Opinion | This is how authoritarian-style leaders divide us. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Opinion | This is how authoritarian-style leaders divide us. It doesn’t have to be this way.

89 thoughts on “Opinion | This is how authoritarian-style leaders divide us. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  1. Conservatives have lost all of that purity value. That does not exist anymore with this current administration and they know it. They just care about being loyal and him being an authoritarian.

  2. Lindsey Graham is a Fascist pig – and embarrassment to my home state of South Carolina. May you burn in Hell with David Koch.

  3. This would've been great, until you slid Bernie in the middle, as if he's authoritarian. 🙄 Punching UP, at a group who has exploited the hell out of the overwhelming majority of the population, is NOT the same as punching DOWN on minorities or low-income families.

    Shame on you.

  4. 🤣🤣😂 As a black guy, I think that division started with Obama. Obama bad governance gave us Trump.
    PC culture vs Anti PC.
    If you're a candidate that receives criticism even for good things, it's better to Appeal to your base then say f the rest.

  5. True. Democrats are working overtime on dehumanizing White Peoples, America, Patriotism and sovereignty. The authoritarian Leftist Ideology is mind blowing in the hellbent agenda of abolishing the 1st and 2nd Amendment and Sovereignty of our Country. Justifying 30-50 million illegal aliens criminally living in America and advocating for more. Ignoring the thousands of American citizens who are killed by illegal aliens ANNUALLY, my own Brother only being one. In fact the outright Communism the Left is advocating for lines perfectly with other Nations in the last century who are responsible for killing hundreds of millions of their own unarmed citizens.

    Oh, but Trump is the problem… right.

  6. MS – Maravilla Salvatrucha enjoy killing people with machete knives to here the screams and laugh due to a feelng of empowerment

  7. We've never seen anything like this… "President" before and it's obvious because Congress doesn't seem to know what to do or how to proceed with this attack on democracy from within our own government.

  8. Conservatives and liberals have NO common values. The left seeks and maintains power by any means necessary, lying and violence being their weapons of choice. Conservatives believe in the constitution and rule of law.

  9. It’s interesting that conservatives would pick someone with the behavior and character of Donald Trump to be an authority figure for their in group. Surely someone more principled, honest and competent could have been found.

  10. Compassion and fairness, pretty much the whole point of the US Constitution.

    Loyalty above all, pretty much fascists, Nazis, Republicans, .. otherwise known as Assholes.

  11. The most CORRUPT and BIASED media is actually you Washington Post. Blindly promoting certain agenda over others is dangerous

  12. “ UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL “ ….diversity in America’s society only makes us stronger…..Full Stop 🛑

  13. First off, I am centrist, I call the left and right on their bull but it's funny she speaks about tribalism, us VS them when this is a strongly left leaning media house and in recent times the left has become far more fragile, quick to outrage and anti-discourse than ever before. You can't express any other views or produce facts to counter what they push because you are somehow evil for highlighting flaws in an argument. That is the essence of tribalism and the end of reason and real progress.

  14. Well said!!! But humans are doomed unless we sacrifice our technology, which will eventually consume and dispose of us… think about it the next time you find yourself glued to your smart phone or any device for hours on end!

  15. Thank you WaPo for making it clear that "authoritarian" Bernie is being so unfair to corporations and billionaires, they have such rough lives with all these ordinary citizens squirming under their boots. We really should have more compassion for the people profiting off starvation wages for the masses and environmental destruction. Why isn't Bernie's highly egalitarian policy team and grassroots organising less authoritarian?

  16. WaPo … you guys do know that authoritarian = big government, right ? And who is the party of big government, total control, banning things, removal of rights ??? THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.
    And Conservatives are the part of small government. Your audience must really be a bunch of morons to believe any of this propaganda.

  17. How striking it is to see that conservatives use FEAR OF "THE OTHER" to gain voters. And, what still stuns me is how easily conservatives fall for that line. As a liberal, I immediately QUESTION such remarks especially because the speaker is using "generalizations". "All Muslims….", "All blacks….", "All Muslims….". It's a dead giveaway when a speaker lumps ALL in a "group" together and tells you to fear them. Plain common sense should tell you that what they're saying can't be true.

  18. liberals like this outlet are the sort of people who will constantly criticise a leader no matter what they do, attack and smear their supporters just for supporting them with no effort to try and understand the other point of view, and then say these people are the ones that cause the division!

  19. Good job WaPo, once again proving to see yourself as elitist journalists and taking sources you agree with rather than doing actual journalism.

