14 thoughts on “PODCAST: U.S. Foreign Policy Implications of a Trump Presidency

  1. China is going to be the biggest winner. ASEAN grouping will fall to it and Singapore will be remove from it's leadership role in it. ASEAN is expected to be the next business frontier and China wants to be the driver of it.

  2. Other nations are getting tired of being dragged into US wars of choice . The alternative to being a US ally , and thus having to always be prepared to back the US in it's constant blunders , is to step away from the US agenda , and find a more peaceful , sensible world order .

  3. He's a businessman and experienced negotiator. He's a nationalist. What does that mean? Likely a business approach to global affairs, expecting at least a quid pro quo dynamic in trade partnerships. China will have to stand on their own and win the market they so desire.

    I see no reason to suspect that he'll betray old allies and strategic alliances. I also don't see him being a war-monger as was Clinton/Bush/Obama-Clinton. Regarding UN police actions and intervention, I expect he will expect other nations to carry an equal share of the load. The Middle East may see some peace and healing. Russia will likely see good business deals and less concern about threats to national sovereignty and security. China's quest for oil remains the big question.


    Speculation, at this juncture, is akin to wishful thinking and voodoo.

  4. i never thought i would day this but for the US to pull back from its geopolitical role now it would probably lead to a new world war because of the state of europe now ( economic recession, euro union collapsing, security gap forming with russia, rise of the far right ) but if that doesnt happen and hopefully it wont, then we are still looking at a new regional struggle in the south china sea that the US has to approach wisely

  5. The spark point in East Asia will be in S. Korea once its political and economic implosion reverberates across the region (and most likely the world) creating a vacuum for geopolitical influence.

  6. The Trump Administration wouldn't have any leverage if the Republican Party didn't control practically all 3 branches of government.

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