Paul Rimmer on National Populism and the demise of Conservative & Labour party corrupt politics !

Paul Rimmer on National Populism and the demise of Conservative & Labour party corrupt politics !

41 thoughts on “Paul Rimmer on National Populism and the demise of Conservative & Labour party corrupt politics !

  1. Britain as been asleep for far to long. ,,,, its time to make a stand. The lion must roar. Not. Meow.

  2. Brexit Party is the new monied class party? Ukip is the new working class party?
    It appears we are now in a fight against ethno genocide as implemented by the new world order. Their plan is to break the nation state. Replace threat of annihilation by war with annhilation by eco disaster creating need for global solution. See Iron Mountain Report.
    £5 billion for Westminster renovation but can't find £30 million to save 25,000 jobs in British steel because of EU directives on state aid. But the French can bailout their car industry every year? Paedo Heath agreed to smash British manufacturing as part of the deal on common market entry then D-noticed the deal so the British people wouldn't find out what they'd agreed to until it was too late. All leaders since have followed the plan. Thatcher turned on them – attack of conscience? – within weeks of ’that’ Brussels speech, she was gone. Stabbed in the back by all the other Bilderbergers in our government.

  3. the muslims vote that's why they have so much power, we must get our people to vote, i do not like the way australians do it, but maybe this is the answer the working class have to vote we have to vote for patriotic parties

  4. If you keep asking why you will eventually find the answer. If something seems odd keep asking why. The answer will be so crazy your brain will refuse to believe it. It took me 11 years of questioning to get there and ties many other strange parts of history. Islam is the problem but its not the problem its a symptom.

  5. Well said, 1st time I've come across your channel but I aint going to give you 1p of my hard hard money! lol

  6. The globalist are planning our fall down we must be aware of the deepstate assault keep open mind to every aspect of economic invasion . We have to bring our family back together the honest working class.✊🍺⚒

  7. howdy Paul & Mike thanks for the data at 1:30 – 80 thousand muslims in 1980 and now 4 million muslims well there is nothing to hide here except an awkward prediction for Britons peeps. I bet Germany is looking at those numbers under a few lens. Everyone sees a large muslim gene pool in Pakistan de-evolving so left to it's own demise their gene pool ends itself.

  8. Spot on ! Every word ! BREXIT PARTY ! got my Vote" at 7am Oldham" ENGLAND ! Sunday is RESULT DAY ! I live only metres, away from a Parish church Junior school " it is 97% MUSLIM ! War silent war ! against all white Christian people" Replaced by the EVIL ISLAM RELIGION ! Dirty looks and get Spat on a regular basis because I dress well like an Englishman always wear a shirt and tie waistcoat and jacket and when I get home I take off my jacket to see if I have been SPAT ON ! because I'm a white Englishman" living in a a town full of people" who despise the sight of me ! Deaf I am since a child ? Body language and being an expert ! in reading body language, has never failed me" in over 42 years !

  9. It's been like waiting for a volcano to wake up it will be soon now this volcano is going to blow it's top

  10. Don't worry about the higher Islamic increase in pollution… Simple solution……. Get them to learn how to play darts 🎯 Drink crap 🍻 beer and all will end well.

  11. Brilliantly put Paul! It's all about money. The moneyed classes of all nation believe that we are property. It's called neo-Feudalism the ultra-wealthy think that we were born to serve them. When the ultra-rich believe that we are their chattel, we take to protecting ourselves by EVERY means necessary. The is short before we turn this around. And rest assured the 'elites' of the financial and political classes will not like our push-back.

  12. Very well said Paul & correct. At this moment in time i will be voting for Gerard/UKIP, no offence. Regards.

  13. I hope the Establishment dont tamper with this Democratic Vote …I find it difficult to trust them anymore…..

  14. BIGGEST fault with our political system is it has FAR TOO MANY IDIOTS who go from school to government BYPASSING REALITY , LIFE and any BUSINESS sense , so they are EASY to baffle and beat in ANY NEGOTIATIONS

  15. THE root of our Problems is we now have far to many Foreigners try to take over our Country ,they act as if they own our lands ,i am glad we now have the chance of a new Government ,we need to protect our Borders more then ever now ,they get into our Country like rats jumping a sinking ship

  16. Paul, I worked in China for 12 years from 1998. I work in the car industry. When I left the UK the local UK content in a Nissan car was 98%, when I came back 12 years later. Mr. Blair had given the work to the EU. Local UK content had reduced to 15%. This made me very mad and got me involved with politics. Our politicians and the EU have raped our manufacturing, farming and fishing industries. They took money and pensions to do it at the expense of the British people. You are right, Sunday night will show the people's discontent. Will the politicians take it on board. I think not. We all need to support the Tilbrook case and the Tommy revolution.

