People who DISAPPEARED in National Parks Bizarre TRUE stories, Missing 411 [Part 1/2]

People who DISAPPEARED in National Parks Bizarre TRUE stories, Missing 411 [Part 1/2]

There is a strange phenomena occurring where people have gone disappearing in our national parks? Some are showing up alive days later with
no memory of what happened to them, others have simply vanished without a trace, And some have even shown
up in places where searchers had already looked for them. Many believe the parks themselves
are covering up these strange and mysterious
disappearances And if that’s the case, why would
they do such a thing All of this and more on today’s
episode of Edge of Wonder. Welcome to Edge of Wonder , I’m Ben and I’m Rob So this one we were getting a lot of
comments asking us about it and one of our fans Stephanie Farlow posted
something about it to my FB page which inspired more people joining in who
all wanted to know what was going on. So Ben and I didn’t know too
much about this, I mean we heard of it but it wasn’t
completely on our radar, since we have been really
focused on the deep state. So we started to look into it and man let me tell you guys, the more
we looked into this the stranger it got. And like everything else, it has got the
illumidonkey written all over it. Yep, but to give you an example
of the strangeness of this, there was one case where a little boy whose body
was found lying on a fallen tree but the unexplained aspect of this is that
the trail searchers walked through and search that entire area for days and suddenly the body shows
up out of nowhere. In another case a 2-year-old child was
missing and after a couple of days, it was really misty and the search dogs started
to act really strange and out of nowhere the little girl came walking out of
the mist completely naked and scared to death but couldn’t say what happened to her. They thought she was with a large animal which
somehow protected her. Recently there was a documentary
called “Missing 411”, based on a series of books
written by David Paulides who had more than 20 years
of experience in law enforcement including the SWAT Team and Street Crimes
unit on the San Jose Police Department. Paulides started to get involved
in missing persons cases after a government employee
went to go see him for help. When Paulides heard the stories it only brought up more intrigued and
mystery into these disappearance with even more unanswered questions. Soon Paulides started dedicating his life to understand these mysterious
disappearances. And mystery just doesn’t cut it, I mean this is getting into real
life Stranger Things here and Paulides even started
to think in this direction. During a talk at the University of Toronto Paulides said it was “It’s like
something out of the X-files” So this isn’t just some paranormal hobbyist, this guy seriously has dedicated
his life to help figure out and understand what is happening
with these missing person cases. He also collected over 2,000 cases that have
similar mysterious characteristics. To date Paulides has some 2000 missing cases
documented related to national parks but this is where the weirdest
part comes in, there is no requirement from our
government to keep a national record for people who go missing
on Federal Land. Why, that’s the big question
everybody is asking. But if you count the missing
people in the U.S. as a total, it is a whopping 650,000 just in 2017! I mean this isn’t remotely
funny, this is crazy. Of course that also counts parents abducting
their own children to avoid child support, but this is a huge number. But for the 1600 which some say is a very
low estimate, has missing people range from all ages
and all ends of the spectrum when it comes to age and
mental capacity. Some have mental problems, some are actually extremely brilliant
and accomplished people. Even when the movie Missing 411
requested this info they were told that there were no records and to deliver one would cost the
production company $1.4 million which was probably more than
the film cost to make. So the other interesting fact is
that the Secretary of Interior is the person who oversees
the U.S. national parks, he is appointed by the president. Ken Salazar held this position
during Obama’s first term and was interviewed by the
Missing 411 film crew. He was asked asked if there was public records and he just said, “I don’t recall.” when we were watching this, I thought it was odd that the
only thing in this room was a telescope that was
pointing at a building For some reason, and look
what’s the name on the telescope Saturn If you haven’t watch our saturn videos you
probably want to go do that now. So now that’s just the name
of the company, but it is kind of odd that it is
the only thing in the room. Maybe the film crew left this
in on purpose, I mean having the telescope named
Saturn might just be a coincidence. But this is isn’t normal to have
this being the only thing in there, is it? pointing at building Now, when Ken was asked
about records kept he said there is no record
keeping of searches which seems very stupid because how would you ever
know what worked or didn’t work or find patterns for future searches. That just screams red flag, also it was would
very easy to hide things so no reports need to be filed or written up. But let’s get into some of these
super weird cases. So according to Paulides many of these cases
are clustered in certain areas, particularly around bodies of water
in national parks. If the people are found alive, they often
have memory loss. If they are found dead, the cause