  20. George Wallace was a DEMOCRAT, so was senator Byrd, the Klan member, whom Hillary said herself that she Admired so…

  21. UPDATE: Prof. Abigail March has informed me, by email, that (1) WaPo inserted the Bernie Sanders clip "without consulting her" (2) While she's not a Sanders supporter, "that quote about the corporate elite is not what I was referring to… [re.] stoking outgroup hatred." I pointed out to her that this trickery on WaPo's part doesn't only smear Bernie Sanders; it impugns her own academic integrity and intellectual honesty – since most people watching the video will wrongly assume she approved all these clips. Shame on you, WaPo!

  22. "members of the out group as threatening ."…. Abigail Marsh – especially for a professor of "psychology and neuroscience" – is over-overgeneralizing: there is no question that the "out group" as depicted in this video (see Bernie), in this context, poses an existential threat to the United States, to the world, on several fronts. The notion that the "corporate elite" are somehow NOT posing an existential threat is to deny the reality of climate change (the Heritage Foundation – the Koch brothers – have made billions off of oil – and help fund Georgetown University through a number of front groups). If Abigail Marsh had a close family member who was a sociopath who had power over her, she might decide to re-frame how she chooses to contextualize people in a certain context; a true sociopath IS sub-human, in a way: the absence and inability to experience basic human emotions, such as empathy and compassion separates such people from the norm (this is not a treatable personality trait). The truth is that Trump IS a sociopath and is an intrinsic threat to this country and the world. Trump is a threat, and that is the reality. Corporations that use propaganda to fight against gun reform, climate change, etc. ARE a threat. If I were this professor, I would request that this video be removed because it is difficult to believe that the overall editing and messaging represents what someone in her position would want as a way to represent what she means (to give her the benefit of the doubt). It is horrible.

  23. We are all animals. When inflammatory words are used, and repeated, they refer to the one speaking them. Facts, spoken clearly allow each individual to decide truth for themselves.

  24. 4:43 But they're still a human being, they're still worthy of compassion, still worthy of being treated fairly.

    Yeah, but corporations are not people, so why did you have that clip of Bernie in there, as if he's being unfair or bullying them somehow. There's no divide-and-conquer strategy in that situation.

  25. This is not even close to a reality. AOC is a disgrace to our country. And Obama to date has still deported more illegal immigrants than trump. Stupid idiots.

  26. I dont need to hear your bias driven topics to know whats going on. Washington post is trash. You are an insult to valid issues.

  27. I love how every leader used as examples in this clip are right wingers (minus poor bernie), when you can find plenty of examples among centrists and left wingers as well. Even libertarians often exhibit these traits, ironically.

  28. Everyone who seeks power is authoritarian. Why else would you seek power? All of America is power hungry in control hungry. The only fairness is to protect free will. If anyone tries to control anyone else for their safety is no longer fair. Rollback all the b***** laws that do not protect Freedom!!! No more safety laws. Only God Saves!!!

  29. Everything you said about right can be applied to the left as well so don't try to act like lefties only care about being compassionate especially when they call me racist because I disagree politically. My point is your opinions are built on hypocrisy and not on a factual basis.

  30. "…Liberals and Conservatives tend to dislike harm of innocents…"

    100% bullshit. I have yet to meet a Conservative who does not take pleasure in the pain of animals and / or people.

  31. I would add one thing: when the pseudo-religious part gets the upper hand, and is guided by a well-schooled, cynical leadership who mostly cares nothing about the underlying faith, only about the power, you get a Papal dictatorship, a Caliphate, a Cromwell, a Hitler, a Mussolini, an al Quaida, a Taliban, and now, a Trumpie. The group doesn’t even care that his actions are traitorous !!!

  32. Another uninformed and bitter opinion from a leftist. The fact of reality is that it’s the left and their media who are dividing us, the hillary’s are the authoritarians, or bernie or barack, or beto, not Trump, get over it. This woman is not in touch with reality.

  33. Malcolm-X said fear the WHITE LIBERAL. THE WHITE LIBERAL who tries to act like they care about another minority or race just to get a vote basically. Hillary, Bernie, this is one of the reasons why Hillary lost. I believe most of the voters she had weren't not born American citizens but came from outside influence.

  34. Reporters Dad owns the paper. Is that an in group? Wonder who makes a) the cash? Treat conservatives fairly with shakes and bike locks. Great

  35. Wrong. Conservatives don't care about the harm of innocents. Remember slavery? Remember Jim Crow? Remember white america today? All they do is harm and shoot up innocents.

  36. It's just tribalism dude. But WP discusses is a certain type of unhealthy social activity that I believe will keep society from advancing. There is no justification for treating another group harmfully or unfairly, foreign or domestic. "War does not determine who is right — only who is left."

  37. Humanity has right/wrong and win'loose types. Put a couple on a desert island and pretty soon you'll have a society with both types. The big difference is that right/wrongs will strive for a society of both types (because that's right), the win/loose aren't happy until all the right/ wrongs are GONE (so they win).

  38. the only us and then there is them is we the poor and they ,the mega rich and millionaires who want to Rule america

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