Pete Buttigieg: We Need Generational Change In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg: We Need Generational Change In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

24 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg: We Need Generational Change In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. if bernie doesnt win it, i want him!
    was gettin high on the guy from texas but then he started soundin a bit off.
    then comes this guy, whom i had heard of but didnt really paid attention before, and he is simply amazing.
    it seems like most (if not everyone) candidates this time are just somewhat echoin what bernie said before, but this guy is doin his own thing while hittin on those same topics that bernie talks about too.

  2. I've been waiting patiently for a mellennial to step up to the plate. Our country needs new blood to bring some fresh ideas to the people. He echoes my sentiments completely in many ways. I'm keeping my eye on the fire he brings to the race. This guy has a full compliment of talents that we, as a country, desperately need. He has the same affinity that JFK brought to the office of President. From my observation Pete has the potential to be a perfect homerun! He transends party politics, age and ability!

  3. .
    Mayor Pete almost makes "Christianity" acceptable again (considering the number of politicians and misguided evangelicals who have come to make it a "dirty word.")

  4. There is a lot to like about Mayor Pete. But Bernie has dne all the heavy lifting forthe kind of country we should have. I think Pete would be great in Bernie`s cabinet (may be foreign sec) but I have yet to hear that he supports single payer health care or Bernie`s ideas on trade and commerce.

  5. Finally…I found what a came to America for! I m an inmigrant & remember when I used to think about moving to America.. looking forward to the historial dream the America used to be. When I finally arrived in 1999, after YEARS of paperwork, I got so disappointed…😔 The USA was not what I had in mind…but I didn't quit & went back home. I hold onto my DREAM. What the US used to project to the world was HOPE! And I still have it! This young man has just made me remember it !
    Leadership. Courage. Inteligence. Fairness. Compassion. Unity. Oportunity. Freedom. Vision. This is the man who is going to bring all that back! Thank you Mayor Pete, for bring HOPE back to me! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Dont be fooled guys, he will only maintain the status quo. Andrew Yang is actually bringing substance to the table, Pete is smart, caring and empathetic but has no real substance. Nice guy to listen to, but dont count your chickens before the

  7. Definitely. No more burnout. That old fart has cost the democrats one election already. Don't let him do it again in 2020.

  8. Voten por él. Tiene un discurso muy inteligente y todas las cualidades de un presidente para esta nueva era.

  9. Pete was on Norwegian television and I can confirm, as a Norwegian, that he spoke it close to fluently. Full support from overseas.

  10. Comrade Buttiwig: "people of color in this country are feeling more under attack and more marginalized'?? You must be out of this planet!

  11. Comrade Buttiwig: according to DemocRATS, perpetual wars will not end, till "the whole world is ours". That means restoration of Communism in Russia. As a member of the Progressive International (formerly known as Comintern), you know about it, yet you say nothing about the P.I. program. That's called conspiracy that shrines the New World Order.

  12. no real policy solutions just smooth talk to get you to relax but no meat on the bone really just listen closely.

  13. What we really need in politics are people who have at least some knowledge of our country's history, knowledge and respect for our constitution, a little integrity and honesty. None of the Democratic candidates display any of these things. They seem to want power for themselves at any cost. Very sad.

  14. So America, you were never not great but this guy can definitely help you get even better… especially looking down the road for those who care about their children's future.

  15. Pete 2020!!! This guy is an amazing orator and has a very impressive resume! I am really hoping he knocks the other DNC candidates out of the ballpark. If he wins the primary, he gets my vote hands down. Between him and Trump? The choice is a no-brainer. President Pete Buttigieg!

  16. Wow. He answered all of those rapid fire questions at the end with no hesitation and gave complete responses.

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