Part 2..Social Blade does nt lie.

Part 2..Social Blade does nt lie.

I'm going back to live again because it so yeah so I'm the same as I've always been but the thing is I'm not gonna get on here trying to pretend I'm somebody I'm not because I've gotten past that a long time ago now maybe he didn't because he mentioned he was sheltered or whatever and he used to you know he couldn't come out I guess he never came out with who he was back in the day hey y'all we back sorry about that so I'm just like I'm just like just be yourself when you're yourself you are content with yourself people will be attracted to you for you not who you are portraying to be how can you keep up a facade like 90% of the time when you are online you will have yourself your true self is gonna come out yeah it will there's no reason to try and do it and what's gonna happen is you know is all these expectations are up there because he's put it up there so just being his normal self and it is what it is everything he has to one-up somebody on well when you go here we'll see she did this with me and not that way y'all everything is comparing everything and I say you know I guess we did I never noticed that a lot before because I don't know why I never noticed it but when all these things people tell you about you know before anything like this oh my god and when he said that I checked him right there the only thing about typing is that you just you just can't let me speak for me I just can't type as fast as I think all right yeah that's what happened that's why I got pissed because when he came over here when he hung up on us we were trying to clear things up he went back over there to his chat and he was trying to tell like he wound up somebody he was like are we back Joyce thank you boo and everybody yeah he was trying to tell like oh I went over there and I just told him what I had to say and I hung up I'm like oh no it ain't like that don't even go over there and try for ten so I hopped off in there while I was online it was like oh no you there's no reason for you to hang up there was no reason like whatever child I'm like it look I'm not gonna let you traffic in like you punk somebody out cuz we know what it really is you know one that's gonna get backed off in the corner and you're gonna be like a little G in the corner exactly because you know why jonovic and I said this before if you turned it off you don't have to keep repeating it everybody yeah okay what he does is he will come back on the same mess that same night or the next day so if you truly turned it off Jay how would you come back and you are still on the same BS that night or the next day we the people want to know the next day and you still keep throwing up the same scenario over and over again that tells us that you're lying once again you're keeping it in your mind frame you don't turn it off like you say you do you would like to think you turn it off but you don't and then when people say things over and over and over again my question is always are you trying to tell just some explicit n just expose him did they really outspoken said Tim dropped a video exposing J Oh Lord that's crazy oh no I'm just like I can't I'm almost my devices well Timothy to do that he you know Timothy's legit so he's and Timothy can see through it because Timothy was the first one to bail out because he was like uh-uh and I was like why but I still watched him and I wouldn't comment all the time but I was still watching so I'm like wow and then when he I said why and I felt sorry for James like why like both of us said why are you in the hell I see because and I was telling J may be Timothy just don't like you because you're arrogant and you can be like you know you talk down to people and I told but he would take it as like alright I would say to try and help them but you know it is Chun it is what it is I will try and tell her you didn't want to hear it sometimes people don't want to see what you see but if everybody's hearing it he should understand you know subscribers is me he showed his sub count on socialblade oh my god Lee sure see I knew he was lying because he tried to say socialblade is not correct but that is correct cuz my number of subscribers is on socialblade so here's his correct so he has the same amount he has less than me oh my god see it hurt him from acting a fool if he would be the same person he is he'd be fine he said he wasn't taking he said he was at nine thousand then a few weeks went by she said he was at ten thousand cha are you serious oh my god and y'all can check socialblade I've seen my subscribers and everybody else's they have look at Timothy's shoe and they're correct and J is the only one that said in the beginning remember all three see that's not correct cuz I know what I have and I thought no because this is what they're saying that's why he's pissed off at me that is why oh my god that's crazy I'm just shook this is crazy Johnny Mac do you see it are you there Johnny man yeah yeah okay that's crazy I'm just like in shock I'm like oh my god you I'm just I'm just done he's at 6,000 that's it he has no more credibility that he has no more kale a bit of credibility at all none I'm just I just don't I mean do I lie about it see that's why he hear them I knew there's a reason cuz I kept saying well why don't you just show them then if you have you know if you have what what why I hide your subscribers why you know I just felt and so he thought picking a beef with trees he would raise I guess his before he was he said he got some new number something like that I don't understand why he's doing that if he was genuine and he'd be the genuine person he is then people will follow you because of the genuine person that you are so I'm just like I just think you know you you throw away our friendship for views is what I'm Dino ill-will or anything I just like you said I just wish him the best you know it is what it is and he had to do what he had to do I guess he had a lie for whatever reason because socially not kept own social blade is accurate nobody else has ever said social blade was inaccurate it's the truth so he was trying to say it wasn't true but social blade is accurate because I compared it to mine and to other people so I'm like if this Africa the Empire they gonna be a cure for you you know yeah yeah because the way people on there that's why and the way he drew people slice come on you had your day once we were his day ones we were his day was how you gonna turn your back on day ones that could shout you out and help you it don't make no sense once they graduate people begin to speak their name and know who they are they biggest funny if you will begin to believe other people over you know people that had their back what you saying because he wants to work because they want the UH they want the attention and the financial support of the new people I guess and it overrides that because like he would always say you know this is not real it's not real I'm like how the hell isn't that real world people we're all hearing is real so I don't understand and then that's my issue this is just YouTube okay then if it's just YouTube why are you all about the coin why are you beating four dollars if it's just you two exactly if it's just YouTube you don't have to be on every day that's true and if you didn't care about it why you on all day most of the days like the other day all day long it's like why would you be on all day long if the efficient is YouTube now this is this is a part of your life it's a part of reality people are getting you know assaulted arrested whatever verbally assaulted you did that to us online you deflected to try and twist it around and it backfired and you lost subscribers with it and it's shutting pretend like you didn't and you all you have to do is just own up to it but we know that you did no matter where you hide them or not it is what it is so why he and he so busy counting other people's coins and their subscribers and their views when he need to be worried about he is on Sunday about running and staying in your lane you know he's saying when you're running you can be his qualified if you step out of your lane you can't look back when the Pathan is asked to you you can't look back you have to focus on the finish line and the whole time I'm listening to him I'm saying what happened are you hearing what you're saying you know you are flying this to yourself you huh you haven't stayed in your lane you are disqualifying yourselves and he pieces like it doesn't apply to him like he's above everyone else and it doesn't apply to him but you can't he can't do it that way see a successful pastor if you're really called to preach you won't preach it to everybody in and you're gonna include yourself because you're selfless you've already died to your flesh so you're not either worried about what people are thinking at that moment you gonna be just telling revealing things the transparency is gonna come through when you've been anointed and you've been called to preach and the Holy Spirit is gonna bring it out in you you not gonna have to be like oh well them over here like you to people who wasn't the Pharisees that was sitting up on the hill or whatever and they was looking down upon everybody and I'm you're not gonna be acting like that and that's how you ask and it's like that is not that is not what he should be doing yeah yeah he is this position and I'm just like wow yeah it just I'm just I'm just in shock I'm just like oh my god like I can't and – Tracy pastoring is based upon [Applause] shepherding Brian okay the principle of pastoring is you know tending the Sheep making sure the Sheep is okay protecting the sheep being in a relationship with the Sheep so that if an animal or wolf or bear or lion or whatever comes in you're in a position to fight them off to make sure that the sheep are not eaten or not vandalized so if you are in that position because again there are a lot of people that are [Applause] themselves up because they have certain credentials that you will people don't make pastors to colleges colleges do not make pastors true they may teach you how to put a sermon together make sure your yo-yo homiletics and your hermeneutics and allegories and all of that is put together the right way mm-hmm however the actual doing the work the actual application verb is a verb it is getting down there with the people are affected by yeah because it's a lifestyle is what it is it's a lifestyle and it's not it's not a challenge it comes in actually I should say