Palestinians: Should native Americans rise up and take their land back?

Palestinians: Should native Americans rise up and take their land back?

Should the American Indians
take their land back? Beshab
Nablus I think no Because now the situation
of the world is as it is now so if you need to change the concept, all the world should change Not only American Indians Should native Americans rise up
and take their land back? Mahmoud
Bethlehem I know they had a revolution
and they lost So what should they do now? I don’t know I don’t know either
that’s why I am asking you I don’t know What would be a good thing
for them to do? I don’t know Do you think the Native Americans
should take back their land? Odai
Bethlehem Yes he agrees they should take back their land What happens to all the Americans
that live there? They leave The originals go back to the land and take back their land Do you think the Native Americans
should take back their land? Gaila
Zeita Yes, of course I think they should Why? Because it’s their right They should demand it What happens to the Europeans? Or the Blacks? Do you think it is not
going to be fair and just to them? The Blacks I told her, the originals
the Native Americans they are not the Blacks
and they are not the Europeans so what would happen to the Blacks? I don’t know Meaning the natives will control everything but everyone stays They should be cooperative
they should be one hand and live together Azam
Azaria Shemila You know that the USA had inhabitants
natives before the Europeans came to it and then it became America Yes, correct Do you think the Native dwellers
should rise and claim back their land? Inside America?
– Yes This is a spacious land and has resources and everyone wants to work and live So they shouldn’t? So do you think the natives
should rise and take back their land? They wont rise or reclaim their land Just like it is with our case Just like any other families who come
to the city or village or any place and they are all living fine Hanin
Jerusalem I think if Donald Trump keeps on going
with the procedure he is using now by being so racist with a lot of people because of their nationality or religion then yes, I thnk maybe they should If there was no Donald Trump would you say the same thing? I would think no because it’s just been so long and he’s doing this now making a lot of people die for no reason so I would say no Can we take the lesson you said
of not having war to Israelis and Palestinians in the same way So Palestinians shouldn’t rise up and instead should negotiate Well, no, it’s different because it’s about everything that has happened here it’s still going on until now we are still in a war here in Palestine A lot of people from us die every day so we are still in the war so we do have the right
to take our land back because unlike the native Indians I think it has been so long and forgotten because it is stable in the USA Do you think American Indians
should rise up and take their land back? Ibrahim
Nablus Yes, of course
because this is their right What happens to the other Americans? I don’t know what would happen but this is their right So how would they do it?
Through… I don’t want to use the word “violence”
but armed resistance? Perhaps, probably and for the record, he has a dreamcatcher in his store which I love Ramallah

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  1. The real question? Why do some ethnicities in the U.S. 10 generations later are on welfare. While others come to the U.S. from countries like India and 1 1/2 years later their kids are winning spelling contests!

  2. ask residents of the golan heights:
    Would you rather the golan heights remain in israel or would you want it to be part of syria?

  3. so 4:49 Native American's taking USA back from the European invaders is entirely contingent on the orange haired orangatun that hosted the The Apprentice… yep Palestinians are doomed!

  4. Two wrongs don’t make a right, this video is trying to justify with that question, what was done to Palestinians. Native Americans in the usa although still unfairly treated, they have way more rights and exceptions than Palestinians. Not comparable.

  5. Awesome question, perfect comparison. Let Israel act like 16th century colonialists and eradicate a whole nation so that the peace and stability comes. Why should we care about Palestinians anyway right?

  6. Why the zionutters in the US are trying to get rid of Trumpp? They understand that the open Kahanism in its open form as embraced by Trumbb will lead to the collapse of Zionism, so they seek to remove Trump

  7. It's a bit of a loaded question. 'Should and do Native Americans have the same rights and treatment of the colonials?' maybe.

  8. We are Moors not Native Americans. We just need to in force the Constitution and nationalize all business. The world knows that we are not black. We are moors! ✋🏿🇲🇦✌🏿. Love, truth, peace, freedom, justice!

