Palestinians: Do you know the Palestinian National Movement originated with the Nazis?

Palestinians: Do you know the Palestinian National Movement originated with the Nazis?

Did you know that the Palestinian
National Movement started with the Nazis? Zaid
Nablus No, he doesn’t know that Does he know that Haj Amin al Husseini
met with the Nazis? You need someone who is older than me to answer this perhaps Did you know the Palestinian
National Movement started with Nazis? Mohammad
Ramallah No, he didn’t know I am not sure if I asked this correctly but he is saying that the Nazis existed before
the Palestinian National Movement When did the Palestinian
National Movement start? The revolution began in 1965 In 1965 was the Palestinian revolution I think (the person asking the question)
means that Haj Amin al Husseini met with Nazi leaders Ask if he knows that If you want to talk about Nazis If you want to talk about history the Nazis are the British who came into Palestine The occupation The occupation is the Nazis The occupation is the one
who are the Nazis and not the Palestinian people Ask him if he knows about
Haj Amin al Husseini Look here, America ???? Not at the time,
this was in the 30s (actually 1941) I know that he sat with them
and worked with them (the Nazis) but why? The reason Haj Amin al Husseini sat with the Nazis was because the Nazis were against the Jews and we needed someone to stand with us against the Jews So he asked me not to translate this but what he said is that for our own benefit we go with whoever is against our enemy that’s why Haj Amin al Husseini
went to the Nazis Us as Palestinians, we have to look for those who stand by us and will support us so the United States is the biggest ally for Israel so we have to look for
an ally who isn’t with Israel that’s why we went to Russia and the Russians are sort of supporting us and helping us Today he means? Today, the past Most of the money that comes
here is from America Most of the money today is from USAID No, what he is saying is even still, if Hitler would come back today against the Jews I would sit with him When the Israelis used to bomb Gaza and the rescue workers would have to go the dead bodies of children This is Naziism It’s amazing how the Israelis
the Jews, see the Nazi symbol The Swastika They would start crying and shivering but when they see the
bodies of dead children they don’t have the same reaction The Jews The Jews demand the affection of the entire world because of what Hitler did to them but what they are doing to us
is much more than what Hitler did to them Do I say something about that? Rami
Bethlehem Nazi Germany started the
Palestinian National Movement? Not exactly Haj Amin al Husseini
met with… representatives of Hitler He met with Hitler yes That what the claim is
from the question that is where Palestinianhood started No, it’s completely not true So what do you think happened? What happened? Palestinians were trying to find
an alernative to stop the Jews from coming to Palestine and Husseini thought Hitler will stop them from coming over and stealing Palestine But he was not a very smart
political leader at the time Do you know the origins of the
Palestinian National Movement are with Nazi Germany? Are with Nazi Germany?
Yes Omar
Jerusalem with you mean at the same time… Yes, that it started at that time Or from them I know there was some connection
between the leaders of the Palestinian National Movement and Nazi Germany of that time but they had connection
with all the other countries in Europe so I wouldn’t tie it
with Nazi Germany Do you think there is any connection today? No There is no Nazi Germany obviously To the Nazis, no Haitham
Bethlehem No, he never read about it
He doesn’t know about it Does he know that Haj
Amin al Husseini met with the Nazis? Who is “Nazis”? German Nazis I mean, someone who is like related directly to Hitler for example? Yes A representative of Hitler met with Haj Amin al Husseini in 1942 1942 Ask if he knows No, he never heard that You are professor Amal Jamal Professor of what? Political Science Tel Aviv University What is your specialty in? Nationalism Civic studies Political theory Political communication Perfect and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict So this is a good question for you Did you know that the
Palestinian National Movement started with the Nazis? This is wrong This is completely wrong The Palestinian National Movement
actually started as Kimmerling and Migdal say in the second decade of the 19th century when Palestinian people revolted the taxes that
were imposed on them by the Egyptians who The second decade of the 19th century In the 19th century then we can see evidence for national sentiments among Palestinians who lived in Palestine at that time We can’t speak still about the national movement A national movement started to organize with rising immigration of Jews to Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century In the early in the first decade of the 20th century we start seeing people writing about it In the second decade, we can definitely say that Palestinians became aware of the need for a national movement in order to go for independence So it started far before actually the changes in Europe and the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany It has nothing to do with that I will ask in a second about that but for my own knowledge Is it true, my understanding was that in the 1920s it started
as an intellectual movement the Palestinian National Movement
started as an intellectual movement it didn’t really spread
to the average person like the fellahin the average people until after the creation of Israel in the 50s, 60s It started like any nationalism any national movement
starts with the intellectuals It’s an intellectual movement
in the sense that the intellectuals are the people
who imagine the nation and define the nation define the aspirations of the people Then it moved to the political elite The political elite came afterwards In the late… Actually with the Balfour Declaration we start seeing people reacting to Zionism and speaking about Palestinian nationalism and then you have to understand Palestinians did not speak about local nationalism because they viewed themselves as
part of the larger Arab nation and spoke about a larger Arab state in the region So they were fighting against the Turks and cooperating with the British in order to go for a united Arab state in the region Only when they became aware that Arab elites in different Arab centres like Baghdad, like Damscus
like Cairo Only when these elites started
speaking about local nationalism so that there was no way the British
and French would enable a united Arab state in the region also the Palestinian elites started
speaking about local nationalism and we see this manifestation in documents official documents as well as local newspapers speaking about the demand for a Palestinian state in Palestine as an independent state And when was that? Early 1920s Getting back to the person
who is asking this question I am assuming, because I don’t know the person I am assuming he is asking this because of the connection
between Haj Amin al Husseini and meeting with Nazi representatives in the 1940s Can you speak to that? I can imagine This is a much later period than
the start of Palestinian nationalism We have to take into consideration that mistakes were made by the Palestinian leadership
of the time but the Palestinians were not given a chance they were pushed into this position the British were very pro
the Zionist movement at least in the early 1920s at the beginning of the mandate until the 1930s At the beginning of the 30s
we have to understand the Palestinians went into a long strike and the Arab revolt because they did not see any chance that the British will change their policies when it came to establishing
a national home for the Jews in Palestine and it will infringe on their
own rights in the place So they refuse to cooperate and of course when the winds of war started to blow they viewed the British as enemies and the enemy of
my enemy is my friend This was the decision It has nothing to do by the way with what happened to the Jews later on because nobody knew about what’s happening to the Jews even the Jewish leadership did
not know what is happening to the Jews at that period of time

