Paul Jay on Trump’s Iran War Agenda and Liberals’ Korea Peace Panic

Paul Jay on Trump’s Iran War Agenda and Liberals’ Korea Peace Panic

It’s The Real News. I’m Aaron Mate. Returning from his summit with Kim Jong-un
in Singapore, President Trump tweeted that there is no longer a nuclear threat from North
Korea. Now, that is premature, as negotiations between
the U.S. and North Korea have just begun. But the summit is a step forward. The leaders of the U.S. and North Korea met
for the first time, and Trump even pledged to halt war games on the Korean Peninsula. I want to get our soldiers out. I want to bring our soldiers back home. We have right now 32000 soldiers in South
Korea. And I’d like to be able to bring them back
home. But that’s not part of the equation right
now. At some point I hope it will be, but not right
now. We will be stopping the war games, which will
save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see that the future negotiation
is not going along like it should. But we’ll be saving a tremendous amount of
money. Plus, I think it’s very provocative. Now, one of the countries voicing skepticism
of Trump’s commitment to peace in Korea is Iran, which, based on its recent experience
with the nuclear deal and Trump, has warned Kim not to get his hopes up. And Iran’s concerns raised another question. Even if there is an eventual deal with North
Korea, could Trump and the right-wing hawks around him use that triumph as a cover for
a war against Tehran? Well, joining me to discuss is Paul Jay, senior
editor here at The Real News. All right, Paul. So, interesting dynamics going on around this
Trump-Kim summit. You have got partisan Democrats and liberals
here in the U.S. voicing alarm at the sight pf Kim being treated as an equal, and Trump
raising the prospect of withdrawing U.S. troops, and even halting war games. But at the same time also, not much attention
is being paid to maybe possible ulterior motives by Trump and his people, and how this summit
could be used for their agenda, including in Iran. And this is a point that you raised to me
earlier this week. And I’m wondering if you expand on your thoughts
on this issue, what you think Trump and his people might be up to here. Well, I think you can’t judge what’s going
on in North Korea without putting it into the overall strategy of both U.S. foreign
policy in general, and in particular this clique that’s in charge of the White House
right now. And if you want to understand the overall
strategy, one only needs to go back to the document in the late 1990s, I think it was
’98. There was organization created, of which John
Bolton, the former national-, the current national security adviser, was one of the
people that helped create this document called the Project for a New American Century. And people like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and
Cheney were all part of this vision, and we saw how this vision got executed during the
Bush administration. And that’s essentially a vision that in the,
after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States is now a single superpower. The world is a single superpower world, and
should stay that way. And number two, the United States should use
its military power to reshape the world as it would like it to be. Most specifically, regime changes in various
countries, which includes Syria, I believe including Libya, and of course, the big target
was Iran. The, the current cabal, which I include Trump
in, is very focused on Iran. It’s the single issue that was really different
from the Obama administration, where the Obama administration saw that it was worth reaching
a compromise with Iran on the nuclear issue and accepting that Iran is a regional power. Even in the debates, the primary debates when
Obama was there in the vice presidential debates, Biden, they both talked about you need to
accept that Iran is now a real regional power, and that’s how life is. Well, this group around Trump and the people
they represent do not want to accept Iran as a regional power. And that, of course, includes Saudi Arabia
and Netanyahu’s Israel. They want to weaken Iran as much as possible,
so that if, so if nothing else, it’s a weak regional power. And they are very open about the fact that
they would much prefer regime change. And how you get to regime change in Iran is
you try to destabilize the place. You try to have sectarian warfare in Iran. You try to create an Iraq out of Iran internally. I don’t think at this point they’re talking
about troops in Iran, but the people around Trump, especially John Bolton and Pompeo,
but especially Bolton, who knows what they’re thinking, because who would imagine invading
Iraq? But John Bolton was one of the architects
of that. John Bolton is a war criminal. I say that in every sense of the word. John Bolton helped fabricate, knowingly fabricate,
evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, excuse me, in order to instigate a war
that led to the deaths of at least a million civilians, millions of refugees, and more
or less destruction of the country. John Bolton has suggested the same thing for
North Korea. He was certainly very much in favor of destroying
Libya. And he’s very much for regime change in Iran. So now look at the issue of Korea in all this. Well, one of the, excuse me, one of the points
of that Project for a New American Century document was that the American people have
war fatigue after Vietnam. It’s very hard to launch military adventures
when the American people have enough of this stuff. And it actually says in the document, this
is late 1990s, that without another Pearl Harbor kind of event, Americans won’t support
this kind of, they don’t use the word aggressive war, but that, that’s what it was. And lo and behold, we get a Pearl Harbor event
on September 11, 2001. We can have a whole other conversation about