  9. This question is a trick to confuse issues. Immoraly manipulative , confusiong and unacceptable. Sad people do not realize it.

  10. All is wanted is to provoke an excuse to blame Palestinians for their condition and make them look as wrong, by using their naive answers.

  11. Nine South Korean citizens became infected with corona vir us in Israel in mid-February.
    South Korean pilgrims traveled more through the Palestinian territories.
    Considering the fact that the co ronavir us was invented in order to isolate and discredit China, and Israel is the most trusted dog of the US cespool of ter rorists, it is possible that the viru s was developed in Israel. And the pilgrims were picked in order to test a new bioweappon on the Palestinians

  12. I agree with the girl in 04:15, the condition is not the same. America's colonisation by the Europeans started in the 16th century, so 5 centuries ago. People living currently, the descendants of the natives, are not affected by the colonisation, Americans now are not killing or harming the natives and there are no refugees. The condition is different with the Israeli -palestinean conflict, it started in the near past, it's an ongoing conflict, Palestinians who are living now are affected by the conflict, either the refugees who travel and get jobs with difficulty or the horrible conditions in Gaza, the daily passage on the check points in the West Bank which sometimes takes hours or even the discriminating laws and even roads between Jews and non-jews. It is too sad when America's colonisation happened there were no human rights, international laws, international criminal courts or simply the media to deliver the natives' demands, suffer and the call for their rights.
    I find it funny that several Israelis on other videos of Cory said that Palestinians should leave because Jews lived in this land 3000 years ago!!

  13. Native Americans are actually paying no taxes and they still live in their lands with respect, yoh cannot compare this to Palestinians, native Americans living in Japan, then i would say, This is similar.

  14. The right question would be: Should Mexico rise up against US and take back the territories of California, Texas and Arizona (and some parts of Nevada) which used to belong originaly to Mexico?…

  15. The lies thought in public schools is edited history mixed with propaganda, while true research from Stanford University, history and literature proves so called natives came from Asia and Siberia, way after white tribes were already in Americas, and white mummies found in Peru, etc prove this.
    Biggest population of Payut tribe is in Siberia still, where they originally came from.
    Even a Yurrok tribe woman named Lucy stated in here book that here tribe when they came found white skin, red hear and green eyed tribes in America, who thought them many things.
    in the book:
    To the American Indian: Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman

  16. This is a very misguided analogy because every single native American is a full citizen of the USA which is not a "European" state. There is no Gaza or West Bank in the USA and if there was it would not be tolerated and it would be against the constitution and there is no on going conflict. And there is no bickering over the name of the country, everyone is okay with being an American and the constitution protects everyone including all minorities who come under its umbrella. If Jews want a Jewish state and Palestinians want a Muslim state get ready for more of the same.

    May be they should combine the name Israel and Palestine in a way that pleases everyone: How about Israelestine or Palesrael?

  17. maybe saudi and other economically stable arab countries should be blamed for the native americans' struggles while we're at it

  18. I really like this question however, I wouldn't believe the colonizers when it comes to who the native americans are. There is information that shows otherwise, dig deeper.

  19. Native Americans are citizens of the United States. Palestinians are colonized and prisoners with no status under Israeli military rule. Nice try making the comparison though.

  20. Native Americans comprise less than 1% of the U.S. population (currently 330 million people). Arabs make up between 45 and 55% of the inhabitants between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Comparable? Umm . . . No.

  21. If Bernie Sanders wins the election it will be a sensation, for the stronghold of global imperialism will be headed by a communist 😉

  22. Isn't a better question, addressed to Zionists, "Why can't the all Arabs who live under Israeli rule (not just the 1.5 million current citizens) have equal rights under law, just as the Native Americans do in the U.S.?" The answer, of course, is if they had equal rights, Israeli Jews would lose their monopoly on political power. Is apartheid really such a misstatement of Israel's political system? And isn't the peaceful co-existence that characterizes Arab-Jewish relations within Israel proof that when people have equal rights, peace is not only possible, but inevitable?