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  1. It is sad that whomever made the question was neither articulated nor informed enough as to formulate it correctly, since the roots are there, but the connection started with al husseini for his own agenda rather than an entire leadership leave alone the population embrazing Nazism. Arabs in the mandate had seen what happened at the east bank with the creation of Jordan and then freaked out at the possibility of ending ruled by another minority at the west bank, thus trusting al husseini in their naivity and ignorance to get rid of the jews. Nowadays is way more complex, and you can tell ignorance still there at street level, I mean, disregarding current American aid to the Palestinians is like saying Soviet Russia never supported Israel.

  2. German Nazis and Palestinian refugees….
    Same background, same culture, same race, same motivations, same education.

    It was not just because of the war, u r a genius, congratulations!

  3. its nice to see some of the Palestinian youth showing intelligence and reasoning skills unlike that cab driver

  4. Wtf kind of question is that…. Ya'll just love blaming us for everything. What's next the holocaust ? FUCK OFF…..!!!! #FreePalestine

  5. Wooooo big fucking deal, and do the Israelis know that over 150.000 Jews FOUGHT for Nazi Germany?

  6. I like how this video is very balanced, in the sense that the opinions of a layman is contrasted with those of an individual who has the taken time to educate himself on the issue at hand. Personally, I had no knowledge of the fact that the movement had connection with the Nazi's before I watched this so this video was very interesting overall. Having said that I realize I cannot take any of the opinions mentioned in this video as fact without looking into this myself.

    Comments on the interviewing style: Corey, I notice that you sometimes act quite condescending towards people who do not voice the same opinion you have. I realize these matters must be close to your heart, but having taken the responsibility of this 'project', you must have been aware that your views would be challenged by people who may or may not have the right knowledge. I liked the respect that you showed to Prof. Amal Jamal (last interviewee), and hope I will see more interviews such as that from your videos.

  7. The guy asked a good question. But it's incomplete. The demoniac cult called "Palestinian identity" is the outcome of Nazist influences and muslim supremacism. . The muslim hatred toward jews, their disgust before our liberation from the chains of dhimmitude, in our ancestral homeland, explains this invention of a non existent people. What that Professor said is pure crap, and either reflects his own community, the druze one, who hate muslim squatters today dubbed as Palestinians. But, after all, what can you expect from a man who works and directs in a NGO created by Haneen Zoabi? Anyway two days ago, I proudly celebrate Nakba Day, with joy and pride. We should too commemorate the day when arab colonists began leaving, and Nazism was defeated in Eretz Yisrael.

  8. Corey is being more and more biased. It's subtle. He's clever because he puts his thoughts in other's people questions..lately palestinians are getting only tedious, adversary, accusatory and inquiring questions, while the israeli counterpart gets the ridicolous conspirancy questions which every person with reason and intellect could negate.