how and who and how that took place, and it’s worthy of much more conversation that’s ever
taken place in mass media. But that being said, North Korea is not part
of the strategic vision of this administration. Everything goes back to getting ready for
preparing public opinion for Iran, the same way post 9/11 everything was about Iraq. So even though the attacks, to a large extent,
were organized from Afghanistan, al Qaeda, bin Laden from Afghanistan, I don’t think
there’s any doubt about that, the war in Afghanistan and the chase for bin Laden was very secondary. It was even half-hearted because we know from
all kinds of books and articles, and people from the administration that have said so,
it was always about invading Iraq. Well, now it’s all about Iran. And so of course it’s not another 9/11 event. What this is is a big propaganda event. So what we have is a mutually advantageous
propaganda event that helps make Trump look like a peacemaker. He’s not a completely rabid war hawk, which
clearly with Bolton and Pompeo and others there he looks like, and is. And so they get a propaganda win, and the
North Koreans get a propaganda win. And lost in all this is two things. One, the real yearning and desire of the peoples
of both South and North Korea for a real, genuine rapprochement and an end to this almost-war. And of course the other, what’s being ignored
is what they have planned, which is essentially the destruction, if they can achieve it, of
Iran as a modern society. Let me ask you, though, about what you make
then of the hawkish pushback that Trump is getting from the right. And that right in this case, this week at
least, includes Democrats in terms of them being upset at the prospect of withdrawing
U.S. troops from Korea. And let me actually play a clip. This is a sample, a good sample, of the sort
of liberal discourse that’s been going on on MSNBC. And it comes from a former NATO Commander
James Stavridis. And he explained what he saw as the real reasons
for us the U.S. troop presence in South Korea. We ought to remember, our troops are there
not as an act of goodwill to South Korea. They are there to enhance U.S. influence in
the region, to ensure that we keep those sea lanes of communication open, that are trade
can flow freely, that we have a voice in the events there. For the exact same reason that we still have
about 50000 troops in Europe. They’re not there as an act of goodwill. They’re there to accomplish U.S. national
security objectives. So we draw them down at risk to those objectives. And it is very short-sighted to say, oh, yeah,
this will be a twofer. We can reduce tension and save some money
by getting our troops off the peninsula. Not the right way to think about this one. That’s former NATO Commander James Stavridis
speaking to MSNBC. And I should clarify, that wasn’t actually
a great sample of liberal opinion because he actually was honest there, Paul. He’s saying that we’re not there in South
Korea for goodwill, we’re there so we can have influence and have a voice, and keep
sea lanes open for our own good. So I’m wondering, your thoughts on what he’s
saying there, and the overall reaction of liberal hawks when it comes to the prospect
of reducing the U.S. military presence in South Korea. Well, first of all, I agree with you. I think what he said is a more or less honest
appraisal of why troops are actually in South Korea, and Europe, for that matter. It is for the geopolitical strategic objectives
of traditional U.S. foreign policy, and how they see that Brzezinskian chessboard playing
out. And of course in South Korea, it’s all about
China. And so to have so many troops so near China
is not something Pentagon and traditional foreign policy people are at all interested
in. I think there’s something specific happening
here. And one, well, let me just say on the question
of the base, U.S. troops in South Korea, so far it’s just a propaganda event. Trump lies 50 times a day. He sees these kinds of pronouncements as just
tactical moves in terms of how he communicates his whims of the day. Not to say they don’t have a bigger plan,
which again I say is Iran. But it doesn’t mean anything that he can make
a promise that someday they’ll take these troops out. It’s dangling something as the great negotiator. But there is something going on that’s a little
specific about Trump. They are so focused on the issue of a war
against Islam, although they call Islamic terrorism or extremism. It’s truthfully not at all a war against Islam,
really, because if it was you couldn’t, they couldn’t be so allied with Saudi Arabia. It’s really, again, as I say, about Iran. They can’t, do not want a major regional power
that isn’t under American control. So every, every time you want to talk about
anything to do with foreign policy, you’ve got to work your way back from what does this
mean in terms of Iran, and what does it mean in terms of China? And that includes the Trump strategy towards
Russia. The traditional foreign policy establishment
wants to maintain this new Cold War with Russia because it serves the arms industry to have
an existential threat. You don’t need a dozen multibillion dollar
Ford-class aircraft carriers to fight ISIS. You need a big power threat. You can’t have these kind of military budgets
without without a Russia, and then later at some point China. So far the narrative from, from the foreign
policy establishment is more focused, focused on Russia because the economic intermingling
with China is just so complicated that they can’t raise the level of tension with China
to the level they require. So this is what’s kind of interesting about
Trump, is Trump wants to lower tensions with Russia partly because he was involved with
Tillerson and Exxon and a big energy play they want to do in Russia. They want to reopen, Putin was ready to kind