  23. Hey, the Jews did it, why shouldn't the Apaches, Navajos and other indigenous tribes do it? Oh I know, they didn't hire God to complete their real estate deal with Yahwa, Jesus, AIPAC, or who ever you believe in. This question is meant to demonize the Palestinians, which seems to be the constant premise of this biased video blogger.

  24. You don't love your family while you have them? Concealed Claw can do two things at the same time with his super powers, eating fish is for mermaids.

    You need me and you need to obey me immediately.

  25. the Prophet said

    (My Ummah has been forgiven. The trials they experience in the world are considered expiation for them. On the Day of Resurrection, a Jew or a Christian will be given to each Muslim, and it will be said to him, "This is your ransom from the Fire.")

    (On the Day of Resurrection, a disbeliever will be given to each Muslim, and it will be said, "This is your ransom from the Fire.")

    (My Ummah is the Ummah that has been shown mercy. It is holy, blessed. There will be no torment for them on the Day of Resurrection. Their torment is only the fitnas that arise among them in the world.)

    (On the Day of Resurrection, when all Muslims are in a state of prostration, it will be said to them, "Raise your heads. We have made as many people of disbelief as the number of you ransom for you.")

    (On the Day of Resurrection, an angel will come with a disbeliever. He will say to the Believer, "This disbeliever is your ransom against the Fire.")

    (There will be no torment for my Ummah in the Hereafter. On the Day of Resurrection, a disbeliever from the people of corrupt religions will be given in place of them. This is their ransom from Hell.)

  26. The Palestinians Actually think that by force of arms they will conquer all the land and send us to lands our grandparents were born in. They also believe in religion. Most people in the west have no clue how backward and stupid they are.

  27. What is the average iq of a Palestinian? they seem to have very little creative or original thought which belies a people that are borderline mentally retarded. if they get the land what the hell will they do with it cultivate a better Olive? because they are not exactly world-class scientists inventors or engineers

  28. So called natives.

  29. what a dumb question. I know it is fashionable to compare the Native American situation to the Palestinian situation, but they are nowhere near the same thing. Palestinians are not being hunted down and killed, Palestinian children are not being kidnapped and forced into government schools and stripped of their culture, language and identity. Palestinian women are not being raped by Israeli men and then told they have no legal recourse. Native Americans were systematically hunted down and a genocide was perpetrated against them. None of what I stated is happening to Palestinians. And, the woman at 4:14 said Trump is being racist? when did muslim become a race?

  30. Israel should give 70percent seats reserved for Palestinian with holy mosque under Palestinian control and not giving citizenship to any new jews further . And make one country whole and name whatever . Then only it Will resolved . Love Palestinian from India.

  31. Odai of Bethlehem 1:08 wants all non native Americans to leave. Would he agree to all the expelled Jews returning to Israel? Would he agree to expelling all Arabs back to Arabia? I don't think he would somehow… Hatred and logic seem to part ways very easily…

  32. Guy at 6:11 in Ramallah doesn't know what he's talking about! He's not answering the question. He's talking about "Chinese" and other people, yet the question''s asking about the Apache, Sioux, Navajo – to name a few Native American clans….
    I think SOME of the people interviewed in this video, lack the knowledge of the history of Native American land rights and entitlement!

    There are some people out there that think Caucasian people in Australia, where I'm from, are native to the land.

    Thank you Corey Gil Shuster for posting these videos.

  33. This video is stupid the major differnece between america and palestine is is that here in america the native americans get paid thousands of dollars still to this day. A girl i know her bf is native and gets paid thousands of dollars every year sooo much that he never has to work a day in his life.

  34. They're not native americans, they're AMERICANS (let's not pull at the thread that is the Latin-colonial-whitewashed name given by European invaders), the rest are euro-american, Afro-American, etc

  35. They don't need to rise, the fascist federal government must honor the agreement over the lands which they've promised and signed in 1800s to give back to the natives

  36. It's such a shame that they can't just set up a similar system as in Switzerland where you have 4 different languages spoken, with no physical borders other than the language difference, which works well, but they all share the same government. Fortunately none of them have ideas of setting up an Iranian style theocracy, which does help.

