Pachude Lokam – Episode Two “Jawanji”

Pachude Lokam – Episode Two “Jawanji”

Namaskar! Namaskar, dude! Dude, you look like a hippy. Did they throw you out of the Army? I’m here on a two months leave due to an injury. And you know how it is at home. Never got the time to tidy up. By the way, what the heck were you doing now? It’s kind of an acting exercise man. I’ve got a part to act. Oh, is it cinema? It’s a play, dude. Its happening in Bangalore. I need to leave next month for that. I need to make it somehow, man. Hey, I see a new bike. A perfect independence day gift. What will I do with this? Take it to a parade? It’s just another day for me, dude. Come on, dude. You’re an Army man. So what? Aren’t you guys in good spirits when it comes to patriotism? I guess I’m not fit to be an Army man. All it has given me are these damn injuries. If it not were for your patriotism, do you think world will be at war? When you think about it, what patriotism really does is it creates hatred amongst us. Isn’t it? Don’t be so hateful my friend. Patriotism is actually a selfless deed. The day is just beginning man, and you’re already on with your philosophies. It’s not philosophy man. Just listen. All patriotism means is to be useful to your people through your deeds. For example, what would have happened if the Army stopped guarding our boundaries. What boundaries, dude? You just draw some lines on the map and start murders upon murders without any logical reasoning. Dude, have you ever imagined a world without boundaries? I guess not. Then imagine it. No boundaries, no nations, one home for all of us people. Aha! What an asymptotic fantasy! Dude, just because world has been functioning this way, it doesn’t mean it has to remain this way. Have you heard about the Second World War? Nope. I don’t think anybody has. It is only because of the patriotic propaganda in Nazi Germany that gave rise to fascism in that country. And what happened after that is a well-known fact. All they cared for is their race. Hitler rose to power and the world saw the worst it had ever seen. Dude, don’t teach me the history and geography of the matter. The love for one’s own nation never have to mean hatred for others. Yeah, right! Dude, life is like a… What? …celebration. We love our culture, but we never have to dislike other cultures. So, Jawan-ji… What the heck is Jumanji? Not Jumanji, man, Jawan Ji. We can’t just limit the term patriotism to just the love of our culture and the nation. Dude, love is everything in this world. Love is everywhere. Haven’t you heard? Patriotism is just a stepping stone to that love. Meaning? Meaning, we love ourselves. We love our family. We love our friends too. Slowly you start loving your society. Then the love you have for your society grows into something big. You start loving different societies and cultures, ultimately end up loving your country. It doesn’t stop there. You start loving anything and everything the world has to offer, not just mankind. To love, is what patriotism is supposed to teach us. But the world has forgotten such lessons now. Dude, so in conclusion, you should love anything and everything in this world. You have raised the bar for rubbish talk my friend. It was better to be ruled by the British than to hear you talk. By the way, why do I feel I’m forgetting something? Ah! My cycle. Oouch! Eff you, stones! Just a second. Come soon man. It’s a cycle. I can’t fly it. Come. Come. I forgot to ask you something that’s been bugging me. What happened to your voice? (Imitating) Don’t be a douche! It’s a throat infection. It’s been a week now. I seriously doubt it. It feels as if that Lakshmi’s father had caught you by throat. Go to hell, dude. Can you stop being a douche now? Now, hop on.

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  1. Am not a man, to speak about technical aspects of bunch of frames (short movie/movie/play whatever comes in that way)…… prelude to my pursue after watching this, I would like to say I write back as per what I was looking for and what I had bagged after watching something……………

    Anything I spent the time on must trigger my thinking!!!!……… I liked the way patriotism defined here, the way it has been told what we have forgotten to teach from the lesson . #thought provoking …..

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