29 thoughts on “Performers Expected To Talk Politics? | The View

  1. I don’t like it, celebrities have such influence over young people I don’t think it’s fair for them to make political statements to children and teens. Let them grow up and form their own opinions without influence

  2. I agree with joy. I don’t expect celebrities to take the silver spoon out of their mouth and walk the dusty pavements with us regular folks, but I do expect them to use their platform for good in however they choose whether it be to donate to certain causes or if it means raising awareness to a certain issue affecting people of color and other marginalized groups.
    I freaking love Joy.

  3. The celebs are citizens and pay taxes just like the rest of us, so they do have right to have political opinion.

  4. Most people have no clue about politics, even people in politics are clueless. Just look at the Democrats being led off the leftist cliff. Clueless. Even people that are smart have limited knowledge and it takes a lot of effort and time to build up a solid base on which you can bring something useful to the table. Most people are opinion parrots.

  5. Joy is awful, since when does wearing blackface allow someone permission to take the hosting role of the best entertainer still in television? Joy is disgusting and please bring back Whoopi

  6. Just because someone's really talented at something (that's still debatable in this case, she's pretty and she came from a rich family that bought a record company for her) doesn't mean they are well informed about politics to talk about it. That's why a lot of celebs get backlash. They don't know what they are yapping about. Not to mention celebs like her were born rich and now richer than most of us combined, how would they know what kind of issues we face in our daily lives? How would they know what kind of policy changes we need? Rich celebs "informing" us average working class people on how to make our political decisions is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

  7. Gabby is literally clueless about everything. Taylor Swift doesn't care what you think about her you FAUX News robot. You love 1A until you hear something you do not agree with. And you think you are a journalist? I hope she is a one season "host".

  8. Many celebrities are actual conservatives if any of them spoke out in support of those values they’d be pushed out of Hollywood and many would turn against them because liberals control media. It’s best to stay quiet.

  9. Even though Abby is accused many time of saying lots of words without actually saying anything, I feel she does express things a casual observer may express and I like her calming tone and presence.

  10. Joy's view is absurd and ridiculous. Would you rather someone who talks a big game on their platform that doesn't go into the community help
    and just takes care of themselves p versus someone who might be quiet but goes out and helps the community they care about? This is why I refuse to watch award shows because come on politics all the time its enough.

  11. I personally don't want to hear from both of these GOP propagandist. I would love to hear from Taylor Swift.

  12. Why isn’t anybody talking about the Weinstein trial this week it’s blowing my mind nobody is talking about his trial

  13. YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY FIRST AND FOREMOST…I don't need to hear Abby's opinion & I don't need to see Meghan's sour mug ever again.

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