  37. Terrorists under the name of ISLAMIC JIHAD are firing rockets from Gaza.
    ISLAMIC JIHAD is their name and needs no further explanation.

  38. Corey I really enjoy you’re videos I find them quite informative on very divided issues regarding isreal, Palestine, jews muslims and points of view. The issues can be extremely murky and watching them helps me settle some of my own conflict with it. Thank you.

  39. First, True Israel Is "A Nation, A People", Not A Land. Very Old Maps Do Not Show The Land That God Gave The Nation Of Israel, As A Small Strip Of Land Along The Mediterranean Sea. Research It. Scripture States, Jerusalem Would Be "Desolate" And No Inhabitants In It, Until God, Himself, Brings His People Back Into The Land, He Gave Them. So, Who Are The People Occupying Jerusalem? The British Occupied The Palestinian Land Before 1948 And They "Allowed", Europeans That Called Themselves, "Jews" Into The Land. Some Deals Were Made Between Them. God Did Not Lead These People Into Any Land. The Maps Of The Land Have Been Changed. Again, Truth Will Always Be Known, No Matter How Long The Trails Of Lies Are.

  40. so silly, this question is intended to point out the absurdity of any Palestinian expectation of Israeli jews abandoning all lands in favor of earlier claimants. They hardly blink, missing the point to the question.

  41. In 2005, a Russian-born ironworker Michael Chaiyevsky was caught by the Israeli police trying to escape Israel aboard a raft that he built from an old Citroen. Since then he’s been refining his vessels in the hope that in the end he’ll succeed to escape Israel someday

  42. The Man Building Makeshift Boats to Escape Israel for Russia  On an otherwise unexceptional winter day in late 2005, a unit of Israel’s maritime police force patrolling the waters west of Bat Yam was surprised to discover a bizarre raft that resembled a rickety spaceship, fashioned from a 1989 Citroen BX and buoyed by floats in the form of large barrels. On the vessel they discovered a man and a dog.                    “Thirty years I’ve been at sea and I never saw anything like it,” maritime police officer Dudu Ravivo told Haaretz at the time. “At first we had no idea what it was. We saw a car cruising on the water. Afterward it turned out that the car was propped up with floats and in place of wheels it had propellers.”                                                                                                                    The media reported that the man in the floating Citroen was an ironworker named Michael Chaimsky. The story was soon forgotten. But even if someone had wanted to dig further into it or find out what happened to Chaimsky, there was little chance of tracking him down. Because there is no Michael Chaimsky. The name of the person sailing the bizarre raft was Michael Chaiyevsky, Misha for short.                    “When Israel disappeared from the horizon, those were the sweetest hours of my life,” he says today. In the just-over 14 years that have gone by since then, Chaiyevsky, 54, has tried mightily to reprise that floating joy. He has invested thousands of hours of work and hundreds of thousands of shekels to build seagoing craft, and to make each model better, with the declared aim of escaping from Israel, which issued a stay-of-exit order against him in the wake of a debt to the state. To date he has built five boats or rafts of different kinds, and is now hard at work on the sixth.                    “That was a trial run,” Chaiyevsky says of those moments of happiness, years ago. “On Saturday afternoon, I went to the seashore at Bat Yam. People on the beach took an interest and helped me assemble the raft. I managed to get 11 kilometers from the shore [the media reported that it was 2.5 kilometers] before the engine heated up and died. My calculations were off. I called a friend to consult about what to do, and he called the police. They came to help me and towed the raft ashore.”  
                      How did they treat you?                                                 Even though Chaiyevsky says his maritime foray almost 15 years ago was an experiment ahead of the real deal, he took enough food with him for a week – bread, water and Tushonka, a Russian version of spam. “If all had gone as planned,” he tells me,” you wouldn’t be talking to me now, I would be among my own people, in the homeland, Russia.”                    Chaiyevsky is suffering in this country and dreams of leaving. He sees himself as a kind of Prisoner of Zion in reverse. “I feel like I’m in a concentration camp here,” he says. As a protest, he tattooed his ID number on his arm. “I don’t like this country, I don’t like the people. There is no culture here. Life here is torture, I’m like an animal condemned only to work.”                    I ask Chaiyevsky whom he votes for. “I don’t see myself as an Israeli and I have no connection to the state. I declare: I did not want your citizenship.” Even though he’s been in Israel for a quarter of a century, he makes a point of not speaking Hebrew, claiming he doesn’t know the language, because he didn’t have enough time both to work and to study. Occasionally he does switch to Hebrew, when he’s angry or says something emotional, and then his Hebrew turns out to be not bad, even creative. But through most of the interview my friend Katya helps out as an interpreter and also soothes the gloomy, hurt Chaiyevsky.                                           After the attempt in 2005, Misha Chaiyevsky disappeared from public view. He resurfaced in “Hassan Arfa Compound,” Yoav Gurfinkel’s very sensitive 2019 documentary film about four men living in a neglected enclave in central Tel Aviv.                    I meet Misha in a carpentry shop in that area. Since 2005, he’s been allowed to sleep here, in return for serving as a night watchman. The place is living on borrowed time: Located on one of the most valuable pieces of land in Israel, near the so-called Maariv junction, it will soon be demolished by developers. People like Chaiyevsky can be swatted away like flies. In its place, in the spirit of the times, a host of glittering towers on an almost-Qatari scale will rise: offices and residences for the ultra-rich.                    In the meantime, life is pretty squalid. As we speak, mice skitter by – they’re pretty cute, actually – and Chaiyevsky views them indifferently. But it’s not as though he’s renting an apartment. All his money goes into the seacraft he’s building in the carpentry shop after finishing his day job as a renovator.                                                   The Chaiyevsky family immigrated to Israel in 1994.                  Things fell apart when the family arrived in Israel.                 Chaiyevsky’s life can be read in several ways. One of the most interesting angles, I think, is to see how easily the bureaucracy and the judicial system in Israel can crush people.