  9. Hitler signed a paper saying they are allowed to go over to Palestine.. So it's a little weird that Hussani guy had a meeting with the Nazi, trying to get some type of help

  10. The idea of this channel is great but the guy running it is really bias. Palestinians get really hard questions sometimes that are kind of accusing them and confronting them about the bad things they do. Israelis never get questions like that. The questions they never ask them about things they've done to the Palestinians that are wrong.

  11. You know of All the things I say on line, of all the things I come across on youtube, of all my subscriptions
    Yours is the only one that come directly to my WalMart track phone! Not bad for some guy asking people how they feel about the politics of one single country in the middle east.
    Its odd…
    To say the $%&[email protected]#? Least

  12. Hahaha, Gotta love this Corey Gil Shuster guy. When I figure out who to talk to, I am going to be sending his information along with links to all  these videos to the PA office. This guy is never going to be allowed back in the west bank. He is a liar. I am also going to contact the Canadian embassy. This man is spreading hate speech against my people.

  13. Corey is a dirty lying Israeli. You think I am joking or fronting ? You and your "translators" will never be allowed back in the west bank when I am done with you.

  14. I swear to Jesus of Nazareth I am not a man or the holder of my name if I do not get this man banned from ever entering Palestine again. He is such a dirty lying Zionist piece of trash. Lying lying LYING sucker.

  15. My friends, these Zionists are the definition of lying sociopaths. Even FIFA is about to ban them from international soccer,  and they could care less. Do you know why ? These people have no fear. They are sociopaths. They truly think they will be okay forever. Breaking laws and killing innocent people. Just sit back, and enjoy what is going to become of these sick individuals.

  16. I am calling the embassy in ottawa. This video is the last straw. Corey is never stepping foot in Palestinian controlled areas again. When I send all these videos over to them, they will make sure to break your legs if you ever try to enter again. This guy is here to provoke palestinians. we are Nazis ? Is this guy insane ??

  17. Corey the double subtitles are very interruptive, they overlap each other and make it hard to read the English translation of the Arabic responses

  18. The last guy is about the only Palestinian I've heard with some sense in his head, however, he was incorrect about the fact that Hussieni did not know about the Holocaust. He actually played a major roll in the so called "final solution."

  19. The Zionist Irgun terrorist gang were meeting with Nazi leaders , at the same time, for the exact same reason as Haj Amin al-Husseini  ……….what does that tell you Ziobots.

  20. palestinians claim that the jews are doing them worse than the nazis yet they're driving freely and shopping like it's nothing lmao

    hypocrite and dumb fucks

  21. regardless of your point of view….Yasir Arafat was actually born in Egypt and the PLO was formed in 1963 to fight against Israel. Yasir died a Billionaire instead of helping his fellow Palestianians

  22. they were "pushed into this position" ???

    ummm…how about the attack on the Hebron Yeshiva in 1929. the Nazis forced Arabs to do this??

    no…they merely TAUGHT them how to do it.

  23. i love the one guy who said it's not true and that they had a nationalist movement before the Nazis but in the same answer he said "the Nazis forced us into it"

    it's amazing doublespeak in a span of 5 minutes lol

  24. So Palestinians are Nazis now !!
    I used to like this channel , it used to be ok. Now everything on it is balant lies .
    Probably wont watch it again . Unsubscribe

  25. I wish Shuster would find some Samaritans and talk to them before they're Extinct…I'd like him to ask them, "What do YOU think about things?  How does it go for you to be trapped between Israelis and Palestinians?  Do You have any final message(s) to Mankind before you are indeed No More?".  There's only about 100-200 Samaritans left…so Shuster is running out of time…not that anybody gives a damn (except me)…

  26. I suggest to everyone a great masterpiece of academic book: "Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews in Palestine" By Klaus-Michael Mallmann, Martin Cüpper
    Many people even among Jews do not know that the idea of final solution of Jews did not come originally from Berlin but it originated among Hitler friends among Muslim Arabs in Jerusalem

  27. 15:27 great lie "No one knew what happened to Jews at that time" No dear Muslim professor, you are lying. Everyone on earth knew EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO JEWS AT THAT TIME!!

  28. What a misleading question! The "Palestinain National Movement"(s) of which there are several did not "originate" with Nazi Germany. The resistance to zionism and the high influx of jewish immigration was a reaction to the unwelcome foothold the British Mandate had established in Palestinian territories and their dismantling of Palestinain sovereignty. Haj Amin Al Hussieni (a prominent figure in the 1936 revolts) did speak with Nazi leaders but the very concept of Palestinian resistance to Jewish Nationalism did not spring from Nazi doctrine.

