PARIS RIOTS 2017 | Why The Media Is Silent | Marine Le Pen | The Death Of France | French Election

PARIS RIOTS 2017 | Why The Media Is Silent | Marine Le Pen | The Death Of France | French Election

[Music] [Applause] [Applause] it’s good that they don’t attack us [Applause] no seriously we’re just easy [Applause] if I was to tell you over the past two weeks that Paris has been ripped and torn apart by violent riots your confusion could be forgiven because the mainstream media’s silence on this issue has been absolutely deafening if you type Paris riots 2017 into Google and search by news what you’re faced with is quite frankly a pathetic lack of new sources describing exactly what’s going on you have to get past the first page to even find a comment by the BBC on it so why is the mainstream media ignoring this issue totally well it’s very obvious to me why they’re doing it and it’s probably very obvious to you as well but let’s go through it now France is no stranger to riots in fact you could probably say that the birth of modern France came about essentially because of huge massive riots but nowadays it seems like France can’t go a week without being involved in some sort of national turmoil I’ve lost count of how many demonstrations suddenly turned violent in the centre of Paris but yet the media always manages to brush it under the carpet and we move on with our lives until two weeks later when it happens again these riots are different because these riots are a symptom of modern France these rights do nothing but identify and amplify the huge failures of the European Union and the current ruling establishment the current riots were inspired when a young black man named Theo was allegedly in Italy raped by police when he was getting arrested the police involved as far as I can tell have been charged independently and they’ll be resolved internally I imagine but of course it didn’t take long for this issue to be turned into a political football now suddenly France is a racist country and the police are nothing more than a white supremacist Nazi hit squad who no doubt target black people just because they’re black we’ve heard this narrative before haven’t we now people are using this isolated incident to govern in the streets and cause utter chaos burning cars burning down buildings smashing businesses attacking police officers attacking innocent people you name it it’s happening but these protests despite what the liberal media will tell you are not about police brutality they’re not about this young man Theo who was attacked by police officers these rioters don’t give a shit about that incident these riots remind me very much of the Mark Duggan incident in London in 2011 where a man was shot dead by police during a read what followed was mass rioting and looting in the streets of London supposedly protesting police brutality they had nothing to do with police brutality people saw an opportunity to go outside cause trouble and steal a new TV for themselves and they took it they just used that incident as a front and that’s similar to what’s going on here in Paris but why is the media silent well it’s a small matter of the French presidential election coming up and as of now marine lepen is leading in the polls in fact these violent riots have only improved her polling position amongst French people according to many reports she’s on course to win the first round of voting and then lose in the second round lose comfortably in the second round they say which I don’t believe for a damn second these riots and the social problems of France are having right now placed straight into marine lepen hands the total and complete failure of the European Union’s migrant policy is for all to see right now it’s wide out in the open marine lepen has talked about it for years and these riots only prove her point it’s no surprise that the majority of these rioters come from immigrant communities France along with many other countries in the European Union I’m looking at you Germany have completely failed to integrate their large migrant numbers hundreds of thousands of migrants come into Europe every single year there is no way that the European Union can integrate all these people at once it’s impossible what then happens of course is migrants form their own isolated communities on the outskirts of big cities such as Paris integration is now on impossible at this point this is a failure from the top down from the heads of the European Union I look at a guy like President Hollande and I just see weakness I just see total lack of strength total lack of conviction a complete puppet of the European Union in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a weaker leader ever look at him here at this photo-op with fear the guy who was allegedly attacked by the police what this man should be doing at this point in time is showing strength and telling these rioters no no no stop it now stop it now or you know what face the consequences of it the pen has of course seized this opportunity to call out the paralysis of the current French government and she’s absolutely right the French government at this point in time are doing very very little to stop this bullshit and it’s no surprise people like the BBC CNN and and they’re like on commenting on smarter because they know that if they draw attention to the horrible situation that is Paris and France in general at this point he’ll only garner sympathy for marine lepen and her message they know this and the tactic right now is just to say nothing but what they don’t realize is that’s even worse like I said their silence is absolutely deafening people hear about riots and Paris and I will haven’t seen anything on the news what’s going on so they google it and they see all this stuff and the BBC are absolutely nowhere to be seen what do you think the French people are thinking right now as they see their once great capital city the city of love burning to the ground or four-run with scum what do you think they’re thinking no we can joke about the French however much we want but at the end of the day when they realize they can’t have their three hour lunch breaks in their favorite restaurant because their favorite restaurant has been burned to the ground they may sit back and think you know what fuck this I’m voting for the pen and they should they should vote for it cuz she’s the only politician in France at this point who’s showing any modicum of strength just today he’s a new story about marine lepen who was gonna meet Lebanon’s Grand Mufti right marine lepen who was currently running for president in France cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf for the occasion the far-right leader told reporters you can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti but I will not cover myself up the Grand Mufti –zz press conference said that her aides had told her prior to the meeting that they required her to wear a head covering for the meeting shortly after she arrived at his office one of his aides tried to give her a head scarf to put on she refused and said she had met in the past with the Grand Mufti of Egypt Salazar hope I’m saying that right one of the world’s top Sunni clerics without wearing a veil once she was taught that customs are different in Lebanon lepen walked towards a car and left this is the sort of strength that French people want to see they don’t wanna see their leaders bending over backwards for these Muslim clerics similarly they don’t want to see the capital city bending over to them Muslim migrants multiculturalism hasn’t worked mass immigration hasn’t worked integration for this mass migration definitely hasn’t worked the mainstream media are terrified of these popular surges that are happening all of the world we had brexit in the UK we had Donald Trump in America in France we have lepen in the Netherlands we have dirt builders they don’t to draw attention to any of this because they’re so involved with the current political establishment in the UK or in brexit we are constant stories of doom and gloom if we vote to leave the European Union how would fall off the edge of the earth how Armageddon would take place and how would all die horrible deaths in poverty and now they’re set to lose France and probably the Netherlands too but this popular surge can’t be stopped I fully expect marine lepen to win the presidency in France and even if she doesn’t win it will be by a very narrow margin but even if she does lose I think she’ll win in the long term because whoever they elect instead of her will fail so terribly that France will be in an even worse position than it is now when the next election rolls around these riots are just a symptom of a terrible disease that’s played Europe for decades and while I won’t go as far to say that marine lepen is the antidote to this disease she’s at least a weapon the public can used to fight it the French and the people of Europe are turning to politicians to at least shore public’s strength in cases of crisis people like Merkel have failed people like Hollande have failed and people like marine lepen while she biologically doesn’t have a pair is showing some balls on this issue

