Palau: The Vanishing Nation | UPROXX Reports

Palau: The Vanishing Nation | UPROXX Reports

It’s a remote island nation of twenty thousand people and hundreds of rock islands. Palau is quite unique because of its geographical isolation. It sits on a ridge hundreds and hundreds of miles from the closest large land mass, whether it be Indonesia or the Philippines. Diving here is world-class. A lot of people rate it best in the world. The water was super clear. It was amazing. It was like a spacewalk. Coral here is some of the healthiest in the world. The amount of coral. Hundreds and hundreds of sharks. Different species of fish. It’s the highest anywhere in the world that you can go. Of all the places I’ve traveled to, this is by far the most beautiful. But, Palau is in trouble. We are living on the front line of climate change. The President of Palau has been one of the pioneers when it comes to fighting climate change, so we sat down with him to find out why it was so important to him to act. Sea level rises are already destroying our low-lying atolls, our crops, our homeland. The chemistry of the ocean is changing. Weather patterns here are getting pretty crazy. Palau rarely even saw typhoons at all, but in just two years, two super typhoons have hit. And it just decimated the reefs on the east side. What used to be some of the most pristine and spectacular reefs have just gone. People have this apathetic feeling that we’ll worry about it when they time comes. But actually, it’s already too late to just talk about it. Our children will not inherit the same world that we grew up in. It’s changed. But, I think the question now is can we create a world for them that is habitable? It’s not a matter of whether we believe it or not. It’s happening. And, of course, we don’t want to leave. This is our homeland. Rising waters around the globe have already swallowed up other Pacific Islands, forcing residents there to flee. When we think about that possibility happening to us, it scares us. This eco-minded community is single-handedly doing more to fight global warming than the U.S., a country seventeen thousand times its size in population. Palau has done a lot and it has a long-established history of preserving their marine environments, going back hundreds, even thousands of years. So, they’re really at the forefront of conservation, if you will, for the oceans. Palau has decided to take a step forward and create a marine sanctuary with our entire exclusive economic zone. They’ve also established a no-fishing zone in eighty percent of their water, protecting an area larger than the state of California. Climate change is gonna affect everyone, not just the ocean. We’re gonna see different weather patterns. We’re gonna see longer warm periods, a melting of the glaciers. We’re gonna see species disappear. What we hope is that the world will take notice and make similar commitments. We have to be more proactive. We have to deal with it as a global community, ‘cuz only then can we address it. Some say we’ve already gone over the tipping point. Some say that we can slow the rate of change down. And the Paris agreements and everything that have recently happened. We have to try. If we don’t try, it’s my children, it’s your children, it’s the children of the future that are going to feel all the impacts of it. For more information on how you can get involved in preserving our oceans, visit Nat Geo’s Pristine Seas project and

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  1. it's sad, but we have to accept it and move on.
    Our smartphones, TVs, cars etc. is much more important than a bi of coral we'll never see … we can still Photoshop marine life and pretend everything is fine.

  2. Paris agreement has been trashed by Trump… I consider this a criminal act against the planet by this horrible man. We are at a crossroads in terms of making a choice to repair the planet yet people like Trump instead of leading the effort are destroying years of progress.

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  4. All speculation.  America could completely implode because of a mad man at "helm." I never live in the, "what if, only if, I wish I had" conditionals.  It's gorgeous.  If it vanishes for some "odd" reason (as theorists are claiming), it vanishes.

  5. God promise bros! I have never been on any aeroplane during my entire life time due to financial crisis but me always dreaming & thinking to ride once in my lifetime on any aeroplane once after getting blessings from my viewers help and support on youtube by learning by doing! God knows when this great dream will come true! I am ashamed of myself & so sorry to say this…………..sorry!!!

  6. Norways like: make sure to ban diesel cars by 2020!! Sweden remember to ban coal power plants! Denmark remember too…… forget it. Iceland …. forget it . Greenland and feroe islands You still there?? Yep

    No seriously norway is the world leader of green transportation . We talk about this at school all the time.
    Hope Your nation survives!

  7. This is just parainoia.The islands are hill. They won't sink as fast as the flat ones. And even if they do, they'll reemerge eventually

  8. God richly Bless Palau! You are blessed of God because of HIs great love for you and for your willingness to stand with Israel and the US decision to move embassy to Jerusalem. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!

  9. Hardly any typhoons? Since 1945 Palau has had 68 recorded typhoons, tropical storms or tropical depressions
    come within 200 nmi of its islands or reefs. At their nearest point to Palau, 20 of these were
    typhoon strength with winds ≥64kts, or an average of 1 typhoon every 3 years. Source:

  10. When stating Palau is in the front lines of climate change, please show specific examples of this change. Helps to support the argument. I believe you showed fish and some aerial shots of small islands.


  12. You went only to palau? Since youre already in the micronesia, why not go to all of the islands of micronesia? Palau is not the only micronesian country facing climate change, in fact ALL OF OUR ISLANDS ARE FACING CLIMATE CHANGE .. ALL MICRONESIAN ISLANDS !

  13. When in the history of planet earth has climate NOT changed?
    Empty hotels, idyll boats and shuttered travel, what happens when a Pacific Island upsets China.

  14. Another idiot "climate" expert. I thought New York was supposed to be under water by 2015? When will these stupid sheep wake up. Palau will be here for a long time.

  15. Climate change my arse you carbon credit scammers , it used to be called global warming ….ps …palua gets it funding from the US so of course its gonna talk the talk.

  16. I think they need to focus on actually cleaning out the islands first. Islands like Peleliu, Ngesebus and Anguar in southern Palau are littered with millions upon millions of munitions left from the fierce battles there in ww2. People are getting blown up from them and marine life is getting poisoned.

  17. Check this out , one of the island in the Philippines the Land vanished and people are suffering and the government doesn’t care about the habitants…

  18. My boyfriend is from Palau and he’s always talking about how he’s sad his island might not be there anymore one day.

    Such a beautiful island…. wish people were more thoughtful about taking care of our world ❤️ it does so much for us we should show the same love back

  19. i live here in philippines and im going to surf from here to palau hahaha and someday i will build a brigdes to connect us from davao to palau coror

  20. This is Palau Philippines our traditional the same them! STILL THIS IS A PART OF PHILIPPINES CORAL SEA!!

  21. I am from Palau and I will always be palauan…it's kinda sad that its so close to see level. I was not literally born in Palau but my 2 fathers were and I have lots of cousins there. And I've always dreamed of visiting my home place

  22. I don't think it's because of this video but now Palau is becoming over-touristy. They get almost 6 times their own population every year in tourism.

  23. Palau is definitely affected by climate change and it is of great concern, but to say "The Vanishing Nation" that it could be under water in mere decades is a little much, let's be real. I really want the world to help us with our issues with climate change, so let's not cry "wolf" all the time.

  24. That president is speaking like a filipino accent. I have a filipino friend too that have a same accent as him. 😁

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