7 thoughts on “Paul Gorski on Deficit Ideology and Poverty

  1. Would you say that the understanding of deficit ideology has evolved from critical theory, some other theory, or no particular theory?

  2. All school staff should hear this conversation about the deficit ideology. You nailed it when you stated that there are stereotypes that are promoted by the existing deficit perspective. Excellent! Thank you!

  3. Morningcoffee–based on your responses, I don't think you've looked very closely at deficit ideology because what you describe really has very little to do with it. It does not refer to somebody struggling in math and us recognizing she or he is struggling in math. It refers to somebody assuming based on existing stereotypes that outcome inequalities exist because of inherent deficiencies in particular groups of students.

  4. Part 1 I have looked into Deficit Ideology more since watching this video and some others. I have come to the conclusion that people who get hung up on this theory don’t understand trouble shooting, strengthening & sharpening skills, or basic training. To look for areas one can improve is NOT a sign of “believing” someone is broken.

  5. Your comment is very simplistic. Do you think you could develop this idea and leave a comment that is worth something. Also, your handle is pretty immature as well. Nice work.

  6. At about 8:25 you say that the mid 70s was the birth if the neo-liberal movement. Did you mean neoconservatism?

  7. (Part one) I have listened to this video a variety of times because it fascinates me. While I agree with many things that you say, I find a lot of it very one-dimensional. The topic you touch on has many many layers to it. Therefore, I believe it requires a 360 approach. I understand the problems that come with blaming the victim, but when victims pass on destructive belief systems that were imposed upon them, it can take several generations to default back to a positive self-image.

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