1. you guys need to edit this video..coz..prostitution is illegal in Canada this time! and it's the greatest and most peaceful, culturally diverse country.

  2. Ottawa is not a bad little town, it is just given a bad name by the confederacy of dunces from across the country who have decided to have their offices there.

  3. I have only been to ottawa twice and both times were very brief, but looved the city. So beautiful and people we so welcoming and kind. Next fall I am going there for an internship and couldn''t be more excited to get to work with what I love, in one of my favorite countries in the world.

  4. Love this video! I'm from Ottawa Valley, but I think you should do a Kingston video next time you're in Canada! Kingston has a great food scene with the most restaurants per capita in Ontario!

  5. Seems much nicer than my city, Cleveland. Then again, that's not saying much about this place! Anywho, i'm taking my daughter to see Niagara Falls this summer, and are thinking of stopping by Ottawa and Quebec.

  6. As an Ottawa local I can second everything that was shown in this Video!!!! Nordik Spa is amazing! Also, try out some of the museums, or if you come in winter go for a skate on the largest skating rink in the world, it is about 8 kilometres long.

  7. I used to skate the Rideau Canal every Winter 6 miles up and 6 miles back every Sunday, thanks Mom & Dad! God love ya 🙂

  8. Ottawa is only good for people with kids or single overweight woman that work in HR. If you are young then this place is not for you. It's expensive and there is no quality of life just quantity. Peace biatches

  9. Noticed how you didnt mention the businesses that cant afford to stay open, or the large number of homeless downtown and in vanier, or the gang activity in the south end

  10. Dear friend, I love your Ottawa trip video.

    Are you a legal couple? So cute. You 2 must be a very lovely, loving and cute couple.

    Wish you can pull a great year. In 2019. 😍

  11. Visit Ottawa during the summer, actually, starting in May. We have all kinds of festivals, beginning in May, with the tulip festival, the Dragon boat Festival, ribfest, blues fest, the jazz festival, chamber fest (for lovers of classical chamber music), and music and beyond (for all music lovers). The only problem is that these festivals can be a bit expensive. Plan ahead. The more tickets you buy, the cheaper it gets. Buying a festival pass is also a way to go. During the late spring and summer, the son rises about 5:15 in the morning and sets around 9 PM. Nice long days.

    Elgin Street is now the place for nightlife. There is also Irene's Pub on Bank St., South. They always have live music, and the food is surprisingly good.

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