9 thoughts on “Personal finance education in high school | Tanvee Patankar | [email protected]

  1. My school has this class as an elective and honestly it really helped. It went over the basics of money. Saving, interest, budgeting, taxes, etc. That class helped me a lot when I went to go get my first job. What’s common sense to some isn’t always common sense to others.

  2. absolutely agree, Personal Finance should be thought at a young age, so kids grow up knowing how to manage their money and not spend it on overpriced shoes (for example) and ruin their credit history! Good job Tanvee!

  3. I’m in my 20s, and I don’t remember there being a personal finance course or anything like it in my high school or college. There needs to be classes like this, in colleges too. Classes that instruct how to pay taxes and bills, get and pay off loans, the different debt management strategies, expose myths like you need a credit card and credit score, investing, savings, the different types of savings accounts, and so on and so on.

    People, high school and up need these types of classes in school.

  4. There's so much more depth to this topic that she is a bit too young to have experienced. Great job nonetheless.

  5. This is not something that should be taught in school, not everyone does things the same way when it comes to bills and financs. You can not grade people on personal choices, and common sense. The classes students need in school are enough, this is something that a parent should take the time to teach to their children.

  6. Great job Tanvee! I hope all your viewers take time to sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/life-management-101 so that Arne Duncan and the Department of Education will consider how important this is for America's financial future!

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