     His son is now 30, and works in a software company. Chaiyevsky is very proud of him and says they are in touch (“He doesn’t get involved between the mother and the father”). But the debts remain – he doesn’t even know the amount. Someone else might try to deal with the matter, by, say, making an arrangement to repay the debt in installments. People who have done worse things have been able to pick themselves up and move on. But Chaiyevsky has been stuck in limbo for 25 years and isn’t ready for compromises. I tried to find out from the police why he’s not allowed to leave the country, but they said that they don’t comment the reasons for stay-of-exit orders.                     I am a prisoner here. I can’t get married, can’t hook up to cable television or rent an apartment. Besides working, I can’t do anything.”                    The consequences of his symbolic decision to disconnect from the state and ignore the lien and the orders, is liable to be fateful. Chaiyevsky doesn’t have a bank account, so he can’t make payments for national health insurance. In 2013, when he was working in construction, he fell from a height of four meters (13 feet) into a steel net. He was in a coma for 15 days, and broke a shoulder, six ribs and his pelvis. His family had to send money from Russia so he didn’t have to work and could rest while recuperating. “I was thrown out of the hospital when I couldn’t yet walk without a cane and a wheelchair. Another time, I broke an arm and the next day I was back at work. There’s no alternative,” he relates.                                                                 The flag on my boat will be red-white-blue, the Russian flag.”                    Does that mean you’re confident that you’ll manage to escape this time?                   “If I’m lucky.”                                                                                                                                        On the other hand, you could drown while trying.                   “With bad luck, I could die tonight. I could die of hunger, but not drown. I worked in Russia as a lifeguard and I love life too much.”                    Where do you want to sail to? Cyprus?                   “I don’t think so – Turkey, Syria, Iran.”                    Countries don’t like it when people enter them without a passport.                   “I’ll get there and I’ll show them on the beach that I have Russian citizenship. The only problem is getting out of here.”                    The coast guard will stop you for sure.                   “The state and I are like two sheep that meet head to head on a narrow bridge, and one doesn’t let the other pass.”                    Who’s going to win?                                                                        Why did you tattoo your arm like a prisoner at Auschwitz?                   “My life is the same as that. What can I do here, except work? I can’t get married, and if I were to get married, I would be passing on all my troubles to my wife. I can’t get a driver’s license here, either.