  17. General Patton: "We fought the wrong enemy". US and UK essentially fought on the side of Communism and Zionism, two sides of the same coin. The rest is history. EU = USSR reborn.

  18. If you study the Truth of WWII and not the garbage (((story))) we have been (((sold))), it was essentially the same fight.

    In fact all through out the past centuries from ~600 AD onwards, pushing back the invading Muslim Jihadi hordes, finally liberating Europe fully in the late 1800s with help from the Russians. Synagogue of Satan, Muslims and Jews collaborating to undermine Western Christian Civilization.

  19. The future likely holds a huge global scale Cultural Civil war: Freedom, nation states, identity vs Marxist Globalist Totalitarianism

  20. WE ARE WINNING, now that traitor May has decided to stand down it is our turn to start the changes, the next election will see the end of Conservatives and Labour parties.Then we can start OUR REFORMS, the immigrants are in for a BIG SHOCK because the gravy train is grinding to a stop, paying for immigrant children will be one of the first things to go, the British tax payer is fed up with paying you to have loads of children which puts our services under load and clogs up our other services.If an immigrant has NOT WORKED for one year cut their welfare by 50%, and do the same every year after that, if an immigrant breaks the law put them through the legal system then deport them (and their family) out of Britain.We have the BEST LAWS in the world so sharia WILL NOT be allowed, if you want to live under sharia go to a country that will provide it, no amount of screaming and yelling will make us change our minds.Every country that has been infiltrated by muslims has fallen into decay and we don't want that here, they want everything for nothing and they want to take us over, THAT WONT HAPPEN.CHANGES ARE COMING AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT.

  21. Apologies to Dylan Thomas: "Do not go gentle into that goodnight . . . rage, rage against the dying of the light", Right behind you Paul, never, never give in! "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime" Sir Edward Grey, as Britain embarked upon the First World War. I am daily saddened and mortified by ordinary folk in this country, saying to me, "we're not allowed to say that now" WTF?

  22. Thoughtful video. Why don't you do a piece on the London Islamist knife attackers? Two of the three were in the UK by virtue of EU Freedom of Movement provisions. One Italian national and one non-EU national with an EU Family Permit. There's been no discussion of the implications of this for continued membership of the EU.

  23. Muslim figures slightly awry . There's 2.8 million of them which is around 4/5% of the population. Still a massive rise by a minority group but its not yet 4 million.
    What is a given is that Muslims will be 10 million in number by 2050.
    Once you understand why it's being allowed to happen you can do something about it but unfortunately not many people including yourself Paul, don't.

  24. Muslims back Labour and Labout know it and so cowtow to them. Labour are the problem. Tories are the province of the "middle classes" and "upper-middle classes". There is the battle but on both sides it is self-interest and not broad-interest. That is why Tommy has made such an impact. "Real People" recognise it.

  25. PAUL: Great analysis! Why do all these MUSLIMS not wish to live, and help to flourish, ISLAMIC COUNTRIES? What ARE MUSLIMS doing here? I know what the answer to that question is; and it is an ISLAMIC answer, vested in the concept of JIHAD. But our Political Class – and the religiously-illiterate SJWs – will never accept that. Of course, one day – when ISLAM is sufficiently strong numerically to assert its right to change the secular UK governance to a THEOCRATIC form of governance (where old men with beards decide what 'allah' wants!) – the Political Class and the SJWs are all going to have to convert to ISLAM, or have their heads severed from their bodies. Being cowardly by nature, they will 'convert'.

  26. The Labour Party are even more awful than the Conservatives,and that's coming from a working class northerner.

  27. I'm not against carefully controlled immigration where we have skills gaps but prefer working visas rather than "right to remain" all the time. And if people do stay they must be culturally compatible with us & contribute. As for cultural dilution I'm sick of it. I don't care what you say but no one whose not either fought or died for this country, built it, contributed to it etc will love this country like we do. Through traitorous Marxists policies the UK has been sold off slice by slice to the EU & Saudis, who fund the Political Islamic invasion of our beautiful island. When I look at some of the seriously unhinged people in politics such as Diane Abbott, Anna Soubry, they are not fit for purpose, yet these people look down on Tommy Robinson & his followers as worthless working cattle. Disgusting is too weak a word to describe it. There is more intellect, compassion & love of country in Tommy & certainly you Paul. Please Paul, chose a party, hopefully ForBritain, get a seat in a local council office and carry on the good fight.

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