O’Rourke Blows Up After El Paso Shooting

O’Rourke Blows Up After El Paso Shooting


100 thoughts on “O’Rourke Blows Up After El Paso Shooting

  1. There's nothing wrong what Beto said. To the report because they're asking stupid questions that they know the answer too. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙋🏻

  2. Let’s hope the reporter has some backbone, and I totally disagree with Brooke. Any reporter needs to be prepared for an unscripted response of passionate verbiage – and being cursed at is different than being “cussed out” so, Brooke, its a good thing you’re not responsible for doing interviews, oh wait… maybe you should get over it, because it’s not directed at you, unless it is.

  3. Not mad at Beto at all. I felt that. They're adults. Clearly he as cussing at the sitch and not the person specifically.

  4. Bruke.. come on!! Cussing is not even the point. ! He cussed at the situation… And who the F cares if he used the F-word. Have focus on what is important.

  5. Beto gets my vote!! He is the only one with balls!!! We need him in office. Dems already have retreated. Beto for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. that's the first thing i've heard from o'rourke that i have liked. he didn't cuss anyone out. personally i see nothing wrong with cussing, and we would all be more genuine and better off to stop giving words so much power. for fuck sake, just say fuck. it's okay. fuck isn't going to hurt anyone.

  7. Beto should drop out and run for senate again. Would be a good time for him to do that politically considering the shooting in El Paso

  8. 1. Actually, I would like to see Beto as Senate Majority Leader and AOC as the House Speaker. Now, that could be a dynamic duo.
    2. I find it difficult to listen to this woman because she appears to be just this side of hysterical when I do listen. It has nothing to do with race or gender. I would find constant drama annoying when I’m looking for well-reasoned commentary.

  9. Bad take all round, especially from Brooke.

    Brooke may not want to be "Cussed out" and since I am pretty sure she wasn't there and he wasn't speaking directly to her, it is safe to say he didn't.

    But then I don't want people gunned down because Trump has made it okay to be a killer of people of non-whites.

    O'Rouke was calling out the media in general, but it seems thus is a game only TYT and Co are allowed to play without recrimination

    And John, despite your belief that praising someone makes you their supporter, perhaps grow a journalistic spine and just report on what Beto said and your reaction to that. Spending a minute or so prefacing any praise with "Don't hurt me, I still love Bernie" is demeaning to the extreme.

  10. Drop out now and run for Senate Beto. Now is your best opportunity to do good and not follow some personal vanity project

  11. fuck u…😂…im from el.paso and vote beto..not just cus hes my tocayo but because hes awesome…so yeah…fuck…youuuuu😂🤣😂😂

  12. It's like the Pinochio story —- Beto just went from being a plastic political creature to being a real man. Good for him!

  13. The media, the mainstream media, saying that Trump is a racist might actually help. It would help more if they said that Ronald Reagan was a racist because this didn't start with Trump. They don't want to help though. Beto calling Trump a racist gives them an easy angle for reporting. They can stir up outrage and sell more soap powder.

  14. I live in Canada, compared to your 247 shooting in the US Canada has had one. Austrailia had I think three. Something is wrong with your system. We have tougher gun laws, you need them too.

  15. She over exaggerated his defense. He didnt cuss her out, he cussed out loud. Chill with the dum questions then!

  16. He took this long to respond because he's honest……. Anyone else see the disconnect there? Of course you don't, sycophants

  17. You're not "picking a side with the racist" if you don't call it out or even AGREE that it is racism. That's George W Bush levels of bullshit.

  18. What the fuck is Brooke taking about. Is she really talking about watching his language. Fuck the media i don’t care if they’re doing their “job” curse them out when they’re doing something FUCKING stupid.

  19. Brooke why tf do you care about him swearing it doesn't matter. It wasn't directed at her personally so it wasn't an issue.

  20. So he cussed out loud in anger.. what now we cant fucking cuss.. Sheesh you people are too fucking sensitive its just a fucking word!

  21. O'Rourke …. is a self absorbed egomaniac ….. some people like to follow those types of people a gush over them ( democrats like to )

  22. He "called" them out and he was authentic, you could hear it in his voice. If the media is that dumb about it, they have to live with Beto´s extremely polite meltdown.

  23. Fuck that!!!! As far as this incident goes, he’s the one politician that’s come across as the most authentic in his response to this. I don’t think this has anything to do with presidential campaign…this happened in his city.

  24. Who cares if he cussed like wtf? You grow up off them Petty feelings. If you ask a dumb question then expect to get called out lol don't focus on "oh he said fuck, now I'm offended" at the end of the day he did something he should've been doing from the start n you Kno it

  25. Let me get this sh*t straight…. There are 29 people dead due to some racist terrorism, and these people are worrying about the man language? How the f*ck do we dare to have selective outrage in this situation? Americans ain't sh*t!!!!

  26. Beto is a typical "window dresser". He just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame, with his big mouth. Has anyone ever heard of this "ear hair" creep before this year? NO. He would never come on TV if he wasn't running for office. Here is another swamp politician that has never done a thing for his district. But now because of disaster striking his area, he is "all up in arms", pissed off and doing what a typical Democrat does. Point fingers, shake his fists and play the "blame game". What a buffoon.