issued it's not anything worse if she can man like yeah it's a life a way of life yes yes and it's not it's pretty much a different fear it's kind of effortless because you want to do it so it's effortless it's like when and I never because I used to be like for eight years I was totally like I mean I don't know what kind of church I was in but it was it was I said one day I'm gonna tell my testimony on here but I you know I was totally sold out and you don't even in each shops in the ill thoughts of putting somebody down is not in your mind it's just not there I'm talking to people the way he does it's just not there because it's so Imperial feelings even to even try and talk to people the way he does oh that's what I'm saying you guys is not I mean he can say we trying to do this to that but I'm just telling you what I see and I get in the church over 27 years and I'm like get me tell you and I have been sold out and then I kind of went back again or whatever but I've always loved Gossett he's still in my heart so I never say people say you backslide I've never back ciliate anywhere because I know that he still head of my life but I'm not going to be an organized religion and going to these churches and stuff like that because I'm it just it's not but when I heard Johnny Mack speech free speech speak Johnny Mack on that issue that you spoke on before I said oh my god I said there's something about this man that really and I told Jay I said there's something about this man I said you can speak on whatever you want to speak on but I've got to follow Johnny I said Johnny Mac is it I said he is anointed I could feel the anointing and people in your chat was saying they could feel the anointing Johnny Mac when you spoke you demand just like you demand a presence like mature ish when she seeks you demand pressed presence and I was like that is amazing to me and so that's ones like me I was like okay because it's not even an act it was just you spoke and it was just like when you spoke it was like it was not biased it was basically on what you how you felt about it and simple logic is what it was and I was like that is amazing so you're not bashing people to say okay well I'm better than anybody or nothing like that you're just talking and talking and that's what I like but see most churches are like the opposite and they want to put other people down well you know they do this over there but we don't do this over here and like here is one of discussions one of the discussions that I've had with my mother and that is my relationship with the creator with Yahweh with my god it's not predicated upon nor dependent upon an institution it is not because whether I go to church or not I should still have a relationship with God right my worship is not as public my worship is not based upon gathering in public smooth worship is between me and God yep so put the cart before the horse it's about a relationship as a candidate God wants a relationship yeah yeah it doesn't have to be Purcell yeah it doesn't have it's not meant to be for sure when they said about praying I mean there's somebody you're gonna find that now over on the lawn I said I'm gonna pray for it I'll say it doesn't have to be in public people try to do that to make it seem like that they're so religious and they're better than you by praying in public you can do that there's nothing wrong with it but I mean true player is when you are just at one with God and you are just speaking to him sincerely but you don't have to get out just for public consumption listen you spoke about the Pharisees on the things that the Pharisees it was they prayed in public you know that so that they would be revered by men yeah and the prayer was self-indulgent lord I thank you for everything I have acquired everything that I've got and I thank you that I'm not like this poor man here yeah and what did Jesus tell them he said you hypocrites yeah you dress up the outside you're like a cup and a saucer the outside of the cup is clean but the inside is filthy exactly and that's why I made the analogy it will words I mean your your your behavior will betray you because it is what's in you comes out of you when you least expect it right and whatever you have told me I'm going to watch how you behave and how you interact because that is going to tell me who you really are and then when you get angry and you start spewing what's in the humid tale like I said there's no fruit the fruit of the Spirit the fruit of spirit he can say oh we saved many you didn't save anybody by getting coins that day that wasn't out of God so just stop it that's what said just stop and he went to his life it was of God or he says to Chatham the excellence of God when he's to protect me that the other day did you see that valise Superchunk me $20 cuz I was saying that they were giving all this money you guys so they know how to maneuver to get back in well that's what I was trying to say because I think they don't care because that same person was tell me when I blocked that person was telling me all three people I donated to you and I said okay well thank you for donating but you're still getting blocked you know I was like it is what it is if you over the top of ich and you started mask you're gonna be blocked oh yeah he backpedal but that see that was another Rico thing he backpedaled and he liked her at first when she was dropping receipts and he didn't like you know adding up and adding up and sometimes I would be listening and I would cringe some of the things that were really okay watching closely because some things are not adding up right and never would disrespect them when you came for me you know when you first said that you reached out to me and responded to an email that I sent you if you know that something is wrong with your child are you going to win for your child your brother your mother your sister to call you know you're going to reach out and find out what's at least let me speak to me I'm going to reach out and find out if anything is wrong and what's wrong exactly unless let's solve the issue let's resolve the issue mm-hmm not go online and talk all around and ignore you and say everything is okay everything was not okay all you did was texted what did you send Johnny Matthew said the text same way I mean the first email I sent was [Applause] of my disapproval of the way I was treated and the chat as being you know a very professional because Johnny Mac sent me the text to see it it was very professional and I said that I've been blocked because I could not shim the last message that I wanted to send in the chat and she got word and he sent back the response was I checked you are not blocked we're okay we had an understanding but we had a misunderstanding but we're okay no I didn't misunderstand anything I stood right where I wanted to spend I made a statement and that was all during the time I made the statement about his behavior dealing with the situation so I'm gonna unhide this person I tryna dog mystery man is good I want him to say that because that's the truth Thank You mystery man sorry China I did reach out to you more than you read more than you reached out or responded to me yeah so when you stand then tonight when you get up on that on your platform and you say the things that you say you you you you try to damage my credibility and all that kind of stuff my integrity or me a liar and telling me what I did not do to make you feel better do again I'm a grown man I'm ten years your senior where you going I've already been so those games have been played already so I recognize the game that's how I'm able to call you out and I told them you can't handle the sack he don't want anybody who's gonna call him out he really don't want that mystery man can you please put that same comment that you put in there from Miss Corral let me read it you put up miss Pizarro not that not that long they only met once or twice and Jay gassed up the relationship with the camera she talked about this I also been shady saying on his channel that he never really trusted her yeah he's also can you put that in I'm trying to bring it back and I can't but can you reach out that mystery man cuz that was that basically was true we only met twice so it's like it wasn't you know but but still we talked more on the phone it's like a phone relationship so I felt like it was really hurtful you know for him because all of a sudden yell at me and had no regard for it make an excuse and I think it was just the fact that him being jealous because of my subscribers I don't know why but you know it's that it really is that so you know I guess that's why he went behind my back to try and make friends with other people that I didn't even talked to in hopes that maybe gain some of their subscribers I'm thinking but in essence he lost me out of his is what I'm saying when I'm thinking you know cuz somewhere I'm saying that he'll also in his chat and some of them from what I gather had even been blocked but they're all they were all up in jail oh yeah oh yeah can you imagine yeah they were all up in there cuz he was on block of him he tonight when I got rid of you Tracy I got a lot of a lot of people supporting me now my abuser actually or my people I was like what I was like okay whatever you know cuz I don't have time to be trying to pretend you know I bet you they haven't paid yet yeah the rest tripping have they paid yet no because nobody's nobody's gonna come nobody then then it was gonna come before it's just ridiculous one person and that was bitter and being she was the main one that was saying well I guess I'm not gonna go because she's not gonna go because I was looking at something I think it was like a chat or something and I was thinking who cares so she said I come in anyway so what's the difference and that was the other one to come down to San Antonio for that and while I was down there you know I was so motivated because I the only one people were telling me that they were gonna come but since I wasn't gonna be there there they weren't going people without actually telling me that and I told him and he don't believe it because he thinks he's so great and I'm like people told me that so all I said that yeah I wasn't even mentioning but and he was saying well people are saying they're gonna go because you're not going on like the people were saying that they going because they didn't want to be there with you they just wanted to see me there so I'm thinking come on you and then we're going to patch it up and get it together and then everything