Overcome Social Anxiety Using These 3 Techniques (Try This)

Overcome Social Anxiety Using These 3 Techniques (Try This)

39 thoughts on “Overcome Social Anxiety Using These 3 Techniques (Try This)

  1. I’m 16 weed cured my social anxiety at first then I smoked so much my social anxiety got worse

  2. I don't agree with you on the excitement thing. That's a load of shit. There's a difference between being excited and being anxious and there's no confusing the 2. I'm over here tryna fix my social anxiety not tryna trick myself into thinking I'm excited? Thanks but no thanks.

  3. I hate it so so bad…before high school I was always the class clown..not afraid to talk to anyone at all…then it slowly got worse…now I’m 20 and it’s horrible…I don’t get why either, I mean I have a nice body(not being self absorbed)…From the outside I look like a guy who can talk to anyone and who has fun all the time…but on the inside it’s so bad…I stay in my head all day everyday, it holds me back from so much and I just want it to stop.

  4. I'm sorry but this does not help. Going out and doing things like shopping or buying food fills me with anxiety. I can tell myself a billion times that it's gonna be fine. The anxiety is just there and there's nothing I can do about it. The worst for me is getting to know people. It's like my brain and social skills shuts down. I really wish I could talk and make friends but not a word will come out and if it does it's something that doesn't make sense at all and it's embarrassing and makes it worse. I believe that you can get rid of social anxiety but not like this.

  5. This video give me hope. But i dont think i can do it because the negative thought always come and it make feel regrets doing it. This problem destroy my life. I always fail in my subject because im afraid to ask and to voice my opinion. Im also smoke more to cope with the stress.

  6. I'm quiet so that results in me having no friends also I guess people think I'm weird so it just really brings me down.

  7. This helps a lot I feel like I can be myself but my parents hated it because they want this perfect son image in there mind an punished me what do I do now

  8. I am totally fine talking to people that are new and that I don't know, but how am I supposed to do this when everyone around me has known me as a quiet person my whole entire life?

  9. I get SA because I realized I have a lot of judgmental people in my life that have always wanted to force and control not only the conversation but the tone of it. I also always get interrupted and sometimes talk and never get heard. It’s so bad but I’ve just started interjecting and not repeating, just staying true to my points and finding creative ways to not have to repeat myself after someone else finally is done talking.

  10. What gives me Social Anxiety, is overthinking, & caring too much about what people think of me. I really don’t care, but something in my mind makes me worry that I sound stupid, I don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe they think I’m weird, maybe I’m coming off too strong, maybe I’m coming off too weak. If it’s a Women I try really hard not to sound stupid, or sound or look weird, or a creep. Even if I’m just saying hello, or good morning.

  11. I used to be so social in high school….and now in college I can't even talk to my peers about an assignment T.T

  12. I was like this since I remember and vehemently denied that it was a feeling of anxiety until I read people talk about how their anxiety feels

  13. This is amazing.
    I discovered you through Instagram and have been wanting to find your YouTube channel and it just came to me! Synchronicity at its best 👌🏼 thanks for your content- there are lots of videos on this type of stuff but yours is the only one that is easy and practical to understand. Looking forward to learning from your content

  14. Instead of thinking of self think of how to share!
    Life can be fun! See things as funny. Even the anxiety!
    Neuro linguistic patterns, we can look at the earliest experience of social anxiety and deciding to disassociate from that story. Make that story a cartoon and make it funny! Let it go!
    Going out more often and putting yourself in those awkward situations! Develop that confidence! Make small talk so you can prove to yourself you CAN do it!
    Don’t look for validation, add value to other’s
    From anx to excitement

  15. Im glad all of us social phobes can be together even in this comments section 🙂 feels nice. Hi everybody

  16. Like your T shirt but I think you didn't cover anxiety . Your version is just one , anxiety and panik attacks have many different faces. One big one comes from depression, it's like a by product . Another could be being an empath or how about a past life time. Rolling it all in one is not helping anyone. It was your experience and your cure but not a cure all.

  17. I had social anxiety since like..for ever. I just didnt know that it actually was social anxiety. I thought i was just shy. But then I did a research and was like "dang sis you got some big ass problems". I honestly dont know what to do, I hate myself so much for struggling with this shit but i just cant do anything. I am afraid to open up to my parents and I feel like it's just too much. I am trying so much to love myself and stop thinking i am not enough but i just cant. I am so tired of it. Every damn day i struggle with it. I just feel like so alone and idk..I just dont have the energy anymore. I feel so freaking stupid bc why cant i be a normal human being? I want to be confident and feeling comfortable in my body so bad but i just cant.

  18. A lot of the time I have confidence then someone says something or makes fun of me and then I lead to be extremely anxious and self conscious around everyone for at least 2 days

  19. I'm 19 years old and I have trouble talking to anybody except family. Like it's been very hard to get a job. I always stutter or just keep the umm. I always bomb them . I've had 4 interviews and got zero jobs. Actually I got a interview tomorrow and I'm super nervous that im gonna mess up again. Does anyone have any tips for someone like me?

  20. I'm 13 yrs and in school everyone hates me and bullies me, I was even sexually harassed by several children and still I'm crying every day… I want advice pls help me 😔😭😭😭

  21. Thank you so much.
    This is so helpful.
    Could you tell or make a video on how to overcome stage fright?
    Love from India.

  22. Just listened to 1.5 mins or this. I just had a BBQ round my house with 3 friends. I spoke about 4% of the time, the rest of the time I spent being extremely anxious. There's no chance I can turn that level of anxiousness into excitement. I wanted to kill myself…

  23. I've had social anxiety for many years, mainly my whole life. My life has been changing, no more dad, no more girlfriend, no more fun. But yes more social anxiety 👍

  24. This is a real life changer right here. I just randomly watched this video earlier this morning, and am currently having the best day in forever! I never knew I could initiate and engage in conversations like I am doing now. I thought I was an anti-social nerd who could not talk in front of people at all, and wow what a blast I'm having after this! Self-image repaired lol 😉

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