  27. Don't be a snowflake. People are dead and the man is distraught. When my neighbor's house was flooding and he was laying on the lawn trying to turn off his water with the wrong tool, he cussed me out when I spoke to him. But I shrugged and gave him the tool he needed. We all need to stop playing Virgin Ears Soap Opera. The reporter should have been a grown up and given Beto what he needed, which was an intelligent question.

  28. Really Brooke, it's Beto cursing that bothers you?

    1) People are dead & we have a government & media that largely doesn't give a shit.
    2) He was venting and his language wasn't directed at any one person.
    3) Grow the fuck up.

    Love TYT in general but some of yah'll live in fantasy worlds with your heads stuck up your self-righteous asses.

  29. This POS fake beto just needs to shut his stupid mouth and quit being a pandering, pathetic leftard. But the again, the whole Democratic field is more than pathetic.

  30. Who is this guy ??? Oh yea, the faux democrat that stumped for a republican against a democrat in the last election.

  31. Why is Brooke so dumb? Beto didn't get upset because the question was "inappropriate." He got mad because the question was stupid. it was not even needed to be asked as everyone already knows the answer.

  32. Trump Goes All Q – Promotes Right-Wing Conspiracies & Fringe Twitter Accounts & Q-Anon Jul 30, 2019
    Trump Campaign Has REFUSED To Pay EL PASO For Nearly Half Million Dollar Campaign Event Aug 5, 2019 $470,000 debt owed to the city for transportation and security services during his February campaign rally
    Cloudfare Pulls Plug On 8chan – Fringe Online Platform Specializes In White Nationalism & Hate & Q-Anon Aug 4, 2019

  33. Yes Brooke you nailed it! Beto is definitely running a vanity campaign. He really needs to pack it up at this point.

  34. Beto was a decent Representative and could still be one or a decent Senator but he is not at this stage a decent presidential candiodate. Pete and Beto could both develop into presidential material but they need experience in the Senate or the House in Beto's case more experience in the House.

  35. He did keep it real that time. I appreciate that because it was organic. And he was right the media is dumb as f#ck! Sometimes those words are the most appropriate

  36. The Liar-in-Chief is a deadbeat POTUS: President Trump's reelection campaign still owes El Paso more than $500,000 for police and public safety services that corresponded with a February rally in the city.  The Pu*sy-Grabbing POTUS should pay his debt before he is allowed to return to the scene of his crime. He's the worst of the worst.

  37. Wow, really? Brooke's focus is on that he cursed?
    I just can't with her.

    She's even right about Beto running for vanity reasons and that he should run for Senate again but her first comments are "I don't wanna be cussed at!"

    Saying "That's not appropriate" does not suffice, because that's not going to get anyone's attention. If he'd said politely "that's not an approriate question" in calling out the press asking these rediculous, repetative questions no one would be talking about it today!

    Your ears aren't that precious and delicate, Brooke, so grow some fucking backbone! And if you don't ask rediculous questions like that when 29 people are dead, you won't have to worry about being "cussed at" anyway.

  38. Moral compass weeeeyyyyy off. Have been massacred and you want to clutch your pearls over some justifiably fruity language. Get out the game Brooke. His cussing wasn't about you.

  39. Beto was trying to point out how clueless the media is. They miss the point time and time again. She was right about it being in his back yard. Please all media don"t ask the same talking point questions. Have a full understanding of whatever the situation is and ask the questions that need to be asked and that the person is at liberty to answer. No fluff. No gotcha questions. You are the key to an informed electorate, which we desperately need.

  40. Brooke is a silly little girl who gets offended by a 4 letter word rather than the content of the statement. Been around too many Beckys Brooke!

  41. We need more people like beto o'Rourke to call out tRUMp for his lies, racist comments, racist campaign and targeting the minority people!…..

  42. 'Not your time, man'
    What a way to discredit an individual. Just because stoic Biden, for example, has been in politics for decades, it's ok that he is running?? Isn't that what's gotten us where we are!!? Not your time, man, to be a reporter, correspondent, or whatever you think you are.!

  43. Every time I open a DR video, I’m crossing my fingers that Brooke isn’t there.

    Please give us more Jayar or Brett as cohosts.

  44. Trumps KKKlan KKKlub- Libtards are offended by Trumps words like the snowflakes they are…Trumps not Racist!
    Trumps KKKlan KKKlub- Betos words offend me 😭 he hates white people!!

  45. The cussing was completely appropriate and is what made the statement strong!! I've always called Beto "Obama Light" but that one moment of strength makes me wish there was more substance to him overall

  46. I'm trying SO hard to like Brooke, but she always has these ridiculous, terrible takes that somehow completely miss what the story is actually about.

  47. I really like Brooke most of the time…but sometimes she’s a little too sensitive. I like Beto, but he’s not near the top of my list of future presidents…but call a spade a spade and he was clearly saying to the members of the press, WTF?!?, not just to that one reporter. And he’s right…don’t ask stupid questions when you don’t have a ton of questions that you’re allowed to ask in a short period of time.

  48. He can't handle any pressure he'll suck if he ever got to be president. Go in front of a judge & tell that judge that someone else made me do it & see what that judge tells U. This bitch only likes the his comments cuz it's neg about Trump

  49. Brooke, he didn't cuss her out, he cussed at and about the idiot in the white house. Cussing shouldn't be a show stopper, don't take it personally.

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