would be fine no yes you know I'm going get all make my reservations and do everything but when that night was that was the defining divine factor in fact excuse me when he did that on the phone I was right no exactly and you know things happen for a reason you know it's all in God's timing things happen for we're using so I believe that this was bound to happen because Jay was getting more and more arrogant as Moore went on he kept I think he projects what he sees on other people but it's actually him he said people are gonna start acting because I predicted people are gonna start acting more and more outrageous and you know now that you know the numbers you know and everything's changed I'm like you're the one that's acting crazy nobody's doing anything different he's just acting crazier Oh God see I don't believe there's no pre prophets and that's just me there's no pre prophets and there's no and I mean they have people God will bless you with a gift of discernment to be able to discern what's going to happen but I don't believe a pre prophets of false prophets I don't everything's like I don't like forget that it may be son out there I don't know but I don't believe it well and Larry Reid went into that tonight which in his life which was very enlightening to anybody that might have you know that might have been interested there are prophets of their true prophets prophets of God and they are false prophets now in order to be a prophet of in order to be a false prophet that you would have once had to be a true prophet and a prophet of God so the issue is is that when you begin to prefer that gift and that calling and you use it to manipulate control and for money and stuff like that when you pervert let's get the true gift then you become a false prophet yes some of the things you say may come to pass however if it's not anything involved with you getting some kind of payment or what-have-you from let me basically not even go prophesy right and this not to be prophesied to twist it to our own you know to to our own narrative or whatever we want to do yeah see that's what I can say I can foresee this happening but I never say oh I prophesied no I can foresee it happening because of the discernment and it could just be it could be from God or could just be from situations that have happened of before you know other people's situation and you can see this happening or this is going to happen but yeah so but it's just just sad but you know we're like you said it's gonna see you know we're gonna see now the his numbers have been have been exposed and Timothy I guess Timothy when Timothy down to Timothy read him down to the ground on a video he just made I'm like oh Lord so we gotta listen to that I'm like well assumptions are you that shoe that you would think that we are conspiring against you time good we are wrong nobody have time to be conspiring against anybody listen especially he thinks he is for some reason I don't know why he thinks he's up on this huge pedestals I'm not gonna try to get right here you whole thing to show exactly yeah that's true ain't nobody conspiring against that lady Oh Rita yeah he is destroying his own channel he is because he is so greedy but you can tell people that people that ain't used to nothing he used to learn so he went crazy it's that I'm like just calm down you know just calm down and he was all before he was all like what Tracy is doing well and she's doing very well I did it then all of a sudden he just turned on me I'm like are you okay like nothing happened and then you're running behind the closed doors to try and tell people to try and get you know to gain people's acceptance to say well this is what's going on and they don't even care I'm like stop it you just look like like a manic fool and you can't talk about why because you acted just like he's crazy he's crazy and he tries to make people to believe what he wants them to believe but don't try to say Tracy's like us will you come see anybody to say Tracy's line I will come right on here to bunk them cuz I'm not lying about a damn thing so bouverie wants a number to call in okay well Wolverine can call in Wolverine wants a number to call in cuz I'm like okay but no Johnny Mac but yeah so I'm glad that we you know that we had a chance Johnny Mac to get it out and to talk about it because I mean you did nothing wrong do you you nobody's conspiring against Jay I don't know why he's feeling like that he's just feeling like it for some reason but nobody's conspiring exactly I don't understand We the People don't we really don't but it is what it is like I said I just don't foresee us being friends it just it was a time and a season for everything so it's just time to move on in my opinion because he unless he you know changes he's not gonna change I forget he's nothing about an apology you know he didn't see it he did nothing wrong with that already there's an issue there because you can't see your doing anything wrong it's totally different and you being arrogant and putting people down 24/7 is not something that I want to associate myself with yeah that's how you know you want to carry yourself in five you carry yourself just like that I'm good I the time that we spent together I appreciate for you shouting my channel out when when I first started all this is great I appreciate it and I've always done that too but he found the need to put it on this community screen a picture of meet him launching me out of his house and I I put on there yes you did thank you so I don't know what else to know he wants is still on there the babies happen I'm like yes thank you very much oh well see wants for it yeah that you've done so much yes why she had those same people that he shot not now all gonna be the same ones that look back and say with me he never did nothing for me but he did she put you out there but you're on your own to get subscribers and stuff sure so it was like thank you but you know was what it was absolutely absolutely and I appreciate you know you and Shawn because again and I wanna make this clear this situation has nothing to do with me trying to get numbers and the situation with me is I never would have took to this align but he went on there over there trying to plead his case and don't nobody care thing which was very rude and tacky and tasteless on somebody's birthday it was so he talks about the epitome of class and what you're supposed to do when you first meet somebody and you go there you're supposed to bring them gifts and oh there's no what you did was totally tackle booty pop tactless tactless exactly well thank you for coming on Johnny Mac and Johnny Mac are you gonna be in the chancel you can make something so they they can go ahead and click on your channel but those have a subscribe to Johnny Mac okay done man thank you so much so Wolverine wants to call in you guys let me get the phone number send somebody give rumery the phone number oh this is just crazy I'm in shock okay in shock yeah I'm serious too it was about a blessing really a blessing cuz I'm like I'm just in shock you know I mean why would he lie about his subbies the lies of large towns the lives now please hit the like button everybody please hit the like button you guys was that um oh yeah please subscribe to Johnny Mac 365 you guys he was just on the phone talking to us please subscribe to him so we can get him to a thousand we got two days left to get him and China dog to a thousand I think they're almost there hello hey are you doing I'm doing good this is random crafting game for you guys welcome right so how's everything going because I appreciate the change that you've taken to your channel making you're going I like the positivity the mole you've had was phenomenal and I've had a really difficult Monday and it was so inspiring yes I do I have to because I'm like everybody has to learn on their own or you know we have our own individual thoughts so I can't be like oh well you can't go over here for what you know you're an adult you so much for supporting your awesome view – oh you guys we have awesome people see this was a right on time word this is what we needed we need like I don't y'all feel refreshing like we just like the weight is lifted off of us Thank You Johnny Mac for blessing us Trina said we don't let her kids Oh why they do what would Jesus do I don't know treat know why they do it exactly but they you know they just support they just you know guess deliverance hit the house it did yes Thank You Johnny Mack you're amazing thank you so much he's gonna have to speak to go live tonight he gonna keep it down for the pain strength strangers settle down he couldn't explain those numbers and immediately went to calling that man jealous are you serious he went to calling him jealous cuz he can explain his numbers because it's true it's true hold on time stands and automobiles okay let me oh oh here we go rule go up Chavez chat was flying I was like we're not playing strains go Oh y'all be careful y'all blocking be careful y'all are blocking my regular subbies planes trains and automobiles was blocked I unhitch you planes trains I'm sorry boo y'all be careful y'all yeah I'm happy we got to talk random crap and gamer thank you boo okay planes trains and automobiles I went ahead and unblock T boo I'm sorry the shad go so fast so it's like crazy okay Chyna don't only need 77 more subs yes thank you boo china doll is so sweet you guys she is very very sweet I love her if you like Johnny Mac you will love china doll so please subscribe to china doll my moderator she has a very inspiring word it's a quick word some time with me we may just leave these little nuggets to get us through our day well china doll she puts those little nuggets in there and you will feel so refreshed i'm serious humor feel refreshed but lady wouldn't hide themselves just like uncle Tim said I'm dying yo I'm like see how many I got see how many I don't have it can go up and down we can't get arrogant with it we can you know I'm saying there's no reason to but some people do I don't know why some people do when you're trying to make people look bad and that's the best that would be the ones to do what I'm like stop it cuz people will see how you are oh he's live again Oh Tim Lowell you are pressed you are so pressed tim is not pressed it does he make it ten what does he make Tim Express it's Tim Carson oh maybe I can play it is Tim Carson on that video that he drugged him in if he is I can't play it is he cursing in there y'all okay Wolverines in his chat okay cuz I'm not in love