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  1. Europeans Civillians should arm thesmelf. and i am not jsut talking about real pistols and rifles, I mean also mean Air rifles, tzers, crude melee weapons, homemade weapons

  2. You can’t integrate people who don’t want to integrate but would rather establish their own ghettos and live separately from the indigenous citizens.

  3. Watching this kind of videos as a neutral observer i have to say that the grand mufti or however he is called was right, le penns refusal to wear the headscarf was offensive, since she went to lebanon she had to respect the local customs just like the muslims that come to europe must learn to follow the ways of the native people, quit having double standards if you want someone with half a brain to take your views seriusly

  4. France is now a shithole with no future. Its institutions, economy and people became shit thanks to socialism and cultural Marxism.

  5. In the same time, 250.000 people marched in Poland Independence March and… The number of burned cars: 0, the number of people beaten: 0, the number if woman raped: 0, shops destroyed: 0, Policeman injured: 0. And you, western pussies call us "fascist, nazis, rasist, homophobic and barbarians"… Well, I have 1 thing to say to you, you fat, lazy, leftie, dumb pussies: FUCK YOU! Greetings from beautiful, white, Christian, happy and SAFE Poland 😛

  6. France would drop a string of "snakeyes" in the group of thugs and the guillotine would mop up the rest. France doesn't have any fu**heads running around like that 🤣.

  7. ahhh, beatiful, is this paristan? i love your enrichments. did you notice the invaders? nooo? well… then keep sleeping, while the enemy is close to slice your neck. thank you europe, thank you people, have fun.

  8. we are watching the destruction of Western civilization in Europe. if the progressive Democrats have their way, they will bring the same thing over here

  9. This "NEW WORLD ORDER" sucks, don't it? It's not too late, kick all imagrints out of YOUR country and make it yours again!

  10. Any european with a modicum of savvy can see where the EU is taking us…they are doing deals with North Africa to let millions into the EU …wake up people your future is not your vision it’s the vision of unelected bureaucrats who don’t give a shit for the european people….there is NO DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. Hey did you know the worst part? Theo wasn't "attacked", police men were released from accusations. A video proved that Theo resisted to Police and he got a stick up his ass in the action. This wasn't a willing act. Worst PART : Theo's family were actually in some kind of traffic to get states' help (fake work, fake papers etc…)which was revealed thanks to investigation concerning Theo

  12. I was in Baghdad for a year 06-07. Wait till you have a large number of Muslims. They won’t care about the locals. They’ll be fighting each other like they’ve been fighting each other in their home country. Sunni Shia civil war that has been going on for a millennia. And it won’t be pretty.

  13. Sad.
    This is what happens when you open your doors to help others and they want all your land.
    If death is all they understand then give them as they wish.

  14. Doesn’t anyone notice the Police aren’t ARMED? That country is retarded!!! Kinda reminds me of when a dictator took them over about 70 years ago. Those clowns have no backbone!

  15. 🇫🇷💕☕️ politicians is destroying France , Sad. France needs a president like M.Trump. A lot of French people are very naive, that why we have M. Holland or M.Marcon as president…

  16. Who said that id doesn’t matter who votes but who counts the votes. Le Pen won but it doesn’t matter if the media tells you that she lost. This rigged game of the people have spoken it’s a joke. People need to wake up and take over the traitorous government and establish a pro European government that kicks out every last zionist.

