29 thoughts on “PAN AFRICANISM-Black Ideology & Conscious Community IS DEAD-Indigenous Revival is KEY

  1. If you want to know what Mexicans think about blacks go to JB GUNNER TV page Welfare Queens. The picture he's showing is a black actress on the show EMPIRE.

  2. The UNIA as it exists today is an example CONFUSION. My heart was broken going to the division in Philly(Cecil B Moore Ave). It was heart breaking to see a bunch of old dusty unhealthy men constantly being combative and working to undermine each other. These people are trapped in the past and are actually a living blemish upon the name of the most Honorable Marcus Mosia Garvey. Great lecture Dr. Ali, thanx for sharing so much vital information, I can see myself becoming apart of ARNA in the near future, especially now that i am living in South Florida.

  3. When it comes to income taxes it's easy to overcome cause income taxes are excise taxes, excercising special privileges/federal privilege. …such as federal officer, employee, collecting welfare/social security benefits, trading stocks and bonds in a SEC regulating markets like NYSE, Nasdaq and such…or profiting off federal property like mining public lands, using ports, and airports, and/or federal majority owned companies..like national banks and such. If your income dont come from those activities then your not liable. Most people are not liable for the tax. 1040, w4, w2 and 1099s and such, are affidavits and just need to rebutted, just file an educated tax return. Losthorizons.com

  4. Recognizing energies is key in the times we are in. I met Umar Johnson at a lecture and that brother's energy was so different from his presentation. It screamed snake and I couldn't avoid the feeling no matter how cool he acted. He was too cool in fact. Years later he was exposed and all I could say was I knew it. Great lecture my brother. I look forward to chopping it up with you.

  5. A friend named Benny teaches Aboriginal studies in a high school. His grandmother holds a government position. I told him today what you were saying last night regarding the white race.
    He was appalled and thats all i need to say

  6. it died long time ago. we kept it alive by watching it. it hurt us tremendously. I have 200 videos on how to live indeginous in turtle island

  7. I look at many of these schools of thought; hebrews, black Muslims, Moors, black aboriginals and they all have pay pal go fund me looking for money to help with research and SHINEY THINGS. get ya money when in Rome do as the Romans. https://youtu.be/6STYolJZuI8

  8. We need chiefs for these Indians no leaders no leadership no growth we need rules and laws we need people to stay in their places because like pan africanism they have no leaders or elders so it’s a aleister Crowley do what you will mind state

  9. Man your the truth fam out of that cons community you always brought truth I’m not a fan of Islam but you and the truth you bring

  10. How did Edward Wilmot start the pan africanism movement in 1855 but Americans were already being shipped to Africa, Ayiti, central America, and Europe way before then???
    It's known that President Lincoln was only following the footsteps of presidents before him to rid America of the Indigenous people.

  11. @aboriginalglobalmedia I love your information. your lectures are more plausible and resonates with the masses more so than most conscious people. they argue a lot about who's religion is fake etc etc. you are giving real life solutions to our problems and yes many others have before but it was only of you if you followed their doctrine. what I mean is that people whom followed the hebrews, khemet, Christians, Muslims etc. you are the realest follower of Islam I have ever seen. and you put the doctrine aside to say look we all are one people forget doctrines and follow laws of nature.

    many don't follow laws of nature bc they think the doctrine is enough. I'm here to say you have a new student in me. keep up the great scholarship

  12. Thank you brother. So many speakers talk about the problem but never the solution and you my dear has offered a solution. Thank you for being unselfish and your guidance.

  13. Good work Brother Ali. To have an indigenous Nation, you need Land, People, mineral wealth and military base to protect what you have. Any conscious community without Land will not survive here in North America. Stick to that line and stop demonising Pan Africanism and other conscious Communities. After all, George Padmore, Du Bois, Farrakhan, Maya Angelo, Angela Davis, Rita Marley, Isaac Hayes, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Prof. Small, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante were all in Ghana. Du Bois after having issues with Marcus Garvey's ended up passing away in Ghana. He got African Passport and died in Ghana. Others went to Nigeria, S. Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Namibia, Guinea(S. Carmichael).  Carmichael made BLACK POWER slogan popular. Please do not belittle our ancestors and elders, some may have left the physical body but they are still with us. Their spirits live on. Respect them, so when you leave, the children left behind will also respect your work and carry on. Indigenous people pay tribute to the work of our ancestors we do not say their work is dead. The first PAN AFRICAN movement was made by the Nubia Pharaoh NARMA, 31st century BC/ c. 3100 BCE – First Dynastic periods. He was responsible for the unification of upper and lower Egypt into a single kingdom. This was before our Unification of the Counties in  USA, EU, Unification of Germany.                                                                                                                                       The current population of the United States of America is 324,776,098 as of Wednesday, October 12, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates. US has only 43Million Blacks. The current population of Africa is 1,224,187,386 as of Wednesday, October 12, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates. With 1,224,187,386 Billion People in Africans. Pan Afrikanism is not Dead. Pan Africans are equally indigenous with tribal affiliations in Africa and the Americas (Garifuna Nations, Moorish Nations, Bobo Ashanti, Rastafarians Movement and Nations. Together we are stronger! Divided we fall. Hotep

  14. Wow brother you're definitely deep and I highly respect you and now I'm going to listen to all your lectures! sincerely appreciate you brother thank you.

  15. Great show brother. Are you going to do a lecture on the prediction you made? Also thanks for being not just a voice but a solution for our people.

  16. Did you get the message? I definitely think I did, say no more! This is what love is all about! Reach one teach one!

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