right now he just call him if he wants I love uncle Tim – what's he cussing in the video because I can't play it if you discuss not play it really we truly need all the love tonight exactly shakeela it's a lot going on mr. know how many he had an up today and he is not making any money if you simple say it if you send more than me I can't tell you as my pastor so well you are crazy Kendra skillet will be on the RIP on the rapping skillet ciao mature say I'm always and I always am so very grateful for every single power exactly there are millions of channels to follow and I'm honored when someone chooses me mature in charge the channel to you guys matures I was listening to you last night she has a channel to her platform is um up and going she's telling her life stories is on her platform so it's really really a good platform I was a Centauri last night maturity she's another content creator you guys the mystery man said when I realized that Wolverine cancelled those payments he did and reported the car are you serious he gonna be on YouTube taking his anger out on everyone mystery man mystery man I need you to call in I'm there I didn't hear about that I need you to call in mystery man well he cancelled the payments oh my god oh my god we said that somebody said that he would do that but I didn't believe he actually did it oh my god I need you to call in that is crazy as hell are you serious they told me remember when I was like her they told me he would do that oh okay most likely he would do it to Jay okay got you I was like wait a minute what so you don't know for sure okay I was like what he cancelled the payment so I'm like oh that is crazy as hell yeah Thank You shakeela for subscribing to make your mature issue guys sure I think it's not happen yeah I can't joke I'm like that's crazy he did come on I didn't hear him saying something about they had cut his card off because some about he couldn't donate more and I'm like what I don't know what he was talking about but that's what he was saying so I'm like ciao the people were saying that Wolverine more than welcome to call him but the people was saying that you known for canceling payment so I don't know I dude here Timothy Kirsten Tracy although he may have said a mini curse he he's such a sweet I don't listen for that I'm a liar can i play Timothy's video was it curse words in there if it is I can't play it Erica settle down how many did he have he said he makes 2 to 3 km on oh my god he's telling how much makes a monkey oh my god he's telling you but she makes a month oh well that's something else Wow let's see here um Trina said she not trying to overstep my bounds but I hope you did you don't address him anymore for people in his chat only there because they hate you oh it's okay once you no longer acknowledge him it's okay boo it depends on any given day but if he saw starts talking about me I'm gonna come back in drag so I can't really have no I can't really give a did I don't want to lie so I'm not gonna say I won't drag him the ball is in his court so River reading is showing wait so whoever in be showing off showing mmm matru said thank you so much akela mmm so be showing off showing off child mr. banter and when it happens J isn't going to be honest because of his ego you know it mystery man he ain't gonna say nothing when he gonna take his anger out on you and everyone else just watch oh I know it boo I know because we told him already don't get so happy yet time she makes it some banks do that to prevent fraud mind you mm-hmm I saw J number two days ago his numbers are below yours and steady declining because he keeps lying that's why I mean I don't want anybody's demise but he keeps lying and telling saying how people are gonna act and all this other stuff he's the one that's doing it I haven't heard go to rush it okay the words okay i'ma play it Tim said $30 for three our videos his videos 25 minutes oh god I'm not gonna play the whole 25 minutes y'all J really know about people and then we'll cancel super chest I was thrown I was throwing out $20 I calculated he was so he was so excited about money he hasn't and won't receive he was that's what I saw bunny plain straight so I don't deal cuz I'm like okay mature said Eric Anderson he has 6,000 subscribers Hale I don't care who tell it to boxer mini pam is dressed up like brother J where settle down what is that it's 60 not what is that what are you giving what number is this you putting up here settle down what number is that you're giving us she didn't pay civil slave said if we uh plate his a BIA a B&B it's leaving she ain't paid for the last night yelling how do you know yes there you are so crazy y'all are bad Erica innocence that I read that people were going around giving money and taking it back using a fake card to send big dollars child okay so apparent so we can pay the first 15 minutes of Timothy's will pay for a 15 minutes but the last 10 I'm not gonna play because I know Timothy won't I don't think he'll get upset and missing dang and one hour Timothy got like 1.1 K views Wow okay ready go what appears that Jay Wilson wants to play some play some more so we don't play with Jay Wilson tonight but I want to start with an exercise for all of us this is something that you can all use time and time again whenever you were in doubt about some of the bullshit people expels upon YouTube you want to check the facts I'm gonna show you how to do it hmm all right I mean if you were always already know about this and I hope I'm not offending other youtubers by giving up the T but I want you guys to take a pistol and paper and write down this address so YouTube address regular spelling socil forgetting your search engine okay you can do it now or you can do it later however you wanted to do it this is the site that tells all what all youtubers tubers make this tells you how many subscribers probably have even no one will try to hide nothing so scriber count right how many videos they made how much money they make the whole run count he's lost over 3000 shows well he lied and said he was I Brunell back to Jane Wilson and tonight's live of his which I could not possibly watch all of because they're all due in three hours and I have more to do with my life and to sit up there and watch ball hit it Jay Wilson for hours and hours on here but it was enough to see that he's trying to come for me again so on that point out when I said earlier that lot of many of you did not believe you liar obviously you are still following him so I'm gonna show you that he's a liar you Millennials you young people you'd like to have receipts receipts is very important okay here's your receipts forget my glasses please okay pull up socialblade then you click on in their search engine there put Jay Wilson that's the name is net don't buy on YouTube right there should be a list that will appear that's why he's mad time on Jay Wilson right just click on that ok you will see the picture of him and his most current video right first thing we won't cover stop you see on the top line right under his name Jay Wilson and you see right there says one hundred eleven hundred uploads ok these are important the numbers are important to us hurry now before she tries to go in there and hide it who they'll show you this subscriber count' he is hidden his subscribers because they've been going down steadily for the last year basically certainly the last eight or nine months you'll see that number right there write it down because he's gonna go in there and try to to hide that number six thousand six hundred fifty-three subscribers correct see if you go back just a short while ago let's go back eight months you Lulu 10,000 well mr. Wilson says tonight that he is at 10,000 subscribers I am cloud chasing him when he puts it that's funny I thought I just made 15,000 this week so we see who the liar is here mm-hmm okay so there are other things other information that is valuable there so obviously he's lying he just bumped up his numbers by three thousand over three thousand correct so he's a if you look scroll down some no first let's go Ridge this corner plus he also said that I've been on YouTube since the days of Cadillac Kimberly which is another life because on her return just two years ago mm-hmm every turn she came back like it so that's what he's saying that I have been on on YouTube Cadillac Timothy Kimberly it's a legend on YouTube she was years before me I've only been on YouTube three years but okay I just said that I said I've been on YouTube three years right so at the other end of that let me get my stuff together at the other end of that same line there where it tells the subscribers at the very end you'll say it says user-created now write this number in case he tries to hide it some kind of all your recent 2011 oh that's I know I don't have ten degrees but I believe that's about eight years is it not so I've been on three years and he's been on eight years correct hmm this search for more information here okay I want you guys to scroll down by the OJS rhymers column you see that he is has the exact amount of so same subscribers you looked on there did you say you told me every number is the exact same he is not gained or lost not one subscriber and he's claiming he doing someone else how long we'll just go back are these all from oh come on now I noticed do to make this many videos today I guess that only covers a couple of two or three weeks you would just say subscribers at all it's pretty accurate big range here right is that all that helpful but they'll tell you okay his last video he made for however many hours it was between $5 and $79 right says a big huge rain just any time 79 times it right what you have to do is drop it right in the middle Wow drop it right in the middle going to get a decent average so all this calling he made and coin this and coin that I made all this money $30 $35 right you go down and you drop them all down in the middle and you see that on average he makes about $30 for these fifties two and three hour videos which would mean that he made something like there's three hours you mean you made 3040 bucks ten dollars an hour saying that you may have everything and help yourself to so I'm giving serious to you guys for free what you see here that Jay Wilson is a liar why did he say just moments ago that he had 10,000 subscribers he's alive you're lying again oh my god he just got caught okay you see the my numbers have progressively got bigger I'm not trying to keep no great big ol if there's house I'm not trying to keep bigger