Pep Guardiola furious over financial fair play question after Man City's treble triumph

Pep Guardiola furious over financial fair play question after Man City's treble triumph

40 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola furious over financial fair play question after Man City's treble triumph

  1. Man City furious after Uefa investigation is sent for final judgment โ–บ

  2. I love pep because i ama barca fan.. but pep told me are u accusing me ? .. it is not an accusation.. receiving money from anywhere in the world is not a crime.

  3. City gets banned from Champions League. Pep runs off to manage Juventus or PSG and spends billions there.

  4. "Do you know the question you're asking me?" Huh. I knew Pep could be charming, egotistical, have a lot of flair and full of energy, but this time he was straight up intimidating. I love it!

    OK, so his imperfect English holds him back a bit but come on, that was amazing!

  5. They all got an extra 50 Million bonus for winning premier league. So what its been happening for ages just like the wembley scam, the crossrail scam, the grenfell scam, NHS scam. LIBOR scam, Taxi scam, congestion charge scam, lottery scam, amazon and google scam and many many more scams.

  6. Every top flight club and governing bodies are corrupt. Its laughable that anyone takes the high ground here. Any club given the cash injection that City have had would do a great job at winning everything….however the players prices are not set by the players, they are market forces…also just spending big money does not ensure anything look at Man Utd ….Real Madrid….the point here is City are the lucky recipients of the money ALL clubs would have taken. They are however a great team of talented players winning things ….they have not cheated any more or less than anyone else in the game….I am sure this will come out in the future.

  7. If you can read and understand body language, Pep is a fascinating person to watch. Can't help but feel this goes deeper than you think…..

  8. FFP Leak very next day after Man City win Title : Solid Case or Desperate to derail Man City transfer business?

    News Media havent guts to argue that point.
    Titled video "Pep Infuriated" rather than "Unprofessional Reporter accuses Pep out of Bitterness".

  9. ofcourse he receive paymnt outside the club.every single football star and top manager like him does.its a sad old and secret story!

  10. When your club cheats you will get questions on it. Pep shouldnโ€™t have to answer, the owners should

  11. So, let's clear things up for those who are suspicious of Pep Guardiola. The guy led Barcelona to 16 titles with one of the most attractive football in history. Then he went to Bayern achieved the highest winning percentage in Bayern history with over 80%. Then he went to Man City and repeated what he did in the previous clubs. Conclusion: When takes over a team, not only does he win but he annihilates his opposition with attractive and creative football. That is impressive and should be appreciated. In addition, he makes smart transfer decisions and finds the right players and demands to be part of transfer decisions. Most managers don't do that for various decisions and thus most managers aren't successful as Pep Guardiola. He is currently the best manager in the in Europe, with Klopp right behind.

  12. I agree that reporters do intentionally ask questions to annoy the interviewee to get a reaction. The way the question is asked does sound like an accusation but it can also be taken as a genuine question seeking to get the answer from the horse's mouth. Yes, I do know you can couch your questions in a more indirect subtle manner but is it mandatory for reporters to always use the most humble and polite away possible. It's direct, but it's not rude. If you have not, then just say no.

  13. Seriously itโ€™s an open secret that Man City flout all ffp rules. One of the worst cases of financial doping sport has ever seen, and it rightly devalues every single one of their wins. Itโ€™s a plastic club with zero prestige.

  14. Dear Pep don't forget that life is too short to be taken seriously…especially when you are earning a vast amount of money watching a bunch of lads kicking a ball…hello & cheerio…next…

  15. Pep does not deserve such questions, that reporter should be displined and never allowed again to ask question to any football manager. The reporter was given the question to annoy Pep.

  16. I think,finally the football going to become politics.
    I am not support city but this kind of question behind something so sad.

  17. What a shameless, attempt to get clicks/money/relevance . Rob Harris et al and the Guardian should be ashamed. Thereโ€™s a reason youโ€™re always begging for handouts. /Delete

  18. to kill off a weaker side in a cup final with 6 goals to nil after the opponent was beaten already in the first half … says everything you need to know about that team

  19. This is disgusting! Rob Harris should be silenced. The free press abolished. His Highness will not be pleased.

  20. People seem to forger how shady manchester city and even Pep really he played the question well but this is something that should be asked more to members of the manchester city football club cause it is obvious there are some very shady things going on in the backround

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