  29. LIES.

    Palestinian nationalism was born in 1919 with the muslim-christian associations and the Palestinian Arab congress hold in Jerusalem.

  30. Unless there is an organization called "Palestinian National Movement" I never heard of the answer is that Arab nationalism didn't start with the Nazis. What people call "Palestinian nationalism" is a subset of Arab nationalism. The Palestinian flag is a modified version of the "Flag of Arab Revolt" as are the flags of Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, and the UAE. A bit more on the flag below.

    The Arabs had to pick a side during the war and they picked the wrong side. They picked the wrong side (the Soviet Union) in the Cold War too.

    Nobody should be surprised about this. The Arabs are excellent at siding with people who are going to screw them over eventually. They sided with the British (the "Flag of Arab Revolt" was even designed by the British diplomat Sir Mark Sykes) in order to defeat the Ottomans. Need I say more?

  31. Question is not accurate.i am a history teacher in the Netherlands. The Palestine national movement has it roots in the late 19th century.This was known as  as al-Nahda the awakening. which in the late 19th century brought about a redefinition of Arab cultural and political identities with the unifying feature of Arabic.

     Palestinian politics were marked by a reaction to foreign predominance and the growth of foreign immigration, particularly Zionist. After the founding of Tel Aviv in 1909, conflicts over land grew in the direction of explicit national rivalry. Zionist ambitions were increasingly identified as a threat by Palestinian leaders, while cases of purchase of lands by Zionist settlers and the subsequent eviction of Palestinian peasants aggravated the issue. This anti-Zionist trend became linked to anti-British resistance, to form a nationalist movement and nationalist socitieties like
     jamyyat al-Ikha’ wal-‘Afaf (Brotherhood and Purity), The purpose of th societies was the  promotion of patriotism, educational aspirations and support for national industries.

    In Palestine the Nashashibi family had particularly strong influence in Palestine during the British Mandate Period from 1920 until 1948. Throughout this period, they competed with the Husaynis,

    Now come the important part. The other family the Husayni's managad to get a family member named haj al amin husseini elected as Grand mufti of Jerusalem. He was the driving factor of the 1929 riots and would later go in excile/banished from Palestine. in excile he would go to Germany and meet the nazi leader Hitler and would mobilize Bosnian Muslims for the third reich.  But the palestine national movement started not with the Nazis.

  32. Some of them are not educated on the Palestinian history. My parents both born in Palestine and never heard of Haj Amin Al-Husseini. In fact Haj Amin Al-Husseini was propped up by the British. He was not a popularly elected or even a popularly appointed leader. The Husseini family was propelled into power not differently from the Saud family in Hijaz (now called Saudi Arabia) and the Hashemi family in the created countries of Jordan and Iraq. Therefore, the Haj was a self-proclaimed leader, but did not yield any substantial influence in pre-48 Palestine.

  33. Every time a member of the Zionist movement mentions The Mufti and Hitler in the same sentence they should have a copy of the Haavara Agreement jammed in their nasty mouths. It was the zionist jews that signed a formal partnership agreement and went into business with the Nazis to fleece the Jewish victims out of a third of their fortunes, after the Boxheim Documents were published revealing Hitler's official plans to intern the Jews and other non-German groups in order to starve them to death.

  34. More devious jewish manipulations, of persons without english as a first language, masquerading as fact. When Palestinian nationalism emerged in the early 20th century there was no such thing as "the nazis"

  35. No, the Zionist Jews created the Nazi's in grand café Babylon in Berlin in 1928
    Israel is a conspiracy that cost the lives of aprox 140 million people.

  36. The professor is not telling the truth in regards to what al-Husseini thought of the Nazis' atittude or policies toward the Jews. Yes, Jewish leaders were initially unaware but Hitler revealed his real intentions to al-Husseini.

    "Netanyahu uttered a half-truth when he referred to Hitler’s supposed desire to expel, rather than murder, the Jews. That had indeed been the policy of the German government at least until 1938. Hitler’s reply to Al-Husseini on November 28, however, confirmed that this policy was already a thing of the past before that meeting.

    A great deal of evidence indicates that the decision to murder all the Jews of Europe had been taken sometime during the prior six months. The implementation of the policy, indeed, had begun immediately after the invasion of the USSR on June 22, when Einsatzgruppen squads began rounding up and shooting Jews by the thousands as troops advanced into the USSR. On July 31, Reinhard Heydrich of the SS had received a directive to prepare “the total solution of the Jewish question,” The construction of death camps in Poland had already begun, and Heydrich had already sent out invitations for the Wansee Conference, the meeting of high German officials from all involved ministries, that discussed the implementation of the “Final Solution” when it convened in January.
    Hitler’s reply to Husseini reflects all these decisions and measures."