bang for YouTube yeah alright I just need to show you that he's a liar Thank You Timothy lies about everything I can say I did write a couple of those down he was talking so much yes you see and I didn't want to believe it you're absolutely right you did tell me be honest search your soul searching to your Christian soul mm-hmm Oh is your hand who is the more messy Queen me RJ Wilson sure it'll just be a matter of choice I mean that's not money he said this is all about money for me right turn his light off I want to show your name people are sweatin and yelling more than Rita Chao yes you see on my counter there he gonna have a stroke calm down Conroe they're leading to the kitchen you see that thing right in the middle that's new right okay that's what I did with my less Adsense check its just throw away they gave me 300 and I gave it all to that damn bust just play money but him on the other hand constantly constantly on here looking for new angles 2011 who is the scam artist here let me see what else we got okay so I proved about the numbers now let's talk about he said I was a very handsome guy in my book this is something that baffles me this man supposed to be some kind of damn professor or I don't know some guy who got all these degrees and studied all these books and all that he ain't here is shit I have not seen that dude read nothing yet he made reference to on YouTube he never reads anything it seems to me if I were an educated man a thinking man if I was sitting in my no money training library I would read something he ain't read shit I don't have no pictures in my book boom an idiot okay obsessed well he seems to think that he's not gonna be envious of me who is Jay Wilson and he will be envious of me no idea mister you and Alicia I would hope you not be envious of me I mean what is all this shit that's some kind of condom competition I do think you're a rather sad and pitiful a pathetic man to be claiming to be so successful family house you know what why they call it a single family home Jay Wilson have you not went outside your yard and notice that oh I did too many more families who live in these houses oh they're kids they're people who live in the bedrooms and wives somebody should buy your insecurity and you know what the key thing is you know I would even mention that goddamn single dad again but I see you said we were not single my trainers were on the other side of the lake thank you so much in a few minutes he keeps making reference to me okay first we talk about cussing all right now I do not have no problem with cussing this is something the Bible makes ready now how do we know why he keeps myself in there these are Bible worshippers these are not people who worship God they worship the Bible right but he seems obsessed with the cussing words like it means information you're able to retain from what we surrounded by this way when you're young your bank is not just like a sponge trying to remembers things that you learn when you were in the third grade the song the music you heard me this teenagers because your mind is a sponge right this is your intelligence but you're able to pick up around you so you were raised in an environment where our cell from the streets he's talking about being happy with joys are you serious what now he sounded about being happy with Joy's oh my god he couldn't stand her oh my god I can't I can't goddess I can't go to the light I can't mature but people don't even comment on him in speech at nobody nobody's checking for him the most it's over there exactly perfect I'm trying three see this one yeah it's ridiculous vamos a lot from you they won't pull up his a B&B guest tonight might as well forget about sleeping tonight funny if he loved again did he go off and he come back god oh my god I think he's okay something's going on yeah why is he so alive Chinese live again how many videos has he done sure he is live again sha this is one two three four four videos on Tracy suggesting Tracy okay for I see but people don't even comment okay so John Doak said oh my god still couldn't find her subscriber count on there until just now ciao yes crazy Tootsie Pop doesn't said that's the online college degree but he can't get a job teaching for us teaching or use those degrees for anything looks like – oh my god he is live again lord help him lost right now he should stop lying would you mind you play with God hey what did Johnny Mac say when he was on here what did Johnny Mac say in the next few days remember that y'all Johnny Mac said in the next few days okay I'm just saying in the next few days remember now he's opened oh my god Johnny Mac now he's open to reconciliation I'm not I'm not I'm done I'm not huh nope nope because you know he's so quick to turn on people know me enjoy sir fine me enjoys a fine no we're good we don't need anything like that to get those numbers back exactly no we're fine nope please deliver the message somebody we are fine me and Joyce are fine me Joyce and Johnny Mac are just fine over here okay yeah we're fine I forgive him I'm fine we're over here I'm good Shawn Hoover me is coming saying he is open to all to all who what is random what what is Wolverine talk about I'm not open to nothing with Wolverine which with me Tom no worries I'm good oh he's probably over there making circles say he sleeps his clothes he sleeps in his clothes to go live against Tracy child I don't know what he's doing crazy fuckin sister I mean who is he ready to reconcile with I don't know child she could say I'm good loving joy Erica say Johnny Mac because he knows he was wrong probably had those people from his church give those fake donations child we were trying to tell him I can't with somebody this eco strong is it not as crazy okay Taisha please run this back to Wolverine I don't need to he doesn't need to hear my side he's not a content creator so why am I gonna be debating with Wolverine about anything me and Wolverine have nothing to talk about nothing because you know why I've already proved him to be a liar as well as Jay Wilson Timothy blame improved Jay to be a lighter I proved Wolverine to be a liar because he went online saying Treacy fabrication news and gives fake news which is alive because Joyce was on here and clearly he's been blocked for the platform so I said he was bought for him so nobody was even making up no lie so okay kenderson forgiveness doesn't mean you let them back in sometimes you have to let people walk away exactly Kendra and that's what I'm doing I don't hate him I just need to let him walk away your destiny isn't tied to them anyway it's exactly Kendra and I don't dislike him I mean I'm upset with him and I makes me angry but there's no forgiveness I mean at this time I can't forgive I mean and I'm not gonna be talking back so there's no forgiveness it'll just go on it I mean I you know I won't be as long as you don't let people drag me in his chat I'll be fine but if he lets people drag me I'm gonna drag him it is what it is and he's just doing it to benefit himself because that's what he does everything so it's even more sickening you know but we'll never be will never be cordial will never be friends like that no ever I'm good worried swear somebody want his friendship anybody cared about Wolverine he has a real acceptance problems y'all know he only donated to brother Jay simply because we're calling him a troll exactly over here and he did it to prove me is not exactly missing child why is we talking about Wilbur I don't know miss Hilary Wolverines over there talking about us I don't know why I'm good I'm blocking his shot it's this chat I can't comment you're so funny wherever Carson said Tracy Johnny Mac and Joyce are fine they over it that is what I just told them okay good yeah we're over – you should talk I'm over at random do you some I'm over – I'm over it we're fine as long as he don't let people drag Tracy we are fine trolls please are already run that back – Jay Wilson I am fine as long as he know that anybody we dragged and Tracy over the phone or in this comment section I will be fine if not I will come back and light him up like in January the first okay New Year's Erica said Wolverine was slower their slandering names child he has issues we're getting having those fake Green Dot cards I'm dead ciao let's see oh he probably will make friends back a wily crazy teasing is Jay Wilson scared of what's to come I believe so mm-hmm Trina see Wolverine is weird he needs to fall back y'all ain't friends he's a subscriber peer exactly I was talking weirdo exactly like I don't even know him I mean he's sure if wanna I block ronique you three times if she got another troll page I said mystery basket I'm J actually can thank us because Wolverine only donated only donate to prove that wasn't a troll exactly which he is he reached out to J on the basis of trying to prove us wrong yet and he's out all that money crazy fool which he didn't he proved us tonight us right exactly he proved us right so why did he donate the money mystery man it was dumb playing shyona ballista Tracy have J where he piece it Eve J where he is he's trying his best to spin this instead of taking responsibility for his BS exactly I'm good we are good me Johnny Mac and choice are fine we are fine J we are fine simple say a youtuber a cab driver a hotel host choir leader trade funny silver was so funny civil ice cream soul ice cream his chat got the nerve to bring up Mona Chao why do you bring these people are nuts hmm she says a boss thank you to pod next slice that Jay Jay has went too far and he can't turn back the damage is done exactly and now he has to live with his actions oh yeah why didn't man Chou you know what boo mature said now he's saying socialblade is wrong he's always there social blade is wrong social blade is not wrong he's just sitting in the bed lying exactly and I'm going to prove it because I'm gonna pull up the accuracy purse I mean I'm gonna google it and find out the accuracy of it because I know it's current randoms Crafton Grammer said to person exactly I'm Trina said Jay Wilson needs to worry about while he's showing up at his barbecue and not Tracy we left a message on my video 1 and call in I'm done oh hell no J dot he's crazy he wants to call me a prize he running around trying to call everybody is he ok they are hate watching Jay Wilson they are hate watching Jay Wilson he was he won't be able to sustain those numbers look at those Sunday service numbers he's a snorefest he says the same thing over and over again they mad y'all day mad Tupac you