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Today's video, it is about people who just got caught, Whether it's lying, and they're in deep s***. Caught. First up, y'all remember this guy, right? >> Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini. >> So Tai Lopez debates a hater live. >> I'm curious. I'm actually curious about
your real estate chops, alright? So give me the formula for a cap rate. Can you define what a cap rate is? >> So real let's talk about
real estate for a second. There's two things —
>> No, no, no, no. Define the formula of a cap rate. Do you know what a cap rate is? >> Absolutely. >> So all he wants to know
is this simple formula. Cap rate is net operating income over value. >> It's like ROI in the stock market. They call it cap rate.
>> No, it's not. >> It's very similar.
>> Give me the actual formula for a cap rate. >> Alright John, can I say
one thing about real estate? >> Tai, you cannot teach
a real estate course, and I love you bro,
>> John, John… >> but you cannot teach
a real estate course if you can't tell
me the formula of a cap rate. >> Who teaches my real– Who teaches my real estate course, John? >> I don't know. >> Oh so you don't know. >> He keeps trying to avoid the question. So the whole thing is that
he teaches a real estate course, and he doesn't know
this simple formula. >> I don't teach my real estate course. >> Oh, come on. >> Real estate. What's the blueprint? How can you get started? >> So he has a real estate course, and he's saying he doesn't
teach his real estate course. >> Give me the formula for a cap rate. >> The answer is 27 Lamborghinis, in my hundred car garage. I wonder what it's like
to have smart haters. I wouldn't know. >> Someone called the police
on my dog because he ran away, and attacked a deer, and I know this is serious,
but the sight of him in the cop car… Oh no, the poor doggy. They actually took him away? Man, I wouldn't let them. Take me instead. I'll bust my doggy out of jail. Man, how they gonna
take a doggo like that? Free my dude Cooper. He's a good boy. Zachary Quinto thinks
he can come into MY Starbucks, and use the fake name
Josh for his order, and not get recognized?? Girl, check your eyebrows. This is actually me. Like sometimes,
I'll go to a fitting room, or order a drink, and I'll use like a random name, Ashley. Co-worker got his lunch stolen, and they agreed to let him
watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited
I've ever been at any job, ever. The lunch in question
was shrimp fried rice, which means that escalates from
a misdemeanor to a felony no doubt. Shrimp fried rice. That sounds hella good. Case facts: Lunch was in fridge for
less than an hour before it vanished. No shrimp smell remnants
in the microwave or kitchen area. This was a professional hit no doubt. Holy shit. He's back. He watched the tape. He knows who did it. So the man whose lunch
was stolen sits across from me. The person who stole
his lunch sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME! She left for the day before
the investigation started. According to this video, the psychopath DID'T EVEN EAT THE FOOD. She took it out of the fridge,
and threw and buried it in the trash. What kind of monster does this? She must really not like you, to just take his food
and throw it in the trash, but [bleep], you got caught. There is video evidence. Y'all gonna see a
resignation letter tomorrow. Bye b******. I'm out. Off to throw away somebody
else's shrimp fried rice. What? Did this [bleep]
invent chicken fried rice? Was offended somebody
was eating shrimp fried rice? I'm the type of person to talk
about the world and politics. Did you see what Governor
Steve Buscemi said to Trump? Yeah, that shit was funny,
and I'm watching it right now and cracking up. Governor Steve Buscemi? Like yeah, look at me
being an intellectual. I literally can't. So this guy is texting this girl. So he sends her a selfie. You okay? Lol that's not even you. It is. Why say that? Pal. He forgot to change his profile pic. Delete your account Chris. Goofy-looking dude trying to catfish. When you get fired from your job, and this the evidence. They printed out a
stapled packet of her tweets. Hate customers, hope they all die. Also how rude when
customers ask for help. Do I look like a [bleep]
plumber or electrician to you? [bleep] OFF. It's a DIY store. Get out of my face. How annoying when customers
ask how much something is. Why don't you take it
to the [bleep] till, and you'll find out
because I don't know. You know you get half hour break, but you accidentally take an hour. When the card reader
literally says ready, and the customer stares
at me for five minutes, and asks if it's ready. You ugly f– Damn. This girl, she got an attitude. Do y'all really even
need evidence at this point? By the way,
if you guys have a job, and you want to keep that job, don't tweet about it, don't Facebook about it, don't post on social media. Not even Snapchat. They will find out,
and they will fire you. I told my boss I was
an hour late to work because I forgot to change my clock. Since the clocks went ahead an hour, if I actually forgot
to change my clock, I would have still been in
an hour earlier for my shift, not later. Ha! He still bought it. When the boss's is son,
me, has you on Facebook, probably stupid to put
that up on your wall. Yeah, you a little stupid. See? Stop posting about
work unless you're sure, 100% sure your account
was on lockdown private, ain't nobody that you don't like, or that would probably snitch on you, is on your friends list, then go on right ahead. But chances are
someone's gonna snitch. Need help with science homework. Water waves produced by speedboat
strike a floating inner tube. Describe the motion of the
inner tube as the waves pass by. What? This is the question. This is the exact
question from this homework, and then his teacher, Michelle L. is gonna reply. Hi, this is Miss Lee,
your science teacher, and you are not allowed to do this. Rahat, I need to speak
with you tomorrow in class. Ain't nobody safe anymore. Nobody's safe on the internet. Next thing you know, they're gonna be
checking your history to see if you Googled
the homework question. Oh that would be terrifying. Please pray for
