7 thoughts on “Peter Hall: Six Theses About Contemporary Populism

  1. Odd. He seems to be making an objective argument for saying multi-culturalism is failing and creating trouble within communities. How can that be? I thought it was all sunshine and rainbows.

  2. l don't remember people who voted not to join the common market in 1975 being demonised to as "populists."

  3. So Peter how do you feel about France now – it does appear that their generous welfare system probably did help stop Le Pen.

  4. at 4:50, what are the calculations for these models? How could the polling (assuming that's where they got the subjective social status data) be independent of economic factors? That seems a bit off… someone mind explaining?

  5. the wage growth in the middle class has been sacrificed for the past 20 years, in that time a dollar has dropped in value significantly, for instance in the mid 90's a 20 oz soda cost around 95 cents now its costs 1.75. The wages in the jobs that stayed have not met that inflationary growth which is ignored. The cost of property values has increased at a similar rate meaning people that thought they were doing well are finding out they are actually quite poor.

    This campaign of globalism is not going to end well for your idiots steering the country in a direction where only the the island cities are surrounded by seas of well armed serf's that feed them. The fun thing is they have the internet, the hardened backbones are outside of city centers, the system is developed specifically to function with the loss of cities… they can just turn you off, turn off your power, turn off your food, turn off your ability to leave and at the same time "rural" america would run normally. The future's uncertain but the end is always clear, cheers!

  6. I might be due a visit to the re-education camp for saying this, but if it's popular, and people vote for it – surely that's democracy? Or is it only democracy when we all vote the way our self-elected cultural leaders want us to vote? The McCarthyite tendencies of the liberal-left have already been demonstrated in their sustained and ongoing attack on free speech – pretty soon they'll be arguing against democracy too.

  7. i cant prove this its an intution but i will prove it in a few months haha spoken like a true social scientist

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