Origins: Rap Battle – WW1 Uncut – BBC

Origins: Rap Battle – WW1 Uncut – BBC

– (CROWD CHEERING) (♪♪♪) (RAPPING) Yo, your fatty Franz Ferdinand
didn’t see Princip’s pistol Too busy guzzling
his 10th wiener schnitzel Popped a cap in his a**
for my Black Hand brothers

100 thoughts on “Origins: Rap Battle – WW1 Uncut – BBC

  1. And historians still argue who wanted this war, and this is totally understandable. I myself, wrote an paper about this topic.

  2. im german and we shame for the thrid reich,we fill till guilty but its a lie german was evil and agressor in ww 1…..before ww 1 the bnritish empire was a lot more vil with all that colonies…our germans navy just got to powerfull for the brits.the brits waitet for the war and the stupid germans startet…and the french was just a farmer country:Dso they where jealous…except austria whole europe was against us ww1


  4. Best lines:
    "I'll kick you in the Balkans"
    "We're packing more army than you've got salami"
    "I'll turn your navy into gravy for sauerkraut pie"

  5. I can't believe that king george v, kaiser wilhelm 2 and tsar nicholas 2 were brothers :/ and also leaders of big nations. by the way who is that in the picture at 3:46?

  6. Best Flow: Britain
    Best Lines: Germany
    Most Intimidating: Russia
    Best Morale: Serbia
    Best Filler: France
    Best Facial Hair: Austria-Hungary

  7. Yo homie, I am Papa Joffre. In 71, you bit us like a shark.
    We have come for revenge and for this plan, we want Alscase-Lorraine to take this back you will be a dead man.


  8. My bro and his friends had a big fight and got rid of one of their friends. And I thought of who is who the German and Austrian Hungary guy is the friend who was removed since he had an alt. Russian is my bros friend I’ll nickname them friend 1. British is my bro. France is me since I new almost nothing that was happening. Serbia is friend 2. I felt like a kid during their parents getting divorced since I played with them at times the friend that was removed kept trying to get me to join his side. Also this was all on discord Incase you were a it confused.

  9. Tsar Nicolas wasn't so tough like he is in this video but his father Alexander III looked exactly as Nicolas in this video

  10. 3:11
    Germany: yes, but do you also rule beneath the Waves?

    Britan: what?

    Germany: do you rule beneath the Waves?

    Britain : No…..

    Germany That‘s where my part starts

  11. Austria-hungary 💙🇦🇹🇾🇪
    The German Imperium💙🇩🇪
    Russian Empire💙🇷🇺
    United Kingdom💙🇬🇧
    Ottoman Empire💙🇹🇷
    United States👎🇺🇸

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