50 thoughts on “Paula Temple @ Peacock Society Festival 17.02.2017

  1. some alien techno this is a wicked set indeed by the queen of proper techno paula temple!! will someone download the #awakenings set b2b with rebekah

  2. ach ja die temple´s paula…stark wie immer…aber das publikum…mh nach feiern sieht das nicht grad aus,,,leute was los?

  3. 30:00 ID?
    32:30 ID?
    33:33 ID?
    40:30 ID?
    41:11 ID?
    44:15 ID?
    45:50 ID?
    46:09 ID?
    47:21 ID?

    It is nuts how she just keeps mixing and mixing and mixing. Are we sure she is human?! 😀

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