know it boom cha Wolverine left a message okay he told me that one teen L said don't drag him Traci he wants to fight with you he needs the money yeah I'm good okay random said he's acting like a girl getting her first D and done got hooked P social they be dead on with everyone else exactly I look at but it's like I'm sis exactly it's dead on with everybody else but it's lying on his y'all right mm-hmm oh we don't believe I told him I'm blocking a long time ago and that's that proves why mm-hmm pay him dust Wolverine was supposed to be calling into the party line with you-know-who in the last couple of days really to prove he's not a troll not sure if he did or not cheeky he can't have 10k he was offering a prize to his 9k sub a week ago see this I'm saying I don't understand it went from 9k to 10k people don't understand how that happened and it never really happened okay because if it didn't happen he would show his subscribers so he's not gonna show him it's just a click of a button because he know he's lying so it's correct claiming he gonna give a week of his numbers being visible child please whatever whatever my K star hey boo how you doing love syllables place instead of worrying about Tracy you need to see what that Planet Fitness do exactly boo tree Missy say they better leave Mona alone don't wake the dead no when she dragged him they can't get mad boss he tries for one moment he said B she was his friend make any recent abuse of you is live imitating Jay Wilson she's hilarious I just love her she's hilarious a fuse of use everything Jay fu is so funny he's so ridiculous Planes Trains automobiles say as I said crazy you need to get current screenshots ASAP he says he's gonna publish his numbers at the end of the year what at the end of the year oh my god that's crazy mature ish that's a lie who's gonna wait to the end of the year and publish your numbers why what will be the point cuz you don't have the numbers now that's why this is crazy all you gotta do is on block at 6 or 7 exactly he's lying he's lying he's nuts Lex likes that are you serious J dot a florida ranch ah cheeky say florida read you know chi-chi's florida read his line ok interesting to bug i know random crafty gamer said now it is a day or two dang he can't even be honest for a solid 5 minutes cuz he's freaking out fingerprints at TRADOC can you please remake why you always lying why you always lying in why are you lying oh my god stop stop Anthony Ryan maybe you happen I am ooh I wish I fail the people lying child please he's so ridiculous yes he is crazy Erica Anderson said that Wolverine person is psycho he called in and said he wants Sean's channel gone what and him removed from YouTube Shaw does not know that I know of Sean does not know that man he got blocked cuz he was over there try to put break to bring him bones saying that people was talking about Sean to get people fight and that's what he does all over YouTube so he got blocked and he's pissed off at Sean he's crazy misery loves company exactly Tupac trina say fail Brian yes that's what I noticed the numbers for other people were right shaking my head but they lying on Jay Wilson make it make sense see that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying y'all everybody else's numbers are right on spot on there but he talked about people lying I don't think so boom he said come on now $25 super shot simple I am dead like he own price is right brother Jay said if the Laura tell him he will show is numbers at the end of the year designed by V we already know socialblade has already put the numbers on there so I'm like my title of this life is gonna be social blade told it all let me Tyler let me let me put the title in there right now social blade told it all okay so social blade don't lie okay social blade does not lie so Shawn blade does not lie and there's a time of it so I just updated the the channel I put really Jay Wilson's a person I said part to social blade does not line it down now we should break out in songs for that and dance praises and dances okay EB be shondo that was God in BB shondo okay that was God EB be shondo God did it God bought a socialblade EB be shunned oh please hit the like button EB be shondo please hit the like button EB be shondo like button EB be shunned oh please hit the like button y'all we got 116 lights we got 251 people watching EVB shondo hits like my yo how late we gonna we gonna be having fun I'm asking for the stranger stands the house right now so crazy acacia are you doing Jay not y'all crazy no this is what's your channel about child she are funny Shekinah I haven't Rita Octavia muffin muffin yo I'm mature ish say he said he didn't watched him at this video oh my god now he's saying he watched it so he could respond oh my god first he didn't launch he said he washed it oh here we go y'all please hit the like button y'all evb shondo EBD shondo please hit the like button y'all God said it about 2255 people watching EVB shondo hit the like button y'all we had 120 people or 120 likes on there please hit the like button jesus said 'i d be shot and oh hey my Mercedes are you doing Erica Anderson variety we do politics relationships deconstructing and propaganda Oh welcome mama says I haven't seen your videos I need to go to your channel nyla stays has a video has a channel you guys she's a she's a content creator welcome analysis right now we all miss right now we call them outliers okay thank profits so we doing right now an island welcome oh yes I see Jada I can't wait to do that what my view line dancing in my house job no look I can't with Tracy BBB shondo EB be shunned Oh Evie be shondo please hit the like button y'all we have 123 likes we got 250 five people in the house EB be shondo okay he said it mystery man said oh hell no Nala says I will round up every one of my troll friends from the beef sector and grab out ID alright friend grab out tiki torches Justin Justin this is where we need to go I don't know boo job I don't know I'm like he just I was just I'm doing fine nyla thank you love I'm doing fine I'm just I was kind of sad but you know what it is what it is you know with what happened I mean the friendships over and it is what it is the mystery band said then it's a troll call oh there's a troll you have over there called uncle suit uncle should oh god these trolls are crazy little trees he hasn't he cried I'm waiting see it's not working see wasn't a god abb shondo EBV shondo EB be shondo it ain't helping I'm still got 124 likes we got 255 people watching and EB be shot though ain't nobody liking it no more okay why y'all they like it it we do people know we've come on the weii and like in the video TVB Shango I hope play shows all bills laughing we the people want to know why Jay Wilson keeps on lyin sure the people won't know why Jay Wilson keeps on lyin he's always your hands why Shane Wilson why he's always right with the people when the no wise Jay was lyin he's always lying why why is he right hey we got a BB shondo we got 128 Mike show 259 people in the house EB be shunned oh he's got like button hit the like button okay she say okay she say I really do not like how he talk about the beautiful women in and all he don't even know who the people want to know exactly she she's trying to uh he's trying to do too much right now my stomach hurts is Sibylle say you keep laughing because it's true he will start saying that a lot they flagged me today got me strike uh-huh I had like 400 bids nyla they hit you grab me to check out your channel wait let me subscribe right now oh my god right now okay where's my mom oh here we go don't you tone why they plan your channel is horrible okay now I just subscribe boo Trump vs. Elijah Cummings does the black church okay so you're talking about are you with are you with the conscious sector Lyla now I hate to hear that I'd be there when you return though oh that's sad why did they slag it low E BB shondo Chao Tracy read my comment please where's the bill okay help me to go back it sounds my visa tree my comment where is it that boo hold on trees you read my comment oh it's way back there okay hold on Tracy brother brother said he has seen bruises over your body tried to imply abuse what what Bruce is oh how has he seen my body his we didn't mean what is he talking about chow sure help me help me Boone help me help me help me help me I always come over to the tank top what what what bruises I received a comment from super-sized weight from who Oh Johnny Mac cousin let me go back down sure this chat is flying okay oh I think he seeks earlier the Oracle now instead of the Lord [Laughter] Marina should hold his child gonna do something I don't have any bruises on my body I know what he talking about child Thank You Tracy you're welcome boo I had to go in on my trolls oh that's why I see that's what happens we got to go in on him that's why going on my second or third channel cuz on this one I'm like I'm cheeky safe you sure I wouldn't want to attend his fear is a bit he's a safe funeral chicas I wouldn't want to attend this event and I said funeral don't know why I'm sorry he's gonna be thinking nasty about them Oh simple say said girl you naked on here exactly I'm like how can I have bruises child please he claimed he was a straight man then he said he was by knowing he's just gay and I'm like teaches on they kind of weird to me huh Tracy he said that in his video tonight check it out ciao I have no bruises on my body Tracy is on here every single day you seen a shadow when you thought something was wrong with my bang naked you were so worried about it when I was over there right uh he was wearing up my neck when I was in the living room I don't know why you worried about my neck you have not seen my body so I don't have no bruises on this all know what you're trying to imply Jay Wilson super-sized Beauty he doesn't have to reach out to you you're chastising him like he's a child you have been messy then goes to his platform and expect respect I thought you were better than this whose supersize beauty child I don't know who that is is that a person let's see shakeela say he is just trying to make up he's trying to he's trying to make up something shop I know ain't no he won't have anything on me I'm fine so what does he trying to do and if he's trying to make up that's the wrong way to do it which I gotta work with still I got a video for you about the snorkel oh how funny oh you shouldn't like her either oh yeah we can't we don't like her either Pam man y'all have to be the thumbnail you'll have to see