26 thoughts on “Peter Schiff –Coming Financial Crisis Much Bigger than 2008

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  2. No one wants to mention the entire market is controlled by the Rothschilds but they have created crazy things like deriviatives, credit default swaps, so now I also think by design, they are planning to crash the economy, start Global Wars, etc. They dont want to have Peter Schiff on because he will scare the public into protecting themselves by getting out of the stock market, buying gold and silver. They dont want the truth coming out yet. All of the networks are in collusion together. Dont most recessions depressions hit when a republican is president? Get ready for a minimum basic income that will really be a slave wage.

  3. When considering that the Federal Government owes nearly $22 trillion but takes in only about $3 trillion annually in taxes, the bubble has to burst soon. We don't have the gold to back it up and we manufacture very little, so he's absolutely right about Americans having to get up off our asses and start being productive again. Even the employed are mostly paper shufflers in both government and private industry. Imagine the empty shelves at Walmart when China catches on and stops manufacturing our everyday goods.

  4. I think the reason why this guy talks about the economy getting worse it because he's in the metal business and he believed that when people know the economy is getting bad they invest more in precious metals so that's the reason why he's talkin up the economy getting worse that's my theory

  5. Is there anything less actually productive than financial trading and he is saying Americans need to get their hands dirty and work and produce things whilst he wants more deregulation and trades numbers on a computer screen in order to enrich himself further. He even takes his business to Puerto Rico so he can contribute less taxes to the American wider economy and any further social good. It is exactly this financial class that creates ludicrous asset inflation, avoids taxes at every turn, destroys housing, pushes local people out with inflated rental values, creates gated enclaves, destroys real meaningful jobs and real wages. Ballard’s High Rise predicted exactly the Schiff’s of the world.

  6. USA is like a Venezuela on steroids, only they have a trillion dollar defense budget and 800 military bases around the world. (russians have 69 billion defense budget for comparison).

    Well USA does its own agriculture and has some key industries too, so not 100% Venezuela. But getting there and more of their industries shift .

  7. Teflon Don will have this market flying on air. Who needs fundamentals? Shut down the Federal Reserve and the fake debt goes with it.

  8. Money is a measure of value. Currency is the familiar federal reserve note or bank note.

    Most money is produced by advancing credit and is not simply created out of “thin air.”


    Assume the total supply of money is $1,000…000,000.00. (one quat-zillion, half-mile long chain of zeroes omitted for clarity). At this stage the supply of currency is identical to the supply of money.

    A borrower obtains a loan for $1000 that he agrees to pay back with $35 interest.

    The lender makes an entry in its ledger, crediting the account of the borrower. The total supply of money (that is a measure of value) remains unchanged (one quat-zillion).

    An employer pays the borrower $1,035 in wages being the value of his work. Alternatively, a customer has paid the borrower that is a merchant, $1,035 for the value of his purchases. Either way $1,035 in new value was created by activity in the marketplace. The borrower repays the loan (with existing currency).

    The total supply of money is now $1,000…000,000.00 + $1,035.00 = $1,000…001,035.00.
    The total supply of currency remains $1,000…000,000.00.

    The central bank may print $1,035 in new federal reserve notes in order to bring the amount of currency in line with the total money supply. The amount of money created is $1,035 and is not merely $35 that is the amount of interest.

    The lender receives $1,035 being repaid with existing currency plus the central bank may print $1,035 in new currency. The central bank is the beneficiary of the lion’s share, as $1,000 of newly created value accrues to it while $35 of this newly created value accrues to the lender.

    If the face value of newly printed bank notes is less than $1,035 the value of the dollar currency will increase. Especially as viewed by outsiders. If the face value of newly printed bank notes is greater than $1,035 then the value of the dollar currency will decrease. Outsiders perceive a dilution, as the number represented by currency is larger than the value of newly created money.

    This example assumes that the wages paid or merchandise sold is the amount of new value created, but in practice marketplace efficiency is somewhat less, with a smaller portion being new value created.


    If the borrower only realizes $813 instead of the full $1,035 that was earned through his effort in the marketplace, due to insolvency of employer or customer, then $813 is the measure of new value created. Even if the borrower repays the full amount of the loan that is $1,035 by making up the difference out of his own pocket the amount of money created in the marketplace remains $813 and only $813 in new currency may be printed. This entire benefit accrues to the central bank, while the lender loses money.