my brother Tyler Wilson. He's in the hospital
in very critical condition after he left this morning. He never came home
until the police called. We found out he was
in really bad accident. This is how bad his car is. One like equals one respect. I would like to point out
that if this accident JUST happened, the picture would be in daylight. Another thing to point out
is this "accident" happened in 2012. Here's the link. You're lucky Brittany was nice about it. She exposed your ass. I mean who fakes their brother
getting into a car accident. Are you kidding me? Disgusting Tiffany, disgusting. Saw my friend's boyfriend at
Applebee's with another girl so I had to take a pic for proof. Damn, he like,
what the hell are you doing? And the girl, she already know. She already know she's caught, like, oh dang it! See girls, they gotta stick together. Oh no, no. That's my best friend's man. I gotta keep tabs on him. I like how they
just gonna act like, oh, we ain't together. We definitely didn't
go to Applebee's together. Definitely not cheating. This is why I have trust issues. She promised me
she wouldn't cheat again, and assured me that
we're in this together. Even though it's very awkward
that it's a friend of mine that snapped this photo, I appreciate him sending it to me. Check the comments
for the uncensored photo. Damn, she got caught. Y'all ready for this uncensored pic. Okay, so YouTube might
strike me for this video, but I'm going to go ahead,
and show you the uncensored pic. Ha, you thought. This girl promised me she
would stick to her diet with me! She's clearly drinking a grape Fanta. I am through! It is over. How dare you drink a grape Fanta? Absolutely sickening. Oh, I remember seeing this picture. Rooftop bottle
popping with NBA champ, and added him. So we got this dude over here, minding his own business, and two groupies trying
to take a pic with him, and then he's gonna call them out. Ummmm false. Y'all just asked for a pic. But they like,
popping bottles on the roof. Nah! Y'all lying. He gonna call you out. Begone thots. I hate that word. It's such a stupid word. I feel like only 12 year old boys, who have never talked
to a girl say thot. If y'all gonna be
calling girls thots, yo mama a thot. If this is your husband, I have endured a two-hour
train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser
and his friends brag about their multiple affairs, and how their wives are
too stupid to catch on. Oh, please repost… Oh, can we get a round of
applause for this woman right here, who gonna post his ass on Facebook. Oh, look at all those shares. Their wives definitely found out. Good, y'all get what you deserve. Good old instant karma. Hey, this is Coco. Can you please take that
picture you and I off your page? It's not a good look. Thank you. And we got this dude over here, I think he's famous, and he's just grabbing her booty, acting all surprised like, this is the first butt
I've ever touched. It's not a good look. Why would you take that picture, and pose for it in the first place
knowing that somebody is gonna post it? I got caught cheating on the test, and had to pretend
I was taking a selfie. Damn, looks like
her teacher bought it. Like, oh, look at Ashley. She's just trying to take a
selfie in the middle of her test. Like I'm just snapchatting, to all my followers that
I'm taking a test in my favorite class. Oh, Mr. Jones, here. You want to just be
in the picture too? Perfect! Kevin posted a pic with this girl. She's such a cutie, and she gonna call him out. A cutie that has a boy… Can you delete this? It looks like more
than it really is, and it has my bong in it. Way to crush his dreams. But I mean, this is also bad,
like you're trying to take a picture, and act like you're dating
her when she has a boyfriend. Like you gotta chill Kevin. Hey, this is gonna make me
seem EXTREMELY creepy, but I kind of got dared
to ask you how big are [bleep]? Sorry for asking, and feel free not to answer. This is literally the
absolute worst thing as a guy to ask a girl, the worst. No, no bitch. You weren't dared. Ain't nobody dare you. That just makes you sound hella pathetic. The least you can say
is you don't want to answer. And then, of course,
he has the audacity to message, Hey, smiley face. So people literally have zero shame. Called in sick to work one day. Saw one of my students at the beach. We nodded as we both realized
we were skipping my class. #IGotCaught I like how his @
is @adrunkteacher, literally. I think it's worse for the student
to get caught skipping class. I mean, the teacher
is just confusing like, hold up, don't we have class today? I snuck out my phone during lecture, and immediately received this. He got a AirDrop from his teacher. Professor Donaldson's iPhone
would like to share a photo. I'll kill you. Oh my God, this is so awesome. What if all teachers did this? Like they see you on your phone, just gonna casually
send you a AirDrop, better put that shit away. I think I saw you on
the E train last Sunday. If this is you,
you are very handsome in person! And she took a picture of this guy. I don't know if
he's famous or whatever. He's like, yes, I knew
you were taking pics of me. Thank you love! And he was taking pics of her. That's so funny. You know when it's so obvious
that somebody is taking a picture of you. They just like have their phone, and it's just like they're
looking at you taking a pic. I see you. You think I don't, but I see you. Wife: Where are you? Me: The store. Don't lie to me. I saw the Internet history. Hangs up. Map to Forest with Wolves. Wolf saddle. Can I ride a wolf? Wolf net. Wolf catching device. How can I be faster? How fast am I? How fast are wolves? Catch wolf. Buy wolf. Pet wolf worst case scenario. Pet wolf. Pet Wolf. Don't worry. He's just
getting you McDonald's, then he's gonna come home. But anyways, that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to hit
that like button in the face! Comment below. Have you ever caught any
of your friends or family doing stuff they shouldn't? I want to hear about it. And make sure you subscribe,
join the wolf pack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys.


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