‘Paris to Pittsburgh’ – Trailer | National Geographic

‘Paris to Pittsburgh’ – Trailer | National Geographic

States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. I was elected to represent
the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris. Pittsburgh? Now what was upsetting about
that, and that alliteration, was the stereotype of our past. But Pittsburgh is
poised and ready to lead in the 21st century. WOMAN 1: We’re seeing cities,
and states, and companies, and individuals saying,
we are still in, even with the president pulling
us out of one of the most important treaties when
every other major country in the world has said, we are
gonna come together and commit to dealing with climate change. CHRIS CASTRO: I
continue to be shocked at how close the water has being
encroaching just on the beach. Sea level rise is completely
apparent in Miami. FRANK VANCE: We
had six and a half foot of water on the main level
of the house for over a week. Stuff that was in
our bedroom wound up in the garage, and stuff
that was in the garage– I imagine that’s way
down in Louisiana now. ARTURO MASSOL DEYA:
The storms are becoming stronger in Puerto Rico. The worst thing is to think
that that reality will repeat. STACY HYATT: Not a lot survived
that fire in Ventura County. It burned so hot that
everything just liquefied. To not be able to
save anything– it was just really hard. MICHAEL MANN: If we’re
going to avoid breaching catastrophic levels
of warming, we need to be putting our foot
on the renewable energy acceleration pedal. The transformation towards
a renewable energy future is the greatest
economic opportunity of the 21st century. RHEA SUH: Businesses
have lined up to say, we’re still committing
to the Paris Accord because it’s good for
their bottom line. DAN LUTAT: My daughter, Faith–
she made the decision that wind was where she wanted to be. This is an opportunity
that hasn’t been available in America
for a long, long time. DAVID ANDRADE:
The solar industry is offering that
second-chance opportunity to individuals like myself. CARLOS CURBELO: It
doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican,
Democrat, independent– you have a role to play here. BILL PEDUTO: And if we
look at it as an American Marshall Plan, we can exceed the
goals of the Paris agreement. PROTESTER: This
is the start of us taking control of our future. WOMAN 2: We have the
right to a future. We have the right to
these basic necessities that we need to live. We, the people,
need to take action. Our lives are at stake here.

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  1. Republicans dont care about there Voters, there Bill's Hurt them, all Republican law makers care about is Money. Who will pay the highest Bribe. If you are a Republican vote Democrat this fall and 2020. Show your Party you wont stand for Lies and Corruption. If you dont then you Deserve to be Homeless and sick bc that's what you voted for

  2. America lead the way until its leadership backed out, going backwards while the rest of the world moves on. Most Americans know that and I am glad that they are refusing to back out even if their leadership did.

  3. Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the cities whose decided to continue reaching the goals set by the Paris climate accord and I’m proud to be living here. We are growing fast and our city leaders are wonderful. Together, we can resist Washington and save this planet and her children.

  4. All the polar bears are gone now. There are no ski resorts in operation north of Ohio. It's to late. All limosine liberals should sell me there yachts and ocean front property for cheap. Hurry! Hurry! Do it now.

  5. You show our president then a bunch of unrelated natural disasters as to say climate change or better yet Trump caused them. So inspirational, bravo.

  6. Trump represents me in Pittsburgh! Won the popular vote and electoral votes in Pennsylvania! More people like Trump in PA than dislike him. Trump signs everywhere! Its a great time to be a Republican in Pennsylvania! We’re getting rid of the idiots, morons, unhinged from reality nut jobs, or lib-turds) if you like…one vote at a time! Im a Captain, U.S. Army, Cavalry and d*mn proud obama didn’t sign my commission that hangs in my office!

  7. I see all this hysteria like that… if people themselves do not downsize energy consumption, car drive to everywhere, stop useless shopping, plastic bottles etc… obsession, do not litter… any attempt of international agreement is just sheet of paper and endless money hole.
    It has to start by every single individual…, nothing to do with Trump or any other politician. Trump has done more in this issue then guys before him.

    Reducetarian or complete Vegan life style is way to follow…

  8. This film ad and the film it's self are factually false statements. With feel good fluff. No talk about Kinetic Energy or Perpetual Motion Engines. These don't require computers and can run FOREVER. Plus no need for fuel or lubricants. No emitions of ANY kind.

  9. The exponentially increasing frequency of hurricane hitting America is a blinding evidence of global warming.
    And hurricane category would soon reach six, seven or even ten.
    It spells the doom of humanity.

  10. Oh, great, an appeal to emotion gun demonization ad before this.
    Anyway, Peduto is a virtue signaling, buzzword spouting, temper tantrum throwing, wanna-be know-it-all know nothing. The only reason he got elected was the temporary residents who contribute nothing but their college loans before heading to SJW metropolises after they marginalize the people who actually live here.

  11. sigh another one of these ITS THE END OF THE WORLD BECAUSE TRUMP! if yall listen to his speech he explains why he is not for the TPP. Citing things like how the BIGGEST offender of the environment China would have next to 0 responsibilities and how we'd have to dump hundreds of millions of dollars while crippling the american economy. He even said he would be willing to consider returning to this if the terms were changed. Never get honesty from these people.

  12. The US produces the least amount of emmisions that would cause climate change, but we were expected to pay and do the most against it. It's all a scam for $, not sayn the climate isnt changing cause it is, it has been for billions of years, and will continue to change, its not trumps fault, he got us out of a bad deal where more of our tax dollars would have been takn from us, any1 who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken

  13. The Paris Agreement is a crappy deal. It will cost the United States billions but yet other countries dont have to give a dime. China and India dont have to do a thing until 2030. How is that fair? Do people just think that the Paris Agreement is the greatest thing since sliced bread?
    People are just brainwashed into believing the world is going to end if the US stays out of the Agreement. National Geographic is nothing but a bunch unethical fearmongering activist journalists.

