money from Germany any more, want it from Poland. Poland's invitation to Jews to settle there when Western Europe threw them out is ignored.
    4. Leftists hate Poland for opposing communism and showing the world how stupid Communism really is.

    My great grandparents emigrated from the Russian-controlled part of partitioned Poland to the US. I want to learn the language and go to Poland and maybe stay there if I could.
    God, honor, country. Poland and Polonia – we are family.

  10. THANK YOU for the video!!!
    Poland helps migrants…. IN THEIR OWN HOME COUNTRIES…. 6x cheaper and they are at home…

  11. some Polish peoples actions during the war against the Jews was horrific but thankfully many more fought against the Nazis and especially the Polish pilots have my greatest respect they fought along side our British pilots and were equally brave..i have nothing but respect for the Polish people

  12. 0.0007% coorection remark to this Angry Foreginer talking about polish patriot marsch not 500 but 43 person identify use not proper for 5 baner (zero chant anty semi or xenophobi) and punised by police&juge after. They are pupet Putin' s provocateur who's lider Mateusz Sikorski siting in jail for spy of russia https://www.tvp.info/34930258/piec-transparentow-na-marszu-niepodleglosci-naruszylo-prawo

  13. tråkigt att 4 reich ooops menar merkel och macrone oops igen menar EU försöker styra över polen från kremlin ooops menar bryssel.

  14. Yeah this would not be 3rd occupation… Tbh From 1795 until 1918, no truly independent Polish state existed. So yeah… Then two ww and iron curtain … Those were rough 200 years for us…

  15. poland have list racist vs other countries in EU . so wtf some gonna say ???? . im polish and i love black people i love arab people i love all people around the world . respect is all , i ben leiving in london for 5 years , in sweden 17 years and poland is the last one if its about racist ..

  16. Damn I'm on my feet for last 28 hours and will be for another ~10 so I'm kinda zombie style at the moment but this video woke me up a bit and made me smile ;p thx. I don't know how I missed this one cuz I watch your videos for about a year now… anyway good job ;p

    P.S. and my sub was canceled. Had to do it again. Just thought it's worth noticing…

  17. 1:14
    >implaying the nazi youth didn't exist.
    But hey the streets of berlin totally didn't have squads kids armed with panzer fausts and schmeissers

  18. The only thing bad about real fascism is the racist things. I am fit most things fascism brings, just not the multicultural things. It can bring a strong army and good defense. These poles are not fascists, their nationalists or patriots, and what’s wrong about that? Will they ‘bring back the Nazis and take Europe?’ No. They will reform the Winged Hussars and save Europe. You Go Poland!

  19. Nothing surprising, especially for Guardian. This newspaper makes me sick. It's biased to the point of outright lying. They hate Poland and try paint it in the worst light possible. For example, the Auschwitz debate. They completely omitted we were under regime, we as a country didn't exist, our people were systematically killed (Germans didn't want educated Poles, because we were threat that way), and helping Jews were punished by death, but STILL m a n y Poles helped Jews. Yes, some Poles also helped Nazis, from frear, because of lack of choice or because of propaganda and things like that. But no, Guardian just wrote we helped to kill Jews because we're racist. What the fuck is this??? They didn't even mentioned Polish huge role in helping Sweden to put the fire out recently (I've checked). If you want to read truth, don't read this garbage.

  20. I am polish, been in Poland 4 weeks ago. Poland is in great shape spending EU money on new streets, highways and cleaning services. People there are not ashamed. Keep going!

  21. 2:30 – "Polish Nazzi is an oxymoron … Hitler viewed Slaves as subhuman" – nevertheless, they DO exist. Western "Ukrainians", who were regarded even more subhuman than Poles, were nevertheless even more vigorous (Google: Volyn massacre, Bandera etc.) All these tribalistic proto-nazzis happened to rise BEFORE Hitler came to power in 1933. They all viewed him as ally, at least initially. Nowadays they are on the rise again. Poles, "Ukrainians", Balts typically regard each other as subhuman even today (especially Poles vs. Lithuanians and Poles vs Galicians / Volynians).

  22. 3:25 "Swedish State Institute for Racial Biology in 1922 – 12 years before Hitler" – you just add to my point. Poland back then was seeking to join European heritage in form of blatant colonialism, demanding British Empire and other European powers to carve out some colonial space in Africa for Poles. It all has been tied with a "burden of white man" racial biggotry, too. They already thought of themselves as a sort of "master race". Hitler's ideas of "subhuman Slavs" did not bother them much. Their independence heritage refers to these very years (1918-1939).