of death is hard to determine. The people are often found in an area it seems
they could not have reached by foot such has on a steep rocky cliff, or they are found in a location that has already been
thoroughly searched. People are often missing
clothes and shoes. Search and rescue dogs are strangely
unable to pick up the scent, Paulides said at the University of Toronto. Some canine handlers have told Paulides their
search dogs act strangely, walking a little ways, circling, then sitting down. Now, many people claim that dangerous wildlife
are the cause of these disappearances, but there is never any mauled bodies, tracks from animals, clothes ripped
from an animal or blood anywhere. Also not to mention in the last 100 year there has only been 14 fatal mountain lion
attacks in the U.S. and Canada combined. So this doesn’t hold up at all. The other aspect is that a family member or
parents killed the child or person. You’d think that there’d be way more
mountains lions attacks in Canada, Canada is like mountain lions
jungles I think, just kidding. I am sure that in some cases this is sad but most law enforcing agencies
usually come about and rule out the parents. But there is one family who is being accused but when you listen to their testimony and the fact they have been out
every day since their son was missing…. This just doesn’t add up. No The issue is people want answers so they start
pointing fingers to fill this gap. But there are also so many things that the
parks are also covering up that this is why we think the deep state is involved. For example there is no federal standards
for terrestrial search and rescue according to Robert Koester, author of the search and rescue
guidebook “Lost Person Behavior”. So again this means that rules and regulations
are loose on national parks. But ok let’s get into some of these cases….. In one case back in 1952, 2- year-old Keith Parkins walked
around the family barn and suddenly disappeared. 200 people were called to his rescue when
his family couldn’t find him. They searched everywhere. Hours after he was missing and 3 miles as
the crow flies of his last location, a small amount of tracks from a toddler were found. They started out of nowhere and seem
to end nowhere as well. 19 hours later, his body was finally found
lying face down in the snow another 8 miles away which was in a
dense area on top of a very rocky cliff. His father picked him up and realized he was still breathing
with scratches on his face. Some of his clothes were found
lying around him. He ended up being ok but never could remember what happened or how he was able to walk
through 12 miles of snow and tough dense terrain in
19 hours while only 2 years old. I mean it seems most logical that you
would just go back to the barn. Another eerie fact is that most of the missing
persons are often found in bodies of water, but they
didn’t die of drowning. Almost as if their body was placed there. Jelloni Brinson, a 24-year-old
college soccer star whose body was found in a golf
course pond in Anoka, Minn. He went missing from a friends’
home in 2009, investigators found his hat in one backyard
nearby, and his shoes in another. But this is the unbelieve part, It had been raining for days previously and the golf course was muddy. Brinson’s socks were completely clean. So he was placed in the pond
by either someone or something. Also Paulides said that he didn’t drown, The cause of death remains
undetermined to this day. In January of 2014 in Whitby, Ontario, Jeffrey Boucher went missing
after going out for a morning run and never came back. His wife said that he would come home, change his clothes kiss her
goodbye and head for work. His mp3 player, some running clothes, His
glasses and wedding band were all missing. Soon everyone was out looking for him. Police ruled out suicide and
any foul play from his wife. Police found thirty-five-hundred
dollars in a desk at the school that he taught but school officials said that he was collecting
this money for a skiing trip with his wife. Months later his body washed up
on shore at Lake Ontario, but the weird thing is according to Paulides
his body was frozen but the lake wasn’t. Also a book came out saying it was a suicide
yet no evidence ever suggested it was. One of the more recent and
disturbing disappearances is Deorr Kunz Jr. which is also the main family
featured in “Missing 411” and one that has gotten the most
attention from all news outlets and law enforcement agencies. Deorr was 2-and-a-half years old when he vanished at Timber Creek
Campground near Leadore Idaho. His parents Jessica Mitchell
and DeOrr Kunz Sr., asked him if he wanted to go with them but he said he wanted to
stay with his grandfather so he walked back over to him. His grandfather said that he saw him, and then he went inside
the trailer for 10 min and when he came out back to
fish with his friend Isaac Reinwand, DeOrr came running up asking
where little Deorr was. No one knew and that is when
the panic set in. Jessica and DeOrr Sr. got in their car to find a signal for their phone
to call for help, because there was no signals
near that area. They got through and then the
madness set in with the media, search teams came, and they started accusing the parents all while going through the
nightmare of losing your child. They started to give press conferences but soon quit talking to the media which gave then rise to all kinds of speculations that
they were the ones that did it, or maybe it was the Isaac, the
