Pete Buttigieg On Political Honesty, His Black Agenda, Open Homosexuality + More

Pete Buttigieg On Political Honesty, His Black Agenda, Open Homosexuality + More

23 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg On Political Honesty, His Black Agenda, Open Homosexuality + More

  1. Interviwer: "How can you tell coal miners that you're bringing coal back when you know that's not happening?"

    Mayor Pete: " It's a way of saying I care about you."

    Liberalism in a nutshell.

  2. I like Mayor Pete, but in general I can't jump behind White Privilege/Reparations. I just don't get how that would fairly work. I'm a 3rd Gen American. My grandmother was tattooed during the Holocaust. Both my grandfathers fought in WW2 to attain US citizenship. My great-grandparents fled Marxism — the Russian Revolution. My father never went to college because his dad couldn't afford nor could he, but my dad was always a hardworker who was barely around because he was trying to give my brother and I a life he never had; same with my mother who's now a retired teacher.

    I'm not saying there is injustice, but I hate being grouped and labeled. I don't understand why my family should take part in reparations or feel guilty of white privilege. I mean, we don't hate Russians or Germans or ask anything of them — we just live our lives and hope that our children have more opportunity than us.

    Again, it's the only off-putting thing — the notion of White Privilege/Reparations. It comes off as divisive when all I want as an American is unity.

  3. Love mayor Pete . He doesn’t focus on destroying trump. He focuses on the American people . I really hope he goes far

  4. Smart man. When asked, whats your agenda for black folks he doesn't immediately say criminal justice reform…cause all black folks aren't criminals!!! There are other equally significant issues effecting our community such as access to affordable housing, quality education, equal pay, etc. If these issues were properly addressed there would be less criminal activity. I like his ideas to contribute towards that initiative.

  5. I hope to heck the Democrats don’t select Biden, as much as I respect him. He’s the past and too focused on anti Trump. We need someone with new and sound ideas and a focus on building the future.

  6. Love this guy, smart educated experienced and so well spoken. What a treat. Wish we had such a president. Could listen to him all night.

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