the thumbnail for muse video I'm dead hey skillet they saying you block people that don't agree with you ciao I block people that are rude so it is what it is okay we all know about that that's all news what else I got nan says mature in act like she's got the chip act like she's got hold on act like she's got the onset of dementia child Erica Anderson say really just low death low Jameson needs to stop exactly Erica if Traci was abused she wouldn't be wearing sleeveless exact all the time I'd be covered up he needs to address that bruise on the top of his head that Heidi said was a tic exactly the bruise in the back of your head the Heidi said was they're talking about that Johnny Mac that was the comment I received Tracy okay Wow now let's say so good to me J dot shaking my head Kendra Stan mature saying nowadays if you can if you want to see a hilarious video of snorkel check out J dot 1,700 yes J not be going hard Johnny Mac is laughing sure why is he gonna try and talk about people I'm not this one with my scam boo I am fine honey I'm fine ain't nothin wrong Tracy you just got called lying that's all why you always lying people want to know you know hi aunt J Wilson why you lyin you always lying people listen if anything I'd be abusing people they would be abusing me I'll tell you that and that's fo sho cupcakes thank you for being so still being here in new subbies oh yeah you talking about this awesome yes oh hey skillet you can block whoever you want it's your damn channel there Dom shakeela Dixon Tracy he is trying to make up something on you to spread around YouTube I can't believe it right here imagine let him be sent let me find out that lady got a titty on the back of her scalp I am dead simple said I'm about to get blocked no okay thank you chuckles yeah see please understand I'm saying Tracy Chow from the bush is not to the backseat I'm not assess I don't know how to send it Jay la evb shondo eveything shondo hit the like button on ebay be shondo hit the like button we got 200 250 people in the house of the Lord 255 people in the house of the Lord okay please hit the like button hit the like button please hit the like button shondo right there I got a lot of haters you know I do boo I got a lot of haters they hate non-treaty hit the like button haters hit the like button if you trim the trees hit the like button I don't even look at them cuz they're haters but I don't know why cuz I'm winning they'd love to see me so I'm like okay boo they love see me Tracy stop mr. e mr. it was funny though he said Jada I think I backed you I backed you into a corner put that song yeah better Tracy uh let's see Erica a mystery man he gonna be mad as hell now child Kendra he's mad why he's mad as hell Kendra child he is mad why you always lying blue you always asked us out here Mayan we just had church yesterday pastors out you're lying why are you always lying you just read the Bible in Zion why you always lie people know why oh yeah we just wanna know why passive lion chow we had Church yesterday we want to know why you lyin today it's just Monday but why hey Tracy abuse of you has done a video in your blog of your vlog Father that is so funny I cannot wait oh my god I have to see it but I don't want to see it on here I'm gonna see it after Oh ciao I'm dead holy guacamole de stop me I'll have me laughing for reviews of you ok let me look at her tummy I don't want to play it y'all but I'm not gonna play it in here trade me on why you lyin the J will soon send you I just sent you to the party you went VIP style shot a man I need men to his members while you're married Tracy hell I did nothing to y'all to the people over there let me look at view where's her pea hold on y'all my god view is crazy oh my god oh my god you some nail look at you some now I am dead yeah this is I can't wait I can't wait y'all okay ciao I can't y'all whoo quick question jail 87 what's everybody in game with all of this foolishness ah jealousy 87 I haven't see you over here in a while I don't know what your end game is but I'm not messing with anybody's numbers I'm doing commentary so what is your end game by coming over here asking that last night hey Renee Halbert sorry boo I haven't affected anybody's number so what is your end game I'm not the one lying so what is your end game that's a question now you used to be over here so what is your end game the people want to know Oh what happened to ZT got caught by Treacy missus oh hey girl catching them ZT got popped by Tracy hold up I brought you back boo hold on I brought you back boo you see T got bunk by Tracy I like I like that's my boob did I bring you back I think I brought you back was on here yes I'm sorry boo we brought you back I don't have one but I mean you got grown people acting up like this okay well then don't watch you know I'm saying hey ZT got punked by Tracy hey boo don't watch me I'll see anything I mean I don't know what to tell you boo it is what it is I mean you know why is this person block why are you blocking up Tupac don't block the sweetie got caught by Tracy why are you righting arm again I just unhand him Lord Jesus she's got to stay never been here readily found your Serban channel Sochi channel thank you welcome Green Bay wacky welcome Pam yeah I skipped over there and watched it you did pronoun cha hey Robby I just saw skillet over there ciao skillet is gonna be windmilling it's feeling windmilling please don't block anymore yeah I don't like anybody y'all right now cuz it's pretty okay I'll block them for you cuz I'm watching this chat so I'll do the blocking right now cuz I got him see like that one right there uh-huh block that one Ct got my my Tracy yes I'm gonna him to come out that's my boo I know I own his DT got punked by Tracy where you at CT that's my boo what happened CT got punked by Tracy where are you boo i unhear them there yeah so you should be coming up can you call me a CT got punked by Tracy let me see they don't want over there listen to false teachings okay I'm not so I don't know why they come over you're talking about that block it who got blocked again ja where does he take that punt by Tracy I don't even see him now are you can you call me as et got some stories because I am here Jew skillett got blocked over there parents they just don't judge until you watch the entire life child skillet got blocked over there random say Tracy I hate to be called a bond carrier but it is what it is the best that I got got alive up about Johnny Mac Chow I'm sick of her I'm sick of her random I really am you peep that he got blocked again simple say I bet he sleeps eats in that chair it's my bedtime good night good night miss boy thank you boo CT is blocked again I'm blocked in though so why is he drunk again when I unblocked him Lord Jesus I'm blocked him I don't understand why he can't okay please don't block anybody y'all I'll let you know when unblocked CT got Punk'd by Tracy please try and um try and comment now I think i unblock tribu again cuz a lot of people were texting me saying they were blocked and I'm like word please don't block anybody y'all is this the same one message deleted why okay why is this okay Tupac why do you keep deleting 2zt got punked by Tracy because you just did it again you just deleted him again I'm trying to figure out why you did that why are you why do you keep blocking this person hold on I'm not understanding hold on that's not ZT is Ct KUB okay no no that's not a troll that CT got pumped by tree see that's my I like that one okay thank you he's unblocked okay I don't know if she saw CT and she thought it was just CT now it's the UM it's a troll page yeah thank you I'm sorry to pot I was like what happened no I love Tupac might like my ziti got punked by Traci I love that one yes hey boo how you been how you been how you been how you been misunderstanding yet was simple said he ain't been he ain't seen that bad since he got on YouTube always ready to go live child okay oh yeah miss understand it's okay it happens devastating for you moderator gone wild no she dismissed understanding Erica said Jay Wilson was talking about Dallas club chat calling the bat like he's not a restless like he's not a rest putea body double child the nerve of the miss man is soul denial a whole professor Klumps but why is he talking about why is he talking about club chat and the women on that picture we want to know why Robbie I got blocked skillet I knew he was over there fighting hey cam two salts who saw that how you doing Tupac apologizes et CT got pumped by Traci green bay wacky say what do you generally talk about here everything but right now we being messy so just hang on for the ride oh let's see here Jay das a Green Bay wacky check me out first child who the trolls can't just say hello he was steaming but he was steaming that his he was steaming that his Tracy was in was with Sean again I know he was upset he gonna be man even more cuz he just don't know me and Sean gonna meet up again and he really gonna be mad Kishan gonna be here for a few more weeks so shy we don't kick it he gonna be really mad okay I didn't know I had that much influence boom I guess Tupac was not having it tonight shondo here EVP shondo hit that like button eveything shondo he didn't shondo why are you always you're right here you went to church on Sunday it is Monday why Jay why are you lying we the people what now why you always lying you preached on Sunday today is so silly y'all I am so damn silly oh my god I am so silly it's just funny hi what is the wrench have y'all seen the rich the rich but not be able to promote him he should be over here every time you do that I'm trying to not laugh cuz I've been coughing girl why did he lie ZD got my batteries I don't know why they be lying boom he built like a mini fridge then them cutoff teeth don't make don't make a muscles EDB shondo I know booty to be shunned Oh Texcoco you a grown woman you be with who you want to be with exactly he don't know long with cheese he has a song covered child that song kills me every time for noon yes sweetie I bought it from his fam I thought okay I'm to does she win I can tell you just said Tracy killed me tonight Johnny Mac Tracy I'm trying to drive to the store and I can't drive in a straight line let's add another first cha he's over there line Timothy Blaine call denying always J why you lyin Timothy playing cod roe why are you who you always lying why you always lying Jake why people want to know why you're lying even a shondo hit that like button even eat some though evilly shunned Oh even if