Persuasive Speech- Volunteering

Persuasive Speech- Volunteering

are you just too busy to find the time to volunteer in today's busy and fast-paced world finding time to volunteer seems to be a tough challenge today I would like to inform you on why volunteering can be so beneficial for both the giver and the receiver as someone who regularly volunteers I can confidently say that volunteering has positively affected the quality of my life in multiple ways to start off I would like to give you an idea of how many people actually do give up their time for others in the past involvement in volunteering has diminished greatly but with forces behind this cause the Corporation for National and Community Service states that the volunteering rate has increased by 1.6 million between 2008 and 2009 although this seems like a large number compared to the 307 million living in America this number is actually quite small many great causes are being pushed aside by our busy schedules and is making the word volunteer become foreign to the English language today the Salvation Army is scrambling to find volunteers won in the past they used to be overwhelmed with all of the free help they received the same can be said for other nonprofit organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters an American Humane Association now let's say that you wanted to donate some of your time but just don't know where to start let's look at some options for finding ways to volunteer first off if you aren't sure how to formally volunteer in your area there are helpful websites to aid in finding worthy causes close to your home for example volunteer match org is a great website to answer all of your questions about volunteering along with helping you find opportunities to help in your area another extremely helpful website is 1-800 volunteer org this site helps the volunteer decide what type of volunteering is right for them volunteer locations and how to capitalize on their strengths or desires while lending a hand I asked peers of mine to list ways to volunteer in their communities and surprisingly they listed quite a few their answers range from donating time at the animal shelter to reading to children at schools which are all great ideas another way to get involved is to find ways to incorporate your personal skills into the volunteering mix if you're a computer savvy the new trend is virtual volunteering which is great for the busy individual who is still eager to lend a hand virtual volunteering consists of finding innovative ways to help out using the internet or computers as a resource according to virtual volunteering has aided in providing free legal advice typing papers for disabled individuals and keeping companies to shut-ins who have email access the list of skills that can be incorporated into volunteering are endless just pick one that you enjoy which leads to my next idea incorporating your interests and joys into volunteering makes it fun and enjoyable take my interest in volleyball for example I talked to coaches and found out ways to help volunteer coach and help out at camps the same can go for any interest in arts and crafts cooking or other activities that you enjoy you will find that incorporating your personal interests and hobbies into volunteering makes it feel like less of a chore and more of an exciting activity to look forward to which brings me to my next point which is that volunteering is proven to be very rewarding for the one who is investing their time I ask my peers if they felt that people should volunteer more and every response included yes answers but no explanations as to why volunteering is so beneficial dr. Toni brayer points out that giving to others can lead to a healthier happier and longer life and that generous behavior reduces depression and the risk of suicide and adolescence he also states that volunteerism and older adults significantly reduces mortality and that giving to others enables people to forgive themselves for mistakes which is a key element in well-being volunteering can also better your well-being by building new relationships and strengthening existing ones you may be surprised by the close relationships that you form while working together for a common cause that the whole group truly and really cares about as for the existing relationships they can be greatly strengthened by sharing the bond of making a difference together I can personally say that the bond between my mother and I has improved tremendously while volunteering at local basketball tournaments yearly I encourage you to find help through your friends and family while volunteering volunteering together can ease the notice Ness that goes along with stepping into a new and foreign setting if you would like to better your community and yourself then I highly encourage you to consider lending a helping hand whether it be shoveling your neighbor's driveway or visiting at the local health care center both of which are great ideas and ways to give to sum it all up volunteering in any shape or form butters the people around you as well as your personal well-being volunteering for the first time can be difficult so don't forget the helpful resources such as volunteer match org and 1-800 volunteer org to help you get started and something that can be life-changing I challenge you to pick a realistic and desirable amount of time you would like to invest in volunteering and meet that goal your body will thank you and your community will too thank you

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  1. Hi, omg no wonder why i volunteer, at nursing homes, its ok guess mixing and being out, but sometimes omg, u have to do it for the right reasons alot my age do nothing im the only 26 year old mostly that volunteers in the activity section, im glad to in a way.

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