  23. 4:05 "leftist party alone has done way worse things than all the polish people put together" – well, just Google "Anti-Jewish violence in Poland, 1944–1946 / Kielce pogrom 1946" + learn something about Polish colonial policies in Chech and Galician / Volynian lands in between of 1922-1939. Poland is rather an overgrown tribe (95-99% monoethnic) with quite tribalistic values than a secular European nation. I yet to find ANY neighbour of Poland that has good, positive impression of Polish regimes (wannabe empire) and people.

  24. 10:20 – "European mirgation policy is to destroy homogeneity" – so WTF Poland and other tribalistic ethnocracies like Baltic statelets have joined the EU in 2000s? Why do not they quit the EUSSR, which about to wipe out their tribal homogeneity? Perhaps it is EUropean subsidies, tens of billions of EURos they accustomed to devour for free with little or no obligations? Why rebel against their masters in Brussels who demands something in return for that decades-long cash flow? Just leave the evil EUSSR Brexit-style and stop whining!

  25. 10:30 "importing cheap labour to make private corporations richer" – you have just improved your own comment about Poland importing 1 mln. migrantworkers from Ukraine. These are NOT any refugees formally – just cheap workforce on temporary work permits. This is why the EUSSR is unhappy: Brussels only welcomes coloured immigrants, preferably Muslims. White Christians and atheists are rather an eyesore!

  26. 13:55 – "we can all learn a lot from Poland" – Fine! 1) Learn how to draw billions of EURos from EUSSR instead of paying them into "cohesion" funds 2) Learn how to bite and spit into feeding hand 3) Destroy most to all of heavy and hi-tech industry to make yourself even more dependant on Pan-European economy dropping living standards to the point than no welfare leeches would even consider relocation into such a country 4) massively (20-30% of total population) emigrate to the rest of the world

  27. Poles lies about everything. I has a Polish teacher and I called him out on him lies. The same teacher left the class for hours without anyone in charge of the class.
    Jews lies too, and the jew lovers protected them. The Jews do nothing wrong? How about game show shopping? I witness this firsthand. I got to say that Hitler was right. But no I'm not a Neo-Nazi. Neo-Nazi aren't for Hitler but themsevles. The world got a big problem. Everyone isn't right. Everyone is a racists….so everyone should take their gun out and shoot themsevles in the head. Thanks for F-ing up the world!
    you are welcome!

  28. No no no wait. I cant handle the stupidity. Poland is the biggest victim of fascism why the fuck do you think they will like them? RETARDS

  29. All this "racism" and the bottom line is…there's a reason why white man built a civilisation that is an envy of all others. Say what you want, but unless you're actually white, you most likely wish you were living in a rich white country. Very few white people would say they want to live in a brown/black country (with an exception of a few very rich cities that the whites have built). This fact alone says all there is to say about racism. I personaly don't mind other cultures provided they're willing to live by the standards of the land they migrate to.

  30. Hi, do anither video on this year's march. Quarter milion of patriots have gathered to celebrate 100 years of independence.

  31. "The Lama guy is a fuxing nazi, racist, islamaphobic facist" Is prob what went trhu the heads of the far raigth

  32. Call us Poles thives you disguisting Germans. We don’t care, we laugh while youre country is getting raped by s black dick

  33. I am Polish and I can say that we have no problem with skin color, we love all good people who are really good, do not call us racists, Nazis, fascists do not know us. We bought 2 great powers and did anyone help us? I greet good people from Warsaw

  34. Poland is FASCIST ! I am born there, I speak Polish so I know. Very scary shit is going on in Poland at the moment , most people are awful fascist and there are not regulations against discrimination.

  35. …there were no "500 NAZIS" at our rally, because if we had SEEN A SVASTICA WE WOULD HAVE KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF THEM! Although Polish NATIONALIST organisations are well-accepted – HELL! THEY and NOT the "government" is the ORGANIZER of the event!… PS. By the way! THAT was 1 year ago – THIS YEAR we had 250 THOUSAND PEOPLE!…

  36. Dude seriously get a bottle of whiskey, have couple of good sips and chill the fuck down. Does expressing patriotism in Poland a mainstream thing an average people do?? Yes. Has it been recently attempted to be hijacked by the extreme right wing fucktards as their "thing. Yes as well.

