Paul Verhoeven on Dutch “left-fascist” cultural establishment

Paul Verhoeven on Dutch “left-fascist” cultural establishment

it was more that the circumstances
in Holland in the eighties started to change all these movies in Holland I made with subsidies of the government otherwise it is too expensive for producers so you get forty, fifty, sixty percent from the government, for the budget and the committees that give you the money – I’m sure you know all about committees – this is one of them that became more and more political and then I mean left-wing political, which in this case nearly is equal to leftist fascism it became much more difficult to get money for normal movies it had to be culturally relevant or intellectually relevant, sociologically relevant and that’s not how I thought about moviemaking so they started to refuse me money although the movie I had made were extremely successful and the most successful in fact, ever made in Holland that was not something you could use as a bonus, that would not help you at all the fact that it was successful meant it
was not good: culturally, intellectually, artistically,
sociologically and so it became impossible to get money and there were always phone calls from the United States to come over and finally my wife said: we should go

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  1. `De nieuwe fascisten noemen zich anti-fascisten´ (Winston Churchil). Klopt helemaal. Links zijn de grootste fascisten die er rondlopen. Doe wat ik zeg, niet: doe wat ik doe. Jij mag niet vliegen. Dat is vervuilend, maar ik wel want ik ben belangrijk. Demoniseren, sociaal isoleren, belachelijk maken en voor ziek verklaren (zie Honecker methoden) in plaats van gezond debatteren. Some animals are more equal than others. Politieke terreur: in elke zin 2x het woord racisme en discriminatie.

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