Parliamentarians question Supreme Court nominee Justice Nicholas Kasirer | Power & Politics

Parliamentarians question Supreme Court nominee Justice Nicholas Kasirer | Power & Politics

MPs and Senators got a chance today to question the prime minister's Supreme Court nominee Nicholas cassis kassir will be filling the seat left vacant by retiring justice claimant Gus Kile the CBC's Janice McGregor followed today's hearing she joins us now hi Janice hello so what happened in this hearing well if there's anything controversial about this guy there's anyone out there that doesn't like him or think some of the things he's written in the past aren't aren't very good we certainly didn't hear about it today there was a lot of almost love in the room for this guy a lot of respect a lot of admiration it's interesting he was the Dean of McGill's Law School worth noting also a profit that law school our current justice minister a graduate of that law school the head of the Justice Committee there was a certain collegiality in the room that really came through but nevertheless when they started going over his legal views you could really see why there would be such affection for him as a legal scholar a very measured person in the way he answered thorny er questions did not stray into controversy paused chose his words carefully I'm gonna play a clip from his answer when Lisa Raitt was asking him about a couple things that are often hot-button issues when you're evaluating judges she asked him about section 33 of the Charter the notwithstanding Clause which we know in Quebec is coming around again because of the the new religious symbols controversy for public servants listen to what he said when she asked him for his views on section 33 of the Charter the choice whether or not to rely on the notwithstanding Clause is not a judge's choice so it would be an opportune I think for a judge to to say whether or not he or she thought that was a right or wrong moment upon which to rely on section 33 as I noted earlier judges decide on matters before them and they do so within the parameters set out in the Constitution section 133 is one such parameter that's really the way he answered a lot of questions here they tried to ask him about you know activist judges he pushed back he said no policy that's Parliament's job he really did not take the bait there at any any point what more can you tell us about him well let's talk about record as a jurist apparently over his decade at Quebec skort of Appeals he brought back about 2000 decisions of those 2000 decisions only 15 of them were ever heard at the Supreme Court and 10 of them were upheld only three of them were overturned I think that's a track record that any judge in Canada would love to have and I think probably that's where a lot of the respect for him as a thinker and a jurist comes from but you know there's a lot of talk this morning with Kim Campbell as the head of the independent advisory board for this pick about diversity about the facts that when they considered the 12 people who applied for this job only one was a woman there were no indigenous candidates none identified as a member of a minority group and whether that was a problem for the system as a whole he is yes another white guy from Montreal but in his answers today he did definitely show a real appreciation for minority rights for some of these issues that we know will be very important to this court things like indigenous rights going forward so yeah he's a white guy from Montreal but he's pretty woke one if you listen to the way he answered the questions today understanding line of questioning though about the lack of diversity among the applicant pool for sure yes absolutely thanks Janice Janice McGregor hi i'm Vashi Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

7 thoughts on “Parliamentarians question Supreme Court nominee Justice Nicholas Kasirer | Power & Politics

  1. He seems qualified. I would love to see other options tho but if he’s appointed I wouldn’t be upset

  2. Whaddaya know, ANOTHER one of Turdos frog buddies from Frogbec. Isn't he suppose to be the Canadian prime minister ?

  3. "JUDGE NOT LEST YE YOURSELF IS JUDGED"…who judges the judges? If he is the best candidate for this position…so be it…and we'll judge for ourselves!

  4. He wasn't judged on the colour of his skin or what reproductive organs he had so as much as I don't agree with him I accept his appointment as I would any woman or minority who has the same credentials..

  5. So you are fine with conservatives picking nominees (Trump ). But you get mad if the libraries do it.

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