24 thoughts on “PODCAST: Dr Moeed Yusuf on Pakistan's foreign policy and contemporary India-Pakistan relations

  1. The fact that we have this International Civil Servant from Pakistan talking squarely and meanwhile some bunch of juvenile Indians vomiting their vile language on comment sections plainly shows the maturity of this nation. Pakistan's Civil Servants are absolutely honest and above board, and Indian population at large largely constitute rabid immature zealots.

  2. After two years … his statements stands failed… terrorism has taken grand roots in pakistan. Hafix saeed launched party

  3. Every country have political problem but it's does 't means that u intercept other country YES I talking about east Pakistan (bangladesh) u Indians cut it. It's wound our heart. And a lot of bomb blast in our country. It's all big super powers war result. We say Russia come in afghinistan. We say America come in afghinistan And stick there. Despite all these we give India permission send and do trade through Pakistan. We r such a small country. First we face Russia America war in afghinistan. Second now we face America presences in afghinistan. Plz all owners go back in this region and leave us alone afghinistan r also wounded last 40 years and as a Muslims brothers country we face terrorism bomb blast. We also want peace. But whole world blame Pakistan and speaks American language. YES MIGHT IS RIGHT

  4. Basically India and Pakistan opposing each other but we understand each other language abuses and even mother sisters abuses also. So both feel sansation to comments each other.

  5. Dr. Yusuf, pl, before you advise the Indians to move towards peace, just once, just once, get into India's shoes and see if peace is even possible. The moment there is the least talk of peace, what happens? There is a bomb blast, a couple of terrorists land in India and somewhere there is an "terror incident." Why did the Mumbai incident happen? Because Zardari told a reporter that he was all for peace and that it would be his first goal in office. Why did the terrorist incidents in the Punjab and Kashmir start? Because Modi and Sharif got along well and planned peace. When faced with international pressure to get rid of terroism on its soil, the Pakmil's idea of getting rid of terrorists was to send them across the border to Kashmir. If they really wanted peace, they would have carried out the UNSC resolutions in 1948 itself. Pakistan is ruled by the Pakmil standing behind the civilians. If they were formally in power, India would talk to them about peace-as it did with Musharraf. But they stand in the shadows and don't dare to allow peace to come as that would lead to a reduction in the size of the army which Pakistan cannot afford anyway. As long as the Pakmil is in power, we Indians bet you that there will be no peace between India and Pakistan. They cannot afford it. They will not allow Pakistan to develop, nor will they allow the Kashmiris to live in peace. Just once, Dr Yusuf, come out of your ivory tower, remove the Pakistani propaganda goggles and look at the situation, really look at it, and then pontificate to India about peace.

  6. What a douchebag jerk … Who the fuck gave this asshole any internship in foriegn affairs? He tries to be hussain haqqani but knows only newspaper knowledge published by Pakmil. That's the best the pakistan can produce.

  7. I really like Dr Yusuf — he is very analytical, calm, and articulate. As an Indian, for me, it is difficult to think of pakistan as a truly sovereign nation — it has done the bidding of the US in the past, the bidding of the Saudis, and now mostly that of China. The future is pretty clear — pakistan (if not already) will be a Chinese colony — in a realpolitik sense. Indians can no longer think of pakistan as an entity to think about or talk to directly but only as an instrument of China. If what has not happened elsewhere (kenya, Djibouti, srilanka, etc) has not awakened pakistan to the dangers of the chinese loans, academics like Dr Yusuf can analyze all they can, but the only way you will be paying off those loans will be by selling off your country and independence piece by piece.

  8. I'm impressed by his arguments. One take away that I took from this conversation besides going into any particular details; thank God, there are sane heads in Pakistan.

  9. The day when India make peace with Pakistan will be the beginning of India's journey towards its destruction. Pakistan is not something you can trust.

  10. Indian often say we dont think and care about Pakistan but they are always their in comment box of any video made by Pakistani media. May be they are aliens.

  11. This guy is very intelligent and understands the world view unlike the pakistan army. Lets work hard to keep him in United States.

  12. I do not think making peace with Pakistan is prerequisite for economic development in India. All India has to do is to secure their borders and make sure that Pakistani nukes are irrelevant and Modi is in process of doing that. India will be a major economic and military force and has no bearing on its relations with Pakistan. India has already discounted Pakistan in their development agenda. This argument made by Moeed is for Pakistani consumption.

  13. this man is wishy washy. He is still toeing the pakistani line, in a subtle manner. Why dont he say that Pakistan must remove its army from POK if it is voicing for free kashmir.

  14. Pakistani scholars talk logic while top of indian so called scholars talk nationalism. we are genuine country not a fake group of human like creatures

  15. Moeed is one of sane voices in Pakistan who once said Pakistan should open up its roads and railways for India access to Central Asia and made India partner in Pakistan development!!
    No one in India want Pakistan to suffer (yes not even Shivsena!! They just protest against soldiers dying to protect borders more hawkishly than others but appreciate peace process) we would like to have mutual development and peace.

    Can Pakistani's say same of their country that none of them want India to suffer ("Bleed with thousand cuts strategy", etc)

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