5 thoughts on “Partially Examined Life podcast – Marx – The German Ideology

  1. Might you want to rename this video to match the title in your podcasts? I looked for a long time for this episode as titled here thinking there were more than one part, as the title indicates. Thanks!

  2. A partially nice podcast but the comments on Hegel are more than primitive. Hegel was a Darwinian before Darwin focussing on the complementary evolution of subject and object, generating propositional knowledge through history. What he calls "Spirit" is not a ghost-like god above the material world but the meta-narrative that humanity establish to interpret history, as history. It is sad to see that so many viewers liked the podcast.

  3. Once of Marx's greatest errors is treating Hegel and his acolytes as formidable adversaries, rather than simply disregarding them.
    Hegel is absolutely worthless -one of the most ungifted buffoons ever to rise so high in the Western canon- and would be utterly disposable as well were it not that his lamentable influence and historical importance make it impossible to ignore him.

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