Pastor Pulled To Safety At Charlottesville White Nationalists March | AM Joy | MSNBC

Pastor Pulled To Safety At Charlottesville White Nationalists March | AM Joy | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Pastor Pulled To Safety At Charlottesville White Nationalists March | AM Joy | MSNBC

  1. You won't see any Israeli/Jewish factions in this protest, the reason being that Netanyahoo and Israelis are  Nazi supporters.

  2. JOY IS A RACIST!!! She's always looking for Editorals to Smear White Males. Anti Trump, Insults Progressives by Calling Us Bernie Bros, and is Pushing Corporate Greed via K Harris

  3. Alt-Right Terrorism

    Radical White Extremism

    Will Not Be Tolerated in America

    Why is it so hard for Trump to call out Radical White Terrorist?

  4. America has gone back to the past;full of ignorance with violent tendencies towards difference!No natzi is legal in America.

  5. Americans died for fighting the Nazi regime , some of those white people honor the sadistic Nazi ideology, Donald Trump started his campaign attacking minorities in the u.s and was supported by former kkk David Duke and members of the alternative right (alt right)

  6. I do not believe Trump is racist or that he approves of the violence that happens on either side. Why weren't msm as concerned with the violence by anti fascist at Berkley? Why was the Obama administration not condemning BLM after murdering several cops in Dallas. Or the many Muslim terror attacks that took place? Please, call out all hate!!

  7. LOVES BEGINS AT HOME, regardless WHAT ages is children, we teach OUR children to be affectionate and
    understand to other's, society has changed, BACK in the days isn't like THIS, not so MUCH hatreds.

  8. Obama admin & Congress coup in Ukrained powered by Nazis like this only scarier with support of MSNBC. Your Orwellian reporting on Ukraine is to blame. If you drink your own cool aid, check it out.

  9. coloured lives don't matter when it comes to law . humans are not crayons. this is Moroccan land if you ain't no Moroccan you are second class citizens to us moors don't forget that for the colored people. get a nationality and know the law. r v bey publications website.

  10. After the rain !!!! The sun will shine in our favor my people just hold on!!! These un Godly people on their way out and they know that they can and will be replaced!!! God speed!!!!

  11. How un-American for Americans to fight for a Robert E. Lee statue and to scream Nazi chants when many American soldiers died defeating the Nazis. These people aren't proud or patriotic, they're terrorists.

  12. "members of the National Socialist Movement, the Traditionalist Workers Party"….two questions, do these misinformed jobless sewage tanks of society have any idea what those two terms In quotes really are if you asked them? the obvious hypocrisy is most of them are jobless, broke bums, seething with anger? WTF.

  13. MSNBC Joke City…even when the reporters are saying Antifa and BLM are causing fights they still don't call them out, but continue to state it's only the Alt-Right causing problems. Come on….how afraid can you be of guys carrying TIKI torches.

  14. How does the US government allows these extremist terrorist groups carrying flags as Extremist propaganda on the streets of America.

    Wtf???? Thats like iSiS extremists walking around with their flags and the government letting them.
    These people are fanatics of terrorist extremists groups they should be deported and the ones who are American should be detained. WTF is this double standard of the American government.????

  15. For those that didnt notice or do not know at 1:41 real freedom fighters walked through cameras from the foreign battalion of the YPG YPK Kurdish freedom fighters not a bunch of polo dorks.

  16. we must impeach Trump the white supremacy president of the United States in 2017 this is so crazy but if you look in your history we've always known it's still here and still thriving racism is alive

  17. Presenting: the ugly hard core of Trump voters, the 30+ % who thinks he's doing a "swell" job no matter which scandals he's involved with, they have his back because they share his hatred and fear of the black man.

  18. Obama's Presidency = Peace and Stability in America.

    Trumps Presidency = Neo Nazis in the Streets of America.

  19. I'm surprised trump doesn't sign an executive order forbidding the removal of any of these statues. His grandchildren are all Jews, his daughter and son in law are Jews. The kKK, White supremacists n white nationalists hate Jews,anyone of colour, and homosexuals. Yet trump condones these groups and refuses to call them out as home grown terrorists. Why?

  20. You better make sure the Republicans never see the White House again the Senate house or congress better get them out and keep them out.

  21. Where's the U.N. when you need them? The world needs to come to terms with the fact that white supremacy is a global problem.