  43. This is not a proper comparison.
    Native Americans inhabited their land a few hundred years ago, and it was signed over by treaties and exchanges.
    Jewish people inhabited the land thousands of years ago, and they came back to 'reclaim' it by force, as Palestintian people did not sign anything.
    Two different things.

  44. wow. what a passively aggressive moronic and besides the point question aimed by its nature at denying the Palestinian right to its land. Utterly chutzpadik. if you are asking is were the self declared Zionist colonies Colonialist outposts of Europe, that's one thing. the stupidity of this question is that the American Indians have no chance, none, to "rise up" and take their land back. Whereas the Palestinians are more like the Indians in 1877, still fighting, still armed, not totally defeated. Luckily, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah have missles to keep the settler state on its toes.

  45. you can't stole land…if one decided to stole the stolen "gold" from fort knox or the vatican, also the pentagon goes out of their buisiness

  46. One of the reasons for the participation of the USSR in the creation of Israel was the desire to create a place where you can dump blabbering fools, instead of wasting time arresting them.

    The idea was a good one – it is a pity that it was abandoned

  47. The word Denier, fashioned years ago by Holocaust cultists, was too good a device to leave it a Jewish monopoly. I saw already Climate Denier in the Guardian, as being used against anybody who does not subscribe to Greta's feats. I am a Denier all right. I deny Uygur Gulag, 9/11 Official Version and Witchcraft. I deny that Communism is a Jewish subterfuge. I deny Hitler still lives on the Dark Side of Moon. And there are many things I do not deny and do not affirm. One of them is the origin of the Coronavirus. Personally, I think it is mainly hype, so much of hot air. The campaign against this sort of flu had been blown totally out of proportion. If the Chinese would ignore it, nobody would even notice it. It is deadly only in collaboration with media.
    Anyway, here is an interesting scaring document, whose authors say that Coronavirus should be seen on its background, including Pig and Aviary diseases that targeted China, and the particular time and place for Uhan attack that are too good to occur incidentally. They say that some circles in the US are after world hegemony. They broke Japan in Plaza Accords, now they want to break China.  
    I do not deny it and I do not affirm it.

  48. freeIsrael 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸😇😇😇😇from amelk arabs that call themselves “ fakestine “

  49. If you cant defend something its not yours. As unfair as it sounds, the world belongs to the strongest and it will never change.

  50. You guys went to a very poor uneducated part the only smart person I could see is the first guy and I love how you try to trick question him you are a terrible person Corey

  51. What a Messi World i collect knowledge thats my cards i organize them and play my trump card the As so Messi-As I-m-manual yes you are jeshuah #2pac statue guaranteed a spark…Amen Quran truth mixed with lies like a fruit that's spoiled from the inside poisoned jihad holy-war a split tongue not a parable like freedom and peace one good eye one evil the eye of horos the eye of ra two sides of beyond father son and the holy spirit against the cursed one with scar-a-be-us demons of hate soul robbers legion mo-ham-mad the Antichrist what's not testified or testify a black cursed stone that hates and dont deserves to live or to exist the hand of Allah full of sins and lies the stone of kayne and able the devil himself but just a cursed stone and not immortal the black stone of the kaaba is Allah all curse and sins on him the lord said create if you are so mighty the world and the universe is a picture so are pictures prohibited in islam for the cursed one is prohibited to come to light so its prohibited for islam to exist but the cursed one is trying to find a way jihad the mischief of the Antichrists shaytan against shaytan to get what's innocent and the time stops 1973 the exorcist.

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