  14. Global warming isn't caused by humans… Why do you think we have ice ages and periods of time the earth is entirely tropical? Weather changes naturally, humans have no influence.

  15. The most important factor is to live conservatively. But to wine about the US leaving this group is absurd. Have you been to India?? China?? Russia?? Those are counties that need reform. So, Nat Geo quit whining and support your country for once.

  16. S A D it is all about the money and he doing it for some people can have a job that will kill us

    We may not see it but maybe our kids or the kids kids will this world will reset because of all of the wrong doing and then they will be no pittburgh

  17. Too bad the Paris agreement hasn't helped climate change. It just lines the pocketbooks of the corrupt EU that is for obvious reasons falling to pieces.

  18. Also as a fun side note National Geographic hasn't removed the polar bear video. Why because they make money off of the video of hyping global warming even though it was just a polar bear dying of old age. So why should we trust this network to tell the truth about climate change?

  19. one way to solve CC if you really believe in it is for men to get a Vasectomy and stop breeding more children without a real future!
    i'm 62 got mine at 28 never regretted it, just a thought!

  20. India is in the Paris agreement yet they still continue to dump trash in their river. just because you're in the agreement, doesn't mean you follow it's rules. America can still be environmentally friendly without being in the agreement. the agreement is just a name.

  21. The hurricane is making things worse for us in Florida heck my backyard is completely flooded and my front yard got flooded.
    I hope South Carolina will survive the hurricane.

  22. So natural geographic is going to fear monger to try and push their agenda. There has always been aggressive weather. But let’s just take the word of of a few elites and not debate the climate change. It’s not a settled science. More so it’s important to note that we should not pay into the world wide scam. It was first global cooling, then global warming, now its climate change. Climate always changes. When I’m old and gray the climate will be fine and the countries that payed into global warming or climate change or whatever new term they will decide to call it will have waisted their money and credibility. Think for yourself.

  23. The problem is too many people, the climate will never get better if there is 7 billion people and growing on this planet… there is nothing we can really do to save earth because eventually earth will have its end like everything in the universe. Climate changes all the time look through history, it’s our time to go…

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  25. Why is it always the President's fault? How does the decision of a single person affect the weather and natural disasters? Shut up and do something about it yourself if you believe it's such a big issue. The whole deal was trash anyway. The only thing that was going to come of it was the eventual crash of America's economy.

  26. So the folks that gathered in the Paris summit all walked there and stayed in tents using only campfires and candles? Seriously freaking doubt it. Get off your high horses look at yourself before you tell anyone else what they should do…idiots.

  27. More illiberal leftist nonsense.

    Their global warming hoax floundered when the opposite ice cap has grown so large Penguins have migrated to nearby islands part of the year. They just want money from governments because they dont want to compete in a free market of ideas.

    Governments can rob(Tax) people at gunpoint(Law enforcement) to make these wanna-be scientists rich for life. But if their science had to stand on its own, theyd get dumped because most people see its self evident the planet isnt turning into a melting pot. Garbage pit, sure, but the way you solve that is by private land rights. People take care of what they own. If you make something unownable, unmarketable, unusable it just becomes a land fill.

  28. I bet NatGeo plays his part of the speech where he lays out the specific reasons we are leaving the regressive Paris Climate Accords. How does NatGeo feel about taking the side where they regularly change data, conspire to cover it up to the point of criminality, change methodology, and lie all the time. About the 'lie' part? Yeah, how about that 'pause busting' paper delivered at the IPCC? Proven to be a lie. NatGeo must be proud to be on the side of lies, criminality, and incomplete computer models for the sake of Marxist ideals.

  29. Are you guys not gonna mention that in Europe (where Paris is btw)
    The Air, Sea and ground pollution is going up

    While in America It's going Lower

  30. Trump is such a moron. And not even because of the Paris Agreement (which I don’t know much about, admittedly). Just take a look at the things he’s done/said and cringe.

  31. The Earth itself acts as a living creature, you consider that we are changing the planet’s temperature, but in reality we have very little influence over the planet in that regard. You only think about how rising oceans will affect your lives, but Mother Nature does not care, stop acting as if you are the “center” of the universe.The environment of earth changes over the course of time, humans are insignificant creatures in the sense that they think earth should be manipulated to their preference. But you should stop whining that the sea levels because human influence or not, it is bound to happen. Think outside of your hollow little human sized brain on what is everywhere, and not what appears to be there and taking place in front of you.

  32. These comments are so stupid lmfao. People have no idea how climate change works. They’re all like “muh backyard is snowy so global warming is fake! The president said it so I believe it!” God people are so stupid. Get educated before commenting on a very complex and serious subject. Stupid uneducated idiots.

  33. Another mainstream media propaganda piece trying to reinforce the fraud that humans can actually control earth's climate.

  34. How come there not showing the people burning down Paris because they don't want to pay $7 bucks a gallon for gas to pay for climate control.

  35. LIKE THERE HAS NEVEN BEEN HIGH TIDES OR BAD WEATHER !! Extreme weather is all because you drive your car …OOPS : The worlds STONGEST STORM was 1979 , and there was less energy use than today . Here is a film that sells fear . Climate has been vicious for 1000's of years . The worst forest fire ever was in Wisconsin before you were born . The dust bowl of the 1930s was the biggest climate disaster ever . We smell "HOAX" .

  36. Where do I find the actual films? is this out yet? Is "JANE" out yet. Someone please help. I appreciate you. I only found more trailers on Nat Geos website

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