  22. Joe Manchin is the most far-right leaning "democrat"
    The progressive wing of the party doesn't even consider him a D.
    He voted for many of Trump's cabinet nominees, including Jeff Sessions, Rick Perry, Pompeo, and friggin Betsy DeVos! He says it was in the name of "bipartisanship" but its more than clear, when you look at who his billionaire donors are, where his allegiance lies.
    Because of these facts, he is up against a huge range of primary challengers from the left next year, which he plays coy about publicly, pretending he doesn't care. If he could make a deal with Donald Trump, (a little scratching on his back for helping Trump get some of his nominees approved through the Senate) then he could keep doing the work of his donors, and keep his legalized bribe money.

    This is why people trusted Trump more than Hillary, because she is just as 'bought and sold' as most of the establishment democrats.
    (The Republican establishment is too, they are just not hiding it. They have enough balls to not be 'shamed' by selling their positions because their voters aren't educated enough to care.)

    Well, it turns out Joe Manchin and Trump can actually help each other out right now, and I can't believe I didn't see it coming but it is SO OBVIOUS!

    Joe Manchin might be tapped by Trump to take Rick Perry's place at the Energy dept. so he can move to Gen. Kelly's open spot!
    The recently converted D to R governor of West Virginia would be able to fill Joe Manchin's vacancy giving the GOP another vote in the Senate!!!

    If you care about millions of people losing their health care so the GOP's mega-rich donors can get mega-richer,

    Spread the word!!!!

  23. In US the gays
    the women
    the emigrants
    the blacks
    the president haters
    every body go on the streets to protest
    why these group cannot do it ?
    In my opinion is too much or abuse of freedom of expression .

  24. Excellent reporting, Joy. Thank you for staying with it. Your indepth coverage and panel commentaries just keep getting better and better. You provide very objective and informed analyses of events of a difficult and personal nature. I admire your clarity and your strength. Keep up the good work.

  25. its nice to see Americans standing against the fascist groups of; white supremacists , kkk and nazi supporters shame more wasn't willing to stand up and be counted against these morons. its time to change your amendments so these groups can be outlawed once and for all. increase the punishments for these thugs there unwanted in today's societies.

  26. So if these people who define themselves as "white" (nothing else to show for but skin color?) are so great, why did they even need slaves in the first place?

  27. So you Interview a BLM terrorist to talk about a peaceful legal protest that they attacked, good one Jamoomoo.

  28. We on the outside of the USA are witnessing the birth of another dictatorship, the pieces are gradually falling into place.

  29. We all thought that this Nazi stuff is of the past…. this unsexy and ungly stuff of this Nazi thinking…… but it is not…. in fact it looks like this is now taking place in the US….. and Trump is the leader…. that is amazing. The US and the World has got to get rid of this Trump-Dump administration as soon as possible.

  30. If you listen to the description of the male interviewee, the White Supremacists started this by rushing the counter protesters, just as I suspected. No police presence. Shame, shame.

  31. Not OK for white people to have pride. BLM can do and say anything. Erasing history is a crime. MSNBC is anti-american propaganda.

  32. The black and red folks are not exactly nice sweet non-violent types. They're the ones who engaged in violent and lawless destruction and Berkeley, UC Berkeley, six or so months ago. They often have gotten into violent activities and sometimes confronted by "alt-right" types.

  33. Can someone please explain to me why the antifa people are mimicking the color scheme and clothing style of the people they're protesting? I'm not trying to be a smart aleck, I really am confused.

  34. THAT'S lame…asking lady, standing outdoors, to listen to recording of a bunch of guys yelling. Sheesh! You can do better than that!

    You lost track of the minister??? Unbelievable!
    Be happy I'm not the Producer of the show. I would have been furious that camera didn't stick with her! Wow. I think some of you need to find other jobs.

  35. The hatred is coming from both sides. Why are we focusing on the "right" only? Like the POTUS, I denounce ANY violence. There needs to be an investigation as to why the police were told to "stand down", if that was done. Counter-protesters came to fight, not to just "protest". They came w/ masks, w/ torches, w/ bats, etc. Who goes out in public looking like that unless their intention is violence? "Normal" people in this country (which is actually the majority) are shaking our collective heads at ALL sides of this apparent war.
    I just want it stopped & not allowed to spill over into our homes & communities. This includes arresting & prosecuting ANYONE who harms another human being, which includes, but is not limited to BLM, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, "White Supremacists", Black Panthers, KKK, or ANYONE involved in this violence. ANYONE. PERIOD. Normal people don't go to marches, even to protest them, w/ the idea of hurting others. And yes, I believe there is a "moral equivalence" between the groups, IMO.


  37. What Pro Wrestling segment done badly! Why do this! Imagine MLK JR had done this! Stop bull! Jim Crow will still be here today!

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