Pet Shop Boys – On social media (lyric video)

Pet Shop Boys – On social media (lyric video)

34 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – On social media (lyric video)

  1. Really?! So first you attack Brexit in the most typical predictable arrogant mainstream way, and now the same predictable crap about social media?
    Well yes, social media is empowering and is in fact the only media with any future. But yes, keep watching television and thinking that social media is about funny cat pictures which it was about maybe ten years ago. You're getting things completely wrong and seem to be mentally back in the 1990s and don't understand how conversations shifted.
    What's next? Anti-science Black Mirroresque crap? Or a clip against "islamophobia"?
    Just stick to making music, because any "social commentary" you make in recent years is aggressively mediocre unoriginal stupid bullshit.

  2. I will tell you Social Media was predicted to fail many years ago. It has. I gave up most of mine a long ago Neil.

  3. Unfortunately this will be a forgotten gem of 2019. Very clever clip, too bad it didn't get any more attention.

  4. Well everything is all right expect the chorus that spoiled the song.So dissappointed that PSB are not able to coexist with the mainstream music of today.I can say now PSB have become a band of the past that we will always remember them.

  5. Humanos!
    Preciso da apresentação ao vivo desse album Agenda do PSB!
    As músicas são excelentes!! Imaginem a apresentação ao vivo!!!

  6. The video has many clever visual jokes and great use of previous PSB album covers. And the lyrics are brilliant!

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