PARANOIA PRANK – Freaking People Out!!! – Farting in Public

PARANOIA PRANK – Freaking People Out!!! – Farting in Public

– Hey everybody, I’m Jack Vale. Stay tuned to the end of this video ’cause I’m gonna show you
how to make your butt crack smell like a candy cane. (snapping)
(clicking mouth) (ubpeat music) (farting) (farting) – [Jack] Excuse me.
– Yeah. – [Jack] Do you happen to have 38 bucks? – No, actually I don’t. Sorry. – [Jack] Oh you don’t? Crap. Dang it. Nobody has 38 bucks. – Yeah, it’s kind of a random number. – [Jack] Well, I just need 38 bucks. – Oh. Sorry. – [Jack] Oh, my buddy said 42 is actual, or no that’s higher.
Sorry. It’s the wrong way. – Sorry. – [Jack] How about like 26 bucks? – No, I just got my debit
card on me right now actually. – [Jack] Oh, we have a swiper in the back. – No they apparently aren’t in line. – What time is it? – It’s 3:40. Oh, I thought
it was only two something. – She said it’s only two something, 3:40, they’re trying to figure out
which movie to see right now. 4:20 showing, they’re gonna see. 4:20. – 4:20. – No, it’s like the
glasses are on his forehead so his forehead can see
better instead of his eyes. I don’t know. – [Jack] Excuse me, sir.
I’m looking for 68 bucks. Can you help me out? – No, sorry. – I’m from Europe. – [Jack] Oh you’re not from here. 68, uh, dinero, is that how you say it? – Dollar. – [Jack] Dollars. Yes, yes, yes. (farting) – [Jack] She’s moving
the cart out of the way. Yes, yes, yes. – Sounds like they’re gonna
see the seven o’clock showing. She’s reaching for the top shelf. – We have 24. – [Jack] 24? I’ll take it. That’s perfect. – Okay.
– [Jack] You have it? – Yeah. – [Jack] Oh, great. I’ll take it. Thank you very much. Thank
you. Appreciate that. Thank you. (farting) (screaming) – You mother (beep). Why did you do that to me over there? Mother (beep) idiot you son of a (beep). – Guys, I’m gonna call
security if you don’t leave. – He fart in my face. I
was sitting in my cab. You mother (beep). – I had this little fart noise maker and it must have really pissed him off but I wandered in here just
to get air conditioning for a second before I went back outside. I had no idea he was behind me. Dude, that scared the crap out of me. – I’m sorry man. That’s unbelievable. – This video was sponsored
by Dollar Shave Club. Now, you’re probably
wondering what in the world that has to do with what I
said earlier in the video. Actually, a lot because not
only does Dollar Shave Club take the hassle out of buying
all of my shave products but they also send me One Wipe
Charlies every month, too. Guys, I’m talking to you now. I’ve rubbed some peanut
butter on my hairy arm to show you that a thin
piece of toilet paper is going to have a hard time getting this thick, pasty substance off. But a One Wipe Charlie, on the other hand, leaves my arm not only
feeling clean and fresh, but smelling like peppermint. You’ll never have to go through the hassle of buying your shave
products or your butt wipes at the store again because, from now on, they will be sent to you automatically. Click the link in the description or go directly to right now to get your
starter set for five bucks. Five bucks. Which includes the executive razor, the trial size versions of
the shave butter body cleanser and One Wipe Charlie butt wipes. That’s only five bucks with free shipping. See ya later. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “PARANOIA PRANK – Freaking People Out!!! – Farting in Public

  1. Hmmm… I say if you can't laugh at a fart ( the cab driver – and he farts too ! ) you need a psychiatrist! Especially the nutcase who punched Jack ( previous video )!!

  2. Aww, I was hoping for a “paranoid fart”, when you’re on the phone, and you blame an unsuspecting victim.

  3. С таксистом было забавно!Я даже перематывал несколько раз обратно,,,

  4. You are sooo funny ! My dad would never need a pooter! Almost could fart on demand ! Keep up the good work !!!

  5. Never fart in a cab if the driver is a cranky old dude . Looks like you almost shit yourself, for real though!

  6. 1.3 million subs and only 40k views… Man, I remember when this channel used to be one of the top viewed in the world.. How youtube has changed

  7. Hi jackvale i just wanna say great work. IVe been watching your videos since i was in kindergarten around 8 years ago.the first video i watched was farting in the public library. Love you and your work bro keep it up

  8. Should have lead with the taxi driver lol. I wish you and Ed could make friends again, you guys are hilarious together, classic great shit. You could have really capitalized on that gag abit more (taxi guy/ great part).

  9. Could be the first time in the history of Jack Vale pooter videos that management does nothing to try and get both parties (Jack and offended pooter target) on the same page. Cab driver walks out infuriated, Jack and the Ghiradelli employee just stay put and laugh about it. Good stuff.

  10. not cool what you did to the cab driver he must have been really offended i wish he wqould have hitted you

  11. Please help Thursday Lane achieve his dream of being in fart male white porn. His birthday is on 4/28/18. With your pooter, and his fart male white porn fetish, your channels would go together like peanut butter and jelly. He mentions you in one of his recent videos. He inadvertently spells your channel name as "Jack Value". Check it out. You will be rich. Or die laughing.

  12. He almost bit your dam ear off like mike Tyson 😭😂so he scared you fo real bet you really let a pedo out wey 😭😂😂😂

  13. Can't really remember any better action scene than 2:33. xD
    Perfect soundtrack and timing. Way to go, modern movies.

  14. Jack Vale, you are disgusting. Thank you. I will be buying a pooter soon. Think I love most the idiot expressions on your face as you "poot" while looking for stuff on the shelves. Such fun!

  15. 3:23 Can you imagine Jack's victim mentality? He makes a living doing all the weird things to unsuspecting people and now he's complains because someone doesn't like it.

  16. I love how to old cab driver still had a lot energy to sprint down to you with his overweight body and his language was youthful despite his old age.

  17. But why cant you just use water on the butthole.You wash everything with water then why not usebit where it is the most necessary 😂😂(question to all white tissue users)

  18. ok so I tried the buttwipes but(t) the first time I used it I farted so much while wiping that the wipes blew away and now I need another box how do I get them?? is it still in business? they felt like paradise

  19. Its sept 2019 im just seeing this lol that cab guy screaming in your ear had me in tears… thats what i love about your channel i can find new content everyday! Your channel is limitless!

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