of reopen Russian oil fields, and kind of, he wants to get back into the G8, Putin. They wanted the sanctions lower, lifted. And Trump was willing to play with Putin on
this because his target is Iran and China. So lower tensions with Russia get focused
on your strategic, strategic objective. This does not play well with the traditional
foreign policy establishment, the neocons, who are very linked to the arms industry. And then the Democrats, many of whom themselves
are up to their eyeballs with the arms industry themselves, and they see partisan advantage. Because there’s such, so many decades of Cold
War and Russian rhetoric they can play that card to see if they can wound Trump electorally. This is why, I think, you see Rachel Maddow
going on and on and on about Russiagate, and Russia this and Russia that. Because, well, first of all it’s a ratings
win. Look at how MSNBC is doing. You know, Fox throws red meat to their base,
and now MSNBC is throwing meat, red meat to people that hate Trump. Paul, Paul, speaking of which, let me play
for you a clip from Rachel Maddow just last night connecting the North Korea issue to
Russia. Russia has just this tiny little border, 11
mile long border, with North Korea, with one crossing on a train. And they’ve got a troubled and varied history
over the decades with that country. But Russia is also increasingly straining
at its borders right now, and shoving back U.S. and Western influence, especially U.S.
and Western military presence anywhere near what it considers to be its own geopolitical
interests. And one of the things that they have started
to loudly insist on is that the U.S. drop those joint military exercises with South
Korea. The U.S. has kept those going as a pillar
of U.S. national security strategy for 70 years now. Until last night, when Trump casually announced
that that’s over now, he’s doing away with those. Blindsided everybody involved, and gave North
Korea something they desperately want and would do almost anything for, except he gave
it to him for free. How come? So there you go. You have the top liberal cable news host not
just lamenting the possible end of U.S. military exercises on the Korean peninsula which he
says have been going on for 70 years since, by the way, the U.S. basically destroyed most
of North Korea, but then also putting the blame for that development by Trump on Russia. I hadn’t seen that clip. And it’s honestly, it’s astounding to me. I have seen how Rachel Maddow has, who will
say anything to try to get on this anti-Russia bandwagon. But to go so far as to call this massive troop
buildup a pillar of-, in South Korea a pillar of national security? How does this defend the borders of America,
to have thousands of troops extending American power into Asia? That’s not national security. That’s empire. That’s trying to control the world. That’s trying to have your influence to try
to dominate Asia, and not allow China, which is, again, a regional power. Not a global power, but the United States
doesn’t even want obvious regional powers to emerge. And she calls that national security like
South Korea, North Korea is a threat to the United States. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Even the intercontinental ballistic missiles
are obviously there for defensive purposes. At the very least for negotiating- at the
most for negotiating purposes. I mean, to throw a few missiles America’s
way. I mean, what’s the answer? It’s the end of North Korea. I mean, it’s ridiculous to consider it a threat. So what is the real threat? What, China? This is this is the thinking of neoconservatives. It’s the thinking of the Project for a New
American Century. Rachel Maddow, this Rachel Maddow, would be
at home in the Cheney-Bush administration. But it’s all about partisan advantage, because
oh, she’ll critique Bush-Cheney over the Iraq war. Actually, I don’t know where she was in the
buildup to the Iraq war. I actually don’t know what side of it she
was on. She opposed it. She opposed it back then. But that’s that’s, it speaks to where we are
now. Yeah. It’s just partisan advantage. It’s ratings. And it’s horrible. Because it’s, it’s getting people’s eye off
the real threats, which is look at what Trump said when he went to the CIA. Just a few weeks after he’s inaugurated he
goes to the CIA, makes a public speech. We have it on The Real News. More than once we’ve we’ve reported on this. And he says to the CIA, which had time you
had some conflict with. This is his kiss and make up meeting. He says, he says, you guys, number one, are
going to be able to, quote, fight without restraint. That means don’t worry about killing civilians. And two, he says, I’m quoting almost verbatim,
I always said we should have grabbed the oil in Iraq, and haha, he laughs, I think you
guys are going to have a second chance. So the idea of destabilizing, stabilizing,
weakening Iran, perhaps even going after the oil in Iraq, which is the greatest source
of light crude in the world right now that isn’t being exploited anywhere near to the
extent it could be, the reshaping of the Middle East, the regime changes they want. I mean, this is where we’ve got to be looking
at. We can’t get-, you know, what is a con man? A con man is a magician, which is look over
here, look over here, look over here, because over here is where the real thing’s happening. And everyone’s either playing along with this
Trump game, or even worse, what Rachel Maddow, with, with a kind of liberal mask, is actually
pushing a John Bolton kind of hawkishness about Russia. Paul Jay, senior editor of The Real News,
thanks very much. Any time. And by the way, we are launching our summer
fundraising drive. We cannot do this content without you, our
viewers, so please go to our website to support us. Thank you for joining us on The Real News.