    The lender makes a loan of $1,000 with a negative interest rate so that the borrower repays $1,000 minus $35 deducted in negative interest. In this instance the lender is repaid $965 and loses money, but the central bank gains money and may print $965 in new currency representing the new value created in this transaction, the entirety of the new value accruing to the central bank.

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  11. Why are interest rates determined by the government (fed) instead of supply and demand of money. Everything in a free market economy is determined by supply and demand

  12. The government doesn't need to release resources to the private sector. The private sector (black budget programs) are taking in roughly $300,000,000,000-$4,000,000,000 annually. The government needs to declassify the energy technologies and inform everyone. The intelligence sector needs to be reigned in. The military industrial intelligence community should not be allowed to suppress energy technologies, and seize patents unless the technology actually threatens national security. Stan Meyer's hydrogen fuel cell should have changed the world in a positive way more than 20 years ago. Thomas Townsend Brown discovered and demonstrated electromagnetic field propulsion in the early 1950's. The private sector is already receiving far too many resources from the government. There is absolutely nothing public about private corporations. The government needs to be transparent and our government needs to start serving all of us (citizens) first and foremost. Lobbyists need to be banned. All they do is perpetuate the intrinsic corruption of the monetary system. If it weren't for greed, spawned/nurtured by the need for money, our energy tech would be at least 50 years advanced from this planetary disaster. My 50 year estimation is probably far too conservative considering the fact that Nicola Tesla made revolutionary breakthroughs in energy technologies over 100 years ago. Money driven greed is the only reason for suppressing technologies that would have rendered fossil fuels obsolete before 1960. Most of the technology found on Tesla cars was invented/developed by Nicola Tesla long before WWII began. The Nazis had antigravity and stealth a technologies in the late 1930,s-early 1940's. John Searl created and tested at least a half dozen of his Searl Effect Generators, which are magnetically charged free energy devices, before the spooks forced him to stop creating his devices back in the 1960's. The private sector does need anymore resources, or anymore help from the government.

    A very prominent figure from the private sector famously stated, “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”
    This statement was made by Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works. If the government was allowed to know what the private sector has already created, we might not even be on the brink of epic economic collapse. Our planet might not be the polluted disaster it is if the evolution of energy technology was allowed to take its natural course. Everybody say, "YAY MONEY!" and, "YAY for the greedy sociopaths who enslaved the world to oil and this fractional banking monetary system." The government should incarcerate these people in their own privatized prison (slavery) system. As added punishment for destroying our planet, and all of our lives, their entire families, along with the next few unborn generations should be locked up to suffer for their many unspeakable heinous crimes against our planet, and humanity, that span the last 150 years. When the energy bubble explodes, and this monetary system collapses in a heap of worldwide anarchy, there will be nobody to blame but the banksters and oil cartels. In my opinion, the government should force all of them to stand trial for treason. These people should be held accountable for this colossal meltdown. Their sentences should equal the suffering they have caused. If war is inevitable, these fat ass hats should be sent directly to the very frontlines of battle

    Apologies if I offended any non billionaires. I get heated about this.

  13. Peter " We just spent the most money in a month since right before the economy tanked in 2008 and this is when things are good"
    A few mins later " the democrats are socialists now , can you imagine how much we would be spending if they were in power again"…….
    It's like there's a really bright guy in there but Peter's lips keep getting in the way of something that would sound like a consistent argument.
    Peter realizes that the people with money have become lazy and what is super ironic is he goes on about the recklessness, greed and laziness of the wealthy , and of course how they would have to pull up their sleeves and work hard again lol.
    Unfortunately it seems part of his brain see's the reckless disregard for 90 % of the citizens that the banks exercise while making the rich , richer , but if a democratic party with those bad policies that give away all the money to lazy people…………………..lol ……………Do you see the huge gap in basic logic!
    I see why Peter likes the currency of the Roman' legions while a new group of people are thinking " could we really f—k this up any more than the idiots that have had decades and have mastered cyclical destruction !!

  14. I predict that the Federal Reserve will print money to pay off the debt. This is going to led to a US dollar collapse and rampant inflation.

  15. If I sold gold equities I would would preach doom and gloom as well. But part of me thinks if the dollar collapses debt would become easy to pay back.

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