Party Systems: Crash Course Government and Politics #41

Party Systems: Crash Course Government and Politics #41

20 thoughts on “Party Systems: Crash Course Government and Politics #41

  1. Welcome for any well supported and reasonable disaproval for my opinion! Refuse ideological value-oriented quarrel!

  2. Number One: You MUST have an explanation as to why "Phill" is meant to be a funny catch-phrase, OR the apparent Inside-Jokes are just perceived as simply being just a bunch of jibberish to the layman who has no idea of what you're talking about!
    Number Two: The 16th Amendment was put into action so that Congress could have NO extra powers to tax the working class citizens, and not the other way around!! (learn your history my friend!)

  3. Ah the two-party system, an inevitable result of first-past-the-post voting systems. The US really should switch to proportional voting systems. (cough) CGP Grey (cough)

  4. omfg i had to watch three of these vids for class. craig, you are the most annoying person ive ever seen.

  5. One of the problems with these shows are that they play the nuetrality card WAY too much. He literally says that after the "Civil Rights act" and "Voting Rights act" the south which was mainly Democrats, switched to republican, and that he can't say why…although it's pretty simple, all the racist conservatives left the Democratic party and joined the Republican. We can even see that today

  6. uhhhh….your presidential dates are not correct (around minute 2) . Might want to check that out and dub in the correct dates….?

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