friend, or the grandfather. The family finally hired a private investigator, but I’ll get into that a little bit later and now this private investigator is about
to release his own videos in October interviews that he had with these parents, and it seems that he’s about
ready to blame the parents for their son’s disappearance. However, watching Missing 411 they explain that the media
was twisting and misquoting them, no surprise there, so that is why they stopped and spend their whole weekends and their
own money still searching for their son. They are not giving up hope This just doesn’t add up. The issue is people want answers so they start pointing fingers
to fill this gap that is filled with mystery. But there are also so many things
that the parks are also covering up that this is why we think
the deep state is involved. Somehow involved. There hasn’t been a single
trace of clothes, bones, foot prints, nothing has been found which
makes this really bizarre and gives rise to lots of speculation. The family believes he
was abducted somehow. The only thing ever found was by Jessica which was a shovel which
had a blonde hair on it but when the team moved it,
The wind blew it And it was never found again. Now we wanted to look a little bit
into this private investigator, he said he quit but the family
said they fired him. What is interesting is that there are a few
sites dedicated to call him out on fraud charges such as this site: ViaView Files and another one insinuating he
has over 50 lawsuits against him. Might wanna do your research
before hiring a investigator. He’s got some credibility on his website, but when we look into him,
these things keep popping up. Jeez. Some of these go waaay back such as 6-year-old
Lillian Carney who disappeared in 1897. She was picking blueberries, and by the way many reports
say people go missing picking fruit, with her parents when
she just was not there. They searched for over an hour and finally got more people to help and by morning over 200
people were searching. The following day over 300
people were looking for her and that is a lot of people back in 1890 helping out since of course
phones didn’t exist. So they finally found her
after days out of nowhere, and she couldn’t remember
anything that happened, but the weirdest part is, she said it was
daylight the entire time she was missing. Entire time, how long? Like 48 hours. Daylight the entire time? Daylight the entire time. Where was she, the north pole? Time slip? This is bizarre. This is why everyone is questioning
these things. So let’ s go into conclusion,
what is happening? Well the more we researched this, the more connections we found and one case was so shocking to us that from this we knew
this has to be a cover up. But the question is, if it’s a
cover up for what? But this is where the truth
becomes stranger than fiction. Because these cases don’t follow normal
patterns you need to expand your thinking
into all possibilities. In Paulides’ own words “Folks, I have
never given you a theory. I have given you a series of facts,” “What happens if I come out and I tell you, ‘It’s that.’ And then the next day somebody
comes out and proves it can’t be that. My credibility is shot.” Now when you dig, you start realizing Paulides talks about the paranormal a lot outside of the mainstream realm. And one common theme and rather hard to
except to the average people would be… Aliens. No don’t laugh yet. Yea we are not talking about little green
men coming from the sky and abducting people. This would be a very highly
organized top secret cabal type facilities that we are
talking about here. We already know by talking to so many insiders
that secret military bases do exist. Also the search teams seem to
be covering up evidence and what really is the job
of the the Secretary of Interior, to assist or to cover up? And who knows if there are
bases under these parks. But we will get into all the details of this and the most mysterious missing persons case
we found in our next episode. Also we said earlier that 650,000 people missing
alone in just the U.S. last year? Millions of people around the world go missing and what is happening? We get into this on the next show as well. But we don’t like leaving on a negative
note. You guys might be wondering what can we do? For starters, don’t go wander off in parks or especially national parks alone. Take GPS devices with you, stay together and pay attention
to your surroundings, bring water and food. Also make sure you know the
people you are with. If you need to report something, it is better to call you local police and if you have some
information on someone or you know something you can call crime stoppers. Try to stay calm when you are calm you can
think things more clearly. It’s kind of hard to say. Comment on these cases if someone
does go missing. Also, I know this sounds kind of bad, but don’t just blindly trust
everyone you meet. Do your own research too. But seriously, if the parks released
the number of missing people, all of us might would most likely
be afraid to go there alone. Which is probably why they don’t do this. Alright you guys, what did you think of our
episode of missing people? Please hit like and subscribe
if you like this content. So we can keep producing more
of it for you guys and until next time we’ll see
you out on the edge. And stay tuned definitely for our next one which we’ll blow your minds, how crazy it gets. Indeed. One of the most recent and disturbing dister..disappearances, sorry Disapperances.

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