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  44. There never was a Nuclear threat from N. Korea. North Korea pledged to defend itself if attacked and including with nuclear weapons.

  45. These "liberal" Democrats who actually seem to WANT war with Korea and Russia because their hatred of Trump is stronger than anything else, including their humanity, are sick. That, or they love the National Security State, largely because they – in media and in Congress – are bought and paid for by armament makers. When will the rank and file wake up to what reactionary hawks these people are? They're not merely aping Republicans, they're behaving like RIGHT-WING Republicans.

  46. peace maker? Crazy: Afghanistan,Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, et al very much war zones for the us and its cronies for starters

  47. Obama invaded Syria. US troops are in Syria. Perhaps US has secured its foothold in Syria.
    Now what?
    After Iraq, it was Libya. And then Syria.

  48. Maddow, and everybody else at (MS)NBC do not have full control of their content. No doubt the same elsewhere on corporate news.

  49. Cudos to Paul Jay for speaking out against Korea-baiting and Russia-baiting. He GETS it! So should all progressives. #Koreagate

  50. Paul Jay seems to have one standard for his ideological political allies, and another for his ideological political foes. Shame, I had great hopes for TRNN.

  51. If Trump thinks he can buy Russia's foreign policy, he is sorely mistaken.
    Invading and looting Iran is a pipe dream. Not going to happen. The cost of waging a conventional war on Iran will be so high, Americans will lynch Trump and his neocon buddies. If Trump attempts using nukes against Iran, Russia will annihilate the USA and everyone standing by it without any warning.
    The only course open to Trump regarding Iran is to unleash the USA's attack dog in the Middle East, Israel, let them bomb Iran's nuclear facilities and wait for the fall out. But even that won't work out as Americans expect. Russia will introduce a resolution the UNSC calling for the disarming of Israel and crippling sanctions until the disarmament and withdrawal from all occupied territories is complete, while warning that should 5he resolution fail to pass the UNSC, Russia will attend to the task of disarming Israel herself, if necessary by bombing Israel to kingdom come.

  52. """administration's war-mongering on Iran"" REALLY ? Before 9/11 Iran was responsible for killing more Americans , AND Iran was connected to the 9/11 attacks in Federal Court and fined several billion dollars .. AND Iran has spent several billion dollars in its asymmetrical wars against Israel and the US through the use of its proxy forces , Hezbollah, Hamas, fought US Troops in Iraq 2004 -2011, killing hundreds and injuring thousands with its IEDs and EFPs

  53. The peace stunt in Singapore is standard US procedure – legitimise a brutal dictator, ignore human rights abuses provided that there are some concessions for US corporate power. The Kim regime in NK has now been legitimised just like the Saud monarchy, the Sisi regime, the Hadi regime, the Duerte regime, Myanmar and the monarchies of the gulf etc

  54. Is Paul Jay a 9/11 conspiracy theorist? Wow, I think I love The Real News even more now. I agree that the media should be taking a deeper look at the MANY 9/11 coincidences. As one of the dopes who was naive enough to sign up for the military and saw what these disastrous wars look like first hand, I don't want to think that 9/11 was an inside job, but there seems to me to be too many coincidences to write off this conspiracy as just a crazy theory only propagated by tin foil hat wearing loonies. I would love to hear Paul Jay's opinion on this matter, but I understand if we never do, since expressing even the slightest doubt at the official narrative means that you will be completely shunned by the media and American public in general.

  55. Thank you Aaron Mate, Paul Jay, and The Real News Network for having such and intelligent, nuanced discussion about this topic. This is why I get my news on Youtube.

  56. Whenever you hear the term “national security” simply replace it with “corporate interests”. Our military is paid for by us to advance the oligarchy not to save us from enemies. And we kill and displace millions toward that end.

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