30 thoughts on “Pierre Bourdieu: Theory of Capital (Social and Cultural Capital)

  1. Thanks for explaining the topic in such a wonderful way… this was lucid and once watched cannot be forgotten.

  2. Thank u …fr ur awsm vid….thumbs up from india 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊

  3. Came to this video because of my sociology university course and didn’t surprise me it was from an IB student. Glad the program I studied has so many great students as yourself. Best wishes from Mexico!

  4. Is there an article about the Tehran men crying symbolizing wisdom and maturity? How can I find it if so?

  5. The amount of labor does not necessarily mean more value.
    You can work 12hs a day making meat (growing cows) in a vegan society.
    And that labor and meet has value 0. CERO. C—E—R—O

  6. Great job! I got my PhD from a prof who studied under Bourdieu. Opens your mind. Also, don't be shy when speaking French term – just do your best French impression in a loud voice.

  7. I am studying sociology and I had a lot of problem with understanding bourdieu's capitals until this video. please, more videos about sociologists!! <3

  8. It was neat and simple – how about going into human and economic capital along with the theory of cultural reproduction as well "?

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