shoot'em ah even is shittim ah okay yeah Oh God okay okay wait it's so funny okay she see the rich was giving Jay a hard time earlier he's talking jump which was in there talking about can he do the splits oh oh god I'm dying Jay got sent Erik I see you're talking about stuff off youtube yes social media crazy you saying wow the wrench probably out here making more little richest child the ranch you got enough babies okay you show a each shellack under law shop he shut a country like a lot he should've come your luck o'clock hit the like button y'all cupcake say Tracy do you care do you care a little bit think Jane wanted more with you cuz he bi um no I don't think so mm-hmm all mine he oh he over talking slower than waiting on a change to come out Chow I don't know why Felicia piece a EB be on the on the light shunned Oh even be on the like shondo I like that Felicia face EDD on the like shunned Oh TBD I'm alike shunned oh shoot oh ma ma she tomorrow if you meet Santoshi ma hit the like button EDB should my share my sorrow my shunned oh shut my son right shunned oh [Laughter] yeah I can't oh my god y'all are so damn funny oh my god exactly the mystery man he is totally gay hang by cha please I just went along with that I hit the like and turn the bail on the bail how come I'm just oh yeah he be be shondo eb be shoot-'em-up cha we unblocked him we said hey skillet I saw that Lola tree see that lady is gay or then a fruitcake talking about sum-sum by job I didn't I see it was an accident oh it's okay boo CT FFIEC nutri see ain't ain't want no Jay Wilson no tree see a hole straight woman and he's a whole female yeah I don't want I like men men like you know I don't like I don't like weak men that are we even for friends my friends are strong I can't have weak men if I have a male as a friend he has to be strong I don't want no weak uh-huh cuz what if I'm getting my a bean or something and I'm like what you're gonna do you all run I'm like I don't think so Texaco go say it has it has a catch to it I know Jay got that's a song she see you got me crying Jay top that's the song we should put it into some words job boom Shakalaka boom Shakalaka boom Shakalaka boom Shakalaka shondo boom Shakalaka shondo shondo hit the like button hit the like button we got up to 156 hit the like button y'all know them trolls gonna be like in 300 a lot of times y'all they don't dislike it so hit the like button y'all hit that like button I see her Nana's live too child he said he ain't weak for he feminine he feminist you know abou Traci you sure cuz it's like you don't follow you don't follow them papers and he's going crazy going crazy tchau I'm sure about what Kendra and I share about what boo she see he is he is unblocked oh yeah he is my block it just commented who's saying he's not oh no oh my god why'd you take your message out what does my owner I love skillet chai we're skillet let's see he got more he got more fruit than all then all right step fruit stand and all like fruit stand I'm good with the whole LGBT community but he needs to be real period yeah he's not being real he never has been so uh he has been commenting oh yeah that was in the beginning Tracy yeah true yeah to me should say what does these words mean evb shondo it's the Holy Spirit child evb shondo okay Taisha it means I'm holier than everybody else to pass it down you're not live you tagged in the chat pyramid you're my size are already killing me Pam except from laughing and this Jay Wilson parody what you gonna do run Tracy you're too much chow looks like said Tracy I can't I'm wake up my daughter up laughing so loud Kelly boy said hey Tracy and pieces hey boo hello see – Tracy he has done let me go back up she has already been on blah oh yeah that was from a long time ago yeah okay um see devastating for you say devastating for you saying well yeah person came in here and asked me what my end game was I think excuse me I was like I'm not the one that lied about anything devastating for you said I don't off earlier y'all still bangin like a Duracell battery oh my god y'all are so funny the stranger in his house is a what wait hold up the stranger in his house he has a stranger I don't know the stranger in his house is probably a pieces blink if you need help lady the person is in his house is a piece is blink if you need help simple you are crazy I K oh my god okay oh my god you're crazy over her oh my god Jayde I said Tanisha these are prophetic times he uses to touch heaven just average youtuber hey chop DT go pump by tracy said cha ain't nobody worried about getting blocked let it go the girl who oughta Khurana say Jane Wilson will be up all night man and trying to think of something that you can come up that you come out of the bushes and strike like a snake than he is you should just tell the truth owner you should just tell the truth yeah I know it's gonna be a lie cuz if he knew anything he'd tell it today right ain't nothing he knows so much Shawn would you go tell daddy you know okay the stop ciao oh god you're funny you're killing me I can't um let's see here um Pernell said don't let her kill your vibes who green yarn me said this is so off-topic Treacy but can I ask why you say all prophets are dead we all have we all have different views and perspectives on religion and/or spiritual I just want to know my that's that's what I believe so I respect everybody's opinion so that's all I have to say about that green yard Mimi that's it mm-hmm no I did it Oh stupid 2pi please help you're a composite what are y'all fighting why are you why is Tupac fighting with ZT got problem I trees see why are y'all fighting that was a long time ago you got blocked you're good he thought she thought you were ZT that was the beginning TC yes okay um he is a B&B guest probably here having fun with the sound EBV shondo EBV shoot a mom EVP shondo hit the like button y'all we have 160 likes we have 276 people on here you know we're gonna have at least 300 dislikes so EVD shondo hit the like button evilly shunned Oh people from the trees hit the like button EDD shunned Oh shondo he got a new speaker and he hasn't stopped begging begging cents musta got them from rent-a-center or stole it from Beulah Baptist Church in San Antonio yard nut I can't with y'all can't you say tree see God and just Rick a solving papers so that man can sleep over there acting like a scorned woman child J got a bed okay just going to bed ain't nobody up trying to take you out if you go to sleep somebody please war all over their artwork over there and tell him to going to bed ain't nobody trying to take him out okay who's fighting for to park yeah just leave it's okay leave it alone cheeky Cooper I don't think I know it's not lagging boo we haven't fun y'all keep saying Tupac I hope your life Tracy what are you doing up cha I'm doing even shun no even shoot amando but see it worked it worked y'all I got one more like you like but y'all even me shunned Oh even me [Laughter] this is crazy what happened – fuck – fuck is fighting with – pot what is that a troll what do you mean Tupac don't I got your back boo well somebody has your back we'll see fine Chris Thank You random devastating for you I thought she was saying EBT shun though don't say for you Thomas an EBT shun go you are crazy EBT that is hilarious you are funny oh my god I'm not fighting with Tupac she clearly special focus focus on Tracy everybody's fighting me Andres say uh-oh he's not live shocking oh he left already I'm good he went to sleep even eat shit am i it works see even eat shit am i eating me shondo shondo ha ha Oh help me Oh mr. Manson is rude instead of adding to the conversation you come in here and clearly see what vibe we own and here what we talking about yet you decide I'm not interested exactly so you start your own combo that's crazy is what he took that person I hope they block them Shao is funny oh how are you gonna call someone to invest it but you on the chat who's fighting pest Jack yes understand I like it the guy who you had an earlier oh oh Johnny Mac yes did you subscribe to him pastor Jack he's amazing Sybil say at least Rita is jumping these medias jumping jumping rope not let me see these sweeties jumping around for 10 hours but why is it pastor sweating like that I don't know child EVP shoot them all we gotta pray about it eat it eat shondo pray about it random says et is keeping it real I think everybody's tired you right I am so sure okay we are everyone's tired everyone's fighting Johnny Mac's book the truth yes Lee and responds right that was uncalled for please be nice to our mods yes please be nice to the mods please be not y'all please please eat eat I got Punk'd by Tracy please be nice to UM to pop it was a mistake crazy T pop down said it was all good the mystery man said I hate that ish with a passion don't hijack somebody chatroom because they're talking about what you want yeah the interest I will win male Landrus I know your windmill simple said well he's he is here now pastor said a super chat through and hit like in your troll name y'all let it go y'all are crazy CT got property so I'm not messing with her I respect Tracy mods and chat but Tupac should not should let it go Oh Lord I apologize tree okay that's okay boo so you guys I think we're gonna go to bed Sybil silver he in the in the bushes and the trees sure all know we're here but we get ready to go to bed did he go to because I'm good nobody's gonna be up look please tell him nobody's gonna be up looking for him on house the night I get ready to watch views video on him y'all and um nobody I mean there's no it is what it is you don't want to got caught line it is what it is okay so it is Chan it's funny when Tracy say a child I know but you guys have a good night Thank You Kendra thank you a two-part the done thank you all my moderators you guys have a good one thank you everybody for tuning in you guys enjoy have a good one I will be back tomorrow and y'all have a good night good night Kendra thank you guys he drew these pieces we have we up the house and they man man man tree species has a week passed and we out of house and they mad Johnny man why they mad they mad tree species this house and we add the house and we out of the house but they man jolly man what it man okay man good night y'all hey man

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  1. The "brain" also tried to say social blade was inaccurate. It's a red flag when someone is so comfortable with dishonesty. Now back to finishing the replay 😇

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