  37. It's not 100% accurate, since the British first went on supporting Palestinian Arab nationalism in the '20s, but in the '30s the game changed, and Nazis increasingly developed a tie with Palestinian militant groups.

  38. Fakestinian "Professor" does not know History of conflict or simply a big liar!
    The League of Nations set up the Palestinian Mandate

    San Remo's Mandate: Israel's 'Magna Carta'

    Jewish Legion in battle for land Israel in WW1

    Zionism during World War 1 THE GREAT WAR

    Britain's role in sabotaging of League of Nation's Mandate to Palestine

    Betrayal of the Jews by BRITS

    The League of Nations set up the Palestinian Mandate in 1920 to provide a National home for the Jewish people, approximately 12 million people in 1900s. with 700 thousand Arabs in all area Palestine including Trans- Jordan!

    British Mandate to Palestine.

    San Remo's Mandate: Israel's 'Magna Carta'

    Betrayal of the Jews by BRITS

    King Feisal ruler of Iraq, visits his brother Emir Abdullah, at Annam, and reviews Trans-Jordanian troops. Palestine.

    Britain's role in sabotaging of League of Nation's Mandate to Palestine

    By Four ways:

    1. By bringing Arabs and Muslims to West Palestine.

    2. Restricting Jewish immigration and Finally complicity stopping Jewish immigration

    3. By setting Muslims and Arabs against Jews

    CIA: UK armed, encouraged Arabs against Israel in 1948

    4. Britain High officers fighting against the Jewish state

    In the early 20-is British secret service In Palestine by Mr. Philby and his colleagues from the secret services were doing everything possible to prevent the Zionist immigration. Philby has organized anti-Zionist propaganda in Palestine. It is fair to say that he simply continued the policy of his predecessors to ensure that incite the Arabs against the Jews. According to our sources, the United Kingdom was the first country in modern times, to use their special services for the organization of terrorist acts against Jews. Since the 20s, many Jewish settlers have given their lives, but their heroic resistance had an effect opposite to that which had been counted intelligence agencies.

    By 1922, London began to show fluctuations in relation to recreate a Jewish national home – said that Balfour did not mean all of Palestine, but only part of it, if not all of Palestine. In 1920-21 anti-Semites achieved an important victory over the Zionists, when, according to the first partition of Palestine, the Golan Heights to Syria were transferred to the French colonies, and all the terrorists that were east of the Jordan, were included in Transjordan. The League of Nations set up the Palestinian Mandate to provide a home for the Jewish people, approximately 12 million people in 1900s. with 500 thousand Arabs in all area Palestine including Trans- Jordan!

    Betrayal of the Jews by BRITS

    3. Britain setting Muslims and Arabs against Jews

    Brits created and funded Palestinian Arab Movement against Jews in 1920 ahead with the grand mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini ( participated in Armenian Holocaust in WWI as officer of Turkish Army).

    From 1920- 1939 Arabs riots and massacre Jews in Palestine were initiated and led by Islamo- Nazi

    Hajj Amin al-Husseini

    Arabs Muslims massacres in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem in 1920.

    Nebi Musa 1920 riots

    Jaffa riots

    Hebron massacre

    Fakestinian grandmother: “We slaughtering Jews in 1929”

    1929 Safed riots

    Safed Massacre Of 1929

    The aftermath of Arab Riots in 1929


    Massacres of Jews in Palestine initiated war by Haj Amin al Husseini in 1936-39.

    1938 Tiberias massacre

    1938 Tiberias massacre

    Arab revolt in Palestine

    Arabs riots in Palestine (1938)

    Hajj Amin al-Husseini joined Hitler and massacre of Jews in Europe in WW2,

    Nazi Palestinians and the Holocaust: the Muslim Bosnian Waffen SS

    "Palestinians" Arabs are genocidal Nazis:


    "Final solution "was suggested to Hitler by Nazi collaborator -Haj AMIN el-Husseini

    Nazi Palestine 1935 – 2018

    The Jews from Palestine were recruited by the British to fight the German Nazis in Europe in WW2.

    (Jewish brigades)

    The Jews from Palestine were recruited by the British to fight the German Nazis in Europe in WW2. (Jewish brigades)2

    Farouk Qaddumi: We "Supported" the Nazis in WWII

    Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews of Palestine

    Fact #6: “Palestinian” Arab leadership actively supported the Nazis during WWII

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