  17. Multiculturalism hasn't worked. We have to preserve the good in our own cultures. it will have to come down to deporting people who will not learn their host country's language or respect and preserve their host cultures. They need then to be sent back to their countries of origin, regardless of consequences. People with culture can't let people with no culture bring them down to their level. What will it be Bach or Hip Hop? The Muslim have no anchorage in their religion. If they did they would impress us with it but they haven't. Neither have the hoards of Hispanics coming into the US and bringing their thug culture to pollute the lives of Americans. T here is a chemistry to a country being taken to the edge of darkness by the worst in their culture and then fighting for a positive culture and economy of their own. If they leave and demand entry into a richer more ordered country, their revolutionary process gets derailed and nothing progresses. The left has for too long thought there is a band-aid for every booboo and a happy solution to every problem. There isn't. It's live and let die or get swallowed by the self pity that breeds pity. Pity isn't love. Love is strong and honest and self reliant and energetic and determined. people of love and culture have to find one another and create a nation or . . . die.

  18. They didnt get her, and thats part of the problem is women got the vote in the frist place, you dont see the connection but it was the frist major under pining of a stable world and family that now is in
    Question as to if the west is even going to be recognizable in years to come .
    The mother said a chastisment is comeing, i take it the vineyards
    Will be pruned. You might say a prayer if you got any idea of whats comeing.

  19. If you dont get the sand in your guts to reinstitute the patriarchy Society islam will show you what its about.
    If you got the sand in your guts to raise the cross of saint George in the face of ☪ Islam ☪ you might still have a france 🇫🇷

  20. All put in place by NWO who want the riots and killing while they sit back and laugh and collect
    the money, the people should take it up with who causes the problem in the first place
    The banking NWO Illuminati take what you have and will continue unless you get a centre to right politician
    into power who cannot be bribed like Trump

  21. France and England have both destroyed their countries I don't care one little bit about Europe they did it to themselves

  22. Was going to London, Normandy right through France to the Rhine near Karlsruhe Germany .Forget about it! Staying in the USA. Spending my money here. You libtards globalist in Europe can suck on a big one. I lived in Germany from 61 to 64 it was clean people were nice. Breaks my heart wanted to go back so badly ,not now! At least where I am I can carry a gun, and protect my family, or a stranger who's getting raped. You pussies you destroyed Paradise.

  23. If Nato didn't invade these middle east countries you wouldn't get an influx of refugees and asylum seekers. In my opinion Emanuel Macron stood up to the Nato Coalition and states 'Time for a European Army'. This is more fuelled by the US if you ask me. This is how they take the country down and change the regime that would do what they desire.

  24. macron will burn in hell for his part in the destruction of western culture – STAND UP FRANCE and TAKE back your country or YOU WON'T HAVE ONE !!!!!

  25. Now all these Muslims are moving from PARIS TO LONDON WE ARE GETTING HEAR FRENCH MAROCAN, Algerian, Tunisia men are moving hear and black French soon London will b like this !

  26. Your are a fake news because you used Multiples old video from the ghetto and from people who protest about the government

  27. Man my fellow prations. French ploice R dressing up as yellow vest & starting sh1t!!! B very carefull!! They Reven using snipers!

  28. I guess the french will draw cartoons celebrating their own destruction and in the long run the Anglo will have to once again save them from themselves.

  29. When or if France falls .Uk will follow. Lefties running news channels. This is what the new world order want. Many governments work for or with Bilderberg . Which is run by the rich . The 1% of the 1%.

  30. Not gonna say that I fully agree fully with this vid, BUT I do agree that this is ultimately a good thing for both France and the rest of Europe in terms of standing up to forced globalism.
    Keep up the vids.

  31. We'll France is full of girly men sissified pussy whipped nothings. The only MEN IN FRANCE IS THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEAGEON AND TOUGH DOES NOT DUE THEM JUSTICE THEY ARE MEN TIMES TWO

  32. Seen this video today, the prediction about if le pen is not elected whoever comes into office would be such a disaster as to spark even greater unrest came so true it seems clairvoyance.

  33. Im 21 and growing up i was tempted by the left but recently I just try to listen to people that have common sense and I don't pay attention to labels anymore. I see more and more "leftists" who don't face the problems and want to feel good about themselves. I'm also amused that the situation has gotten to such a point that french people of foreign origines are voting for Lepen. That tells you how much the situation is fcked up. I'm not even a fan of her but no politician is handling the situation…

  34. Paris is becoming a sad place and London is not far behind these two great cities are being destroyed by Islamic invasion .

  35. It's bullsh#t you don't know what you saying.. and the livingcosts in france that's very expensive.. like other country's in E.U. making the poor. Poor an the rich richer.. and legal system and big taxes on everything! Its a union not a united europe with some leaders getting any votes at all and still can do everything they even selling out the country! And giving under payment visums and state benefits! What you call that?? And who investigates the leaders from europe nobody!!

  36. The people need to stand together and build a Nation there way for them… Not a trading organisation that uses people as cattle… Or threatens them with sanctions when they say what they see…

  37. Multiculturalism is satan's agenda and those who are for it are the puppets for satan. It's as simple as that

  38. I have watched many hours of riots in France and a few other countries. The French police have not been properly trained or told to never hurt anyone. You can not control a riot without using serious force. Horses work best to break up small groups. If a rioter harms a horse the left will want to revert to capital punishment again. Most the French yellow vest actions and police actions are political theatre.

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