31 thoughts on “Pak media comparing foreign policy of India and Pakistan । Pak media on India latest

  1. tumm NAAPAAKee KANJAR puncture banaao , taxi chalaao buss >> madarssachaap jaahil NIQQAMMON 🐍🐍🐍🐍 saalon .

  2. Friends your country is making a terrist s factory. .and this will make your country prosper in the world. You are all think tanks of Pakistan. Let us see . What will happen in future. Jaihind

  3. Madarchod enke tv debate, programme dekh kar lagta hain ke pakistani ka matlab punjabi, Pakistan mein non punjabi speaking logo ko koyee future nahee hain.

  4. your foreign policy is set by your Army and your finance is also set by them and all your policy Anti Indian only so stop blaming the civilians as they are stuck between the Army and their projects. so sorry.

  5. The biggest drawback of Pakistan is they never attempted to become self supportive and developed a culture of depending on borrowed money from U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar,Kuwait etc. Now when the pipeline of borrowed money was stopped by President Trump and Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has lately realised the effect of depending on borrowed money. Every country has its own geo political interests. Why will they lend money to Pakistan indefinitely? Moreover, rulers like Late General Zia-Ul-Haq encourages Jehadi ideology and further destroyed democratic institutions by encouraging radicalism and the entire society in Pakistan is radicalised with Jehadi ideology. No foreign direct investment is coming forward. Even China is wary of Pakistan’s continuous demands. China has its own geo political interests to serve with Pakistan. They have not come for charity.

  6. खारजा पालिसी क्या होता हैं, कोई मुझे समझाओ?

  7. Abhi bhi saare bewakoof maan nahi rahe ki paise maang maang ke army par kharch kar diye apni population ki education par kharch nahi kiye is vajah se barbaad hue hai aaj bhi tv par baith k idhar udhar ki bakwaas kar rahe hain

  8. Alha kuch nahi karega Pakistan aatenkwadi hai aur alha aatenkwadi ka saath nahi dega tum maroge aakal se

  9. You are not a sovereign country. Your country is ruled and controlled by the army and ISI. They are running businesses and making millions. Your prime minister is a puppet. Useless to blame other countries. Your own people admit that you have always stabbed India in the back. You harbour terrorists and your previous general and one time president Musharraf has admitted it openly on television.

  10. चूंचियों हिन्दुस्तान से unconditionalदोस्ति कर लो, और ये जेहादी मानसिकता को बदलने की कोशिश करने की जरूरत है । वरना चार टुकड़ों के लिए तैयार रहें

  11. PEHULE American pithlagu the ab China ke pithlagu ho ab to China tum.per hukumt karega 300 sal tak

  12. Pakistan ke problam Pakistan army hai jo Pakistan ke public ko jhoot bol kar apni marzi kar kudh achi zingaadi beeteet kar rihe hai

  13. You beggers!Why you compare with India in every issue? You have never had a positive attitude. You always dreamt of ruining India, Israel,USA and all Christian countries.What is most ironical.. you always stood in front of the doors of USA with almspots.. still you dream of annihilating USA!… Your country can also grow if you have a co operative attitude towards all your neighbours and all countries and entire humanity.This is the only philosophy which can succeed in the world.India follows this policy and almost entire world is our friend and we are grateful to the world for their magnanimity.. Jai Hind!

  14. Bekar ka Bat Band karo. Aatankbadi ko khatam Karo .tumhare des Me parsasan naam ki koi chij nahi hai. Des ko saf suthara banao. Samjhe. Isse tumhara des raste pe aane lagega. Samjhe.

  15. पाकिस्तान में अरबो का आतंक का का कारोबार है,जो दूसरो के लिए गडढा खोदता है उसकी कव्र (कब्र) का तो तुम पाकि लोग अच्छे से जानते हो,वही तुम्हारा भविष्य है,नापाकी लोग।भारत माता की जै।

  16. No country in the world, has become successful by any War, China will always use u , & keep fighting with INDIA, so both countries do not progress, & depend on China & other countries. This policy is child of INDUSTRIALIZATION. We both are in anyway of same mother HINDUSTAN. China, America will never help unless they are benefited. So it is better there should be no war in-between us. We both of us should concentrate on PROGRESS of our own PEOPLE. I hope u all would think over.

  17. Tumhare generals tumhari hi gaand maar rahe hain aur tumhare elected representatives ki bhi gaand maar rahe hain. koot kr buniyad par kadi hai aapki har policies. Tumhara PM general ko salam maarta hai aur India ka general Hamhara PM ko salute karta hai aur ek obedient student ke jaisa kada rehta hai. Yeh hi sahi democracy saalon.

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