  37. What Poland should do to be progressive.
    1 Open the borders to Islamic immigration.
    2 Convert churches into mosques.
    3 Grant social assistance to Muslims.
    4 Abortion totally free (for white Poles, Muslims 4 or 5 children per couple.)
    5 Introduce sex education in schools (transsexuality, transgender, homosexuality).
    6 Censure any criticism of Islam, lgtbi, transgender. If a woman is is raped, don't denunce! It's racist.
    7 Eliminate historical and national symbols for being racist against the Turks (Vienna 1683).
    8 Increase taxes (to cover all this).

  38. ja gillar att vid 2:40 är det en snubbe me en mössa där det står SNÖ på. ville bara peka ut det som en liten kul grej bara

  39. With all do respect stop using term nazi towards Polish people despite their political views
    There is no place for being German National Socialist member of Labour Party and in the same time being even a polish nationalist
    Quick history lesson nazi is a short cut from NSDAP which translation above

  40. Thanks a lot dude for that! Great job! In Poland these main stream media is sadly doing it's job too and messing people's minds up and ALL you hear from them is hate of what Polish goverment is doing, accusing at same time the goverment to spread the hatred. If the goverment tries to make demografy go up and pay benefits to families it is bad of corse because of many reasons and then we heard that Poland was too poor to pay it-but when it comes to thousands of migrants from ME or Africa who in big number just want get all for free then it is not a problem at all, then Poland is a great, prosperious and rich country. If they want to investigate the Smoleńsk disaster or attack, they are called freaks. If they want to protect people from aggression from some unknown people of unknown background they are all the worst possible. Btw. In 2017 Poland gave 597 000 stay and work permits to non EU imigrants and refugees which was the highest number in EU, more than Germany gave. Mostly they are from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. We have been taking refugees from Ukraine since the war started there in 2014 and many imigrants from other parts came too and now we have about 2million of them but they work here, don't run into crowds with truck on Christmas markets, burn our cars on streets nor rape the Polish girls record it and put it on fb or insta. Hardly anyone even knows that because all people can hear is that Poland is not receiving people from muslims countries. We know that is a threat. Think why in Japan it is not even allowed to have a muslim spouse. If Japanese wants to be married to a muslim then must leave Japan, oh what a racist, discriminating, hating extremists! Or maybe they are just smart and know what they are doing as in many other things? Finally when the gov. in PL wants to get rid off some bustards molls from the High Court and some important institutions then Brussels is saying that it is threat to democracy and freedom, yeah sure, democracy and freedom of who? Guys, Polish justice system really sucks. It serves perfectly to some cheeters and thives. In the history we have been controlled mainly by two empires from the East and the West and unfortunately nothing has changed. They will not let us be free us, using at many times Polish speaking molls who have always been here working against Polish business. You know that during the comunism people were being convinced by politicians that Poland can only exist together with Soviet Union/mother Russia, when really we were being robbed and occupied – law, regulations propaganda and you know what has changed since then? The ucupant and the central goverment, before it was Moscow and now it is Brussels and the ideology changed now for more or less this: "you are free as long as you think the way we tell you to think". Before they called people who didn't agree with propaganda "traitors of the nation of the PRL-Polish People's Republik" and all the worst possible. How familiar, rigth? And how do to they call them now?

  41. I really agree with you, I hate the media now. Not only for the bullshit leftism but for just lying about literally anything. My house burned down in October last year and I said to a police officer during an interrogation that the cause of the fire could have been smoking since I smoked at the time and I had a cigarette two hours before the fire, but even before any of the fire expert people had even checked for the cause of the fire the local news paper said the fire was started by smoking when that was not true. Turns out the fire was an extension cord that started the fire. So they just lie no matter what.

  42. I love Poland,they are just tired of getting taken over by these huge ideological empires. They are sick and tired of being controlled by imperialist powers!

  43. Good morning AF. So thoughtful and resourceful. Unfortunately, also, so true to the core of Europes problems. Thank you for your video. As for me, I would like to expres my deepest concern about Sweden. The amount of bombings, rapes is terryfying. If I can help you somehow, please let me know. I live in Cracow, so probably if someone from your coun try decided to move here, I could be able to provide some assistance with housing etc. Will pray for you and your fellow citizens.

  44. Morgan Johansson accuses Poland of being Nazi and authoritarian yet he endorses and celebrates the Copyright Directive.

  45. The media in Sweden just want to cover the things that happens in Sweden, things like a migrant threw some grenade into a window or detonated a bomb.

    This comment will be soon removed by a swedish leftist that is in charge on social medias.

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